"Send you back!" Wei Yunqi saw that she was in a bad state.

Xu Jinyan shook his head. "I’ll be fine after taking the medicine. I know this game is not over yet. I won’t be a deserter if I want to be one."
Wei Yunqi today is one of them.
Xu Jinyan and Fu Jingxiao are not as simple as they seem on the surface. Old classmates or friends just pretended that Fu Jingxiao’s nervousness was not pretending.
But Xu Jin inkstone obviously doesn’t want to continue that, otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to be a shield.
Come tonight, she said they had something to do.
But in the evening, Xu Jinyan went to his room to find her. Although she was still in a professional suit, she still wore makeup, which was somewhat different in peacetime.
"I have a little personal work today. Please ask Lord Wei to do me a favor. Does Lord Wei have it?" Xu jinyan inquired.
Wei Yunqi looked unbelievable. "Let me guess. It shouldn’t be a good thing, right?"
"It’s really not a good thing, and I think it’s quite difficult. It’s not who asked the hospital to ask you to come with me, and you’re still a man, which saves me from renting one outside." Xu Jinyan added, "I’ll pack coffee for a month."
"The miser plucks his hair, so it’s estimated that he can really help me." Wei Yunqi knows that Xu Jinyan is really a stingy person in his life.
"Go and tell you" Xu Jin inkstone directly took people away.
I didn’t know she was coming to play her boyfriend until the reunion.
Fortunately, they are also familiar with people on weekdays, and they played very well. I didn’t know that a piece of celery caused so many problems.
Usually they are busy with work, where can they think of this?
Celery is crude fiber for doctors, which can help digestion and is a good vegetable.
Wei Yunqi accompanied Xu Jin to tidy up his emotions. He entered the box. He was not a fledgling child. Everyone was still drinking wine and pretended that nothing had happened.
This meal is finished like this. Next door, you can sing and play games. Generally, after-dinner entertainment is fun where there is light.
One holding a bottle and blowing it, and then one after another singing the famous songs of the year.
"Why don’t you play a game if you are so happy tonight?" Cat in high spirits and discussion way
Xia Lu heckled, "Come on, tell me what game is not fun and we won’t buy it?"
"The little girls in our courtyard said that I would play a song on the light for a while, and then find someone to hold it together after the song stopped. Both men and women will hold it for a minute. Of course, we also have singles here. I can’t control what you want, can I?" Cat said the rules of the game.
They all drank wine and laughed.
Although there are married people, there are indeed several singles. It is not impossible to achieve this by relying on games.
Cat pointed to the summer deer "summer beauty I am single"
"Who wants to hug you when you go away?" Xia Lu pushed others. "I want to pick a handsome guy like Cai Qi anyway. Why didn’t I find it when I was studying?"
Xia Lu glanced at the tall boy in the crowd.
Cat shook his head. "What a person! Shuai Shuai is a superficial woman."
Xu Jinyan stretched out his hand and caressed his arm, which was different from that just at the dinner table. Fu Jingxiao was far away from her, and what just happened in the health there seemed to be separated in each other’s hearts.
She was afraid to see him.
He dare not.
She turned and approached Wei Yunqi. "Don’t play if you don’t want to."
"It’s not bad to play this game if I have nothing to do with you."
"Old Wei, I’m afraid they will lead you astray." Xu Jinyan couldn’t help laughing.
Wei Yunqi picked his eyebrows. "If you are so afraid, look at me when you play games later. I don’t want to take a real one when I go back."
"That’s good. I made a beautiful marriage. You see, except Chen Duo and Lin Zhao, all of them are single and take them home casually." Xu Jinyan’s eyes swept over.
Wei Yunqi nodded. "Uh-huh really wants to get rid of me."
"Okay, okay, don’t say it all. If it’s all agreed, I’ll break it up on the spot." Cat quipped and sang first.
A song "Like You" surrounded the box.
It seems to fit perfectly.
Everyone was walking around a circle with Chen Liang lighting everything, and then he went to the circle to push people around in confusion and shouted, "Anyway, I am single and split up a couple."
"Mr. Chen wishes you a hug to Fu Jingxiao."
"Don’t expose my career. This is my little secret." Cat hissed and burst into laughter.
People in the circle are pushed around by cat. It is no longer the mode before the lights are turned on. No one will remember who agreed with whom.
After all, the circles are dizzy.
A song has been said to be long or short for several times.
Excited as cat and summer deer are screaming from time to time.
Xu Jin inkstone used to walk with Wei Yunqi, but now it’s dark. She doesn’t know if the person walking behind her is Wei Yunqi.
Respect this game and no one will whisper to each other.
"I like to follow you like this, wherever you take me, your face is slowly close to the sky and slowly clear …" The song lingers in my ear.
It’s the last melody after a few noisy days.
Everyone is slowing down.
Then the song came to an abrupt end
A crowd turned around and hugged people around them.
It was like holding your breath for a minute, and no one dared to speak.
Xu Jinyan was hugged in her arms, and the other arm was very generous. She wrapped her slim body with a slight coolness, and her jawbone pressed against her shoulder like all her strength flocked to her.
Such an aggressive hug made him realize that it was not Wei Yunqi.

Master Yan saw that she was in a good mood and walked over.

