You little bodhisattva blinked and sighed. Think about Buddhism. There are only a few people who really have a special position. It is not easy to switch to his legacy. The little nun’s eyes quickly dimmed … but suddenly her eyes lit up again. "Ah? This, so big is … peach pit? "

Su Jing tore up the millstone peach for a while and finished eating it. The millstone peach pit was not conspicuous in the corner of the room, but the little Bodhisattva Youxiao didn’t pay attention.
Show leisurely little bodhisattva nasty "such a big peach stone that how much peach … the devil sent it to you? If you didn’t send me a clay bodhisattva, you’re also a bit hot. The red horse monkey bullied me too much! "
Say jump chair Deng Deng Deng Deng ran out to find the demon officer to discuss.
In an instant, the little bodhisattva ran back. "Uncle Su, please send me the peach pit."
The little bodhisattva’s mind is watertight, holding a peach pit to discuss that there is evidence on the one hand; In case the monsters are stingy and don’t admit it, it’s okay. She will plant her own peach tree with this peach pit!
"Godsworn" is ambitious.
Su Jing and Qiu Pingan looked at each other. Although there is a Buddhist magic body, Su Jing is an orthodoxy after all. After chatting with Youxiao Bodhisattva for a long time, I really didn’t see that she was a wise root, but it was certain that she could eat and love …
The last three days passed quietly, and there was no need for important people to visit again. The Three-headed Red Sage didn’t come to look for trouble again. Finally, he waited until the ceremony of canonization of Qianshan Mountain was on the right day. Su Jing frowned when he came from meditation.
Qiu Pingan has been following Su Jing for a long time. When he saw his expression, he knew something was wrong. "What’s the matter?"
It’s not absolutely not that something will happen, but it will probably happen.
Just Su Jing got a taste of this induction. There is no specific news that murderous look is boiling in his heart.
"It seems like a fight." Su Jing stretched himself.
Qiu Pingan is twenty times more energetic. "Who? Red monkey cub? I went to point soldiers … "
"I don’t know who to hit after a break. We’ll see."
At this time, a bell floated melodiously outside the fairy post, and the demon official sang the promise outside.
Chapter one thousand three hundred Five drums crow seven stars swallow the moon
Today is the holy day of the three-headed red coffin.
When the auspicious time comes, the demon officials will be invited out to have a look. The ceremonial messengers of all parties are dressed up and the demon officials are all wearing ceremonial robes. The colorful gold and silver are beautiful, and there is such a memory of Su Jing. It is vaguely the feeling that Nanhuang participated in the peeling country and drowned in the spring festival.
Su Jing’s identity as an emissary of the divine king is hidden. He usually wears a sword robe and calls out A Gu Wang robe, a black robe and a red python. It looks very good, but when he doesn’t urge the power to turn, the king robe is a solemn garment, which may not be very eye-catching.
Is his side qiu ping an … Su Jing smiled at his dress "steal the thunder? I haven’t seen this armor. It’s very good. "
It’s not really rare for the four elephants to gather in one body, that is, the four elephants’ armor has been refined for a long time.
The layers of armor are engraved with ghosts and seals, and the four images are linked together, and the brilliance of the gods is brilliant, and the lines of armor are flowing, and the four images are determined to be dry. Kun, an orange armor, is self-styled and natural, and truly respects treasures!
Qiu Pingan explained with a smile, "Didn’t you notice that you and phase liu Jr. came to Tortoise State a while ago and were in high spirits? Didn’t you also hear the news to congratulate him? He gave this armor to phase liu Jr. on behalf of another stack."
Another stack was built by the great demon Luo and later given to Xikeng Yin;
Phase liu Jr. is a big demon Luo’s younger brother Xikeng’s hidden younger brother. Seriously speaking, half of the other stack is phase liu Jr. Of course, Hydra won’t rob his brother’s property, but it won’t be a little snub to another stack of his happy events.
At that time, the big hag in the west pit was hidden in Xuan Bing, and Luo Xu, the great demon in Gankun, took time off to go to Tortoise State, but his words came to a time when the other disciples met and missed their teachers. Therefore, they even forgot this armor, which was to make up for the meeting ceremony. The younger brother and the little corpse were arranged by another stack, so the young couple didn’t have to worry about it. When they were happy, they would be brothers with other intentions.
