The car is playing "Hello Big Apple City", rock music, and Francis still has something to mouth, as if it were released from his mouth.

With champagne in his car, You Na smiled beautifully, and Lan Ling was also very happy with the careful preparation of food. Zhang Lan kept looking out the window and was shocked by the high modernization of the Big Apple City.
This sci-fi city is full of tension in troubled times. There are many shops and people on the street, and there is not even a stray dog.
It is not difficult to feed Eden, the capital of the federal government, with thousands of wealth. It is so huge that the big Apple City has a permanent population of 60 thousand and the city can be so prosperous. That is true.
"Mayor Francis, can I have a word?" Zhang Lan made a normal request, "I want to make a call to communicate with Chairman Mark-even if it is to report peace."
"This is not worried about your safety. Joe Barton’s board of directors told the directors that it is best not to leak the news of the Big Apple City for the time being, which will affect the tripartite negotiations. You should know how much Gu Xuan cares about you." Francis showed a difficult expression
Zhang Lan can also understand this explanation. After all, it makes sense, but there was still a doubt in my heart.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Then chop your hands.
Walking through the sci-fi streets of the Big Apple City, Zhang Lan fantasized for the first time that if the sky was still blue, if mankind had stopped fighting thousands of years ago, maybe all cities in the future would see this today.
"Since Lord Francis is here, let’s cut to the chase. What can I do for Chairman Joe Barton?" Zhang LAN looked back at Francis across the calm way
"Mr. Zhang Lan made this statement?" Francis a face of smile.
"Joe Barton, chairman of the board, strongly urged me to come over for an interview to jointly deal with the war, but he had already set out and said that he was already ready to make moves. In that case, I had to go through all kinds of hardships to run over? Obviously, this is just like the war without Joe Barton, the chairman of the board simply wants to see me. "Zhang Lan’s brain naturally connects all doubts into a reasoning question." Can I miss Zhang Lande? Can win the favor of Joe Barton, chairman of the board, there will be a strong arm. "
"Mr. Zhang Lan is quick to tell the truth, so I’m a little embarrassed. Chairman Joe Barton told me to treat several people first and then ask Mr. Zhang Lan for help. As a result, Mr. Zhang Lan directly saw through our room." Francis grabbed the back of his head and said.
"A joke? Are you really looking for us to be your hands? When did the Imperial Regiment lack this kind of manpower? Why doesn’t the little sister in front go? " Una doesn’t want to. You know, even the overlord group gets a high commission every time Una goes out. Do you want to find her to work? There is no difference between robbery and robbery.
"…" Alice glanced at the mirror and pressed the isolation window button directly.
"The situation is quite special. About a month ago, our chairman Barton was in charge of the Imperial Institute of Science and Technology. A top secret memory crystal card was stolen, which contained the research efforts of chairman Barton in the past year. It is reported that the thief is now hiding in Queens, the big apple city. At present, all the outgoing routes in the city have been blocked, and the external communication has been cut off. The detection unit closely monitors each signal source to avoid top secret information being output."
"We have to get the data back in seven days, because the crystal card is sometimes limited. If it is not available, put the crystal card back to the institute and all the data will disappear. The loss will be recovered by law." Francis finally showed a serious expression.
"I understand that you are anxious, but I don’t understand why you want me to do such an important thing?" Zhang LAN wondered
At this time, the front isolation glass was put back. Alice rarely looked back and said, "That memory card is more important than life for the Imperial Group. We hope that the thief can hand it over intact, but the soldiers of the Imperial Group or I may stimulate the thief to destroy the memory card, which is absolutely unacceptable to us."
"So you can say such a long sentence?" You Na shocked way
"It’s a situation," Alice said, adding the glass.
"This is the case, but Alice didn’t say that Queens is the only industrial area in the Big Apple City, where the lowest working class lives, the most chaotic and dirty area. 9% of the crimes in the Big Apple City are committed. Queens is crazier than the dirty city you see outside."
Francis is not trying to scare anyone. You should know that the Imperial Regiment has always been the most respected democracy and freedom country in the world. One of the three pillar industries is that industry once led the military industry for more than five years until it was overtaken by the Overlord Regiment.
