"I advise you to leave quickly, otherwise …!" Old Three Worries Section 133: Sorrow for Don Ji

"Nothing, regardless of him, we will continue to look at us!" Any suspection.i Zhantian smiled and said, "After that, any suspection.i Zhantian turned around again and wandered around the stalls."
And those stall owners also know that this seemingly reckless teenager is definitely not so simple, but they also put away their idea of blackmailing this teenager. Whenever Huangfu Zhantian takes a fancy to something, they are very sincere in saying the price, that is, they earn a little hard work at most.
Suspection.i Zhantian didn’t hesitate to see something for himself. In a short time, I spent a full 20,000 yuan on Kung Fu suspection.i Zhantian, which made those people very shocked. I’m afraid this young man is not simple.
After buying everything you want, Huangfu Zhantian threw me three or five yuan crystals and said to him, "Well, you can go. I’ve bought almost everything!"
Took the suspection.i Zhantian throw me Yuan Jing’s old complexion is a little complicated. He is very fond of this rich Zhuo Gong, but when he is unwilling to give up, he advised, "I advise you to leave now quickly or you won’t be able to come if it’s too late" [
"Haha, Lao San, you still have this job. Well, I’ll go first. Take care of yourself!" Huangfu Zhantian said with a smile, anyway, there is nothing to miss here. Just turn around and leave here.
Seeing the free and easy back of Huangfu Zhantian, some people pinched the staff, but most people were holding a watching attitude. What’s more, they actually ran out and followed Huangfu Zhantian to see what the consequences would be if this person offended Tang.
Huangfu Zhantian felt that he was followed by those people, and his head was suddenly a head and two big. This limelight seemed a bit overdone, but he didn’t pay attention to those people, but he still strolled around the street as if he didn’t know what his horse was going to face.
Just as Huangfu Zhantian was wandering around and playing, a large group of people surrounded him, and the first one was the former Second Young Master Tang who left angrily.
"Hum smelly told you not to confront the young master. Now you hand over the necklace and kneel down and tell me that I was wrong, young master, and I will forgive you!" The Tang second young master looked at suspection.i Zhantian proudly way
"Lovely sun, where are you wrong? Tell it to grandpa! " Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately smiled back after hearing the words of the second young master Tang.
And the people around you immediately burst into laughter after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, but when they thought of who they were laughing at, they all stopped laughing abruptly, as if the laughter had never happened just now.
"Sharp teeth and smelly mouth are small. Wait until the young master catches you, then break your teeth with a stick and cut off your tongue. See if your mouth is still hard. Give it to me. I’m going to beat you to death and leave me no breath!" Master Tang’s anger in his eyes is about to erupt. Just now, he accidentally ate Huangfu Zhantian. If this can make him swallow this tone.
When I heard the young master’s words, a large group of people came crashing in response to the imposing manner, which was really a cow. However, the opposite Huangfu Zhantian still looked at the present situation with a faint smile, and there was no sense of worry. It seems that this group of people has the highest strength, that is, the middle class. It seems that Master Tang’s second master is not successful. Otherwise, where could he have these crooked melons and cracked dates? For these people, Huangfu Zhantian is not at all at ease. Even if he suppressed his strength, he was stronger than these people. Just his fighting experience, which can compare with the middle
When these people were near, Huangfu lifted his right leg very slowly and then moved a little. The first one was about to approach others as if he had fallen down. The whole person directly fell over a dog and chewed shit, but the person behind him didn’t notice that he was directly tripped over by this person and then threw himself down. Those people behind him were like dominoes, making this person fall down behind and the whole thing became a pile of arhats.
I didn’t expect that I would form such a spectacular scene with such a simple move. But when I was stunned, it wasn’t too long, because those who didn’t trip over by him were all coming towards Huangfu Zhantian, and those who had already jumped were all coming towards Huangfu Zhantian.
I’m too lazy to play with them. I didn’t wait until these people came close to my body again. I threw all these people over the ground one by one, and then piled them up like a pyramid. Then he looked at the second young master Tang directly and jokingly.
"You … you don’t come here. If you hurt me, my dad won’t spare you!" The second young master Tang immediately roared in horror. He didn’t expect the strength of this foreigner to be so strong. If I had known it, I wouldn’t have been so reckless to come to the game.
"Get out of here! I’m not interested in rambling with you!" Huangfu Zhantian jumped lightly and then jumped those people, and then disappeared directly.
And those people around you don’t feel so happy when they look at the second young master Tang. This Tang Ji, a broken star city, has long provoked public anger because of the Tang forces. They dare to be angry and dare not speak now. Looking at this second young master Tang, they were taught a lesson. Of course, they gloated next to it.
And that Tang Ji didn’t care about his face at this time. He looked at the back of Huangfu Zhantian and then directed his people to run back. Today, he lost all his faces, but I’m afraid his petty mind is not finished.
Back to his room in the inn, Huangfu Zhantian first threw that pile of junk aside and then took out that piece of cloth. After careful observation for a long time, he finally determined that it was the same cloth that he was wearing this suit. Huangfu Zhantian asked the boss for a bucket of water, then cleaned it up and finally restored it.
However, it’s difficult to look at this cloth. Section 1331: Spirit Level 5.
This cloth is strong, but how can we divide it? He tried all the weapons in his own small world, even the weapons he got from the chaotic temple, but in the end, it made Huangfu Zhantian feel depressed, but there was no weapon that could hurt this cloth.
Nai Huangfu threw this cloth into the small world, so it is impossible to walk around in such a big piece of cloth. This is a bit exaggerated.
Huangfu Zhantian took out the first thing he bought, that is, the purple weird weapon. This weapon is bent at both ends and straight at both ends, just like two curved crescent-shaped weapons, but this weapon is the same thing as a handle, and there is no way to hold the root with his own hands. Although this weapon is very well-made and the material is very precious, I think it is because this weapon can be sold so cheaply.
It’s another thing that can’t be seen, and he just tried the strength of this weapon and found that it is very strong. His own strength has failed to damage this thing for seven minutes, so it should be a good thing.
Huangfu Zhantian will take the necklace out from the small world and look at the exquisite pattern of the fire phoenix chain and the quaint smell of this face. Huangfu Zhantian will conclude that this thing is definitely not a bad thing, otherwise it would be impossible to sell it for 5,000 yuan. If you want to give it to Xiao Yan, she should like it [
Satisfied, he put away the fire phoenix chain, and then he looked at his things. There were not many good things, but some medicinal materials. These were all rare things at different stages from five to seven, and they were rarely seen outside.
Looking at these herbs, suspection.i Zhantian sighed slightly that the level of refined pharmacists has not yet risen. I want to think that it should be no problem for me to break through to the realm of plane gods and refine the spiritual five-Dan medicine.
In my heart, I was so hot that I didn’t hesitate to put a layer of enchantment on this room. After that, I entered the small world. He was going to attack the spirit level five Dan medicine again. After he failed, he has been honestly refining the spirit level four Dan medicine. I think his realistic power should be able to refine the spirit level five Dan medicine.
Anger, Dan, fire attribute, the fighter makes Dan medicine. After this Dan medicine, the whole person will fall into a frenzy, and the strength will be doubled directly, and then he will be deputy for three days.
This Angry Dan is a fire fighter Aiji. Every fire fighter will buy some of this Dan medicine, and then when it is not ready, after all, it is impossible for anyone in Shenyuan Mainland to guarantee that he will not be in danger, but when he is in danger beyond his own strength, this Angry Dan may be able to save his life. Now he is going to participate in this auction. Although he feels that he is already a rich man, he still thinks that he can refine more Dan medicine to be on the safe side. If he sees something he likes, but the money is not enough, then these Dan medicines can be used as collateral.
Take out the main medicine of Anger Dan, a fire-like herb. This kind of herb grows in a place with very strong fire-like properties, and it must be well prepared when picking, otherwise an unwary person may be injured by fire poison. This herb is also a very precious herb. The old man gave himself less than 100 samples at the beginning, and he plans to refine all these herbs today.
After all the necessary things were ready, Huangfu Zhantian quickly took out the Huolingcao and put it into the Baicao Ding. Raytheon’s golden flame exploded and directly refined the Huolingcao into a lux liquid essence. This Huolingcao is very resistant to high-temperature things. If it is not successful in refining, I am afraid that this Huolingcao will not be so easily refined.
After refining this Huolingcao, Huangfuzhantian immediately put more than a dozen medicinal materials into it, and soon those medicinal materials were refined by Huangfuzhantian to the Ministry, and then merged into a liquid medicine, while that lux Huolingcao was still floating there alone, and Huangfuzhantian was not in a hurry to fuse this Huolingcao with his liquid medicine, because this is the most important step in refining Anger Dan. If this step is done, it will be easy to follow.
Took a deep breath, Huangfu Zhantian controlled Raytheon’s true qi to keep the two liquid medicines approaching, and when the liquid medicine refined from more than a dozen medicinal materials approached the liquid medicine refined from Huolingcao, the lux liquid medicine suddenly became violent, just like the fire property characteristics.
Seeing this scene, suspection.i war, as the heavenly heart, was suddenly caught up and didn’t dare to hesitate again. Raytheon’s true qi suddenly exploded and Raytheon’s golden flame suddenly doubled, directly hitting the two liquid medicines together.
When the two liquid medicines collided, the lux liquid medicine struggled, but Huangfu Zhantian suppressed the lux liquid medicine crazily, and finally slowly stopped struggling and then merged with the lux liquid medicine.
Seeing this scene, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, it cost him twenty percent of Raytheon’s true qi, which is more tiring than fighting with people. However, this result made Huangfu Zhantian extremely excited. Since refining this spirit level five anger Dan consumes a little Raytheon’s true qi, wouldn’t it be said that he can refine a more advanced Dan medicine? For example, he hasn’t had that idea yet.
Carefully controlling Raytheon’s golden flame, he refined this lux anger Dan, and then he finally let go of the anger Dan and watched it carefully.
This angry Dan face is full of complex patterns, and I don’t know how it came into being, but it looks very beautiful and looks good.
And judging from the strong fire attribute energy on this Angry Dan surface, the refining of this Angry Dan is not only successful, but also the quality should be good, which makes Huangfu Zhantian feel vaguely excited. Section 133: Tang Jia’s attitude
However, he quickly suppressed his excitement. He wanted to try to refine the spirit-level six-Dan medicine. If so, this time he made a big profit and rose two levels.
But after a good half-day, Huangfu Zhantian looked at the medicinal materials that were burned into a mass of ashes and suddenly felt depressed. Sure enough, the refined pharmacist level was not so good.
Good suspection.i Zhantian had already been psychologically prepared, but it was not too sad. Then suspection.i Zhantian set out to refine the various column Dan medicines of the spirit level five.
But when Huangfu Zhantian refined medicine, the Tang family was full of gloom, because this second young master Tang Ji didn’t know how he felt that he couldn’t lift his penis since he came back. He didn’t have any idea yet, but when the woman tried to tease herself but she still couldn’t lift it herself, he finally panicked. She looked at her strange eyes. He quickly found his father and told his father Tang Jian about it.
When Tang Jian heard the words, he was immediately frightened and asked him what was going on. When he heard that Tang Ji had a fight with Huangfu Zhantian, and then there was a conflict, he cried and said to Tang Jian again, except Huangfu Zhantian, he didn’t expect anyone to plot against himself like this [
"Dad, you must make decisions for your son. If the whole generation is like this, there will be no life there!" Tang Ji cried with a snot and a tear. Yes, the figurine was Huangfu Zhantian. He also heard people around him talking about the notoriety of Tang Ji, so he wanted to take this opportunity to treat him. So Huangfu Zhantian secretly sent out a Raytheon Qi while fighting with them, and then he made some small hands and feet there, and then it became like this.