This armor SHEN WOO is extraordinary. Although phase liu Jr. believes in "eating meat in his mouth", he has given birth to a chivalrous heart. He has been walking the "cloth road" for many years. He doesn’t like the armor. He doesn’t like the viceroy’s love. He begged phase liu Jr. to come over and call it "borrow" …
Before the demon ceremony officer smiled and led the way, the demon soldiers lined up to guard the side of Su Jingxian’s post, and several fairy families flew to the sacred mountain together. On the way, Su Jing bloomed and found no trace of the enemy, and the sense of God never appeared again.
It would be best not to have an accident. If something really happens … Su Jing also said that since the breakthrough, he hasn’t been able to find a combative fighter to try.
In a short time, the clouds flew into the celestial world, the main peak of the celestial being. After several years of operation, the center of one party’s great power was really extraordinary. Looking at it, the splendid temple stood tall from the foot of the mountain and climbed all the way to the top of the mountain. Even the most inconspicuous bell and drum tower pavilion has a thousand miles. Fiona Fang is comparable to the most towering mountain, which also shows that the celestial peak is magnificent.
The main peak of Tiansheng is a mountain, but its scale is different. It is a beautiful world.
Yamagata Gankun is splendid and prosperous.
The mountain is not alone, like a dragon’s column. Generally, there is a huge river and a winding mountain. The spiral Tianshui is intertwined with jade belts. Let alone how long the river is, and the narrowest channel is also three thousand miles away.
Panshan River has another flying bridge across the thick iron chain flying at both ends of the river bank. The dark alloy whip locks the dragon with a heavy spirit and is ferocious, showing the majesty of the demon family.
There are thousands of silver islands and reefs in the river. Su Jing doesn’t understand the astrology, but the brains and eyesight of immortal people are not ordinary and healthy. At first glance, this river and islands are a little familiar, and then after careful consideration, it suddenly dawns on the island in the river and the star in the Yuchuan Silver Road, the Milky Way and the stars.
When the demon officials around him saw Su Jing looking at the river thoughtfully, they brought some pride to Su Jing and said, "The Fourteen Kings didn’t know that the name of this river is Shadow Galaxy, which was cast by our hundreds of mountains for several years and the great sages of several demon families. It is really a true shadow of the Milky Way reflected in the method to make it a true water river and a fairy Saturn island."
Su scenic spots nodded and sincerely praised "not only majestic and magnificent, but also amazing."
Whether it’s the river, the scenery or the seal script, it’s a great way to protect the mountain array if you can really find out the "shadow of the Milky Way"
The accompanying demon officer was surprised that the strength of the "Shadow Galaxy" mountain array was extremely secret. I didn’t expect the fourteen kings to see it early. Not far away, a general who ruled the demon soldiers and guarded hundreds of mountains heard the words and laughed. "Fourteen kings have good eyes! This shadow galaxy can receive the real galactic force array, and once it is launched, nothing can live! "
Su Jing turned to look at the general, who was also a monkey with a large body and a double-headed purple ape.
When you practice in Su Jing, your eyes and ears will reach the sky. Ordinary immortals can tell clearly whether they say good things or strange things, mean things or mean things. When the two-headed purple ape speaks, he doesn’t bite the "ghosts" as an accent. Su Jing is just as white as he means something.
I’m not paranoid, but I’m clear-minded
There is a flat peach mark on the two-headed ape’s battle dress. Su Jing knows that this is the new heaven. The family will mark the identity. How unknown is it, but the status must be not low? Su Jing asked the two-headed purple ape, "The officials around the general Tiansheng should also know that there will be evil spirits invading heaven in the future, and we will have a life-and-death war."
It’s no secret that even the small court scattered immortals have heard about it. Kuang Tiansheng’s family put the purple apes at the same place.
Su Jing continued, "Loyal ministers should not only help the monarch to share his worries, but also help him to identify the general trend and fight against him … You can’t say that I will follow and beat and scold without looking? That’s not a minister, it’s a dog leg. "
Su Jingxiao patted the double-headed purple ape on the shoulder and stopped watching him sink to his face. Then he turned around and looked at the scenery of Tiansheng’s main peak.
If you don’t encounter this mountain, Su Jing still really likes it. He loves ostentation and extravagance, thinking that one day he will have a good scenery when he leaves the mountain altar …