Where is rhinoceros state? It was a dangerous time to bury many witch monks, and every one of them really went to rhinoceros state. When was it not carefully prepared to lead a powerful war group?

Although the war wizard is already the second ancestor, he didn’t do anything except get a dog festival order, and his strength around him was pitiful and he ran to rhinoceros state unprepared. Isn’t that asking for it?
The second ancestor did have 1000 witches, but the 1000 witches’ practice is really mixed. The highest one is not distracted, and the lowest one is not a godsworn.
The number is only 1000, and it is not enough to take the monks around them to the full. Isn’t this strength to send food to rhinoceros state?
After the great wizards collegiate, they gently warned Sun Hao not to be impulsive. After a period of stability, they trained a strong team before thinking about going out.
A great wizard has come up with a better plan, and there are wild animals in Changzhou in the east, which are wild animals in the mainland mixed with witches. It is relatively safe. If the second ancestor needs it, he can go and build a base area.
At this time, the ancestral wizard has sunk into practice. Sun Hao told these great wizards that he didn’t want to talk to them more, so he could go out. Once Sun Hao fled into the void, who could catch up with these great wizards?
Consumedly, she agreed to go to Changzhou in the east, Sun Hao took out the immortal silver ship, and said to her concubines, "I will lead you to harvest wild animal resources and practice Yin and Yang Dafa at the same time. From today on, you will truly become a princess sequence …"
One thousand Wufei was brought into Sumeru Tower by Sun Hao, and she saw her position in the tower for the first time.
The ranking of the status of 1000 witches is relatively unique. They directly rank the queen of witchcraft, and there is a line connecting them from behind the queen of witchcraft, but the height of the list, that is, the position, is not high.
At present, Sun Haoling list has become a huge list, mainly including princess list and war list.
There are a lot of monks on the battle list. If you look carefully, it has been divided into many departments, such as Jinliu Department, which refers to Jinliuwei around Sun Hao. For example, the Qinglong Department is a huge subordinate of Qinglong Wang Yuan around Sun Hao; For example, the easy fire department, which is the easy road light dog corps …
The number of princess lists here is relatively small, and the sorting is also quite interesting, which is divided into two categories: positive list and side list
After the top three, after the top three, the height is equal and tied, but XuanYuanHong ranked first, and Xia Qingyu ranked second, Gelun Lan finally.
After three, there was a big imperial concubine and a small fire, and suddenly the first imperial concubine, Linger, Mino Hayou and other sisters were all listed as imperial concubines.
The queen of the imperial concubine is a hundred concubines.
At present, Sun Hao’s 100 concubines have not been filled, and according to Sun Hao’s understanding, some of the top 100 concubines are likely to crowd out the bottom ones at any time.
In addition to the official list of grandsons and concubines, there are two major side lists. One side list directly appears with Sun Hao. Bai Jie and the double-faced witch are highly similar to the imperial concubine, and a long list of names is arranged on the side. That’s East Kunlun doomed love, too.
However, Sun Hao found that the name of this side list has changed a lot, which means that many concubines may have been exhausted in Shou Yuan and replaced by others.
There is also a side list, that is, it is now generated that the position of the witch queen is slightly lower than that of the hundred concubines and slightly higher than that of those Sun Haoren in East Kunlun who don’t recognize the concubines.
Sun Hao, who saw the spirit list, was also quite emotional. Did you have so many concubines before you knew it? Along the way, Sun Hao has tried his best to avoid getting emotional casually, but he can’t help himself. Too many long experiences in Shou Yuan have gradually accumulated, and the scale is not small.
There is also a kind of great monk who is too forgetful to be alone at the apex, but it seems that Sun Hao’s life will lose its meaning after he is cultivated into that kind of desire for Excellence, which is not desirable.
Be kind to people around you and climb the peak bravely. That’s the true nature of a monk.