Opposite Robert also folded his hands.
He has been studying Go with his master recently, and Jiang Jiang knows that he just smiled and said a few words with several people.
Not long after going out, Robert suddenly laughed. "I seem to have forgotten my mobile phone."
Yan butler temporarily loosened his master’s wrist and asked Jiang Jiang to hold his side head and said to him, "Wait a minute. I’ll get the super black technology."
Robert nodded with an easygoing smile.
Seeing him waiting in the same place and looking towards the room, Jiang Jiang smiled and looked at the master judo. "Everyone is waiting. I’ll help you first."
Master patted on the back of her hand and replied with a smile.
Jiang Jiang helped his master to the corner of the stairs and was about to wake him up. Suddenly, an English song with a low melody sounded behind the steps.
It’s Robert’s cell phone bell.
They looked back at Robert’s cell phone and said with a smile, "Hi Susan …"
As soon as his voice fell, Jiang Jiang felt that his wrist was suddenly pulled a little. Almost instantly, the housekeeper looked at her and cried out, "Sir!"
Jiang Jiang metamorphoses, watching the master fall down the stairs.
Her mind was blank, and her eyes were transfixed in pursuit of fear and panic, which instantly swept through the Ministry of mind and scared her to stay at the highest step.
Yan Guanjia ran past her and knelt at the corner to stabilize his master.
Robert also don’t know when to accept the phone and chase.
Two panic shout nature has already shocked all the people in the building. The large living room is almost quiet in an instant, followed by a tumultuous and hurried pace.
"What’s the matter?"
The first to rush over YanPingyang urgent drink asked.
After asking him, he knelt down at the master’s side to check that he was directly opposite the housekeeper’s consciousness and looked up at Jiang Yan.
Jiang Jiang one leng almost method thinking staggered back a small step, one hand tightly holding the railing murmured "I didn’t mean to …"
She just heard the bell, glanced at it and did nothing.
Master suddenly let go of her hand and fell.
Not her!
Yan Pingyang’s subsequent eyes could kill her. Jiang Jiang suddenly became too stiff to move in this eye and shook his head in the direction of everyone’s eyes to explain, "It’s not me, it’s grandpa …"
It’s his own instability.
She didn’t hold it steady either!
If housekeeper Yan had held it, it wouldn’t have happened.
How can she be distracted when grandpa is old and the stairs are like this?
Jiang Jiang hasn’t finished a word yet, but he can’t get up when he falls down. She only has to explain the root method for export.
What should she say?
Grandpa didn’t fall off by himself?
Then she’s around!

The baron knew that he was doomed today, but he hoped that Martha could be healthy and alive.

"Money, hahahaha, can you save her life with real money? Don’t worry, I’m afraid she won’t die so easily, but I can guarantee that she will feel worse alive than dead."
Kenji Kameda looked at the humble Baron kneeling there with a face of laughter. He was so happy.
He slowly released Martha and looked at the tearful face sticking out his tongue. He was ashamed to lick Martha.
Such humiliation made the baron get up in anger.
But just as he was about to rush for it, the cold light flashed.
Several strange arcs suddenly shot up from the corner.
At the same time, a person rushed to the crowd after the movie.
Cold light flashed, followed by a scream, Kamita Kenji’s right arm ached, and Martha suddenly fell.
But at this moment, the figure has come to him.
Hands to catch Martha at the same time, a lift will directly kick Kameda Kenji out.
With the rebound strength, the figure quickly stepped back and came directly to the baron.
"Shame bandit, how dare you touch her with your dirty hands?"
The newcomer is none other than Tang Yi.
He swore to mind his own business, but he didn’t trust Martha in the end.
So I hurried here, only to find that something had happened.
Fortunately, Martha was saved when he came.
"Who are you?"
Tang Yi knows spiders, but spiders don’t know Tang Yi.
Knowing that he had a friction with Kameda Kenji, I didn’t expect to appear at this time.
"You have no right to know, because the dead don’t need to know secrets."
Pass the arms of Martha to the baron and gently wipe the tears on Martha’s face. Tang Yi slowly turned around.
A chill emanated from him, making Rachel take a step back.
This is a murderous look. An angry king broke out with a strong murderous look.
It is obvious that Tang Yi is really angry, and his anger will make a river of blood here.
"The arrogant generation killed him and didn’t hurt the child."
Spider squinted to ensure that he bought Kameda Kenji to catch Martha.
I didn’t expect people to be so powerful, and now Martha has been arrested again.
In that case, there is also a hard grab.
A crowd of horses beside the spider clenched their swords in succession.
It’s a pity that they are living targets in front of Tang Yi, the king of soldiers.
"Don’t let Martha see the blood."
Hands to find out the double thorn clenched in his hand. Tang Yi didn’t look back and said coldly to the baron.
The baron quickly held Martha in his arms, and her body blocked her sight, and then it was the killing moment of the dragon head.
Chapter 527 New strength
The killing took place when Tang Yi pulled out the double thorn.
In the face of thirty or forty murderers, his face is indifferent.
Fighting is too familiar to him.
In front of these third-rate killers, fighting is even more difficult for him.
The real anger is that I am not in a rage, and I am not flustered.
There is indifference and affection.
Even if a sword runs through each other’s throats, blood will gush in Tang Yi’s face.
Moving like a ghost, he shuttled freely through the crowd.
Knife light flashes, and someone falls every time you turn around.
Have a trick
Without any waves or hesitation.
The baron behind him clung to Martha with a pair of eyes, but he also got away from Tang Yi.
Including Rachel, he has seen many good players in Hell Boxing Hall over the years.
But for the first time, he saw that someone could kill someone so cleanly.
Even though the baron grew up studying fighting interests.
A pair of eyes have seen all kinds of fighting methods in the world.
But killing in front of him is definitely the first time he has seen it.

