Towering cities pass by, and thousands of hectares of fertile land are just tofu blocks. Those rivers that are so wide that it is hard to see the other side of the river at a glance have now become green and jasper belts … The scenery in front of the east is gradually prosperous, and the mountains are undulating and directly connected to the horizon. But the seemingly endless mountains will eventually come to an end. At the other side of the mountains, the boundaries of the western regions are faintly visible. After the western regions, the land is gradually deserted until Su Jing’s eyes are full of yellow sand.

Before you know it, the eagle has been flying for twenty-one days. Su Jing was hungry and thirsty, and the dry food in his bag had already been eaten up, but the eagle never showed a pause. No, he went to find something to eat and drink. Fortunately, Liu Liang took a small dry Kun bag with him and put some pine and a few pots of water in it.
Seeing that I didn’t reach the finish line for a long time, Liu Liang was annoyed and told me frankly, "I came to have a great dry bag with my ex-treasures and weapons, wine, meat and money, but I took this small bag without it when I went out."
Su Jing’s eyes are blue when he hears the meat coming loose these two days. "Don’t take it?" His mind was clever, and before the squirrel monster answered Su Jing, he suddenly realized, "Don’t you dare to take it with you when you go out to rob?"
"Yes, yes, if I touch a cruel person, I won’t get him, and then let him rob me … against the heart." The monster answered seriously
At this time, the black giant eagle suddenly gave out a series of loud crows, and its wings converged slightly and increased steeply. Su Jinghe and Liu Liang quickly looked around and were taken aback at the same time.
Chapter IV Living Ghost Town
Towering walls, towering gatehouses, towers, towers, steep towers, grand Taoist temples, strict weather, wide and straight streets criss-crossing, traffic and crowds … What a magnificent city!
Looking around, there is still a vast desert with no vitality; In the middle, it is a bustling city full of vitality. How can Su Jing not be surprised by such a strong contrast, which reveals that it is not a paradox?
The Black Hawk slowly descended to Su Jing and tentatively asked, "Is Brother Black here?"
The Black Hawk Lingrui crowed gently as if it were a "yes" response.
Su Jing pondered over it. I heard that practitioners would choose secluded places for peace and enlightenment. I didn’t expect the "bodhi old zu" to settle in such a big city. But there is no water vein near a city in the middle of the desert, and there is no oasis. The more prosperous the city is, the more amazing this place is …
The Black Hawk deliberately chose a remote corner of the city to land, which did not attract others’ surprise. Su Jing rode for more than half a month, and the eagle was finally able to step on the ground. He couldn’t say how happy he was, but as soon as he jumped from the eagle’s back and touched the ground, he suddenly exclaimed that he was swaying and fell to the ground.
Failure to stabilize is not because of sitting for too long, but because of the softness of the legs and feet, but because of the softness of the seemingly hard slate. The passers-by stepped on it and it was soft, as if stepping on the sand directly lost the ankle of the teenager.
This situation is not abnormal. Su Jing leng stupidly slowly "pulls out" the green flag on his left foot with one foot on his right leg, just like the shadow in the water, slightly rippling, and then he tells to recover the bluestone, which still looks hard and cold.
Look carefully at the sole and upper of the left shoe. The hall is full of fine and dense yellow sand, which is burnt by the sun.
Su Jing tried to walk a few steps to feel white. He just set foot in the desert. If the teenager realized something, there happened to be a big tree around him. He tried to put his hand into the trunk without feeling anything. Su Jing finally realized the big city, and everything in front of him was just a fleeting illusion.
The teenager turned out from the corner and walked to the street, followed closely behind him. At this moment, the monster was also amazed. While looking at the lively scene in the city, he was amazed. "As far as I know, there are many illusion spells in this world, but a dilapidated temple, a small forest … like the bodhi old zu, it is unheard of to start a mirror illusion of a big city. That is to say, the god beast who specializes in illusion may not be able to have such magic! Is it … the bodhi old zu fa driving place? "
Su Jing looked so confused that he couldn’t be more confused. It turned out that there was a mountain in front of the eagle, and there was an old man sitting in the mountain, a black robe. Who would have thought that he would come to an illusion city? How could he find someone to go?
And the black-robed spirit has never appeared since the fall of six or two. Su Jing tried to shout two times, but no one promised to give him advice from six or two hours, but he was afraid to say directly, "Or … I remember … when the little ancestor called out the bodhi old zu, he was committing suicide."
Su Jing disagrees. What if it doesn’t work this time?
At this time, Su Jing suddenly felt a shock and a Han accidentally bumped into him when he passed by.
Su Jing was overjoyed to know that the city was an illusion, but the Han really hit him. He was definitely a real person. There must be a mystery in this. He immediately stepped back, but when he walked down the street, he found with horror that … everyone passing by was really alive and true.
Some people regarded him as reckless and glared at him; Someone who is generous enough to be met by him is a ha ha smile; Someone glances alert Su Jing reached out and stopped him before he met himself.
At the moment, Liu Liang is no longer a surprise, but a pair of voices that can’t help but tremble slightly at the sight of a living ghost. "This … this city is unreal, but people are real? How do he and they live here? "
People in the bustling streets look different or hurry, but they have something to do or frown slightly, and they have thoughts or smiles. They talk to their companions around them and talk about the bargains between merchants and customers in the shops on both sides of the street.