Thousands of witch princesses naturalized in Sumitomo Tower also produced a relatively unexpected effect when they saw the spiritual list. Naturally, they sincerely United with the empress Wu and became a new force around Sun Hao.
After the original three years, when Zhonggeer Yunlan came in, it was short and light, and there was no plan to fight for position with others. Now, when thousands of witches came, the situation suddenly changed slightly.
Forming of Sumitomo Condensing Tower with Tripartite Potential in Three Kingdoms
Sun Hao was noncommittal about this, and then turned into Dapeng Golden Winged Bird, which saw the direction of rhinoceros state and broke away.
Those wizards who watched Sun Hao felt that the flowers at the moment were once again calm and the second ancestor had disappeared.
Chapter DiErQiYi Witch blood god bats
After waiting for a long time, we didn’t see the shadow of the second ancestor in Changzhou in the east, so everyone was a little white. The second ancestor probably still went to the rhinoceros state.
What should we do? The great wizards don’t know what to say. The second ancestor was young, so he stabbed to the rhinoceros state. What if something happened?
However, in this situation, it is impossible for everyone to find the guy of the second ancestor who crossed the virtual world carelessly, as if he had no sense of danger. Will he directly hit the virtual beast and become a beast?
After a while of panic, the wizards in the witch temple couldn’t find a feasible way to deal with it, and the matter would be over. It’s none of everyone’s business if Rain Niang wants to marry.
If you go with him, maybe the war between the two ancestors and the witch will become a short-lived comet in the witch family. Unfortunately, you can’t leave the blood of the witch.
The ancestral witch has closed down, which was made by the ancestral witch. Now everyone can’t find the second ancestor, so that’s it.
The witch temple returned to normal, and no more attention was paid to the two ancestors fighting witches.
Sun Hao has appeared with thousands of witches. The rhinoceros state is not close to the rhinoceros state, and pieces of mainland are overwhelming. The fierce breath not only makes Sun Hao suddenly move in his heart.
The wild breath of rhinoceros state is several times stronger than that of ordinary witch domain. What’s more important is that Sun Hao can feel the monstrous blood breath in the virtual world here. The whole rhinoceros state is like a huge wild beast eyeing up and lying in vain.
Sun Hao came from the witch domain and approached the rhinoceros.
According to Ode to Wu, this part belongs to the periphery of Rhinoceros State, which is an outpost where monks in the witchcraft often cut into Rhinoceros State.
Fly away and break the virtual Sun Hao and fly to a huge continent.
In the sky, Sun Hao’s incarnation, Dapeng Golden Winged Bird, quickly shrunk its wings and turned into a human form when it fell to the ground. When Sun Hao reappeared with a slight flash, he had unconsciously infiltrated a huge fortress.
This is a huge fortress lying like a beast. This mainland fortress is also an important logistics supply base for monks in rhinoceros state. There are monks of different races living in the fortress of Alex, but more are witches.
In the witch domain, except for the witch temple and four or five continents around the witch temple, there are many ethnic groups living in some continents.
The body is still huge, giants, ogres, one-eyed Sol, etc. There are many distributions, and these ethnic groups are still very strong and attached to the witchcraft, forming an important part of the witchcraft.
Terran monks are also very adaptable, and there is a strange thing about Terran monks, that is, they multiply rapidly and the virtual world is widely distributed, so there are still Terran monks in all witch areas.
However, the status is relatively low, usually a subordinate position, compared with the exclusive treatment of all ethnic groups in the terran domain
It’s not surprising that Sun Hao appeared in Alex fortress and walked in a huge city. In fact, there are Terran monks in many places in the fortress. Sun Haoxiu doesn’t make people feel anything, and no one knows his traces.
Go straight to a tall building in Alex fortress, and Sun Hao directly drilled into it. This is a very important building in the witch fortress. The witch hall is tall and rugged, and the most important thing in it is to exchange information and release the witch.
After going in, I casually found a window and handed over the nameplate representing my witch identity. Sun Haolang said, "Adjust the latest map of rhinoceros state and the main information in the last three years."
