"Tell me about it."

"Real and simple" Messiah’s mouth
"It is with the help of Zhou Jiaming"
Lucia, the top strongman in Hongzeyu, is a rare woman, and how beautiful and outstanding her portrait is impressive.
However, the hair is yellow and the eyes are mixed, which is very different from what the portrait says.
Zhou Jia looked at each other with doubts.
"Is the elder injured?"
This state should not appear at the peak of the silver strong body, but he can’t see where lucia was injured
It’s like a natural aging state
"In order to escape, I used something to consume my life and make Elder Zhou laugh?"
Lucia smiled indifferently and looked soft.
"It’s thanks to Elder Zhou’s hand this time, otherwise it’s important that we cut off the blood of the little light god when we die."
"God of light …" Zhou Jia’s face showed thoughtfully.
"I’m afraid you will be disappointed if you put your hopes on that person."
"Otherwise?" Elder Zhao smiled bitterly.
"Do we have any other choice?"
Although there was no recent tension in the public sitting room, the messiah’s naivety was beyond words.
"There’s good news over there, Zhou Jia," mused Zhou Jia.
"But at present, it is not certain that we will let a few people know when we get the news. If we are interested, we can consider one."
"Oh!" White finches raise their eyebrows
"Does Elder Zhou have his own plan?"
"There is also news from the military department that it is planning something, and if it can be done, it can alleviate our current situation."
"Military department?" Zhou Jia is clear
It seems that all forces are making their own efforts to deal with the arrival of the divine domain.
The Dili people are far away.
The army secretly plotted.
Anti-teaching attempts to cultivate a new light god to counter the divine domain
And he
I also tried with the help of industrial technology.
Everyone works hard!
Kill yourself
The future
"Surprisingly" Moshang looked at Zhou Jia with complicated eyes.
"Even an angel can be completely killed. Who would have thought that more than ten years ago, you were just a black iron?"
"Lucky" Zhou Jia smiled lightly.
"According to Solo, it should be that something happens to restrain angels."
"Maybe" lucia nodded.
"Only the divinity can slay an angel from the temple records, but the rules of the market world are different, which may not necessarily be the case."
"Right" Zhou Jiakou
"Please keep this matter a secret."
"Of course"
Everyone nodded repeatedly.
Killing an angel and being an angel is no small matter. If God knows it, he will do whatever it takes to get rid of Zhou Jia.
Zhou Jia also killed one of many gods, the demigod Usuoke.
"Elder Zhou"
Speaking, an old man in black robes from the temple came from the rear and presented a thick book to Zhou Jia.
"What do you want?"
Zhou Jia’s eyes flicked and took the book and looked at it.
Manufacturing technology of life box