After this explanation, everyone continued to give gifts to each other, and the real master guided them to book their seats in the square.

The sun is warm and radiant.
When the sun reaches the zenith.
The panlong lesson-clearing bell in Zhenjiao Bell Tower rang nine times in a row.
Fang Yunhan Chunyang Road stepped out of the main hall.
The leader of Chunyang first introduced the previous situation to many fellow Jianghu people.
White old ape saw Fang Yunhan’s eyes fell on their side and nodded his head, hurriedly pulling General Lu’s escort head to pay tribute to them.
In the second half hour, it is the ceremony of teaching the position.
Until Fang Yunhan took a seat and was worshipped by all the true masters, the ceremony finally came to an end.
Unexpectedly, there were three youth stations later.
Fang Yunhan just boarded the position of the True Sect today, and he actually accepted three brothers to announce it to the public.
Moreover, the origins of these three brothers are also different, which can be discussed by everyone.
Mu Guiying is a former Star Sect hunting target, and he still carries that treasure with him.
She became the new brother of the True Sect, which means that this treasure has fallen into the true Sect, and the real Chongyang took the initiative to take this trouble.
And A Zi is a traitor of the Stars Sect, and it is a beautiful talk to turn over a new leaf and worship the truth.
In the end, Yu Xuzhu took the responsibility of Shaolin, and if his martial arts became great in the future, whether it was to integrate Shaolin into the truth or really support the re-establishment of Shaoshi Mountain.
You can talk about it for generations
When people around were discussing these important events, the white old ape suddenly patted the good leg and said to General Manager Lu, "I really taught to accept female disciples!"
General manager Lu’s escort said, "I haven’t heard of it before, but after Chongyang’s three brothers have two female crowns, they will probably put down the rules in this respect."
"Then let’s send the late smile to you when we get back."
White old ape, this discussion is a big move for General Manager Lu.
His granddaughter, Lin Wan, has a brilliant smile and is full of reading poems. She is even more courageous than ordinary women.
At the beginning, when she made friends with Long Changyin, she pointed out that this person had ulterior motives. Unfortunately, at that time, the two old people didn’t believe her that Long Changyin was angry because of the trouble of his legacy.
Manager Lu’s escort thought that the man was still in a bad mood. "At that time, the dog thief actually thought about laughing late. If she was allowed to learn some martial arts to protect herself, she was born with delicate meridians and was an adult …"
"It’s not a big problem that the authentic meridians are delicate."
White old ape didn’t care "if it weren’t for not accepting the rules of female brother, laughing late and being smart enough to make up for the physical qualification defects"
Manager Lu’s escort nodded deeply.
When he nodded, he always felt that many eyes had just fallen on his side when he flashed out of the corner of his eye
When he looked back, his eyes were fixed on some people who didn’t come and took their eyes back.
There is no one in the field who is not knowledgeable and alert.
The conversation between the two old men has long been heard by them.
Chongyang really belongs to Taoism, but even monks and evil traitors have their own homes. Isn’t there a younger generation to see?
When I go back, I’ll think about it. Once I have learned something, my gang will naturally rise with it. Isn’t it beautiful?
Everyone’s mind turned, and this ceremony was finally over. The real master asked everyone to leave the square and go to the mountain hall to get drunk.
When all the people were already leaving the square with rows of seats.
A Huang Yun suddenly floated to the distant hill.
At this time, the sky is high and the sky is light, and the Shan Ye is green and long and blue. Suddenly, such a cloud shows that people unconsciously stop and look intently.
The cloud was about a thousand feet away from here, and the crowd was immediately surprised at this.
Then where is the cloud? There are hundreds of beautiful women holding pholiota adiposa and wearing silk.
The big umbrella in their hands seems to be in a fog in the wind.
When the wind comes, they can change their posture by the resistance of their umbrellas, so that the whole queue of hundreds of people generally maintains its original height in the alternation of ups and downs.
By this means, these hundreds of people actually have the ability to fly over thousands of feet in one fell swoop
"That’s a hundred Griffin messengers, Tianshan Tongmu Wu Xingyun!"
The dim clouds came from the distant mountains and clouds, and they were all wrapped together and fell on this square.
Many seats were slightly detached from each other and arranged in all directions.

When you look intently, it turns out to be a child who just became a vampire a few days ago.

After becoming a vampire, he really grew at an amazing speed. Before he became a ghost, he was still a baby who couldn’t even walk, but in just a few days, he actually grew into a kid who could run and jump, just like a human child of four or five years old.
At the moment, he is hiding behind the door with a small head, and his curious eyes are looking at the feather.
Feather pastor grumpily stared at the kid and said grumpily, "What are you looking at? Dead kid! "
The thought of this kid killing several human children in a row after his rebirth and sucking their blood makes him get goose bumps and have an exhausted aversion to this kid. I really wish I could kill him with a sword.
The little vampire looked at the feather, stared at the big round eyes, and seemed a little scared. After a long time, he bravely jumped in front of the feather, his little head held high and looked as innocent as a human child.
Looking at shota, a vampire, with this lovely feather and cold face, I can’t stretch my face any longer. After all, this ghost child used to be a human child. He didn’t choose to become a vampire. She gently sighed and had a gentle attitude. She held out a thin hand and gently stroked the head of the little boy in front of her.
He looks as cute as other human children and distressing except for his small sharp horns and cute little fangs.
Vampire shota grinned at Feather Beard and pulled over Feather Beard and put a bright red fruit in it.
As soon as I saw the fruit, I was immediately attracted by it. The fruit was not as big as a pigeon’s egg. The color was bright red and tender, and the faint light looked very attractive, which made people want to swallow it.
"What is this?" Feathery asked strangely, "It looks delicious and familiar. Where do you think you have seen it?" And in modern society, American cherry looks like.
Shota, a delicate vampire, said, "This is what I picked up in the back hill!"
Feather handles are playing with small red fruits like rubies, but they are also full of childlike interest. I wonder if they are as delicious as cherries.
Really want to have a taste.
It won’t be toxic, will it?
Feather eyes turn to calculate, if toxic poison yourself, you have to be a prisoner of The Hunger Fengluo order.
She looked up and threw the fruit into her mouth.
Shota, a vampire, was stunned to see the feather swallow the fruit and couldn’t help worrying. He screamed, "Me, me!" "
His little hand clutched the feather sleeve tightly. "Give it back!"
Feather grass chewed the fruit carefully and felt a sweet juice slide from the throat into the belly with a faint sour taste.
Don’t say it’s delicious!
At the same time, the feather felt a hot air rising slowly from the abdomen, getting hotter and hotter, burning the feather almost out of breath.
This fruit is really poisonous. The feather and beard cover their chest with their hands, and they can’t support themselves. Their bodies have slipped from the bed to the ground.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Teasing
———please keep it.
It’s like being suddenly thrown into a flame for a barbecue. Feathers curl and roll like earthworms, and it’s painful.
When I was still sober, I secretly regretted it. I didn’t expect it to be a poisonous fruit. God, help me. I don’t want to die like this!
Vampires in shota have long been scared to death when they saw Feather’s pain. He stared blankly for a few seconds, and his small body darted out of the door like an arrow.
Go and find The Hunger Fengluo at once.
Vampire shota just rushed to the lobby of the snake cave and happened to bump into the snake lady Manlu.
Manlu’s hands tightly covered her plump breasts and made a frightened look. "The dead kid scared me and rushed to reincarnate?"
Vampire shota quickly said anxiously, "Aunt Manlu’s sister fainted! Help her!" He threw his hands and hurriedly pulled Manlu back.
What happened to that dead girl again?
Reluctantly, Manlu was pulled by vampire shota and hurried to the feather room.
When I saw the feather, Manlu was also surprised. Feather curled up and fell to the ground, dying.
Manlu hurriedly put her hand on a feather, and her eyebrows screwed up. The pulse was very disordered and there was no regularity. Look at the feather’s face as white as paper.
Dial the feather eyelid again, and now her pupils are scattered.
Shota Manlu, a vampire, kept stamping her feet and rubbing her little hands and pleading, "Aunt Manlu, help her!" Shota has a gentle and lovely sister in her eyes.
Manlu turned to ask shota, "How did this happen?"
Shota, a vampire, rolled his eyes in the novel "I picked some lovely red fruits in the back of the mountain for this sister to see and eat." He nervously put his hands and forefingers together and lowered his head.
"What? She ate the red fruit? " Manlu was taken aback. "Little fool, that’s poisonous snake venom. How can you eat it?"

