For years, the three races, namely, Yinhe Muya, Daxi, and Eldar, have been fighting for hegemony, and all the dog brains have to be played out.

Very cruel
Therefore, it is very cautious to take this Muya solar expeditionary force to Shui Yuan Palace, Ceres.
Before, during and after the battle sequence, each of the three battle teams has a top strong man sitting at the same time keeping a reasonable distance.
At the same time, it has its own star-rated strong people to explore the traces of the passage of the universe.
I don’t know how many times the experience and duration of the Muyan people’s access to the universe is that of Bluestar humans.
When we reached the cosmic passage node of Ceres, Dilin, the commander-in-chief of the front team of the Maya, first sent three stars across the cosmic passage node to explore the way.
Although Dalac has stayed in Shui Yuan, the Miyagi people have made contact, except that an unknown mysterious little universe gate Ceres has emerged, it is all right.
There is no change in the strength of Bluestar. They have been monitoring the channel and there is no problem.
There is nothing unusual about the spirit of the three stars passing through Ceres’ cosmic channel.
A star of the horse will once again cross the Ceres space passage to inform Dilling and others that everything is all right, and then it can be penetrated on a large scale.
At the same moment, the secret waiting for the exit of Muhara Palace was early, and Cai Shaochu and others also observed this scene.
Cai Shaochu is making the final strategic arrangement.
"Miss Erila, your scarlet ray is very suitable for this channel. You can sweep it for a while."
"Don’t worry!"
"You enemy many after their big forces came in each two three-phase thermal explosive bomb throwing detonated!
It’s a simple strategy, but we must strike at the same time and make sure to detonate the three-phase thermal explosion bomb.
Here, all the scientific and technological functions of the three-phase thermal explosion bomb are invalid.
Evie, Lao Ruan, you two are responsible for detonating, and you must be in case of failure! "
"No problem!"
"Don’t worry!"
Evie and Ruan Tianzuo should respond at the same time
Behind Cai Shaochu, the mythological master of Harun Raymont, Ulla Augustoan, Levich Huang Gu Yi Wei Ruan Tianzuo Erela Bulie.
Blue star is the most forced star department here.
This is naturally more than an hour ago when Cai Shaochu received urgent information from An Xiaoxue.
The original can’t be so fast to blue star seven area an organization expert knot.
But the magic is that Harlan confirmed the information of Xu tui from the side.
Their Canais asteroid has indeed fallen and lost contact.
After the accident, they sent staff for the second time, but they lost contact soon.
Canais asteroid guards didn’t even come out with warnings.
It says that the enemy is very strong!
And the Canais asteroid has been stared at by the enemy
In the end, Milian District decided to temporarily give up the Canais asteroid.
The reason is also very simple. There is not much power to defend this Canais asteroid that is stared at by the enemy.
According to the current information, three or five stars were not enough in the past.
It may take seven stars, and it may take a strong five-star guard to defend it in person.
Milian district has such power.
However, it is impossible for Milian District to trap such an earth force in Canais asteroid.
Giving up is the best choice.
This kind of confirmation shows that Cai Shaochu and Harun led the organization of Blue Star Zone 7 to reach a unified action rarely!
Of course, because they are very clear about the significance of the arrival of the Mayan solar expeditionary force.
How can I put it? The Blue Star Terran hates the Maya ten times more than the Eldar!
Elves are enemies, but they can still communicate!
But the Mayans can eat!
So this knot is also very fast.
Cai Shaochu arranged a branch of the fast-paced cosmic passage and various kinds of things. It concealed that the blue star Terran master of Tuhara Palace had quietly settled in Muhara Palace.
Cai Shaochu ordered all the top masters of Bluestar to ambush the entrance of Muyuan Palace.
Ten seconds later, the front of the Mayan solar expeditionary force quickly passed the Ceres space passage.
Through the moments of Dilling’s powerful breath, it was distributed. First, it swept the other three branch channels and confirmed that there was no breath before it moved slowly.
"Ann let the squadron in!"
Later, Dilin slowly moved forward with the front, and Bishop Xiliude at the entrance of the cosmic passage quickly entered with a large group of people, and then notified Naif to lead the rear to enter.
Naif also led the rear into the moments of the original palace channel direction suddenly appeared more than a dozen people.
The first person with a strong breath rushed over with a bunch of people like a golden ball of light, wearing a heavy king kong suit.
"It’s the Muyars who blew me up!"
While rushing to Li Qingping, he took people to throw at least three-phase thermal explosion bombs.
Dilling, Dalac, Bishop Xiliude and others changed their faces. Dalac had already introduced them to the three-phase thermal explosion power in detail.