Before Su Jingkou heard a voice behind him, he replied loudly, "Take a seat!" At the voice, a chubby figure like a pear touched her belly and her eyes went straight at two beautiful girls.

Su Jing hurriedly pulled the flowers back to tell the overseas Chinese that the ceremony sound was light, as if some people were short of gas, but how can he stand out from the many peers of Tianzong and occupy this sword-picking seat?
When several people got together and were talking, the vision of the lofty sky reappeared. First, the gilded Buddha’s light was highlighted on the western horizon, followed by the rapid circulation of white clouds visible to the naked eye, and three or two breathing layers of white clouds gathered together to pave a holy road from the Western Heaven!
A group of monks tread slowly on the path of Baiyun Sky; Before the monks approached the end of the East Heaven, there came another bright crane, and the blue crane was elegant and windward. A crane took a group of cranes and flapped its wings to make a line. The first person in the team was rough-looking and closed his eyes all the time.
The monks coming from the west are the only Buddhist monk among the seven heavenly sects who cultivates the heaven platform. In the East, riding a crane, but the leader of Tianyuan Daodi is also an acquaintance of Su Jing. At the ceremony of returning to the mountain, he picked a real sword and rushed to the sky.
Chong Xiao’s eyes were closed fifty years ago, but now he has not been able to open them.
Almost at the same time, the three heavenly sects have their own potentials. Compared with Su Jing and Qi Qiao, the two roads are nothing, but before Dacheng University, Miyantai and Tianyuan Road fell to the ground, they suddenly shook up. The ears heard "bang", "bang" and "bang" and the ground trembled like muffled thunder.
A purple djinn, who is 30 feet tall, is carrying a five-mile-long Fiona Fang hill. He rushes to a small peak. The pavilion is built on the balcony. The elegant and pretty maids are busy. On the peak, there is an embroidered floor and a bead curtain. Pick a palace girl with a fan in her hand and lean on the bar …
Red-eyed real person poked and poked a finger, and the waist of the God of Flowers hey smiled. "You must like the big ass of Xiulou."
I have always seen a woman’s eyes shining, but now I am looking at my heart with an elegant tone. "My face is bigger than my ass and I don’t like it."
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Golden Car, Tsing Yi Slave
It’s a pity that the hostess of Xiaoshan Elegant Embroidery Building is a rare obese woman.
When Baigoujian’s felon escaped, Su Jing once met two demons like a mountain of meat, and now the one in Xiulou is not as rich as them.
However, the shape of the owner of the Embroidery Building does not affect the imposing manner of this line of people. Compared with the three major Tianzong in the sky, their prestige is not inferior. In addition, all the people in the mountain are slaves, guards or nobles. There is a dark purple mark on their foreheads, and they pick it straight into the bun from the eyebrows.
"Purple sky people have arrived, and they are just two cities away." Looking at his brother Tianzong’s arrival, the situation is opportune and the eyes of the overseas Chinese are shining, but that charm is a girl’s sightseeing glory and half envy. If it is better than ostentation and extravagance, Nello dock will lose to other families, but they have not put it.
Su Jing has long heard that "Zixiao Kingdom" ranks among the seven families, but it can’t be regarded as a sect. It is really a small country, and its subjects are not of Chinese descent, and of course it is not a herdsman or a barbarian. Zixiao inherited a family of ancient apes from chaos. Strictly speaking, although they have limbs and similar appearance, they can’t be regarded as "people", but this family also has innate intelligence and is not a demon. If the natural evolution of heaven and earth can be repeated, maybe now everyone in the world is "Zixiao" and the Han people have become a small family.
Although of different ancestry, Zixiao people are quite friendly to the Han people, and regard brothers and relatives as close relatives. Since ancient times, there have been many exchanges between the two families, and there is not much difference between them now except for repairing the differences.
Almost at the same time, the four Tianzong experts arrived at the flying man’s landing, and the mountain bearer unloaded the "sedan chair", which was nothing more than sending the younger generation to collect swords and release them decades ago. It was a bit too much to make such a general trend when monks were old and "not people" came.
However, if you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to understand that the four Tianzong came to show off, but the magic they showed was genuine. A large number of practitioners gathered outside the mountain, and Tianzong had to be prestige. If you don’t look for opportunities and often show your strength for a long time, who will look at Tianzong?
Compared with their prestige Su Jing, it is too simple.
Su Jing and Qi Qiao, the same Tianzong Gate, naturally want to celebrate the ceremony, but before they stepped forward, the earth suddenly trembled again. Before Zixiao came, the pace of the earthquake was different. At this moment, the vibration was "fine" and much more intense. At the same time, it was accompanied by a hoarse beast roaring and looking at the scene. Half of them gasped, and a seven-headed giant tiger and a gold car were galloping here with a bang.