Essence sighed and didn’t want to complain to others about what it meant to ask, "Aren’t you going?"

"I’m waiting for someone"
Qin Ke shrugged. "Do you think men do this to women when they have no idea at all?"
Essence smiled, "Wait for your boyfriend?"
"Maybe it should be called husband."
This time, Essence was surprised. "You don’t look so big. Are you married?"
"No, but it’s almost there."
Qin ke doesn’t seem to want to say much.
Essence looked at her camera and said, "Let’s go. I know where there are uv mirrors around here. Anyway, you and others can’t come for a while. I’ll accompany you to change the mirrors first."
Qin is ridiculous. I wonder why this person is so serious. Can’t others come when they meet this thing?
But then when the tie happened, she followed Essence.
Essence is really good at this. I picked the most suitable one in the store and cut the price by one third. Qin Ke has always been at home, and she has been impressed by the means of bargaining with essence.
I got acquainted when I went out. "Sister, how much do you think my camera is worth? I won’t lose money if I buy more than 10 thousand, will I?"
"Not bad, not a loss"
Essence laughed. "Your SLR is a special price for this column, but the collection value is particularly high. Because it is limited, some collectors are willing to pay a high price to collect this camera."
"Did you do photography before you knew so much?"
"a little fur"
Essence looked at it. "Just let it be. I have to go to see my daughter. You and others should also work."
"Goodbye then."
Qin Ke gave her a hand and added, "Sister, when you go home, soak your clothes in cold water, and then you can wash them with sulfur soap."
Essence should be a smile.
Qin Ke looked at the essence. The car was about to go back when the phone rang.
"Where is it?"
The man’s voice is particularly low. Qin Ke is conscious of straightening up like a student "outside your company"
"don’t move"
The man simply said four words and then hung up.
Qin Ke held his mobile phone and flattened his mouth.
In a few seconds, a black Jaguar stopped at the window next to her. In the future, a cold and mature male face appeared in front of her. The man glanced at her and said, "Car."
Qin Ke immediately went around to the other door like a good student and got into the car.
The good car door man started the engine. Qin Ke quietly looked at the man with the safety belt and coughed for a while. "Brother Shen, shall we go to see my dad?"
"Eat first"
Shen yannuo drove steadily with the steering wheel.
Qin ke should look down at the mobile phone.
The man looked at her in the mirror and suddenly said, "The day after tomorrow, Yan En will get married and take you to pick a gift."
Qin Ke said, "Do I have to go too?"
"You don’t want to go?"
Shen yannuo asked
Section 51
"… it’s not that I’m just afraid that Sister Yan will know that I’m angry with Feng."
"You what?"
Qin Ke suddenly laughed at himself. "Yes, we actually have nothing."
Shen yannuo didn’t talk for a long time and suddenly said, "God got the marriage certificate."
Qin can be one leng "this ….. too fast"
"Do you regret it?"
"… no"
"Then God, sooner or later."
Qin Ke grabbed his mobile phone finger and consciously pinched the screen for a long time before saying, "Brother Shen, do men of your age like Loli very much?"
Shen Yannuo corners of the mouth smoke a "do you think you are loli?"
Qin ke …
Although she didn’t see Shen yannuo’s expression, she already felt the deep stare of the other party.
What, 23 can’t be Lori?
"But it’s good to play a role-playing once in a while."
Man leisurely spit out such a sentence.
It’s Qin Ke’s turn to twitch at the corner of his mouth. "Brother Shen, you are so avant-garde."
Shen yannuo seems to be smiling. He looks very upright, which makes people look particularly upright. He looks handsome and handsome, but every time I see him, Qin Ke always feels like seeing the teacher.
But it doesn’t deny that this person looks good when he smiles, and it’s not worse than sealing.
The thought of sealing Qin Ke made my heart ache.
Now that you hate horses and are getting married, you are finally free.

Jiang Bairen soon discovered such a strange situation.

