It’s natural for Baishi to come back and see someone who happens to be Miyano Mei.

Miyano beauty didn’t find anything unusual. She answered the door and looked up at Baishi’s room and immediately smiled. "Why are you here? We were betting on how late you will be today."
Chapter 25 How can a midsummer night be haunted?
This law Jijun seems to be not disciplined. Baishi feels that his image has been killed … Well, it’s not killed. Judging from the number of cases in this world, he will inevitably be late and absent from school.
Miyano beauty went to his desk and picked up a pile of information and turned to greet Baishi.
"Together in the past? I’m ten minutes late. If we leave now, I’ll win. "
"Good" Baishi thought it was no wonder that Miyano Mei immediately thought that he wanted to skip class when he said that he had a cold. It turned out that "she" had a lot of late criminal records.
Baishi didn’t know what materials to bring to class. Fortunately, there was a ready-made example in front of him. He also followed suit, picked up his desk materials and went to the classroom with Miyano Mei.
That’s easy. No, he looked for them one by one
Professor Hirota came in on the bell. It’s better to be punctual than to be late.
The old scholar with white hair and beard really forgot the truancy of Baishi as Miyano said.
The course of the class was lackluster. Baishi pretended to attend the class while observing his classmates.
There are a total of seven people in the classroom. Besides Miyano, Baishi has some impressions of a senior named Suzuki Aya.
Mainly because I remember her last name.
-Although there are many people named Suzuki in the island country, it is a world of detectives after all. When you come to "Suzuki", it is very embarrassing to think of Suzuki Consortium and Suzuki Garden.
Being impressed means that the person has either been exposed to murder or will be exposed to murder in the future.
White stone in this laboratory seems to have seen the number rolling in.
There are two classes in this afternoon. Just after Professor Hirota went out to Miyano, she took out the lunch box from her small bag and chewed the cut fruit.
Halfway through the meal, she looked at the sunset outside the window and sighed, "It’s getting dark earlier and earlier."
"Yes, after all, summer is over," but I’m not worried that the horse may get darker and later. Baishi casually asked, "Are you afraid of the dark?"
"You seem to have the essence of a teacher with a deep memory." Miyano Mina gave him a look. "I’m not afraid of the dark. I told you, but I have to go through that … that something on my way home."
"That’s it!" Miyano Mae looked out of the window and said, "That four-eyed ancient villa!" "
Baishi looked at her shocked.
Not by her tone.
But miyano beauty voice down her head suddenly a deja vu exclamation point.
….. incredibly triggered at this time.
See white stone reaction miyano beauty satisfaction back a little recalled.
"It seems like four or five years ago. One evening when I came home, I found a cordon around the old house. Later, I heard from my neighbors that the owner of the house had been hacked to death."
"After the death of the male owner, his widow and children moved out of the house in a hurry, and the tragedy has never been broken. Lonely homeowners often scream in the middle of the night. Many people have heard of it."
"Someone called the police, but after the police went to explore, they said that there was no one in the house …"
Baishi supported his head in one hand. "It’s all false voices. It’s through flow who caused you to stop thinking."
"It’s not a sound!" Miyano said mysteriously, "I’m also a witness to the supernatural phenomenon. When I came home the other day, I saw a ghost fire floating in the window of that ancient villa!"
Chapter 26 Don’t look up by ladder
"What floated past?"
There was a vicissitudes of life at the door. Two people whispering to each other moved together and turned their heads to see Professor Guangtian smiling into the classroom with a thermos cup.
Miyano beauty a few quick bifurcation topic.
After class again, Baishi made a light screen.
The scene at the beginning of the interface has really turned into a classroom, representing the white stone. Next to stick figure, there is a stick figure with a few strands of long hair and a bubble exclamation point sitting on his leg.
There are still many people around who are not taking the opportunity to hide, but Baishi hasn’t figured out the mechanism yet, and he doesn’t know if it will refresh if he doesn’t take it now.
And from this experience, even if he enters the virtual world, it seems to others that he is "sleeping"
Besides, there is a precedent-Suzuki Aya was born with a pair of squints. Shiraishi hasn’t seen her open her eyes yet, and Professor Hirota never asked her if she was sleeping or attending class. I don’t care about this question …
The thought of this white stone secretly poked the screen.
Bubbles slowly enlarge into a frame.
Face is not liberating wandering souls, but
[Exploring the truth of haunted house]
[Time limit 55:59:59]
[Location: Shanjiang House [Navigation], Sidingmu 6 Fandi, Mihua Town]
More than two days, the accident is very relaxed.
Baishi relaxed and leaned back in his chair, planning to go to the library first.
Since this incident has caused a small-scale public opinion, it should leave a trace in the newspaper. After all, it is a suspected haunted place. Please grasp as many clues as possible before exploring your heart.
After class, Baishi threw the information into the research room and went straight to the town library.
Halfway through, the bus passed a police car, and Baishi looked back at it. The police car took another look at it and didn’t see anything new, so he didn’t mind his own business.
The library is a little far from the city. When Baishi arrived, it was already dark and it was about to close.
He walked quickly into the door and was frowned by the strong air conditioning.
When building, Baishi couldn’t help taking a sip of hot air into his hand. The curator is too generous. Does the town have any support plans for the library?
Let’s finish the investigation early and leave early …
Baishi came to the release newspaper area. Five years ago, the newspaper turned over for a while and successfully found several copies with the report of Sugiyama House.
He got a close-up photo of the villa, a photo of the man’s body covered with blood, and a newspaper recording his life-this seems to be a famous artist.
After copying the required information, Baishi went into the ladder and added him. At this time, there were four people in the ladder
When the door was about to close, a strong pupil swooped to the entrance of the ladder and blocked it. Then he shouted back, "Come on, we’ll catch up!" "
Baishi looked down and saw four children, three of whom he had never seen.
But Jiang, the last one who wears glasses … The pupil named Chuan impressed him more than ever.