Although full of consternation, this woman is printed in front of herself, and his mind has long been shrouded in the past, making sure it is not a trap, so he grabbed it.

When he printed this woman in his hand, he felt that there was a huge female pattern in his mind. This huge female with three heads and six arms was sitting cross-legged on the lotus platform, and the whole world shook slightly.
With the help of this mother-in-law’s seal, the world resonates with the heavens. At this moment, he is like this mother-in-law’s fusion of heaven and earth.
This is a way to imagine that the limit of thinking in the realm is rising almost instantaneously-his mind vibrates with the help of this kind of seal, and he actually broke the bondage of the destroyer instantly. From this moment on, he is no longer a 30-level sacred destroyer, and his hierarchy is unknown.
So he succeeded in offering sacrifices.
In my mind, his first talent, strengthening care, has been limited by the completion of the final transformation of the state law of the destroyer. Now, with the state of the destroyer being broken, he has entered the sacrificial road from chopping. No, Shou Yuan has grown from 3,000 years to 4,000 years, and his first talent has finally completed the final transformation.
A message appeared in my mind.
"The first talent, the watcher understands that each promotion can passively trigger a watcher effect, and the watcher will get a visit and can be launched at a designated place."
Sensing the message in my mind, Su Li didn’t expect this first talent to get this care talent after it changed. It is also passively triggered, and every promotion can trigger a care opportunity. He doesn’t know what specific care will get.
At this moment, his entry into the sacrificial path from the chopping path will also trigger the visitor to get a chance to care for him.
"The inspiration of the gifted person can be selected from right arm, left arm, head, body, right leg and left leg."
"Six parts …" Su Li frowned and wanted to think, so he chose his right arm to try it. Since it is a metamorphosis talent, it also integrates thousands of talents to complete the integration. This visitor should have some very powerful abilities.
As he chose the Visitor to start Su Li, he felt some changes in his right arm, and then he suddenly became hot as fire, a mysterious force just like going beyond this and entering the middle.
This should be the blessing to gain strength, and then he was amazed to find that his immortal right arm was actually broken down
The immortal body was unbreakable after being hit by the King of Light, but now the whole right arm is decomposed and exploded into fly ash all over the sky.
What’s going on here?
Su Li’s surprise was followed by a message in his mind.
"Get the treasure to understand and master the immortal grain …"
Sensing this message, Su Li found that although his right arm exploded into flying ash all over the sky, he actually felt the explosion into millions of flying ash. In his sense, his right arm actually became immortal particles.
He can absolutely grasp the idea of hundreds of millions of immortal grains and suddenly restore his original right arm.
Holding each grain with the right hand contains immortal power, which can be decomposed or combined with his mind. Isn’t this immortal grain the product of a higher grain dimension world?
This right arm alone now contains immortal power, which has surpassed all the immortal power energy he held before.
This change is simply a qualitative leap.
Su Li was shocked by this first talent’s ability to care for others.
Once he succeeded in offering sacrifices, he got rid of the shackles of the destroyer. It was not the first talent to successfully complete the transformation and obtain the immortal granulation of this right arm. The biggest change was that after offering sacrifices, he could feel the surging energy of heaven and earth, which strengthened his mastery of various energies.
Although it can’t be as direct as Daoism, the Taoist priest can already rely on the energy of heaven and earth to strengthen himself and have a deeper grasp of his mastery of the ultra-dimensional power.
Before being limited by the destroyer, he mastered these abilities as if he had reached a certain limit. Now he has got rid of this bondage and gained growth again. Several super-dimensional powers, such as thinking about the domain and the ancient city, have all risen.
Feeling the earth-shaking changes in the body, this seal of the mother-in-law is just like the fact that even the button of the mother-in-law is brought with this seal of the mother-in-law, which makes it easier to cut and sacrifice three times.
So precious, the king of light actually said to give it to himself?
"This seal is equivalent to a powerful measuring tool. Now whoever masters this seal has the ability to communicate with God is equivalent to mastering the power of God …"
"In the future, your successor will appear … you also need to give him the seal of this woman … Only by mastering the seal of the woman is it truly the highest honour"
The king of light seems to know that Su Li doubts that the gentle voice rings from a distance to explain.
"For me … I don’t need the seal of the old woman …"
With this sound, a stalwart appeared from a distance and wandered in.
Su Li saw the king of light again.
But after an encounter, Su Li is not sure whether the King of Light is real or not.
This king of light is simply unfathomable. He can’t see through it.
"Remember what I said before … I don’t have much time?" The king of light smiled at Su Li and said, "I really don’t have much time … because my horse is going to leave the goddess …"
He paused for a moment and then said, "But I have one more thing to do before I leave … This matter needs your order, because now you … are in charge of the goddess, and you are the master of this goddess."
Su Li alpha males before looking at the king of light.
Suddenly a figure appeared. This is a seven-year-old boy with three eyes. It is Bai Cang, the king of the French god.