something wrong/ smell a rat
Xiongcheng is different from other auxiliary cities.
Put it in other auxiliary cities. If something happens to the Lord’s mansion, everyone will go home and pretend nothing happened.
They will never get involved unless the Lord speaks.
But Xiongcheng fighters had better fight, and naturally they would prefer to watch the scene of bustle.
It’s strange that no one has come to check the situation after playing for so long, even if it’s in the Lord’s mansion.
Worse, they arranged this duke to come in.
Naturally, it is clear how light this duke is for Xiongcheng fighters.
Just when he wanted to shout Jiang Youxian back, Kong You sensed his abnormality and shouted first.
"I’ll fight with you!"
Hole sorrow, not afraid of death.
A posture of mutually assured destruction with Jiang Bairen.
Success scared Jiang Bairen and forced him back to his mouth.
This battle lasted for half an hour.
The first to end the fighting is naturally Qi San, who has become a bloody person all over except his face and wounds everywhere.
You can hardly see a good piece of meat.
Jiang you is even worse
The whole person was beaten by Qi San.
Staring at the sky with open eyes seems to ask him why he will die.
As Jiang Bairen was smashed by Qi San, his spine fell to the ground and died.
This battle came to an end completely.
And qi San was in a coma at the same time when the battle was over.
Hole sorrow tired didn’t have the strength to lie on the ground motionless.
His face was as white as a layer of powder.
If it weren’t for the ups and downs in the chest, it would be different from the dead.
I’ve been on tenterhooks for a long time and finally got a sigh of relief. I rushed over and dragged them into the room one by one.
Then ling day didn’t help two people deal with the injury but came to another room.
Fang Jiangming is holding a mobile phone with trepidation.
The opposite end of the mobile phone lens is connected to a suitcase-sized device surface.
Ling Tian came in for the first time with a black face and cut off the video by avoiding the mobile phone.
Jiang Ming swallowed carefully and asked
"I … I recorded it in real time and sent it to the Chiang family …"
"You said that I have done it, can you let me go?"
Ling day glanced at him light way
"I’ll let you go sooner or later, but not now."
Except for Jiang Ming, all other Chiang family members have been solved.
Jiang Ming is left because this guy is timid and hasn’t come yet to make widespread indignation and discontent.
Jiang Chang almost destroyed the whole Hong family, and Master Hong was nowhere to be found.
Ling Tian naturally won’t leave him.
The same is true for others to help others.
Jiang Ming suo suo neck didn’t dare to ask.
He’s worried that if he accidentally says something wrong, he’ll have to explain it here
Take away the communication equipment and go back to Qi Sanhe’s room with Kong You.
At the moment he answered the door, they both sat up at the same time.
Chapter 12 Demon oath
"I can be wronged to death!"
"That old thing is really insidious. It has all sorts of things."
"If I hadn’t been forced to shoot, I would have slapped him to death."
Kong You can’t help but spit when you open your eyes.
He said so many words in one breath, which shows that he is really wronged.
Ling day saw two people fighting from beginning to end, naturally knowing how difficult it is for Jiang Bairen to deal with.
Even in the middle of the general shake heaven realm, he will suffer if he is not careful.
The hole sorrow is actually not injured by looking at the mess.
It can be seen that he is not generally shocked by the middle of heaven.
"If so?"
Qi three look at ling day asked
Ling day replied
"The whole process has been recorded and sent to the Chiang family."

Aside cold monk machine cried the strange language laughed "love Barry adult you this trip to the barracks to the results are so sad. How can you promise Li Yuanqing this request? This is not a fall of our blue flag and the reputation of the Lord! "

Tunbulu’s heart is also very carefree.’ How about the dog chop suey calling you a monk? Now you get what you deserve, don’t you?’
Love Barry face cried a piece of metal gray.
These sons of bitches can fucking watch a movie, but they are softer than women if they are to be pushed to the top.
However, Aibali can’t consider these things at this time. He must first put this matter in the past and be busy and respectful to Mangurtai. "By the way, there is also a request for the master dog. Li Yuanqing hopes to meet you personally in a neutral place."
"hmm? Interview? "
The original grumpy mangokurtai suddenly seemed to be poured a pot of cold water on his head. When he calmed down, he cried, "What on earth did Li Yuanqing say? Don’t miss a word. Tell me every word! "
Mang Gurtai is stupid, but he is by no means stupid.
Although Li yuanqing’s first two requirements are simply acceptable to other methods, the third one reveals something that can be understood, but can’t be said to be profound.
Mungurtai quickly made a decision and accepted Li Yuanqing’s meeting request.
Two days later, on the east bank of Shaohe River, there was a vast field of vision, a small slope and a large tent.
Hundreds of relatives of both sides are on standby two miles away.
Accompanied by three fierce flares, Li Yuanqing, Chen Zhong and Yang Miaocai took ten pro-guards, including Niu Gensheng and Yang Lei, to ride to Zhongying camp from south to north.
At the same time, Mang Gurtai also rushed to the tent from north to south with ten pro-health slaves, including Aibali, Tunbulu and Leng Monk Machine.
With Huang taiji meeting, Li Yuanqing is already very familiar with this meeting process.
Yang Miaocai in Chen Zhonghe is very happy here, and they also want to see what the four famous Baylers in the old slave’s office are like.
Yu’ an is not worried at all.
The two sides choose a neutral location and are surrounded by the most elite and intimate relatives.
Not to mention in this season, whoever wants to do it will be the best choice for the whole world.
Soon the two sides have met outside the tent.
Mang Gurtai took the lead in turning over and greeted Li Yuanqing in a red cloak with a smile. "Li Yuanqing has heard a lot about you."
Li Yuanqing also rolled over and laughed and threw a fist at Mang Gurtai. "Wuye Yuanqing is also famous for you!"
The two met and laughed at the same time.
For a moment, Chen Zhong, Yang Miaocai, Tunbulu, Leng Monk Machine, Aibali and others all saw the ceremony and went into the tent in turn.
At this time, it has entered the middle of October, and the weather has been a little cold and windy, and the big tent is ringing.
The big tent lit three warm braziers in several corners, and a simple small table was filled with wine and water.
Niu Gensheng, Yang Lei, Tunbulu and Leng Sengji went to the brazier to boil water and warm wine.
Li Yuanqing, Chen Zhong, Yang Miaocai, Mang Gurtai and Ai Bali sat on a thick wool carpet at a small table.
Just now, Ma Shi Mang Gurtai gave Li Yuanqing enough statecraft. At this time, Li Yuanqing reciprocated with a smile. "I’m flattered that Wuye can come here to celebrate Yuan."
Mungurtai laughed. "Li Shuai has been joking for so many years. We have been playing for so many years. It is really time to sit down and have a good talk."
Li Yuanqing smiled, "Wuye’s mind is admirable."
Mang Gurtai laughed. "So is Li Shuai’s mind."
Two people are laughing at one another.
Aside Yang Miaocai secretly looked at Mangurtai.
He imagined that Manggurtai was very powerful and magnificent. Relatively speaking, Aibali sitting next to him was a little smaller than Manggurtai.
In particular, Mang Gurtai’s body momentum is unusually strong and vigorous.
Yang Miaocai is very talented. This is because he has been in place all the year round, ordered the line to be banned, and looked at Gan Kun. Only in this way can he accumulate power.
However, it is unnatural for Mang Gurtai and Li Yuanqing to sit together, so they fall on the ride …
Or Li Yuanqing is a higher level than Mangurtai.