Python’s body is like a red devil’s root. Without looking at the place where the road passes, the rocks crumble and the huge trees collapse, but there is a wide road behind Python. Unfortunately, no one can really walk on the blood-red road. The faint blue flashes, and the "road" is already contaminated with poison.
In ancient times, there was a behemoth hydra, phase liu Jin Peng, who ate dragons to be slaves. Ten thousand people dared to provoke phase liu to be beheaded, but his blood was delayed by snakes and beasts. In front of him, these seven red-refined giant pythons were suspected of having hydra blood. With it, they roared all the way and scattered the demon power, which was not an overhaul of the Yuan God realm. There is no way to stop him.
The magnificent beast is just a rickshaw puller. What’s the identity of the owner?
Seven-headed red-refined pythons came near, and with the yelling in the car, they stopped the potential and rolled up in an honest way, but the fourteen huge snake eyes still flashed layers of yoshimitsu when they swept to the monk in front.
Squeaking a golden car door is really surprising. It’s a small Tsing Yi hat and a servant dressed up. The little old man looked around with a baggage in his hand. He quickly found Su Jing, grinning and running quickly. He fell on his knees before Su Jing. "Thank you for your ancestors’ door page, Jin Ping, and kowtow to Grandpa Su. I wish you a smooth and happy old life. I also want Grandpa Su to forgive Jin Ping for his deadly sin. Now I just sent things to the risks and missed your big event."
Holding the baggage in his hand above his head.
Su Jing took the baggage in one hand and lifted Jin Bian up in the other. "Three Ah Gong sent you?" With this, I put the baggage on the front line, and several small door clan cards with different shapes did not say that these were all entering the sword burial identity. Su Jing smiled and said, "So many?"
"Is it enough for the ancestors to say that more harm and less villains are capital crimes?" Jin Ping respectfully said, "Please rest assured that these things are all good sources and fair trade. I am willing to take things by force."
Of course, that’s enough. Now, let’s not say that three corpses plus Fan Qiao can enter the sword grave. If Qi Qiao is willing to pretend to be another brother, she can also go in with Su Jing.
Su scenic spot laughed, "That’s enough!"
Jin Bian breathed a sigh of relief. "In addition, the ancestors also ordered a small gift to you, thanking Mr. Su for finding a beautiful sword from the sword grave." Jin Bian bowed to Su Shenjing again. "The little man left." He turned and walked towards his car.
Su Jing said "thank you" to his back, but he didn’t think about it. As soon as Jin Ping turned around and thumped his knees, "Grandpa Su killed the villain with a’ thank you’. You are never polite to the villain." He knocked seven heads and somehow returned Su Jing’s thank you.
At this time, some rickshaw-pulling animals feel wronged for their owners, like one of the seven pythons, raising their heads and showing their fangs far away to Su Jing. Seeing Jin Bian kowtowing, they waved a bullet and a flash of S-curve gold, and then lotus flower suddenly broke out, and he actually chopped off the snake head with his hands!
With this demon knife, you can see the real thing about Jin Ping.
It’s a good confession to follow Jin Bian, and then he got up and returned to the parking lot to whistle. A strange python just dropped his head and pulled the car away with a bang.
Three grandfathers give gifts to Su Jing. What others can’t see is "entering the sword burial identity", but what they see is a big face! If not, many monks in the field looked at the golden car drifting away in surprise and looked at Su Jing again.
Su Jingxiao smiled and handed the baggage to Fan Qiao around him and turned to those fellow Tianzong.
Tianyuan Road closed his eyes and rushed to the sky to meet Su Jing directly. His face was ugly, but his voice was still pleasant. "A farewell to 50 Su Daoyou is better than the past, which shows that the practice is diligent and gratifying."
Su Jing’s kind words were returned to Chong Xiao and thanked Su Jingbao for ridding pear state of magic and saving Tianyuan Road. Seeing the old way, he really meant sincere thanks. Unexpectedly, he turned the conversation. "Su Daoyou should know that Tianyuan and Lishan had had some things to practice the right path in those years, and it won’t lead to discord, but he is a disciple and a mentor. If one day Su Daoyou can enter the realm of Yuan God and be original and lucky, he can drag out an ignoble existence here."
The reason why my master killed someone else’s master can already be traced, but it is only natural that someone else’s disciples want to ask for justice. Let Su Jing go to practice first, and when he is strong enough, everyone will nod their heads more happily than Su Jing.
The two said that it was private, and even if others heard it, they shouldn’t plug in. But the first Shenguang master from Lei Yin Pavilion in Miyitai still said, "The yogi is obsessed with the past?"
Chong Xiao answered bluntly that "the past has become a heart barrier, and if it can’t be broken, we can talk about practice."