In the process of traveling on the road, the dog egg accidentally found that his brother almost never moved his right hand. In his impression, his brother was not left-handed. Curious dog egg could not help but ask, "What happened to your arm, brother?" How come you have hardly practiced hard with Li Daochang for so long? Don’t lie to me. I am a master now. I felt it when you pulled me just now. "

"Some past events are just not much to say. I’m afraid your brother and master have no fate in this generation." Muqingfeng is very concerned about this matter. After all, with Xuelian, he has nothing to complain about. Even if time goes back and goes back to that cliff, Muqingfeng will still make the same choice.
"Don’t worry, brother, this is not me. When you catch wild animals, you are responsible for arranging the location. I am responsible for contributing three girls to eat. Now that I have grown up, business is still the same. By the way, I heard that you found three girls? How is she doing now? " Dog egg while driving a horse skillfully asked again.
"She’s not bad, but she’s got some injuries while walking in the Jianghu in recent years. My master took her to Wanchun Valley for treatment. It’s no big deal. Her adventures are not less than yours. She’s also a master now." Mu Qingfeng said lightly because he was afraid that the dog would know too much and was worried about avoiding weight.
"That would be interesting. When I see her again, I’m going to have a good competition with her and calculate my childhood accounts. Who let her always bully me with her parents’ ferocity?" The dog egg smiled heartlessly.
Zhu Ceguo looked at the two brothers talking and laughing and felt that their feelings must be very good, and they must have experienced a lot. Things have been the only thing since childhood, and Zhu Ceguo really envied this kind of brotherhood and sisterhood.
Just as they were talking, they unconsciously arrived at the gate of Beiyan Wangfu, and Zhan Yunyi was still so generous that he could hear his loud voice from a distance, not to mention that he must be vomiting-inducing toasts again.
"The war leader hasn’t seen you for many days, but you are getting more and more energetic." Mu Qingfeng smiled and appeared behind the war cloud wing to say a word in heart. He had a good impression on this honest and frank but reckless leader. Speaking of it, this was the first time that Mu Qingfeng saw the prominent figure except his master’s accident.
When I heard someone say hello to me, Zhan Yunyi let go of the big bowl. Looking back, I saw a thin and handsome boy smiling at himself. Although Muqingfeng changed with age, Zhan Yunyi recognized Muqingfeng at a glance, or that resourceful teenager was much taller, handsome and a little weak.
"So small! I said that my precious disciple ran out without taking off his clothes. What was it? It turned out to be you. I wondered what everyone was saying all the way. I still have the same name when I heard your name in the King’s Palace. It’s been a few years. Where’s your old hairy master? Is it here or not? I’m going to drink him to the bottom of the table today. "Said Zhan Yunyi, patting Muqingfeng’s shoulder and Xuanjiamen’s strength. Is that a joke? Shoot Muqingfeng backwards several steps directly. If it weren’t for being held by a dog’s egg, I’m afraid I’ll get a butt on the spot and do it, then there would be nothing left.
"I’m afraid my master will be disappointed if he stays in Wanchun Valley for some mundane things." Mu Qingfeng rubbed his shoulders and watched Zhan Yunyi with bitterness. This lout greeting people is still so unique. It’s a good thing that the dog egg is his brother. It is estimated that he will not live for three days if he worships in his door.
"Old Zamao is not here, that’s really disappointing. Go and play there by yourself. I want to catch up with the White House." Zhan Yunyi waved his hand if he was not interested.
Looking at his eldest brother’s red face, Mu Qingfeng prayed silently in his heart that he would fall into the hands of the war leader … Mu Qingfeng didn’t dare to think about what would happen in an hour.
"Stay! If you don’t come here, I will eat it all! " Saussurea involucrata waved her arm.
Muqingfeng pulled some dull dog eggs away from Zhanyunyi like running for his life. Looking at the burly dog eggs, he didn’t even dare to breathe in front of Zhanyunyi, knowing that this little one was oppressed a lot.
"Lotus son, this is my brother Zhan Yunyi’s nickname dog egg." Muqingfeng pointed to the dog egg and picked up a hoof and a mouth directly to Zhu Ceguo, who had long been called aside by the old princess. After all, he was a little drunk and somewhat frivolous in entertaining guests.
"It’s interesting that you are brothers, and you have one surname and one surname, Mu." Xuelian asked curiously, "Isn’t this your enemy Ling wang xing?" Snow Lotus lowered its voice.
"Hey!" The dog’s egg is much smoother than before, and it is no longer the dull boy. "I always called the dog’s egg to worship the Xuanjiamen door. The master thought the name was not pleasant to listen to, so he gave it the name ZhanYunxiao. By the way, you are so beautiful. Are all grassland girls so beautiful?"
Snow lotus son heard her brother-in-law praise a little shy and secretly glanced at her eating Haisai Muqingfeng. She couldn’t help but be short of breath. She didn’t understand the amorous feelings!
Although Mu Qingfeng is constantly eating and drinking, but his mind is agile, he still finds the wrong place. He should stay close to Mu Chongshan, who is not here. What else will make him leave himself? Of course, after getting along for so long, Mu Qingfeng denied that he would do something sorry for himself.
At this time, Mu Chongshan is wandering around Yecheng, and Mu Qingfeng is right. He can avoid this occasion. Specifically, he should avoid the battle cloud wing. After all, the battle cloud wing is the younger brother of Ling Wang, and the two of them are old friends. If they appear in front of the battle cloud wing now, many unexpected situations will happen.
In fact, Mu Qingfeng, Mu Chongshan, thinks that there are still many things to hide from him because he thinks it is not yet time to expose everything, but looking at Mu Qingfeng, there is a reckless teenager who has mixed up now and is eager to tell the king Mu Chongshan whether to tell him the truth before things can be redeemed.
"Good command!"
Mu Chongshan hasn’t heard this name for a long time. Looking back, it turned out to be Zhan Yu and his party. Although Mu Chongshan has been away from Ling Wangfu for a long time, many guards of Ling Wangfu are still excited to see him, except for Zhan Yu. Of course, he almost wanted to pounce on Mu Chongshan when he saw it. It was because Mu Chongshan’s poor guards that he lost his important right hand.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am no longer the leader of the mausoleum palace guards, so please stop calling me that." Mu Chongshan waved his hand at the excited guards.
"I’m sorry that you asked me to change my name to the imperial palace. You have to give me an explanation today!" Zhan Yu still couldn’t help it.
"Everyone in the temple has his own ideas, but you must insist. It would be nice if you stayed in the palace honestly. Why should you step into this muddy water three times and five times?" The reputation of war is not polite to the former Lord. Now, in his eyes, the reputation of war is not even comparable to that of Muqingfeng’s little finger, but for some unspeakable reasons, Muchongshan still intends to give this mausoleum Wang some respect.
The reputation of war is not my brother’s very cultured people. When he says it, some words are too radical, that is, Mu Chongshan knows that his temper might have been done by ordinary people, but even if he knows it, he can’t stand it. It’s so fucking ugly.
Mu Chongshan continued to kill himself for many years, and he felt cold when he put a little reputation outside. He seemed to be stared at by the tiger, and he didn’t expect that the gentle guards in the past had such a murderous side.
Seeing the silence and the reputation of the war, Mu Chongshan’s evaluation of him was a little lower because he heard the reputation of the war when he left.
"Mu and I want to ask you one last question. You’ve been with my father for so many years. Can you tell me that he doesn’t value me at all and won’t let me participate in major events? Is it true that old people like you don’t like waste like me? " In fact, Zhan Yu has been wanting to ask this question for a long time, and he has never had a chance. He knows that if he misses today, there may be no other chance in his life.
Mu Chongshan certainly knows something, but he can’t say that he hesitated for a long time before he gently said, "Your report is a good house for you."
Mu Chongshan left him after simply saying that he had won the war. He was waiting until Zhan Yunyi returned to his house. Although it was getting late, Mu Qingfeng was a little drunk today and it was difficult to meet his brother. He was a little excited about the fact that Mu Chongshan didn’t show up one day.
Mu Chongshan asked a Wangfu people where Zhan Yunyi was. On the other hand, they have known each other for a long time. This is a matter of great importance. Mu Chongshan hasn’t decided how to talk yet.
"This friend outside the window, you are pacing back and forth outside my room. You can consider that disturbing people’s dreams will make them fight. Today, I drink a little too much. If I die, I will not be responsible." Zhan Yunyi came over with a breath of alcohol.
"Sir Zhong is still so generous. I don’t know if I’m drunk and Sir Zhong can stop me from taking a few knives. "Mu Chongshan said with a smile that since it was discovered, it would be good to be Joseph.
"Bang!" As soon as the window of Zhanyun Wing House was smashed, a bruiser rushed out like a Owlman and faced Muzhong Mountain. It was a trick to "Rise the Lutai". Although he didn’t have his own well-known Wujinjian shield in his hand, he had been practicing Cangshan for a long time, and he still had the power to crack mountains and stone.
Mu Chongshan didn’t dare to lift Mu’s villa’s unique flying skill directly, flying directly over the top of Zhanyunyi’s head, and let him hit the rockery with a strong palm. A faint palm print actually appeared in the rockery. If this trick was hit on people, I’m afraid the dirt was not intact. Mu Chongshan also didn’t want to let himself fall. When he fell, he directly pulled out his treasure knife, "Snow flooded Baqiao" and split it against Zhanyunyi. Zhanyunyi felt sharp knife and wind tunnel was not good. An iron bridge escaped this trick.
"Sir Zhong, I haven’t seen you for days, and you’ve made progress. If you’ve just laid a solid foundation, I’m afraid I don’t have a good bone all over." Mu Chongshan smiled and put his knife in its sheath.
"You’re small and not bad. Just now, you weren’t thinking about unloading me? I also abandoned your martial arts when you were away from Ling Wangfu. "Zhan Yunyi is a bear hug. To be honest, this martial arts high-strength bodyguard around him who is busy with military eldest brother all day is more suitable for his appetite.
Zhan Yunyi was pleasantly surprised to find Mu Chongshan here, but he was not stupid. If there were no important things, Mu Chongshan wouldn’t meet him in this way. To be honest, because he is located in the North Yanling Wangfu, there are many things that Zhan Yunyi didn’t note. He also longed for the mountains and came here under the orders of Ling Wang.
"A lot of things I can’t elaborate with Sir Zhong, and I will want to give Mr Zhong an account when I come here in a hurry tonight. This matter is because Mu Qingfeng hopes that Mr Zhong can help me get an idea." After that, Mu Chongshan slowly spoke out that he found the secret, and when he finished, Zhan Yunyi’s face disappeared slightly drunk. It seems that even in Beiyan’s own sphere of influence, Zhan Yunyi did not relax at all.
"How sure are you about this?" Zhan Yunyi’s hands seem to want to crush something. It seems that the impact of Mu Chongshan’s news is really extraordinary
"Sir Zhong, I’m absolutely sure about this matter, otherwise, Sir Zhong will recognize what I will leave Ling Wangfu. In fact, Ling Wang also knows that I left it because of his instructions." Mu Chongshan must have answered the question of Zhan Yunyi.
"This matter must not be known to Muqingfeng at present. Although I am sorry for him, keeping my mouth shut is your best choice now. If the whole court knows about it, I’m afraid it will get out of hand." Zhan Yunyi’s suggestion is not surprising to Muqingfeng at all. It seems cruel to Muqingfeng in his opinion.
"This matter from public to private has to be kept secret. Tell you what, I’ll write a letter to my eldest brother to see what his attitude is, and then we’ll make plans. Remember that before," said Zhan Yunyi.
"Sir Zhong, rest assured that heaven knows earth knows you, I know the report knows that no one will know it again." Mu Chongshan promised to the Zen Cloud Wing that in fact they didn’t know that another person had discovered the secret. Of course, this is another story.
Mu Qingfeng appeared in front of Zhu Ceguo early the next morning. In his opinion, he couldn’t delay for a quarter of an hour, but he couldn’t start at Xuanjiamen because they were all focused on armor and didn’t move so fast. Mu Qingfeng had to find another way.
Finally, after discussion, Mu Qingfeng and Gou Dan rode some elite Xuanjiamen on fast horses to the head of the battlefield. Zhan Yunyi followed with the follow-up troops and the trench. Mu Qingfeng believed that the most important thing now was to boost the morale of the East China Sea. After being repeatedly attacked by the Japanese for so long, the morale of the people and the army had already fallen to a limit. Now even a small victory will bring great encouragement to people. Zhu Ceguo did not oppose Mu Qingfeng’s tactical adjustment. Unfortunately, he also saw that Xuanjiamen’s powerful fighting capacity was heavy. The strong fighting capacity of infantry will inevitably make them less mobile, but in recent days, Zhu Ceguo has learned that Mu Qingfeng is pinning his hopes on him in the battlefield myth.
Just as they were hurrying along, Zhu Jie, the king of the East China Sea, was reposing on a big rock. This urgent March exhausted his little physical strength, but he was still a little late. The Japanese had just finished the disaster in this village and left a pile of ruins and people who kept crying.
"General Liu of the Temple of the King of Lu is coming." Captain Zhu Jie of the King of Lu gently called out a little sleepy, and the sovereign was in charge of the guards. He knew that his sovereign had not slept for several days.
"Oh, let him come here. Have the casualties been counted?" Zhu Jie opened his dissatisfied bloodshot eyes and rubbed his temples. He was still old, and he had to March for a few days to make himself exhausted.
"Report back that the report has now found out that the Japanese killed 132 villagers and stole 63 women. All the houses were burned and …" General Liu’s voice became smaller and smaller.