"What about you? Do you want others to give everything?"

Sometimes killing people and sometimes with melancholy, Shen Mengyao first felt how a person could be so complicated for this several times to pull himself back from the line of death.
I don’t want to say anything more about Tang Yi’s burden, but I can’t speak. There are secrets in my heart.
When he accepted that offer, he knew that he would be doomed to be lonely, but what about it? Without mr.zhou, he was already the loneliest person.
Tang Yi’s denial made Shen Mengyao lose the topic again. The contact in these two days really made Shen Mengyao unbearable.
In the flower city, others have racked their brains to say more to her, but he is so good that he won’t even tell himself his name.
Fortunately, after less than three minutes of silence, the car drove into a street. Isn’t it the embassy when Tang Yi stepped on the brakes again?
"Don’t enter this is American territory or we will break into the border and shoot you."
At this time, the door of the embassy was heavily guarded, and the armed SEALs had sealed the door.
The location of each embassy belongs to the territory of the country and enjoys the legal protection of the country. In countries where wars are frequent, they even shake hands and American weapons are blocked there.
"I’m an American. I have a passport. I need asylum."
Finally arrived at the entrance of the embassy. Shen Mengyao had a feeling of going home with her passport. She pushed the door and left the car.
"Please go in."
The poster came over and the Marines confirmed the legality of Shen Mengyao’s identity before releasing it, but it was natural that Tang Yi and his car could not enter.
"then I’ll go home, I’ll fulfill my promise, and I hope you won’t break your promise."
Turning around and being able to come to the embassy from the pirate village is also thanks to Tang Yi’s help. Shen Mengyao has some contradictions and said to Tang Yi.
But I don’t want Tang Yi to just promise that he will step on the gas pedal and sail directly to the distance.
He sent her back because she was Mr.zhou’s sister, and whether she would take the orphans away is another matter.
Watching the cold car leave Shen Mengyao and pouting, such a man is really unpleasant.
Fortunately, Shen Mengyao was so excited that she could finally go home safely when she stepped out of the devil’s war-torn country and walked into the embassy. She vowed that she would never come again.
But I don’t want to wait for her. It’s not a friendly welcome, but a group of guys in rebel uniforms
Chapter 13 Hero reappearance
I’m sorry that your passport is fake, but I don’t accept that you are a citizen of our country.
A cold words let Shen Mengyao suddenly stunned.
"Why am I not a citizen? I have a passport. I have a legitimate election. I need to meet the ambassador."
Shen Mengyao feels that she will burst at the end of the day. Now she is stepping on the border of the embassy, and she is the most trusted safe house.
But I don’t want to live in the United States for so many years. She was rejected by human feelings, and when her passport was torn up, the soldiers around her came over.
Dressed in rebel costumes, they grabbed Shen Mengyao’s arm and gave her no chance to move.
"I’m sorry you’re not a citizen of our country, but if you don’t have any profit requirements, please cooperate with the armed personnel of our country."
The smiling white man pushed his glasses and wore a straight suit. He turned and walked towards the embassy.
"I’m an American citizen. I’m not pretending."
Shen Mengyao was very wronged in her heart, but no matter how she shouted, she remained fine.
Several big-waisted rebels directly stuffed her into a jeep, which started and roared off from the back door of the embassy.
"Let me go. Let me go."
It’s no use kicking and struggling Shen Mengyao, especially the smelly soldier who hit her in the face with a mouth. That’s why she came here for nothing.
She was betrayed, and she was betrayed to the rebels by the personnel of the Chinese embassy.
This man, he has seen it clearly, or he personally received herself when she arrived, and repeatedly woke up that she should pay attention to safety in the local area.
But that guy who said the embassy was her strong backing now betray her to the rebels.
Then it also proves that she was chased by the rebels just after she went out with her mercenaries
Everything is a conspiracy, and it is a conspiracy around himself. Through the embassy information, he knows Shen Mengyao’s identity very well
I also know that if I kidnap her, I can get the most urgently needed medicine. Now I will think back to Tang Yi’s eyes and doubt that she finally came over in vain.
What? He keeps saying that he doesn’t believe those western politicians. What? He keeps trying to smuggle himself back.
But now it’s too late to come here for nothing, and her face is burning and painful, so that she knows that she will be trapped in the magic cave.
Regret that Shen Mengyao was squeezed between two soldiers like a puppet, as if he had lost his soul.
The car was full of sweat and the smell was fading away. She jumped into the trap that had been dug long ago.
Men laughed at her and turned a deaf ear. Now it has become a luxury to ask for death, and tears can’t help falling.
Segmented reading 7
She knew how humiliating it would be to wait for her, but there was nothing she could do.
At the beginning, I wanted to avenge my sister, but now I’m going to be a prisoner with a medical skill. The so-called saving lives turned out to be difficult for me.
"Bang Bang"
Just as Shen Mengyao was trying to think about ending his life and avoiding being wasted, a shot came out.
The bullet went through the windshield accurately, and until then she finally saw a figure on the road running towards the car.
At this time, Tang Yi was like an attacking lion. Two rebels, the cab and the co-pilot, were shot in the head with one gun.
His right foot slammed into the sky and Tang Yi’s left foot stepped on the bumper of the oncoming jeep.
Once again, the whole person jumped high and made a beautiful 360-degree turn in the middle.
"Bang Bang"
Turn over the instantaneous muzzle toward the double-gun projectiles in the hands when jumping over the jeep also directly hit the rebels on the left and right sides of Shen Mengyao.
It’s only a few seconds. Four bullets ended. Four evil lives lost control and the car directly hit the jeep parked in the road by Tang Yi.
The body force fell aside, and the body of a soldier was pressed on Shen Mengyao’s shoulder.
The top of the skull was shot, and the blood flowed directly on her body, which scared Shen Mengyao to push him quickly.
"Well, if you want to sit for a while, I can go."
Just when Shen Mengyao panicked, the door slammed and pulled the body to Tang Yi, who said to Shen Mengyao, who was covered in blood.
The face is still covered with tears, but the appearance of Tang Yi in front of me simply makes Shen Mengyao come back to life.
Jumped directly from the back seat of the jeep. Shen Mengyao directly hugged Tang Yi’s neck and cried loudly. She just let the Buddha walk in front of the ghost door.
This kind of survivor made her so wronged and betrayed, and she was so sad to cry.

