In front of the battlefield, the three corpses are shuttling back and forth, dancing swords and killing the quartet. There are only a few small characters left. It is a good time for the three great masters to play down a peg or two

However, the three corpses are not fond of fighting power and prestige. After a while, they gradually feel that they are chatting with each other. At first, they are absent-minded. From time to time, they turn around to see what they are doing and tell their brothers when they see something.
"Su Qiangqiang that broken bag again … no"
"Su Qiangqiang smirked and laughed at silks and silks."
"Su Qiangqiang worshipped heaven and earth by himself … Oh, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look
Such a great event is far better than "the evil spirits are killing all evils". At the same time, the three corpses stopped their Excalibur Yin Tian and turned to look at the three dwarfs who were holding hands in public and in broad daylight … but they were not happy for a while and became sad. "I miss my daughter-in-law."
A daughter-in-law who wants to be a daughter-in-law all wants to be a daughter-in-law, and the other two nodded in unison. "I also want to be seated." Suddenly, the figure in front of the three corpses flashed with a faint fragrance, and Gu Xiaojun came to the side. The alternate woman sentenced me to smiling. "When I was in the nether world, the three gods once told me that Sister-in-law had a sinking fish and a wild goose, and I was very easy to come. One must see it once."
There are not many people familiar with Gu Xiaojun. Su Jing doesn’t listen to her. I’m sorry to disturb Qi Donglai’s healing in the past. I didn’t come to chat with her. I was waiting for a chat. I heard three short "daughter-in-law" coming over. They joked that Gu Xiaojun could marry a beautiful woman with three corpses.
I have always seen Gu Xiaojun, and I have been entangled in flowers. This time, I actually ignored her and said directly to the two brothers, "Ask if you don’t listen to the daughters-in-law."
However, before the three of them got too close to the mountain, suddenly there was a crow’s noise, and several pairs of crows were flying out of the clouds. The three petite women were dim and pale, and it was the three sisters Hai Linger.
On the Theory of Fighting against the Star Five Spirits from Mountain Water Array; If the goblins repair water, they can come to help. The three sisters of Hailiang are qualified, and the younger martial uncle "sister-in-law" from the mountain will not come to help. After the apocalypse is over, the three sisters will stay away from Shan Zong to recuperate and sleep. I don’t know that the sky has knocked over outside, and I don’t know that my husband is back.
After Su Jing’s drama of killing the sun and Buddha ended, there was a crow who remembered that the daughter-in-law of the three corpses was still in the mountains. When she dragged her seriously injured body back to the mountains to pick up her daughter-in-law, it was really slow to fly. Now she just brought her sister Hailing out, but she was badly hurt and flew slowly, which did not delay the crow’s noise …
Three corpses hurried to meet Gu Xiaojun and hurried behind them.
"Mother suffering strange husband can’t go back to the nether world. She is so tired that she suffers so much." She came forward with tears in her eyes.
Since they came to the East and learned the customs of the Han family, Sister Hailier has always kept her wife’s respect for her husband’s way. Hailing Yiyi Yingying gathered her tears and choked with tears. "Do my best to share my worries with you … you, you … I wish you were back!" Speaking of this, Hailing Yiyi’s tears fell like a broken line, and Pearl could no longer bear the excitement in her heart. She cried, "You … you can come back better than anything … I want to come to you when you don’t return … but I’m afraid I won’t be separated by Yin and Yang when you return … I don’t want it anymore."
Flowers flying, crows flying, clouds driving, mothers crying! Yin and Yang are separated, and it seems like a lifetime ago to want to see each other again. When he wants her to meet again, he can’t say … he can’t say a complicated mood!
And stop coming under the sea spirit yiyi red-eyed, willy own mother also embrace together, tube it sky mirror, tube it around people dumbfounded tube holding his mother to enlarge cry.