She sighed when she saw Noah breathe a sigh of relief.

At that time, she stunned Noah and forcibly took him back to Orendo. When he woke up, he recognized his relatives and told him about the situation of Night Feather. Perhaps it was because Orendo and others had diverted his energy from his training. After a while, he was very calm. Noah gave up Roger and obviously underestimated his persistence. Noah even cheated some little dragons with his personal charm, even if he wanted to break the rules, he would go out with him to find Night Feather and almost had a dragon body riot.
Later, things were over. Noah seemed calm and feasible, and his actions were unambiguous.
In the end, I really couldn’t watch it. Roger invited Orlando and them to seal Noah’s memory of the night feather together.
It’s not that she doesn’t want to directly erase Noah’s memory of night feather, but when she does, Noah will have a psychotic spasm and shock symptoms. Maybe Noah subconsciously doesn’t want to forget night feather.
Noah loves Night Feather so much, but it’s a pity that Night Feather doesn’t love him so much, but now Night Feather has lost her memory, which may be a favorable opportunity for Noah.
Since the past has not been accepted, it may or may not be possible to pursue it again from now on.
Think of her face and smile again.
"You loved him very much."
A word opened Noah’s eyes. No wonder I always want to get close to him unconsciously.
"And he …" Roger (turn harsh eyes have to repair.
"It’s your third party."
Night feather and repair looked at each other.
"He is the culprit that caused you and Ye Yu’s emotional breakdown and finally made you lose your memory!"
True or false?
It’s impossible for the first thought to emerge in Ye Yu’s mind!
"If it’s really what you said, I will think that Hugh is familiar with his name when I first see him?"
"Why do you just think Noah is very kind?"
Roger blinked a few times. "I don’t blame you for not remembering."
Then she sarcastically said to Xiu, "Who let some people use despicable means to tamper with your memory?"
For the time being, whether you say it is true or not or tamper with a person’s memory, how can it change a person’s feelings? "
"It’s very simple to replace the memory part of that person’s heart with himself."
Luo Jiete narrowed his eyes and threw a bombshell again. "You know that guy around you, but Mundus, the underworld king of inferno, doesn’t have any strange means? "
Immediately fix the night feather and Noah’s strange eyes.
On this journey, Ye Yu and Xiu Noah helped to make up for the common sense of the world. Naturally, we know what the so-called inferno is, but evil stands for ugliness, meanness and shame, and it is the common enemy of people living in this world!
"No, Hugh is not an inferno."
Night feather suddenly retorted, "He is not ugly and has no horns. How can he be an inferno? ! "
Xiu also immediately dispersed the disguise to show his face.
Roger’s cold hum and Noah said lightly, "Night Feather, I forgot to tell you the most basic characteristics of inferno."
"Only a senior inferno can have a long black hair and the whole underworld has black hair and black eyes, and Mundus is the only one."
Night feather froze.
"But …"
"In the eyes of the world, the senior inferno is not handsome, but they are few in number. The inferno is very ugly."
Night feather words can be right, but staring at Noah moved his line of sight.
"Then … then how do you know all this?"
Roger told the story of how Night Feather met her, such as Orlando and others.
No one noticed that Dana kept wiping her sweaty forehead with a handkerchief in the audience.
Oh, my god It’s really the most cunning hunter. The night elf doesn’t make a draft when he lies, and his face doesn’t jump. It’s really …
That’s amazing!

Then what escape is not equal to?

Fortunately, the outsiders didn’t seem to notice that the horses roared past, and they let the horse go straight ahead.
After all the noise, the night slowly fell silent.
"They’re gone."
Night away from the hand "hua" a push away the coffin was about to get up and suddenly a force to wrap her up for her to react, she has changed places with men.
She is in the face, and the man is in the face.
First, it will be later than the second. After about eleven o’clock, children’s papers can look at the sky. Today, it will be more than ten thousand. Please have a monthly ticket for children’s papers and scatter a reward ~
Thank you [LZY 138] [14747897888] Dear Flower ~ ~ Thank you [uaeng] [Baby Duoduo 111] [I have an appointment with Autumn] [You Yuran] [13567555] [Zheng-Jing] [wangshuai 98] [fydh 911] [736] (the second more than never put off till tomorrow what you can for a monthly ticket)
Night away from the hand "hua" a push away the coffin was about to get up and suddenly a force to wrap her up for her to react, she has changed places with men.
She’s in front of a man, but she’s in front of him.
The centrifugal tip shakes at night.
The man stretched out his hand and pulled the cloth on his face and took her off.
"Just want to go together? Ao "
I don’t know whether it’s a hurry or the night is too wet and cold. The man’s voice is slightly hoarse
The lantern in the corridor beside the courtyard is on, although the light is not particularly bright, it is not dark.
She saw the man’s eyes staring at her.
"Because …" The light from the eyes flashed at night. "Because I’m not good at flying, I’m afraid you’ll lose me and I can’t run away."
"Really?" A man obviously doesn’t believe in his lip angle, but suddenly says, "You lost me at the beginning."
A shock at night
I didn’t know what he said or Hugh’s affair at the moment.
Fortunately, the man quickly changed the topic, "What medicine do you want the centipede to take?"
"Can you let me get up and ask again?"
She feels terrible when she presses her like this.
And they’re still lying in coffins.
The man returned simply, as always, overbearing and strong, without any negotiation.
"I won’t tell you until you let me get up!"
She really argued with him today.
How can I ask her questions and restrict her freedom?
Seeing her as a mighty and unyielding man, Nai sighed and finally compromised. She grabbed her waist with her big hand and picked her up from the coffin.
It is to let her change from lying to sitting, and then lean over again to approach "Speak"
That’s it?
Okay, I left the language at night
This is the so-called "let me get up"?
I didn’t pester him any more because I had something to say.
"I saw that I was entangled in ice and fire and turned into another poison with red snake venom, and then I got rid of it, thinking that if there is no other way, you can try this way."
On second thought, she decided to tell the truth, because there were still many practical problems to be discussed.
The man looked at her without saying anything, and there were many emotions flowing in her eyes that she couldn’t understand.
She went on to say, "But at that time, the red snake was dead, so I thought that since the method was Zhong Jia’s method and I heard that Mrs. Zhong raised a lot of poison houses at the same time, I decided to find out if I could find something, and then it wasn’t Zhong Fu’s day to be demolished." So I will go tonight. "
At night, I simply said that seeing a man is still staring at her without saying anything. He doesn’t believe it. "What? Think I’m lying to you? "
"Have you been studying ice and fire entanglement all this time?" The man suddenly opened his mouth and answered irrelevant questions.
Night away from can nod, she has been studying, but after nodding, she found something wrong and shook her head. "I haven’t been thinking about it for the last two days."
She responded that men naturally had a panoramic view.
An oblique lip angle evoked a micro-arc, and he asked, "So you came to get the centipede tonight to give me medicine?"
"Well" this night from betting to nod.
"What? We have been living or dying with you, haven’t we? "
The night is close to the eyebrows. This man’s problems are really one after another.
She really wants to answer him, since there are no men and women to give and receive, what is he doing so close to her?
"I hope I can help you because you saved my eldest brother several times to repay your kindness."
After that, she didn’t even dare to look him in the eye, fearing that the man who was watching the fire would see that she was guilty
Just don’t face a moment ago, he was forcibly straightened by his big hand.
"Look at me!"
He sank ordered
The arrogance is getting more and more arrogant.
"Feng Ying Mo, dare you treat me as a prisoner in Taiwan? If you want me to face east, I have to face east. If you want me to face west, I have to face west."
Night away from the aggrieved way
The man who was angry with her suddenly laughed in a low voice.
Laugh till the night is at a loss.
"Well, call me by my name. I hear it better."
Leave Zheng at night
Remembering that after the divorce, she called him back to "Lord Feng" and just blurted out his first name at the moment.
I didn’t expect him to care about this.
I don’t know what to say at the moment.
Remembering that the business was not finished yet, I sat up slightly straight and leaned against a wooden board at one end of the coffin. I asked him seriously, "By the way, did you say that the method I just said was feasible?"

