A cup of tea and kung fu made the Buddha’s life immortal, and the golden wind dispersed … There were a few more eye-catching objects, such as towers, mountains and snakes.

On the west side of the battlefield, a black ash tower rises straight into the sky of the high star. The tower looks strange. There are ferocious ghosts embedded in layers. Several ghosts are surrounded by the ghost heads. After the golden wind dissipates, the tower also collapses. Several ghost kings fall off and half of them look pale. When the Buddha is silent, the evil spirits in the leakage pool are assembled, and the ghost tower is condensed by the ghost method. Finally, it has survived the killing and passed by.
On the south side of the battlefield, the mountains are magnificent. Every emperor dresses up and middle-aged people sit on the mountainside. There is no change in their complexion. What’s more, Su Jing guesses that the mountains are heavenly and the golden winds of Shenshan Town are safe in Du Jie.
Just across the mountain, a big pink snake is more powerful than the real dragon. The snake’s strange grain is actually a plum pattern. Compared with Jia Tian’s mountain plum blossom snake, the situation of the snake skin is in a mess. Many snake eyes are dim and obviously beaten by the great Buddha’s silence, but no matter how embarrassed it is, it protects Shi Xiaoxiao and survived the catastrophe.
In a moment, the serpent disappeared, and Shi Xiaoxiao really appeared as if he were drunk, shaking his body, his feet were vain, and his face was flushed with two signs of injury, which made him more charming.
The Ghost King of Leaking Deep, the Demon Monk of Kowloon and the Demon Monk of Living Color are all alive with strength, unique skills and unusual treasures, but most of the ordinary immortals in the battlefield do not have such a good blessing. A golden wind kills most of their lives.
Fortunately, before the death of the immortal Buddha, his deep hatred was concerned about the three forces, namely Leaky Deep, Jiatian and Shixiaoxiao. Most of Jin Feng’s forces were put in the direction of three groups, but even in this field, his immortal family could escape his life, but it was only eleven or two.
After the wind, people’s shock and fear temporarily suppressed greed, and then they were weak and hard to resist a murder from the Buddha’s silence, including the great destruction of Leaky Pond. Wang Xing almost lost his strength, and his only strength did not harm people’s magnificent people and Kowloon.
The celestial world of Shantiandao altar is an insignificant small altar, and Kowloon is a place that is even more worthless. But who would have thought that Shantiandao’s ancestor, the King of Kowloon, could be so powerful? The Buddha died in his silence, but the spring breeze was shallow
Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow.
The tattered bag is a battlefield situation in the hands of Jia Tian, and no one is qualified to fight for Jia Tian again.
But Jia Tian’s face is not good-looking, and he never put away Tianshan Mountain. On the contrary, the mountain has increased a little, and Jia Tian has climbed the mountainside and looked up at the sky with his head held high.
Uneasy state array yan jump wonder "what is he doing? The treasure-snatcher is still there? "
"I can’t walk." The raccoon dog sat on the ground and licked his paw. "If the heaven and the earth leak through the trap, you will die. The big guy in the northwest is here."
Sure enough, the raccoon dog’s voice did not fall, and a huge face appeared quietly in the sky.
When the grimace of blue face, fangs and crimson eyes appeared, several ghost kings in the battlefield immediately bent down and knelt down, swearing at Lang Lang, and made a eulogy to see the ghost king!
Su Jing also looked at the ghost face. "Who is he?"
"The seven masters of the Leaky Deep Ghost House ranked fifth, and they were called the Achou Market." Even in secret words, the sound was kept very low. "He is not the only one who ignored a ghost master with five or six faces, and a ghost with a head and a body cavity lost things once to be considered a’ complete person’. When the five masters Achou Market arrived at the six masters, the skeleton will also arrive."
Leak deep two ghost Lord came to uneasy state!
Only two ghost lords, seven kings of great destruction, thirteen little ferocious kings, three hundred evil spirits will accompany them, and all these four sides have been laid out, and even the battlefields and restless States are all surrounded.
The great Buddha’s self-destruction and storm failed to kill Jia Tian, but it still held him back. When he failed to leave the battlefield, he wanted to walk again.
And the northwest celestial world is still the real meaning of the leaking deep forces, and the ghost family is the first to arrive!
The appearance of a ghost face at a height is not ferocious, but the eyes are so indifferent that they are so poor and helpless.
After Jia Tian looked at each other for three breaths, his face relaxed and he threw the tattered bag at Gao Zhen. Can you really beat it? Jia Tian thinks it’s not whether he can win or not, but even if he wins, he will always be held back, and there will be poor fairies to kill and fight hard … The time has passed, but when he lets go, he will not see the slightest distressed look.
A little smile in the high-suspended ghost face reveals the word "alive", and the ghost face directly swallows the flying rags into its mouth with its mouth open.
Some kind of struggle between the tiger and the dragon finally came to an end. Lingbao was born and fell into the hands of Northwest Leaky Deep! After the ghost face swallowed the tattered bag, air billow rolled over to blink and the face disappeared.
The two ghost lords didn’t stay in the same place, but they went back to the leaky abyss by directly activating the escape method. The ghost lords’ power is naturally afraid, but this treasure is too precious, and this delay is a little long. Maybe the Great Star King in the North or the Great Buddha in the West will also show up and fight, but it is not afraid, but it is better to return to the nest after all.