It’s a bit strange for the witch to see Sun Hao’s nameplate inside. It’s actually the white jade color witch hall on duty for so long. It’s the first time to see this kind of nameplate. I don’t know if it’s sent by the witch family or what level it can be.
Ding a Sun Hao nameplate, then inserting a witch operation interface brush, revealed a lot of information that made her stunned.
Isn’t it? This small nameplate actually has the information and materials to adjust the highest level and maximum limit of Alexandria fortress?
I couldn’t help but stay for a while. The witch opened her eyes wide and looked at the tiny one hanging outside the window. A Terran monk needs to hang up to check the information normally, but has such a high limit. Is there anything wrong?
Rubbing his eyes, Sun Hao smiled indifferently at her and said, "I want the latest map of rhinoceros state and the information in the last three years."
A sense of trust and a sense of having to obey, the witch Ma said, "Good adult, I’ll do it for you."
A moment later, Sun Hao flew out of the witch’s hall with two jade slips in his hand and a smile on his face. What did a witch feel like she had just done? It seems that I have experienced a very important thing, but it seems that I can’t remember it when I think about it seriously.
Swing your head and say, what’s wrong with me? Outside, another witch monk shouted, "Pay …"
Sun Hao got the map of New Rhino State, and the whole map was marked with several different colors.
It stands for different meanings. Fort Alex is a green light point representing peace and harmony. It is similar to Fort Alex. There are a dozen different continents in the whole rhinoceros state, and there is a second one with the same security point.
There are several other fortresses in Alexandria, and the blue color of the mainland represents relative security.
Near the mainland where the fortress was built, the standard in most parts of the mainland is orange, which means it is dangerous.
However, there are occasionally a few red dots in these orange areas, which means it is quite dangerous.
Outside the orange range, there is a large red area, which means that it is a dangerous area without hair.
In addition to the red area, there are three areas in the whole map: the rhinoceros horn position, the rhinoceros heart position and the rhinoceros * * position. The dark gold color of these three areas indicates that the monks are absolutely grounded and dead.
After perceiving a map and analyzing some information, Sun Hao flew up and headed for the most dangerous area in Alexandria, the only red dot in Alexandria.
Even if he has become a Mahayana monk, Sun Hao is still careful and dare not be careless. It is better to try how dangerous the red dot represents before deciding his own way of action.
Moreover, this kind of wild beast, Alexandra, is likely to be of great help to Sun Hao’s practice of wild Xingtian strength
A huge wild animal that can fly, the witch in the alexandrian group has become the largest wild animal community in a continuous majestic mountain range, which makes the weaker monks afraid to approach.
However, the reason why Alex really listed Qunfu Mountain as a red area is not a witch, but a huge blood-sucking bat, the witch-blood god bat
There are many caves in the mountains, and many mountain parts are there.
It was just discovered and when the mountains were deserted, the monks played well with the wizards, and many wizards cherished their cultivation resources.
But when everyone organized a huge team and wanted to completely desert the mountain, they combed it thoroughly and turned it into a relatively safe area for monks. Blood-sucking bats the size of calves flew out of the cave of the mountain.
This witch blood god bat has caused a lot of casualties to monks since it came out.
The attack mode of the witch blood god bat is quite strange. A kind of corrugated shape can break the law and break the defense. Many monks are destroyed by flying ash in this corrugated shape.
After reaching a certain number, the wave attack of the witch blood god bat was quite terrible. At that time, the encirclement and suppression group Alex fortress in Mount Fu organized a million elite monks’ army
I didn’t expect the group to be destroyed when it was caught off guard.
But this is just a bigger disaster waiting for the monks.
Chapter DiErQiErYi Group of Mount Fu
When the monks reacted and stood up to resist, they found a very terrible thing again. Those witch blood bats could actually suck blood. In the battle, a monk who was injured in the body would find his blood failing uncontrollably.