After several efforts, Yang Muyu has no way to dare to seek a shortcut to the South and practice his spiritual power, but spiritual power is no better than anything else. It is only after a few days that Yang Muyu feels that the purple house seems to have a warm feeling and should have a little spiritual power

However, every time he runs according to the formula of extinction, he feels exhausted in less than a week, and his meridians are faint and he has to stop.
According to the knowledge that weirdo transferred to his mind, this should be the initial manifestation of the ineffectiveness of meridians. If you don’t stop quickly, you will be possessed, and if you are serious, you will immediately die of meridians.
The weirdo transferred the knowledge of practicing martial arts in his mind. It is true that practicing aura does not depend on how hard you usually practice and how many years you have saved.
It depends on whether your meridians are strong enough to run and how much aura you have. And the toughness of meridians is inseparable from human talent.
Weird metaphor is very interesting. The human meridians are like a pot. Some people have pots as big as buckets, while others are as small as cups. Naturally, a small teacup can’t be compared with a teapot, let alone a water tank.
However, it is natural for a talented person to practice Reiki with half the effort, but if the talent is not successful, even if he is limited in his efforts, it is natural to force him, and the consequences are certainly not ideal.
Yang Muyu can’t help but smile. Is it that he is a talented adult? What "extinction" has been practiced for many days and can’t even run for a week?
Although the spiritual strength has increased significantly these days, it is far from his ideal.
And in these two days, Yang Muyu didn’t say anything watery, but he also tried his best to practice the Xuanji Liuxia dance, probably because he was qualified to take over Tianyahaige in the future and worked hard, not specifically to get rich in the future.
Yang Muyu looked at her so hard and rested so late that she was as tired as a dog, but she was so greedy that she couldn’t bear to tell her, but she couldn’t say anything.
Do you have to work so hard to get rich? Think about it. Two hundred years ago, Tianya Haige was waiting for its peak. Compared with the Guanghan Palace, Qingyao City, Yaochi and Arctic Palace, it is almost equal. But how many people know Tianya Haige now, although its name is still a new martial artist?
Of course, many people don’t know that Guanghan Palace and Sunny Yaocheng are the foundation for the mysterious inheritors of these two places to practice martial arts for thousands of years.
Thought of here, Yang Muyu couldn’t help smiling bitterly at that weirdo. Why did he transfer these things to his mind? It turns out that he is really not interested in practicing martial arts, and it’s nothing good to want to live forever. However, since he was hunted by Huang Lanyu once, although he doesn’t want to step into the fairy road in the future, he has to have a little self-protection ability so that he won’t be slaughtered again.
In spite of himself, he thought of Mr. Mo, who is also a weirdo … a weirdo with a lot of strength. Although he doesn’t know why and why he caught his father, he knows that he has no strength to confront him. Even if he really killed his father, he can watch.
Yang Muyu stared out of the window, and the moonlight poured like water, but it was already deep at night. However, he was sleepy and walked slowly from the bed, from east to west and then from west to east. What can be done to improve his spiritual strength quickly?
Ever since I learned from Shuilingkou that it would take more than ten years to cultivate spiritual strength, he wanted to go crazy on the spot. What joke was it for more than ten years? How many years has life consumed him? If you can’t, you must think of the fastest way to improve your spiritual strength.
In recent days, he has been practicing penance every night, but the progress is really slow. However, his father has recently made a breakthrough in imparting vomiting, and he has been able to penetrate the body with essence. He can clearly feel that there is a thin thing flowing like water in the body, which is the opposite of the purple house heating. Although it is very subtle, it seems to be as thick as a silk, but it also excites him for a long time.
But then think about this breathing method, but it has a little physical fitness effect. Although there are other places, my father has repeatedly told me that you must never do it without authorization. Besides, he Yang Muyu will never make this method of harming others at the expense of himself without breaking his skull.
Just when Yang Muyu was upset, the rabbit uncle suddenly jumped up and gestured with his claws, "You are an idiot!"
Yang Muyu was holding back his stomach and immediately threw it on the bed with his ear. He sneered, "I’m an idiot. I don’t know what an idiot keeps a pet. Don’t you understand human speech, and some birds annoy me, so I’ll roast you and eat you."
Uncle rabbit’s ears suddenly drooped and his mouth shrank for a long time before he gestured with his claws and said, "You can use medicine to improve your aura quickly!" "
"Drugs?" Yang Muyu’s eyes suddenly lit up, but then he gave the rabbit a slap to make the medicine rise. But can ordinary pharmacies buy the medicine?
The rabbit was very wronged, and his three small mouths were all shriveled, and his eyes were red and he almost cried, but he sincerely discussed it and actually got a slap?
"I can find a panacea …" The rabbit didn’t dare to gesticulate. It had to tell Yang Muyu that it could understand human speech when it came out, and there was something else. He was always thinking about eating it.
Chapter 11 Medicine Slave (2)
Yang Muyu misunderstood himself and asked, "Can you find a panacea?"
The rabbit nodded repeatedly, and the two paws behind it stood upright on the bed, while the two paws in front of it threw themselves at Yang Muyu.
"True or false?" Yang Muyu wiped the frown and asked
It’s a little bit that the rabbit has repeatedly assured Yang Muyu that he can find the elixir after barely believing a third.
"I said rabbit, should I give you a name?" Yang Muyu touched Ba Xie and laughed. He was thinking of fattening the rabbit and eating meat. Later, the rabbit actually knows how to chat with people. It’s not bad to have fun, but after all, it didn’t take it seriously. Until now, the rabbit actually said … How can it find a panacea?
Yang Muyu naturally thought of giving it a name when he was happy.
The rabbit’s two front paws are on his body, and he keeps nodding. Although he is a rabbit, he is not an ordinary rabbit. You can’t be called by others every day, can you?
"What shall I call it?" Yang Muyu tilted his head and thought about it. He touched it with pure white fluff and smiled. "Just call it Xiaobai!"
Rabbit suddenly jumped up and shook his head again and again. Xiaobai? Why do you listen? It’s a little idiot for short. Although it’s a rabbit, it’s smart. It should never be called "Xiaobai"
Looking at the rabbit’s head shaking like a rattle, Yang Muyu smiled and then said, "If you don’t like it, why don’t you change it to white porcelain? Do you think you are more fat than a white porcelain doll? "
White porcelain … Idiot … Rabbit’s drooping ears and shaking his head again are absolutely impossible. Two small paws are holding onto Yang Muyu’s head and burying it in his body. You must never call it such an "idiot" name, otherwise how can it be a man? No-how to make a rabbit?
"This is not satisfactory, and that is not satisfactory. What do you want to call?" Yang Muyu asked with rabbit ears.
The rabbit seized the opportunity and was busy gesticulating with its little paws. Yang Muyu stayed for a while and didn’t make a mistake. Did it want to be called the King of Medicine? He’s the king of drugs. What did he become?
"Go to a rabbit and call it a drug king?" Yang Muyu grumpily hesitated for a moment and looked at the rabbit with a pathetic look. "Call me a drug slave on condition that you can really find me a panacea or I will eat you."
"Drug slave?" How wronged is the rabbit’s small mouth with three petals, and how wronged is it to let Uncle Tangtang be a drug slave?
"Not happy?" Yang Muyu sneered, "Do you choose two names, white porcelain doll or drug slave?"
The rabbit thought and thought, and finally decided to call it a drug slave. Why can’t you always make a white porcelain doll?
"Very good!" Yang Muyu took it from his thigh with one ear and said, "Find me a panacea tomorrow or I’ll eat you!"
"God to find a panacea?" Rabbit … No, now it has become a slave to Yang Muyu’s medicine. He is busy comparing his paws and asking, "You want me to find a panacea in Zhongyuncheng?"
"Yes!" Yang Muyu bold way
Medicine slave jumped up and jumped to his shoulder and stretched out a small claw to feel that Yang Muyu’s head was fine and his temperature was normal without burning.
"What are you doing?" Yang Muyu caught it.
"You asked me to look for an elixir in Zhongyuncheng. Do you know … there are so many people here in big towns?" Medicine slave rabbit pointing claws explained
"Didn’t you say you found a panacea? If I go to the deep forest, will I get you? I can also find the elixir. "Yang Muyu didn’t feel good. This rabbit is playing tricks on me. It says that if you want to find the elixir, you still have to go to the mountains and forests. Otherwise, where will it find the elixir? Give it back to the rabbit and pee in the grass, and the grass will become Ganoderma lucidum.
The grievance of rabbit medicine slave, is it just like ordinary people to walk around the mountains and try their luck to find medicinal materials? You know, its nose is not sensitive to anything else, but it is very sensitive to the smell of medicinal materials, and its innate talent can tell whether there are exotic drugs nearby from the growth of ordinary plants
Moreover, it knows a lot of medicinal materials and is familiar with the growing environment of these drugs, which is definitely not known by ordinary humans
Even if Yang Muyu is proficient in Pharmacopoeia, he can’t know, but now the drug slave rabbit is very wronged. How can it meet such a good master and threaten to eat it at every turn?
It’s a rabbit, but it’s not an ordinary rabbit.
"What’s the matter? Nothing to say?" Yang Muyu looked at the rabbit’s drooping ears and was depressed. He couldn’t help laughing at its ears and asked
Rabbit medicine slave’s three-lipped mouth was so wronged that Kannika nimtragol, who had just been raped, couldn’t say a word.
"Well, I won’t tease you. When we find our father, we will go to Qiangmao Mountain to find some elixir and practice it well. I can’t believe this," said Yang Muyu maliciously.
The drug slave rabbit is busy nodding when he hears the news. Is that like a human sentence?
Of course, Yang Muyu still can’t figure out what is in this rabbit’s eyes. This rabbit is a pet, and he is a little neat when he understands people’s words. He also likes to take a bath secretly …
In any case, it is the only creature that appeared in the ruins of the cottage after his father left. It greatly comforted Yang Muyu in the quality mountain, and he always took it with him.
"It’s dawn …" Yang Muyu stretched himself and looked at the window. There was already a clear light penetrating into it, only to remember that he didn’t sleep all night, but he didn’t know whether it was because of practicing spiritual power or the improvement of breathing method. Even if he didn’t sleep all night, he didn’t feel tired at all, but he was refreshed and wanted to come to this martial arts road. It was really magical.
"Go and wake Huang Lanyu up. I want to have breakfast!" Yang Muyu patted the rabbit head and ordered.
Soon Huang Lanyu and Moist got up one after another. The first thing to do when getting up was to practice Xuanji Liuxia dance, which was almost a sleepless night. However, even if she tried hard, it was urgent and this Xuanji Liuxia dance was really complicated, and she was in a hurry after three days, and she was still half-baked.
Soon after breakfast, Sanpo came as promised. She had to go back to me when things were done in Zhongyun City. People in Tianya Haige have a certain time limit from the island, and she dare not delay.
Chapter 12 Clever (1)
After three days together, I was very attached to Yang Muyu unconsciously. Of course, the main reason was that I was nostalgic for his delicious food. After Yang Muyu gave her some beautiful skirts, she immediately made the little girl laugh. This smelly little girl is one year older than her, and her position in her mind has naturally been greatly upgraded.
Seeing Sang Po in the early morning, she was not only unhappy, but pouting and depressed.