Hu Jingyan leng one.

He can solve the problem with one punch. Chen is rich and waiting to search for Xuantiangong. I didn’t expect people to run away.
To react, he immediately chased it.
Chen is rich and afraid to run into the crowd, but it is convenient for Hu Jingyan.
He is much better than Chen Fuyu, and even if he is seriously injured, he is powerless to catch up.
"Old shameless you have the guts to deal with ling."
"I know that bullying the younger generation is shy for you!"
Chen ran with money and scolded Hu Jingyan for turning red and crying with anger.
"I killed you!"
"Kill your uncle! Kill you and chase me!"
Gradually, Chen has money to find that he can’t run just by running, but Hu Jingyan can’t beat him head-on
But if the other party wants to treat his hand, it will inevitably affect the speed.
Although hiding in a mess for a while, Hu Jingyan really can’t stand him
Hu Jingyan was worried.
the other side
After a bloody battle, how many people have left?
Ling Tian drew a note that Chen had money over there.
In order to avoid the attack, Chen Youfu rolled all over from time to time, covered with rotten leaves and mud.
Looks like a mess
"He almost reached my limit."
Chen’s money is already slowing down, and Ling Tian decides to do it quickly.
Hold on to the Yuan Shi Qi Hai and run wildly.
Exhaustion of true qi
The sword became more violent.
In just a few minutes, the battlefield suddenly became quiet.
Seeing that Chen is rich and physically exhausted, Hu Jingyan is getting more and more energetic.
Then suddenly felt a chill.
At the same time, a gentle sound sounded in the ear.
"Chen Gong wants to help?"
Chapter 63 Ling Tian has secrets
Lingtian! Why is he here?
Don’t …
Hu Jingyan looked back and felt scalp pins and needles.
How long has it been since this cruel butcher killed so many people!
What strength does he have?
Even Hu Jingyan himself has to work hard to kill all these people.
Unlike Hu Jingyan, Chen is rich and ecstatic.
"Help me kill him if you need it!"
"But you have to pay more."
"Gaga Gaga, you can have as much as you want!"
Chen has money and nods wildly.
He finally realized that money is nothing compared with life.
"Ling Tian, let’s make a deal."
Hu Jingyan suddenly stopped to look at Ling Tian.
He knows that Ling Tian has no chance at all, so he might as well give it a try.
Lingtian transient became amiable.
"Well, I like personal transactions best."
"How much spar are you going to pay to buy your own life?"
Smell speech Chen rich in the mind a flurried way
"I said you can’t go back on your word by increasing the money!"
"Shut up"
Ling day coldly swept his one eye.
"Don’t interrupt if you don’t want to die."
"… I I don’t talk"
Chen has money and immediately shrinks into quail.
Ling day this just satisfied nod Hu Jingyan continued
Hu Jingyan deep breath slowly mouth
"I don’t have much spar … but I can tell you a secret. There is a secret of the Lord’s mansion."
"The duke … crazy"
There is no response when this is a ling day. Chen Youfu can’t help laughing.
"The duke is crazy? I think you are crazy! "
"The border town can stand today, but it’s all because of the duke. If the duke was crazy, the border town would have been in chaos!"
Hu Jing reason also ignore is looking at ling day.
Lingtian is thoughtful.
The first time I saw that crazy old man was in the Tibetan Pavilion.
If the residence of the Duke’s family is the most closely guarded place in the whole Duke’s mansion, the Tibetan Pavilion is the second.

