"The world is also very special, and it has withstood their fighting and did not collapse immediately."

Another true god is also wonderful.
"It’s not easy to see so many ancient tombs where a large number of ancient ghosts and gods can be buried …"
Another true god speculated.
In general, God could not bear the battle between Su Li and the Five Emperors, but this abyss world suffered. Although it collapsed in a small scale, it quickly recovered, which shows that this world is not simple.
Su Li felt the surge of body energy. Xu Xuehui’s pink energy was so powerful that it was almost equivalent to the fact that the Zuli Ice Emperor launched the frost wyrm wave, which was directly borne by Su Li’s body. The frost wyrm wave did not disintegrate, but Su Lisen’s elephant was bounced back by the pink energy, causing the ice emperor to shock.
Su Li and Zhang Liu’s arms made a fist at each of the five emperors, and the shadow of the fist was as big as the sky. The five emperors suffered from this expansion, and the shadow of the fist felt that the blood was surging and the body was staggered and suppressed, so that they could passively accept the counterattack.
Su Li seized this opportunity to attack while using this pink energy to accelerate the refining of that ancient jade and want to go further.
He is confident that he can further refine this ancient jade and maybe he can break through the promotion to the seventh-order king.
Once he reached the seventh-order king level, he had the confidence to slaughter the supreme god of all ministries even without the help of Xu Xuehui’s strength.
There is a blood-red altar on the top of the beast emperor’s head. This is the altar where he refines the blood of the gods. He has launched a talent of wild animalization. Nasenro is like a raging beast. The king elephant has changed for a prehistoric time. The beast has more than a dozen giant arms and is covered with green hair. These green hairs release green poison gas, which can erode the true god, Senro, and disintegrate the soul of the other party. This poison gas is another talent that he has mastered. With the help of the blood altar, the poison core of the beast can strike.
Boom in exchange for a fist Su Li.
The faint pink luster on the surface of this fist represents that it contains a lot of pink energy belonging to Xu Xuehui.
The huge skeleton is about to collapse, and the energy released is even stronger, and it keeps pouring into Suli, making him stronger.
This blow directly shattered the blood altar of the beast emperor and forced the green poison gas sprayed with the beast poison nuclear.
Several giant arms of the beast emperor were beaten to pieces, and his mouth roared. His huge body staggered and fell back, and Barry’s blood was like a spring.
"Damn it-"the beast emperor roared and inhaled a lot of rainbow light and danced towards it and merged into the elephant like a behemoth.
Seeing that the five emperors joined hands, it was difficult to suppress Su’s claim that they borrowed the strength of their own Vientiane gods. There were gradually virtual shadows around their Buddhist statues, which was the ultimate embodiment of Vientiane and divine power.
The ice emperor appeared to be a frozen giant city. He stood in the frozen giant city stride by step, and there were several ice cubes flying around. Each ice cube was sitting cross-legged and the ice sculpture giants were all members of the ice department.
There are more and more ice sculpture giants, and his resonance makes him change stronger and stronger.
"Go to Su Li-"Ice Emperor suddenly roared across the distance, making a virtual gap to the magic acyl. The body surface was covered with frost wyrm imperial armor. As he roared, a frost dragon appeared in the imperial armor of frost wyrm. The momentum was not inferior to that of Taikoo Zulong, who sent out Yi Long songs and whistled, and a double dragon claw leaned out and came towards Su Li.
This is the ice emperor’s sacrifice to the whole ice department, and the power of hitting it together has reached the real extinction.
Like the Ice Emperor, the Feather Emperor also launched the Feather Vientiane Force at the same time, combining the forces of hundreds of thousands of gods. A huge bird appeared around him. This is the Feather Vientiane Phase. When he mastered two talents, corruption and the Force also started to manifest at the same time. The left hand was corrupt, and the right hand was carrying the Force. This is already the base grain form. When it is attacked, it can be corrupted, and the Force can be destroyed, which constitutes the other side’s original.
This kind of attack is even more terrible than the blow of the ice emperor.
Su Li entered the most powerful grain dimension at the same time, and naturally it was a terrible blow to Bai Di.
The dark emperor didn’t make the Oracle painting any more. At this moment, Su Li combined Xu Xuehui’s ancestral power to break through. Even his Oracle painting rules are difficult to take effect.
Su Li maintained the basic grain state, and his fists came out to meet the feather emperor. When he called, he was corrupt and the Force reached for the Zulong weapon hanging in his hand. When he borrowed Zuli from Xu Xuehui, he broke it with one blow, and he grabbed the ice emperor and smashed a pair of African claws.
The frost dragon condensed by the ice emperor became vulnerable to this weapon, which was shaped like a crescent moon. The ice emperor gave a roar, and he split from it like a frost dragon, and his body spewed blood like ice fog.
When Su Li’s fists resisted the Feather Emperor, corruption and the Force Feather Emperor’s shock found that he had the two most powerful talents, which could not affect Su Li, but he came back from the shock. At that time, corruption and the Force ate itself.
Watching his palm be corrupted by time, the feather emperor was horrified and then retreated.
Su Liyu took out the stone hammer, altar and Chiyou blade with three hands respectively.
The altar directly hit the blood altar of the animal emperor. The two altars collided with each other. Although the animal emperor combined the strength of the whole animal department, he could not resist the collapse of the blood altar.
Su Lizhong, with a stone hammer in his left hand, fried a heavy divine power, and with a heavy blow, the earth emperor just appeared, and the earth statue of the plague god blasted out cracks.
Su Li, an enemy of the Five Emperors, did not lose, but even occupied the wind. What is even more terrible is that with the gradual weathering and disappearance of the giant bones, the pink energy is constantly surging, and Su Li’s combat power has further increased.
The five emperors joined forces to illegally score Su Li into the magic acyl, but it became more and more difficult to support.
Finally, the dark emperor saw his eyes of demons being destroyed and shaken again, and fell back. His five emperors were losing ground and could not help but scream.
He knows that this time, it is not their five emperors, and the highest demon emperor of the Ministry of Magic also hides the dark place. He has never made a move. At this moment, the five emperors can not summon Mundus.
After the ancient city of Suli and the ancestral department combined his strength with Xu Xuehui’s strength, this strength rose to a higher level, which surprised the highest gods of all ministries. When the appearance war was always heavy, Mundus finally had to make moves.
As soon as Mundus made a move, Su Li felt a suffocating sensation, and the emperors of the same order also had high scores. If the Dark Emperor and the Feather Emperor were ordinary imperial levels, then Mundus was definitely the largest among the emperors of the order.
This piece is constantly shattered and constantly restored. In ancient times, a monstrous magic gas suddenly appeared. This magic gas conjured up a pair of vertical pupils like snakes, and two magic lights were emitted from these vertical pupils.
Su Li captured this hidden post-Mundus data at the same time.