The beast’s face appeared to think, and after a half-ring, he said with some uncertainty, "This is not the control of man, it is the law of heaven in the whole martial arts world, and something will threaten the whole world before it appears!" To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter five hundred and twenty-three Of course, you don’t kill each other.

The words of the holy beast really shocked Gao Chen. Only when the world is threatened will it appear. That’s not to say that this skill crystal has actually threatened the whole martial arts world. What kind of destructive power is this? Is this still the thing that can issue the eleventh-order skill at the beginning? At that time, Gao Chen was a little surprised. "Can this skill crystal threaten the whole world? Is it really that powerful!"
It’s different for this sacred beast. Seeing him feels like a general answer, "Yes, this skill crystal really shouldn’t appear in this world, but I don’t know how you got it!"
Gao Chen was shocked and looked at the holy beast. Because of this, the holy beast actually knew the skill crystal or saw another skill crystal. But think about it. When Gao Chen scooped out the skill crystal, his expression turned white. Is it Gao Chen or some uncertainty? "You said that he should not appear in this world, which means that this thing is another higher world!"
When he said this, Gao Chen looked up at this time. The word "higher level" appeared in his mind. In the past life, there were three-dimensional world surfaces and four dimensions. Even in the fortieth century, this was still speculation or an imaginary root, which was not confirmed. But at this time, the sacred beast did tell him that all this was true. Just think about all kinds of Gao Chen in the martial arts world and don’t think it is strange.
"The higher world? It can also be said that this thing is very common in my former owner’s world, but he really shouldn’t appear in this world! " Holy beast first one leng and then said!
This gave Gao Chen another message, that is, although the former owner of the sacred beast always knew that there should be a powerful master in front of the sacred beast, now that the sacred beast has said it, this is not the case. There is also the fact that the world of skill crystals is actually very common, which makes Gao Chen yearn for it. What kind of world is this? Gao Chen said, "Can you tell me about your former master?"
Gao Chen was very nervous when he asked this. He didn’t know what kind of mentality he was asking this sentence. Perhaps he was afraid of losing the sacred beast. After all, the sacred beast’s former owner was very strong. The sacred beast took a look at Gao Chen and smiled and said, "You are not realistic enough. When you are strong enough, you will naturally know my former owner!"
Yes, that’s the answer again, but it made Gao Chen breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that this answer made Gao Chen less nervous, and Gao Chen didn’t continue to ask what kind of strength this sufficient strength should be and what kind of strength his former owner was. Because Gao Chen wanted to come, even if he asked the sacred beast, he wouldn’t tell him what was worse. In his heart, Gao Chen didn’t want to know his former owner’s strength so much. After half a ring, Gao Chen asked again, "Well, I won’t ask. So what’s the result now?"
Gao Chen refers to the stalemate between the skill crystal and the punishment eye at this time. This scene is more bizarre than that in which two huge eyes stare at one eye. Of course, they will not stare like this. Even Gao Chen can feel that they compete with the skill crystal and the punishment eye. From time to time, there will be one or two energy aftereffects, and sometimes even some fragments. These are all fragments of the law.
If it can be put away, it will be of great help to practice, but not everyone can accept it, even the sacred animals dare not say to accept these fragments, because even if the sacred animals really dare to touch them, these things will be instantly killed. The force of the law is beyond everything, and the world must be bound by these laws, unless it can be beyond the law, such an attack will be completely damaged. Even if the sacred animals can’t accept these fragments, they are even more afraid of being hurt, so their gods will not say anything. If they really dare to get close, then complete death is the only scene …
The sacred beast kills the gods in an understatement, which makes them all terrified. Of course, it is awesome for Gao Chen. This experience value is a skyrocketing. He calculated that if he keeps going like this, he will be able to rise to the twelfth order in one day.
It’s a pity that this is Gao Chen’s imagination, and the fact will definitely not be so perfect. After being killed again, Hu Jingsheng said, "We can’t go like this. Even our territory will be destroyed if we attack like this!"
These gods can indeed limit their resurrection, but their territory has suffered. This battle intentionally extends to the outside, and everywhere they go, of course, they will be attacked into a waste area. There are still creatures there. At this time, a huge deep ditch can appear with a blow from the holy beast. This deep ditch looks bottomless. Gao Chen really wants to attack the world with such intensity. Will it be split in half with a blow from the holy beast? After Gao Chen asked this question out, the sacred beast said, "It is impossible to break the world before heaven is destroyed. It is just that the laws of heaven will slowly mend him and change the terrain."
For this, Gao Chen said that he couldn’t understand it well and asked, "Will this heaven really be destroyed before it is destroyed? What is he like!"
The word heaven is no stranger. On the contrary, every practitioner knows that he is, as if he can usually be sure of him, but it is impossible to show the foundation. But now the sacred beast actually says that heaven will be destroyed, which makes Gao Chen curious. Heaven may also be destroyed. Is he still a creature or tangible? Chapter 524 What a big tree.
From this, we can hear that Fox Ling Ru is not completely unfeeling to the nine-tailed fox family, which is also very understandable. Anyway, they are all the same race. This is a theory that no one can change. Now she is a pet of Gao Chen, and she has signed a master-servant contract, which makes her not only unable to be enemies of Gao Chen, but also unable to do something that violates her consciousness. After all, Gao Chen wants her to know what she thinks. Her life and death are not in control of Gao Chen’s hands, but she is completely damaged. How can she let Fox Ling Ru be completely damaged at any time?
After watching a battle for half an hour, Fox Xiangyu said, "Do we really have no advantage at all? I don’t think this may be your opponent, but all our gods and races!"
"Hum, even if the enemy in the whole world can do anything, don’t lie to yourself again. I’ve already said it. Since you don’t listen, I didn’t have any choice." Fox Ling Ru seemed very angry with a cold hum.
Fox Ling Ru knows that even if these roots are nothing, she always feels that there are still many secrets she doesn’t know. Although Gao Chen can’t completely control the Longteng Temple now, even the Longteng Temple can’t be moved at will. This is why Gao Chen left the Longteng Temple on the edge of the world, but one thing Fox Ling Ru can’t deny is that this Longteng Temple can only be completely controlled if Gao Chen controls the whole Longteng Temple one day. Even if all the gods together are as powerful as sacred beasts, it is still difficult to destroy them.
For these foxes, she doesn’t want to say it because even if she says it, she doesn’t necessarily believe it. After all, it’s just her calculation. No one knows when Gao Chen will finish controlling the Longteng Temple. It’s very likely that the root will not appear that day. It’s also very likely that because of foxes, she doesn’t know what it takes to control the Longteng Temple. After all, she really knows that this time she lost the fight against them. The sacred beast can defeat foxXiangyu without a large number. "Otherwise, my predecessor, the nine-tailed fox thought a mouthful."
Fox Xiangyu’s words were just heard by Gao Chen, who smiled and said, "It’s a little naive for you nine-tailed foxes to quit!"
Gao Chen’s words made Fox Xiangyu’s face cold and his eyes frosty. Although Gao Chen’s level is now 11th-order nine planets, there is no denying that it is this time that Gao Chen really has the strength to talk to them at the same height. However, whatever the reason, Fox Xiangyu is unhappy when he sees Gao Chen. This may be because Gao Chen’s level has that reason, or it may be because Fox Ling Ru called his master. Anyway, Fox Xiangyu just doesn’t like Gao Chen at all!
Fox Xiangyu looked at Gao Chen coldly and said contemptuously, "Can I quit? Is it up to you or do you think everyone is your first!"
Gao Chen didn’t feel anything strange about Hu Xiangyu’s attitude. He didn’t feel a little surprised at this. He just smiled and said, "You really know this question, don’t you? You must ask it, and now I have an absolute advantage. You don’t deny it!"
Gao Chen is definitely dominant now, especially compared with the fox breeze, nine-tailed fox clan. Let alone the powerful beast, even the fox feather shavings, which she can’t overcome. Besides, if it’s Gao Chen’s first side, there’s nothing wrong with it. The strongest beast is Gao Chen’s summoning beast, fox feather shavings, and it’s called Gao Chen’s master. Can he make decisions? …
Although this is the truth, Fox Xiangyu is still very angry. She really can’t imagine how Bai Gaochen got so lucky. She stopped talking with a cold hum, but from her appearance, she can see that she is angry but has recognized the fact!
Gao Chen continued to say, "In this case, you can quit if you want to!"
Fox Xiangyu looked at Gao Chen with a cold face and said, "Why don’t you agree even if I quit?"
I’m really angry with Gao Chen’s fox breeze, but she never thought that she didn’t look down on a guy at the beginning. Now she has grown into a guy who can threaten her. To be precise, it can threaten the whole martial arts community. I can’t help thinking that I should have put out Gao Chen today. Of course, this idea is definitely not her fox breeze. A Gao Chen smiled and said, "How can I not promise you to quit with a fox feather shavings? Even if I promise you to quit, do they all agree?"
Gao Chen said, of course, it was the tiger, the sage and other gods who spoke Gao Chen’s words. As soon as Fox Xiangyu’s face changed, there was no horse to answer for half a ring before he said, "Yes, they won’t let me quit, but I can’t really betray them!"
Fox Xiangyu’s words also show the realization of her attitude. She didn’t choose Gao Chen to smile and said, "You should know that Terran was the most powerful race in the whole martial arts world a billion years ago. Of course, this is a modest statement. I said that Terran was the master of the whole martial arts world at that time. This is true!"
Fox Xiangyu obviously didn’t know what Gao Chen meant when she said this, but she didn’t guess that because of this, Fox Xiangyugen wouldn’t believe that Terran or martial arts dominated it. It seems that the root is a joke to her, but at this time, she can’t refute Gao Chen. She chose cold hum and didn’t speak, which made Gao Chen know how she thought Gao Chen said this sentence.
I’m not surprised by this Gao Chen. It would be a strange thing if Fox Xiang Yu Ma believed it. He continued, "I don’t blame you if you don’t believe that Terran can dominate the martial arts world, but did you know that the most powerful god of Terran was that he deterred all races in the martial arts world? You don’t know him, but you should know that Longteng Temple is his refining palace. Do you think it’s incredible that Terran dominated the martial arts world at that time?"
Gao Chen’s words surprised Deputy Fox Xiangyu. Isn’t Longteng Temple the temple they buried in their mouth? Is this really refined by Terran gods? Actually, I have believed in this fox fragrance jade. If not, why can Gao Chen control the Longteng Temple with a small eleventh order? If the reason is to be said, then the only reason is that the Terran is full of doubts. Fox fragrance jade Gao Chen continued, "His strength is not what I can compare with you. You said that if he can start the battle at any time, what kind of field will you gods be!"
As soon as she said this, Fox Xiangyu’s face showed a frightened expression. Obviously, she thought about what it would be like to assume success. This is what these gods are afraid of. I really want to summon these gods into the Longteng Temple at any time. Isn’t that just to control their life and death? This is also the main reason why they must hand over the Longteng Temple to Gao Chen. Fox Xiangyu snorted coldly, "It’s a pity that you don’t have that chance!"
What she said means that Gao Chen will never be a god, and he will never be able to control the Longteng Temple. They have a god in their hearts, and he is the most powerful. Even if he is in the twelfth order, he can be a waste. Gao Chen smiled and shook his head and said, "You are wrong. Look at my summoner. What level is he now!" …
When Gao Chen’s words came out, she felt that the sacred beast was a little too strong before she was shocked. But at that time, Gen didn’t notice that the sacred beast level was to recognize him as a powerful god. But after Gao Chen said this, she suddenly surprised the gods. How could it be so strong that it shouldn’t be a god? It should have strength!
Fox Xiangyu was horrified and said, "Isn’t he a god?"
At this time, the sacred beast is fighting. Fox Xiangyu, if you look at the powerful sacred beast in the past, where can you see it? At this time, the sacred beast ranks high and Chen Cai said, "Do you think he may be a god? Do you want me to control the dragon temple one day? What do you think will happen!"
Gao Chen’s words are definitely not as simple as threatening a fox and fragrant jade, because it will be a fact, but after Gao Chen’s words, a voice angrily said, "You will never have a chance to control the Dragon Temple!"
And saying this is actually a huge tree. At first glance, it is a mountain. No, there are so many mountains in this world. Even if those gods with a height of 10,000 meters become thin at this moment, he is a big tree anyway. Gao Chen silently thought, "What a big tree."
This is definitely a tree god. Tell Gao Chen that he guessed it was a surprise to the tree god and said, "Ancestor, you are here!"
This immediately shocked everyone. Everyone knows that he is the longest god in the martial arts world, but he wants to call this guy ancestor. So when did this guy stay?