However, until today, the per capita possession of guns in the imperial regiment is still the first in the world, and it is even written into the constitution that people have guns to resist tyranny.
The black market arms trade will be completely controlled even after the imperial regiment takes over this area, so that each city can keep an area called "original sin" and compress all crimes, ugliness, filth and low-class crimes, keeping the outside world bright and colorful.
Queens has even seen spider tanks fighting with each other, but God knows where there are armed forces and surveillance.
Another reason why Zhang Lan needs to go is that Zhang Lan’s unique energy vision can observe the slightest energy fluctuation. There is about 35 volts in the crystal memory card to protect or destroy data. This search ability is more efficient than an instrument in the vast Queens.
Zhang Lan was sent to the presidential suite on the top floor of the Imperial Hotel in Manhattan, the most prosperous area in the Big Apple City. It has a 27-degree glass curtain wall with a swimming pool overlooking half of Manhattan at night. Even Gu Xuan lived in this room when he came to the Big Apple City for negotiations. It can be said that he paid special attention to Zhang Lan and his party.
In addition to the top presidential suite, Francis prepared a sumptuous dinner and went upstairs to the banquet hall to wait for two gifts that needed to be changed.
"Zhang Lan, you should refuse them" changed into a black shoulder and a long evening gift. You Na came out of the room, inlaid with a rhinestone skirt, just like dragging a galaxy. Zhang Lan looked surprised and grew up amazed. Yoo Na mi was not her request
"Hey, did you hear me?" You Na unhappy way
"I heard that you want me to refuse the other party’s request not to go to Queens, no matter what memory will destroy things." Zhang Lan finally recovered her mind and dressed in a black suit. Zhang Lan is like a special foil to You Na’s selection of "Give me a reason."
"The Imperial Regiment is notoriously hypocritical. Their role in the international community is getting weaker and weaker, especially after Barton and his brother Joe Barton took office. If the memory card is so important, what will be handed over to outsiders like us to solve? I don’t know about Alice’s uber ability, but she doesn’t lose anything. Ye Chang and Apollo really want her to do it, even if they turn the whole Queens upside down. "
As he spoke, You Na walked to the huge pier glass and put on carefully selected diamond earrings. "There must be something wrong with my name."
Zhang Lan smiled and made a ring, including the wrist locator and the monitoring equipment in the surrounding room, all of which became broken, including the monitoring equipment.
"Of course I know that they won’t give us simple jobs, but since we’re here, we have no choice at all. Now the most important thing is not to find any memory cards, but to find opportunities to get rid of their monitoring. I need to communicate with Mark to get outside information, otherwise it won’t be meaningful."
Zhang Lan is not sure that Joe Barton can finish the whole peace talks. If he is not enough, the plan will enter a stage.
"It’s not easy to get rid of monitoring here." You Na was beaten by Alice after counting the doors of the presidential suite, and she had entered a state of combat.
"You broke the rules again." Alice looked straight at Zhang Lan.
"Sorry, I owe you" Zhang Lan smiled and apologized.
"Then chop your hands."
Chapter two hundred and fourteen The alchemist
Alice has warned Zhang Lan that she should not use the semi-protoss power without permission.
Obviously Alice can’t joke, and naturally she won’t allow others to ignore her words.
Before stepping, Alice couldn’t see whether she was angry or serious. There was a strange circular magic circle in the palm of her right hand. The fingertip slipped from the metal beside her and naturally twisted, deformed, condensed and reorganized through the magic circle and turned into a sharp saber.
"Zhang Lan be careful." You Na wore earrings and looked at Alice from the mirror. Although she was awake, she was not nervous at all.
Because Alice has said that she wants to chop off Zhang Lan’s hand instead of killing him, Alice never lies, so it means that if she doesn’t kill her heart, Alice can’t chew the bone for Zhang Lan.
Since there is an opportunity, You Na hopes that Zhang Lan can engage in more battles with the celestial semi-protoss, understand the composition of everyone’s strength, and find ways to restrain it. Only in this way can the world truly stand in front of the enemies of the world.
Alice is ranked "boss" by the famous alchemist, the celestial demigod. Her ability to change all material things will transform her into what she wants and be dominated.