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Not far from Huichunfang, the wine shop is drinking wine around the wooden table, but the four people often look back at the closed doors of Chunfang.
"Boss, we really don’t go and see? What if she can’t cope with being bullied? " Full of uneasy sounds, this statement sounded carefully, and the other three people here were all corners of their mouths!
"When did you see the lady had lost? In my opinion, are you out of your mind to be fed good wine and food by your wife these days? !” Sitting opposite him, he gave him a sideways glance and then said, "The latest order of the Lord is to let us monitor the lady’s every move instead of her taking the lead to solve the problem. Do you want to violate the main order?"
"His mother you are calling me a pig? You need someone to feed you! When madam brought us good wine and food, when didn’t you eat it? Now you’re talking about me! " Ling 21 was about to get up when she rolled her sleeves, but she was always silent and stopped by Ling’s sudden appearance. "Sit down!"
"Boss …" Ling Er looked angrily at him and was about to speak when he saw the gate of rejuvenation square across the hall, so he immediately changed his mouth and shouted, "The door is closed!" Smell speech the other three people line of sight also turned to the door of rejuvenation.
Seeing Yan Fang, the county magistrate in Guanzecheng, dragging his wife into the carriage and then turning over, he finally left the south street of the city and gathered in front of the rejuvenation square to watch the crowd gradually disperse with full belly feeling-
Everyone is guessing today, but it has been confirmed that the forces behind Chunfang Owner are really unusual this time. You must never provoke them! Even the county magistrate’s wife didn’t win the favor. Who else dares to be right in Jersey City? !
Ling Er watched the carriage of the county magistrate’s wife leave the back with a frown and said, "If that woman of Yan Fang doesn’t teach a good lesson, it will definitely be bad in the future. It seems that she has to find a time to knock it!"
"Don’t mind your own business!" Ling glanced at him coldly and warned, "The Lord doesn’t want people to know his wife’s true identity yet. If you really stand up for her, Yan Fang’s mind will definitely guess her!"
"What do you mean? Maybe that Yan Fang still doesn’t know the identity of his wife? Then why did he come to apologize to his wife in person? !” Yi eryi asked in surprise.
Ling Yi let go of his glass and explained, "Yan Fang has always been cautious. Even if he doesn’t know his wife’s true identity, he won’t easily offend her. After all, my wife’s rejuvenation workshop is bought by me. Even if she doesn’t have direct contact with the Lord, Yan Fang can’t neglect it!"
"So that’s it. I also told him his wife’s identity!" Ling Er suddenly realized and nodded, "Now that I think about it, if he had known the real identity of his wife early in the morning, he would have woken up his wife long ago, and today would not have happened!"
"Well …" Yi Yi was about to speak, but he got up involuntarily, strode across the threshold and walked straight in the direction of rejuvenation square! Ling’s heart was full of horror, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get rid of the dilemma of being controlled by human figures. Naide gave up her struggle and stepped into the rejuvenation workshop.
While sitting in the wine shop, the other three people are blindsided and can’t understand what it means for him to run across the street without saying a word at this time!
"Boss, what is this?" Yi Er Yi looked at him with a puzzled expression. Yi Ling San Ling Si Tucao said, "Don’t let us take care of this, but he went to his wife without saying a word. What do you mean?" !”
"The boss walked very strangely!" I have always cherished words like Jin Ling San, but I woke up with a frown. Ling Er and Ling Si Yi just got up and walked out, and their limbs were stiff. It is better to say that he walked out by himself than that he was controlled by people.
"Oh, no! Chief, is everything okay? !” Ling Er’s face changed and he strode to the rejuvenation workshop. Before he went in, he heard Ling Yi’s angry rebuke. "What are you doing here? !”
"Worried about you" Ling San, as always, cherishes words like gold.
"Chief, are you all right?" Ling Er Ling Si is different from each other. "Madam, it’s not hard for you, is it?"
Ling Yi stepped out of the rejuvenation workshop with a calm face and said coldly without looking back, "What can I do? Let’s go and don’t stop at the door to affect the business of the lady’s shop!"
"Boss, did your wife just control you?" Back in the wine shop, Ling Si asked eagerly, "How did she control you? Poison or method? When did you get caught? What I didn’t notice at all? !”
"How can the boss answer you when you ask so many questions in one breath, fool!" Ling Er gave him a grumpily white look.
As soon as Ling saw that they had seen that something was wrong with them, she didn’t hide it. Shen replied, "I’m not poisoned or poisoned, but there is a master hiding in the dark around my wife who can manipulate people’s bodies and consciousness at will to do what he wants!"
"What? The world still has this kind of kung fu! ?” Hearing this, the three of them were all shocked.
Yi Yi sighed a sigh and said, "There are people behind us who we haven’t heard of because we are ignorant, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there." He also suspected that he had been manipulated by the method, but this time the other party manipulated his body when he was conscious, and he couldn’t do this!
"It’s no wonder that there are experts around the lady who care for each other, boss. You’re not worried that the lady will be bullied by Yan Fang and his wife …" Ling Er nodded his head if he thinks, and then he got excited. "Such a powerful expert really makes people wonder what he looks like! If you have the opportunity, you must see it! " qR1
Hui Chunfang carried the magic method and eavesdropped on several people’s conversations. Blue Ink couldn’t help sipping his mouth when he heard Ling Er’s remarks. He blinked his eyes and turned to look at Sun Jindao. "Master, they are quite interesting. Do you really want to play with them?"
"No matter how interesting they are, they are also Hector even Chengde. Since they can’t be loyal to me, it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible!" Ms. Sun shook her head with a straight face. Through this incident, she understood that she spent several months trying to make them change their minds and take refuge in herself. Nothing has been achieved at all. Their loyalty is still that love rat!
Hector even Chengde let them protect her, so they will protect Hector even Chengde and let them look on coldly. They will look on coldly regardless of her. It is hard to imagine that if one day Hector even Chengde let them kill her, would they show mercy? The answer is definitely impossible! In that case, will she be busy with an almost impossible thing again? !
Blue ink thoughtfully held his little face and looked at her. "But is the master really willing to kill them?"
"Who said I’m going to kill them? !” Sun Jin stared at her childhood and received the education of "killing people and breaking the law". Although she is not a very good person, she is still quite resistant to disregard for human life’s line!
Although she said that she was so calm when threatening others, she was actually scaring people. Otherwise, the person who was sent by GongSunLian to assassinate her would not have been handed over to Ling Yi by Blue Devil. Why not just let Blue Ink kill her? !
"Didn’t the master let Blue Ink’ solve’ them?"
"I’m asking you to find a way to get rid of them so that they can’t keep watching me, not to kill people, silly girl!" Sun Jin hurriedly explained that he broke out in a cold sweat on his back. Sure enough, there is a generation gap between man and demon. If he didn’t explain clearly today, maybe this girl will put her body in front of her to take credit!
"Even so much trouble! If you just kill it, nothing will happen? " Smell speech blue ink face a wrinkly pouting muttered, "how do you humans so like beating around the bush? !”
Sun Jin took a slow sip of tea and replied, "If you feel trouble, I can let you go back to the party immediately."
"Ah ah! No trouble at all! Master, you can rest assured that Blue Ink will definitely solve them! " On hearing this, Blue Ink Horse changed her dog leg smile and quickly shook her head. Although she doesn’t like human beating around the bush, she still likes the food made by human beings! If she goes back to Fangwai, she won’t be able to eat delicious chicken legs and braised pork, which is definitely a torment for her who is used to human food!
Watching the blue ink leave, Sun Jin put his teacup back against the back of the chair and lost in thought. When it was dark, he was dizzy by the blue ink. Fat sister-in-law woke up and turned around and saw Sun Jin’s sculptural appearance. My heart couldn’t help but ask, "Jin Niang, what’s the matter? Where are the magistrate’s adult and the magistrate’s wife? They didn’t give you a hard time, did they? !” Dumped, dumped, and a little dizzy. Fat sister-in-law was puzzled. She wasn’t sleepy at all, but she sat asleep inexplicably and didn’t even know what happened in the store!
"It’s okay, they didn’t bully me." Sun Jin turned around and put away those messy thoughts in his heart and replied softly.