Later, he admitted that after saying this sentence, Huangfu Zhantian should be grateful, but he didn’t expect Huangfu Zhantian to move like he didn’t hear him. He immediately felt that he felt like a clown and laughed at his eyes. "What are you looking at? Don’t break their hands and throw them out for me."

"Hum, don’t forget the rules of Tang Gong’s Moon Tower, right? You are a Buddhist, so I dare not make trouble with you. Even if you are a relative, you have to weigh the point." Seeing that the shopkeeper bowed to Huangfu Zhantian at the door just now, it was like a different person, and he broke out in an imposing manner. Seeing that Tang Gong’s face was pale like thinking of something, he immediately fled with everyone. When he left, he saw Huangfu Zhantian Section 1: Enemy 1.
Just now, when the shopkeeper broke into an amazing momentum, the celestial qi of Huangfu Zhantian was almost triggered. Fortunately, Huangfu Zhantian quickly suppressed it and didn’t break out, but just that Huangfu Zhantian saw that the shopkeeper had a profound look at himself.
"Don’t he see it? Afraid of what you can see, you can see your realistic power. If you don’t meet absolute power, you still have a fight. "Think of this suspection.i Zhantian and look at the shopkeeper indifferently.
"I’m really sorry that the old man neglected to disturb the dinner." The shopkeeper apologized to Huangfu Zhantian.
"Nothing is to spoil the mood. By the way, the shopkeeper, who was that man just now?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"Tang Zhener, a Buddhist of the Sunset Empire, is just an academic dude, but I don’t think people should be careful." The shopkeeper replied [
After that, he said to the little fish, "Are you finished?" See the little fish nod suspection.i Zhantian to the shopkeeper and say, "The shopkeeper will settle the bill."
"Even if the restaurant apologizes to the public for this meal, I hope that the public can come to the restaurant more often!" The shopkeeper fights heaven against suspection.i.
"Then respect is better than do it. Thank you, shopkeeper." Say that finish and go out with the small fish.
I found an inn with a small fish. A 10-year-old child rashly brought a younger child to appear in front of everyone. It is difficult to avoid some troubles. Huangfu Zhantian still found an inn for him
Huangfu Zhantian asked Xiaoyu to take a bath and change his clothes. Although it is a little big, it is not a lot, and it will be much better to wear less than before.
Fish who has bathed and changed clothes looks totally different from just now.
"Well, you can’t see that you are more handsome than me." Huangfu Zhantian muttered to himself.
Real suspection.i Zhantian looks good, but suspection.i Zhantian looks strong and masculine because of practicing Raytheon. Although he is still a little immature at the age of ten, I can see that he must be masculine.
The small fish looks more delicate, but he looks pale because he can’t get nutrition all the year round, but he is still very handsome, which is why Huangfu Zhantian said that he looks more handsome than himself.
Huangfu Zhantian thought that since he decided to train the little fish into a confidant, he had to strengthen his strength so as to better help himself. "Thor definitely" is definitely not possible. This is his biggest secret. You can’t say to anyone that he should cultivate his own quarrelling. This can give the younger brother at home, but it seems that he can go to the mage guild and the fighter guild to test his physique first, whether he is suitable for practicing magic or quarrelling, and then find the right achievement method
Let Xiaoyu Inn wait for Huangfu Zhantian to find a bank, take out 5,000 gold coins, and then buy something for Xiaoyu.
"It’s time to go back after coming out for such a long time, otherwise the dean and the teacher should be worried." I thought of this suspection.i Zhantian and gave the things and money to Xiaoyu to wait for him at Xiaoyu Inn. He got up and went back after explaining some things. I felt that suspection.i Zhantian did not keep the letter. Xiaoyu’s eyes were covered with a thin layer of water mist, and someone would believe in himself. Although he didn’t understand this sentence, he was good to whoever was good to him.
Li Ang, the dean of the back yard, has come back. When Li Ang came back, he didn’t tell Li Ling to let Huangfu Zhantian go to see him immediately after he came back.
Any suspection.i Zhantian just got back and didn’t catch my breath when he was stopped by Li Ling.
"What are you running around alone? What if something happened to a stranger? Do you know that everyone is worried about you? "Li Ling shouted at me, holding Huangfu Zhantian. The angry sample not only did not destroy her aesthetic feeling, but also made her look more pitiful.
Huangfu Zhantian bowed his head in shame and quickly admitted, "I’m sorry to make you worry, but I won’t let you worry anymore. The main thing is not to let you worry."
"Hum, I’ll spare you this time. If you dare to run away without saying hello again, I’ll spare you." Li Ling threatened waving her show fist and then thought of Li Ang. "By the way, my father asked you to go there. He said he had something to tell you."
"Okay, I’ll go over there. Hey, hey, sister Li Ling will invite you to dinner later to apologize." Say that finish and suspection.i Zhantian started to run to the dean.
"This small …" Li Ling smile way [
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When I came to the front of the courtyard, I was about to knock at the door when I heard Li Angyin come in.
Push the door and go in. "Grandpa Li, did you want to see me?" Any suspection.i war day respect for Li Ang way for this with his grandfather a level old man or heart respect.
"Well, come and sit down." Li Ang said and paused for a moment, then asked, "Son, what do you think of your strength?
I don’t know why Li Ang asked this question and didn’t dare to return.
Li Ang also didn’t let Huangfu Zhantian answer the meaning and then said, "God, you are already very strong among the younger generation, but do you know what you lack?" [
"I don’t know if I still hope Grandpa Li pointed out that" Huangfu Zhantian knew that Grandpa Li was interested in guiding himself. He quickly replied that it is very valuable to know that a blade master guidance is better than practicing it by himself.
"Tianer, you have always been practicing alone. Although you practice fast, it also relatively causes that you don’t have enough mastery of your own strength. That is to say, you are now a bronze fighter level, but you can play the role of a senior fighter. A battle-hardened senior warrior can easily defeat you. This is caused by your lack of actual combat experience, lack of mastery of your own strength and lack of skill proficiency. It is also impossible to work behind closed doors. You are the card of our college. I am going to do it for you before this period. Training is mainly to improve your actual combat ability and refine your own strength and skills. "Li Ang hesitated one after another." But it’s not that I trained you. It’s an old friend of mine. He’s the sunset empire. After blade master, you will stay with him for a few days until the game. Come and I’ll take you there when you go back and pack your things. "
Huangfu Zhantian is a little strange. Why doesn’t Grandpa Li train himself? Don’t think if you don’t understand something. This is a habit of Huangfu Zhantian.
There’s nothing to clean up, just go back and get your luggage. Nothing has moved, just take it and leave.
Lu Li Ang said to Huangfu Zhantian, "Just a few days of forbearance will pass the honor of the college!"
Leon came to an antique courtyard with Huangfu Zhantian. At first glance, it was a very ordinary courtyard, but when you look closely, it was different. The door was made of good gold nanmu. In the courtyard, there was a fire empire, a unique obsidian tree. This tree grew in a place with strong fire properties like a fire empire. I don’t know how this fire blade master got it, but it actually made this tree grow so luxuriantly.