There is a fierce method in leaking the abyss, and there are several fierce ghosts guarding the large array. Even if the other four big forces join hands to attack, they can support a nest for a while, which is the most secure place to take Bao’ an.
Maybe it’s because I feel that Jia Tian is available, or it’s because I can see that this person’s strength doesn’t want him to really start work. After Jia Tian gives up the rags, the ghost Lord doesn’t have a hard time with him.
I don’t even look up at the sky when I get it back, but I don’t even look up at it. My figure flashed from the sky and fell into an uneasy state. I want to find out the origin of this treasure. Although Lingbao is no longer there, there may still be some "roots" left, which may not be useless.
As soon as people landed in Jiatian, they saw the little girl who was staying in an uneasy state. Everyone often made business acquaintances. "Why are you here?"
Before LieXiaoEr answered Jia Tian thoughtfully, he pointed to the big word "You wrote it?"
Fierce little two nodded. "A master can rest assured that we won’t worry about things in the state, but that word is true."
"Say earlier!" Jia Tian suddenly laughed, and as soon as he relaxed, his body flashed into the sky again, and he went away without asking for details or even checking the place. In an instant, he had disappeared.
Jia Tian left, but others didn’t leave, and they all fell into the restless state. However, with the treasure capsule being taken away by the leaking abyss, the mood of the lucky immortals has changed a lot, and it is more about exploring the source of the treasure. By the way, let’s see if there are any petty advantages to gain knowledge and profit, but it is impossible for them to fight like before.
All the immortals don’t become speechless when they see the fierce young couple. The second brother’s name is a dead token from head to toe, but the fierce young man is full of laughter. Seeing everyone nodding and devoting to say hello, he says that he is in a good time and hangs with him for everything. Don’t come to him …
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty-six A hundred years’ promises will be kept.
With Lie Xiao ‘er as a dead token, the fairy family really won’t provoke him. Some people ask him civilly about Lingbao’s business, and Lie Xiao ‘er says that he doesn’t know anything.
The ghost Lord is gone, but the king of Leaky Deep is still uneasy. The overall situation of the state is still dominated by Leaky Deep. Several ghost kings briefly discuss a few words, and a kind old ghost comes forward with euphemism and humility, asking him to leave the fairy house.
This "treasure land" Leaky Deep won’t let go to clear it. It’s because Lingbao has fallen into the hands of the ghost owner and then fought here. It’s ridiculous that the evil spirits of Leaky Deep have given a good attitude, and it’s also considered to be a ladder for the fairies. Let’s leave here. Everyone looks good.
Nowadays, the evil spirits and whispers of the Leaky Deep Power in Anzhou won’t listen, and they will only retreat when they are bright enough to kill people? No one will do such a stupid thing. Although the immortals in the field are reluctant, no one is strong enough to stay and fly to the sky.
Shixiaoxiao sighed and left with many fairy families.
In addition to the evil spirits of Leaky Deep, there is a fierce young man in Anzhou who is allowed to stay. First, he is half a "ghost" with a dead token of Leaky Deep. What’s more important is that Lie Xiaoer has been questioning him for a long time.
Leak the deep and occupy the restless state, you ghost kings don’t hurry to search. The guardian of the restless state knot array is 33 thousand Li. Anyone who trespasses is attacked by the ghost law!
The disposal depends on the formation of two array methods endowed by the Ghost Lord, and it has been completed before other fairies withdraw the leaky ghost array. However, the Ghost King did not deliberately make things difficult for the large array to let them retreat.
When they came outside, they found that the ghost array surrounded Lingzhou for 33,000 miles, and the light was hiding everywhere. Actually, many fairy families arrived, and the front array was fierce. They dared not trespass and temporarily stopped at the periphery.
See someone withdraw from the uneasy state outside the fairy, someone immediately meet before questioning them in the situation.
Immortals are mostly from mortals. They are aloof, indifferent, talkative and lively. They are withdrawn from the battlefield. They took part in a rare battle and saw a statue of a big Buddha with their own eyes. For example, this is a great insight. Some people who like to talk will talk about the World War I and then tell the Immortals …
The Ghost King of Anxious State searches for Lingzhou, but the founder of the corpse collector, Jin Buhei, has cultivated the "God’s marrow and heavenly roots" array, which is delicate and delicate. Even Su Jing’s overhaul of the yang fire pulse can’t find out the truth, and those fierce ghosts can only enter the array by the array planner. Where can they find clues at the moment?
After the battle, the kitten chatted again, tugged at the fluffy ball and sampled it slowly. It didn’t take long to stop lying on her.
Maomaoqiu saw that the raccoon stopped playing with himself and changed back to the appearance of the demon official. Instead of asking the cat to laugh and chat, he pulled out a small bench from his sleeve and put the raccoon head on the bench with the ball demon official. Looking up at the sky.
Su Jingzun didn’t accompany Xiao Guangding, but there was a projection of divine knowledge. Seeing the appearance of the ball demon official, he was a little curious. "What are you looking at?" Said Su Jing and the ball demon officer looked up together, and there was nothing in the sky every day.