Before Hu Jia, Chen Jia took refuge in Ling Tian first.

It’s no good for them to go against the water now.
Besides, the duke has been eyeing up the Chen family. Once the duke is turned over, the first unlucky thing is that they are the Chen family.
Master Chen wouldn’t be so stupid.
That’s the Song family and the Li family left.
The Song family hasn’t chosen a new owner yet.
The obvious fight is more serious
Do they have any energy left to do other things in this situation?
But then again, if you really want to climb the duke and wait for the dust to settle, isn’t it certain to take the main position of the Song family?
Song family suspicion cannot be ruled out.
The Li family has more minds than anyone else and should know the pros and cons.
But who can guarantee that he won’t reach any agreement with the duke?
On the surface, it is on their side, but secretly it helps the duke to seek something?
Suspicion of the Li family cannot be ruled out.
Who could it be?
See Hu not lost in thought. General Gu and Hu Lai didn’t bother him.
They don’t know how to deal with the monster beast, so let him worry.
The room fell into silence, but it became more noisy outside.
"We want to see the Lord and hand him over!"
"It’s been two days. Are you lying to us? You must have imprisoned the Lord! "
"Don’t blame us if you don’t hand over the Lord!"
Hulai can’t sit still, and he will go out with his fist clenched.
"I’ll go out and have a look."
"What can you do when you go out?"
The ancient general stopped him shake head a way
"This is your territory, and those fighters outside are mostly under your jurisdiction."
"You can appease them when you go out at ordinary times."
"But now someone is inciting you to go out and just fall into their trap."
"What will you do if they arrest you and blackmail Hu Jia?"
Hulai pursed her lips and stopped talking.
The ancient general sighed sadly, and things were really bad.
Do it. They’re not afraid.
Although they are at a disadvantage in numbers, they are crushed in strength.
But the consequences are very serious, and it is very likely to cause riots in Muwei.
It will be difficult to end it then.
Even the border town will be affected.
the other side