Su Jing Liu Liang also deliberately tried to test all the scenery, plants, flowers, birds and livestock in the city. All these things are dreamland, but people are real without wearing tentacles …
Fantasy city, real person
City dwellers don’t know that they are living in an illusion … seriously.
Rao is Su Jing’s courage, and he is well informed. In such a strange situation, two people’s arms can’t help but explode with a layer of goose bumps.
Su Jing shook his head, and the situation in front of him was as strange as it was. It was serious to find a black robe with him as soon as possible, no matter how many. He stretched out his hand and pulled a passerby at will. "Excuse me, sir …"
Unexpectedly, this person is in a hurry and impatient. "My mother is ill and I am in a hurry to take medicine!" " Said the arm force a jilt to push Su Jing aside, Su Jing said the so-called "little recklessness" is going to change others to ask, but when I saw the Han pushing people, I grabbed the passer-by and sneered, "It’s a blessing for you to ask my little ancestor …"
As a result, before the monster finished speaking, the man repeated, "My mother is ill and I am in a hurry to take medicine!" " Talking about waving his arms and trying to push the six-two-two-two, how hard is it for him to hold it? How can ordinary people break free?
Passers-by kept struggling and kept repeating in their mouths, "My mother is ill and I am in a hurry to take medicine." It is such a sentence that goes back and forth again and again.
Repeat it several times, and you will probably understand that there are probably some problems in this human brain, otherwise how could you say this sentence? Of course, such people will not know where the bodhi old zu is, and they will immediately let him go and ask other passers-by around Su Jing, but …… Everyone in this street has a sentence!
"It’s a good day today, and it’s a good time to go shopping."
"Mr. Liu’s grandson is full moon and drunk, and there is a water mat in the fairy building. I have to go and have a drink with him."
"Brocade Zhuang posted a notice, and today a batch of good silks and satins arrived, and the price was tight."
"This Zhao Tu is not a good person to sell my meat, but it stinks me. I have to talk to him about it. If he doesn’t admit it, I will drag him to the official!"
I don’t know how many people Su Jing stopped along the way to speak.
Everyone can speak, but just like the "mother is sick" person, there is a different sentence in all the population, but just one sentence, no matter what Su Jing asks or says, they will always repeat that sentence when they speak.
Weird gradually turned into gloom. From Su Jing’s eyes and ears, he gradually fell into his heart, then gradually dispersed into the blood, and was taken to the limbs. Unconsciously, the young man’s hands and feet were a little cold. At this time, a nine-year-old red boy suddenly ran out of an alley and hit Su Jing with impartiality. Then the little baby fell down.
The other party ran in a hurry, and Su Jing was also hit by him and stumbled back two steps.
Liu Liang’s protector is eager to hold the little ancestor steady and follow him one step at a time. He wants to yell at the little baby, but when Liu Liang looks carefully, the little baby’s mouth is about to gush out and scold, and suddenly it becomes an exclamation, "Little … little, little bodhi old zu? !”
It’s a little ancestor, not a little ancestor
At the moment, Su Jing also saw clearly that although she sat down as a little doll with no wrinkles and beards, her facial features looked very much like her black robe.
When the doll is alive, it is a kindness.
Red children ignore six two clap bottom up and bowed respectfully to Su Jing. "I’m sorry that Mr. Mao Mao was manic and ran into him."
Su Jing was not sure if this "little bodhi old zu" would say a word, but shook his head politely without changing the subject. "It doesn’t matter. Did you fall in pain?"
"I’m okay, it doesn’t hurt at all." The red boy smiled, but the horse took another step to block Su Jing’s way as if afraid that he would run away, and continued, "I have apologized to you, and now it’s your turn to apologize to me."
After arriving in this city, the only person who said the second sentence with him except Liu Liang was wearing a red robe "little black bodhi old zu"
Chapter V Justice is Heaven.
Walking in the street, no one pays attention to each other, and it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong if they bump into each other accidentally. It’s not as hateful as knowing manners and not apologizing, but it’s rare to see such a person as "I apologize after I apologize"
Su Jing was not busy apologizing, but asked, "I won’t blame you for getting up and leaving after the collision. I have to apologize to me first, and I’ll tell you later. Isn’t it too much trouble?"
The red boy shook his head solemnly. "No, I didn’t see that you were my fault; You didn’t notice that I was your fault, and you and I collided because I was wrong. I want to apologize, which is fair; But if you are also wrong, you have to apologize to me. This is still fair. If you refuse to apologize to me, you owe me a fair. "
The child really didn’t bother to explain it carefully. Even if he was in a strange city, Su Jing couldn’t help smiling. "Why do you pay so much attention to the word’ justice’?"
This time, the child’s expression is even more solemn. "It’s very important that if I aspire to be immortal, I have to understand heaven. Heaven is justice. I have to be fair all the time. Don’t look at me now, but I can’t go wrong to understand and think."
The serious appearance of "Little Ancestor" made "Little Ancestor" say yes and nod a little "I’m sorry for the collision just now"