Li Ang walked to the door and knocked on the two doors, and he saw a man in his thirties coming out of the door.
Han said to Li Ang after knocking on the door, "Senior Li is waiting for you inside."
"Well, lead the way ahead." Say that finish with suspection.i Zhantian came in.
When I came in, I found that there was a stone table in Obsidian Tree, which was actually polished by molten rock unique to the fire empire, and there was an old man sitting next to the stone table. The old man had red hair and the whole person showed a burst of breath, which made people know that it was a bad temper at first glance. This must be "blade master in Fire". Zhan Section 6: Secret Training 1.
"Old fire, I brought my students here. This is what I told you about Huangfu’s old man, Sun Huangfu Zhantian." Say that finish and face Huangfu Zhantian, "Tianer came to visit Grandpa Zhan Sen."
Any suspection.i Zhantian took a few steps to respectfully salute Zhan Sen, the "Fire blade master".
"Get up. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Huangfuye for more than ten years. Is your grandfather okay?" Zhan Sen recalled his face.
"Back to Zhan Sen Grandpa, my grandpa is fine. He always misses you old friends. He always says that he is too busy to wait until he gives his position to my father, so he will go and get together with you old friends." Huangfu Zhantian respectfully replied.

But everyone in the government heard it. Isn’t this young man? Master Xiao also didn’t know what to do at the moment

Shura Shenjun smiled and said to Master Xiao, "I want to know what’s going on, old man, and you must have understood that it’s not me who made Miss Hu become this kind of land."
Xiaoxi was also proud at this time. He shouted, "It is also illegal to frame good people at random!"
Master Xiao sat down in a plush chair and quickly ordered his family to carry Xiao Yanyan back to the backyard room for a doctor to make a diagnosis and treat. He himself sat there holding his head and crying as if he were aging for more than ten years.
Poor parents’ heart, Shura Shenjun feels uncomfortable in his heart. Seeing this flower-like girl being tortured like this, he can’t help but be angry and curious. Who or what demon has harmed Miss Xiao to this extent? Ling Mo said softly, "Now that I have come to your place and encountered this matter, I can’t stand by and watch. According to my observation, Miss is probably haunted by monsters, which leads to the fact that she has learned some demon-catching fur from her master since childhood. I want to try whether Miss Xiao can report this humiliation."
Master Xiao turns to sorrow and joy. It would be great if you could catch the monster. Anyway, you should give your baby daughter an explanation. Besides, in just a few days, not only her daughter has been victimized, but several girls have also been humiliated.
"Dare to ask what’s your name? What a offense just now. What can we do to help you? " Master Xiao hurriedly asked
Fix the emperor smiled. "My name is Ling. How can you help me? Well, the old man tries to spread it out. A distant relative is a stunning beauty, so the more people know, the better. "
Master Xiao nodded. "Thank you, Ling Gong. I will tell my family to do as you say."
So soon a stunning beauty came to Xiao Yuan’s home, and the news soon spread all over North County.
Lingmo Pupil, Xiaoxi, Qinxin, Zili and Fanxuan were sitting around in the Xiao Fu wing.
Van Gogh Xuan was obviously very angry with this demon catching plan. He said coldly, "When did you become interested in catching monsters? Are we exorcists? I’m too busy to do my own thing! I ran here to help people catch goblins. Hey, you’re not really attracted to that Miss Xiao, are you? "
Ling mo pupil ignored him and gently sipped a cup of green tea thoughtfully.
Xiaoxi was very excited. He raised his little face and said, "I think the same as Brother Mo Pupil. The young lady still has a very strong need. It should be a place for goblins with strong spiritual power. I’ve always wondered who else in the three realms has the same silver length as us." And I’m going to pull him out of the field one by one after doing this shady business. "
Ling Mo Pupil still sat there firmly. His beautiful and handsome face had an expression that was difficult to describe. Gherardini was like joy. "The name Mo Yan is so familiar. It seems that I have heard it before, but I can’t remember it …"
Xiaoxi curled his mouth. "I haven’t heard of it, but Brother Mo, how can we catch this monster?"
Ling Mo smiled. "Trapping, of course!"
"Trap? Who will be the bait? " Vatican porch surprised to call him consciously grasp his beloved purple from hand.
Ling Mo glanced at his nervous appearance and couldn’t help but feel a little funny. How could he let his seven-night sister take the risk? He simply said, "This monster is interested in beautiful women, of course, beautiful women are the bait."
Qin Xin gently approached him. "Then I’ll be the bait." Ling Mo Pupil is willing to do things, but it doesn’t matter how big the risk is.
Shura Shenjun smiled and patted Qin Xinyu’s hand gently. "I won’t let you take the risk. If I didn’t guess wrong, Miss Xiao said that Mo Yan was probably the fox who was sealed by the goddess Jing Xuan three thousand years ago. The fox has a very evil power. Mo Yan"
Fox Mo Yan? The shuras remembered that they had heard this name from their predecessors in the underworld. It was an evil name that once made the Three Realms despised and feared, but the name was still very strange to them.
Small west tightened his shoulder "ink pupil elder brother you don’t want me to become a beautiful girl as bait? I-I-I’m still young! And I’m not interested in men! "He’s nervous at the finger.
Shura Shenjun said coldly, "Yes, you will soon become a beautiful girl for me to see." His words revealed inviolable majesty.
Xiaoxi pursed her mouth and twisted her body reluctantly. "I, I don’t want to become a woman, I might as well kill me."
Shura could not hold back. He laughed. He got up and patted Xiaoxi on the shoulder. Lang said, "Don’t worry, I won’t let you be the bait. Even if you are the bait, your spiritual strength is too strong. I am worried that the monster will sniff out all of you. One of the suitable candidates is me."
"You?" Everyone stared at each other and stared at each other.
It’s as strange as the sun rising in the west if the shura deity wants magic to change into a beautiful person.
Everyone was surprised that there was a little voice in my heart saying, "Change quickly, let me see what it’s like to turn Shura into a beautiful girl?"
Ling Mo Tong read from everyone’s eager eyes that everyone was looking forward to it for a while and couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed. "Everyone seems to be looking forward to my becoming a woman."
Van Gogh Xuan hurriedly gave a hand, "Brother Mo Pupil, I just thought about the fact that you are indeed the most suitable candidate. You have half of your spiritual strength and half of your spiritual strength is easy to hide; Second, you are thoughtful, scheming and calm enough to deal with the monster. "
Ling Mo snorted coldly. When did your Fanxuan mouth become so sweet?
Qin Xin is still worried. "But will it work? I am really responsible for you.
Shura emperor shook his head. "It’s okay. I’ll improvise and you’ll be like this …"
After the plan was agreed, Shura took a deep breath and hummed that 50% strength was enough for him. His dark green eyes gave off extraordinary light, and his head turned silver and his shoulders became slender and tall, and his figure gradually became slim.
Over the years, I have grown a pair of beauty that makes women envy. I want to make a slight change. I want to show my daughter’s soft and romantic charm. In a moment, a beautiful woman in absolute beauty has appeared in front of everyone.
Seeing "her" eyebrows in the distant mountains, her eyes are like eyes, her skin is as bright as moonlight, her head is as black as a waterfall, her hips are too long, her white clothes are covered with ice and snow, and her skin is so beautiful.