Gu Xiaojun is so boring that 110 thousand people can’t see the three corpses in their eyes at the moment, but their eyes are tearful and they won’t let the tears fall … Open a candidate to see a husband and wife meet again and then shed tears and make a scandal.
At the same time, their Gu Xiaojun unconsciously looked at Su Da and refused to listen … The two of them joined hands and fell in love with each other. Suddenly, Gu Xiaojun’s tears could no longer bear to drip down his cheeks and fell on his chest and wet his clothes.
I cried for a while, and my complicated mood was exhausted. I wiped my own tears and wiped my mother’s tears while laughing. "Mother came with me to meet my husband and make friends in the nether world. Alternate judge Gu Xiaojun, one day you and I really went to the underworld. She can take care of us."
Holding his daughter-in-law’s hand, he came to Gu Xiaojun. Hailing Yiyi did it according to the etiquette. He said, "I have seen Gu … Gu Auntie."
After all, goblins always call make a fool of oneself neither fish nor fowl.
Aunt Gu really doesn’t like this name, but she still paid Hailing Yiyi a tribute according to the etiquette … When did Gu Xiaojun’s former Yin and Yang Division hold his head high and bow down to the adults? When did you do this ritual? This time, the body was stiff and almost frozen, and it was even more uncoordinated than the most dirty zombie, and it provoked red eyes to respond. "Aunt Gu, you are so polite … you feel uncomfortable."
Gu Xiaojun has always been competitive. I don’t like to leave my mouth at the flowers when I smell it.
Nianhua is proud again. "Aunt Gu, I didn’t cheat you!"
On the appearance, the sisters of Hailiang are all stunning. Compared with Gu Xiaojun’s golden peony reflected in the wilderness, the wildflowers are not as heroic as Gu Xiaojun’s, but that feminine and gentle meaning can throw out 3,000 world.
Gu Xiaojun heart andao "really stunning" but she is boring YouZi mouth shut "sister-in-law looks like a fairy but … a little thin and short?"
Nianhua, instead of being angry, was proud, touching her belly and saying to Hailing, "My mother-in-law hates others more than me in her life, but how many times have I said this hatred to those irrelevant people? I need you to be like this."
"It’s against the principle that you can’t be taller than your husband if you obey him, trust him and respect him." Hailing Yiyi answered seriously. She is slim and tall, but at the moment she is three inches shorter than the flowers … because she feels that she should not be higher than her husband, Hailing, and the three sisters all use body shaping to make herself shorter than the three corpses on weekdays.
But don’t forget that at this moment, when Hailiang’s sisters are weak and weak, they still have to cast spells reluctantly.
"It’s disrespectful for a distinguished guest not to meet her at home. Let’s show my body to meet Aunt Gu."
What my husband says is what Hailing Yiyi’s figure is. When it turns normal, it looks more than an inch taller than Gu Xiaojun’s, and the figure is really highlighted. Looking at Middle-earth, how many people can compare it?
"Ah," she blurted out, "Why did my sister marry him when she was so beautiful?" Finally, she swallowed this remark back and lost her mind for a moment. Gu Xiaojun laughed and was full of Jianghu gas. He threw his fist at the three corpses and smiled heartily. "It’s true this time!"
Great victory, the king of flowers is elated, and his hands are touching his belly and shaking his head. "Aunt Gu should not always think about business. You are not young, it is time to think about your own affairs."
Three resin empathy red eye reality interface "to say aunt gu with high position in the department of Yin and Yang, one official is really amazing and quite a bit feminine …"
Willy nodded and went on to say, "It’s not easy to find a man who is worthy of Gu Auntie."
Pick up the flowers and pick them up by yourself. "Cough" is a sigh that "Yin and Yang people in the Yin world may find it hard to find such talents as our three brothers again. Aunt Gu should not be too picky about her status and appearance. Let’s get married."
You give me a word, and in the end it’s just a compliment. I’m amazing!
The other two dwarfs echoed "marry, marry"