In the autumn rain, the whole world is quiet, even the police cars passing by are quiet.

"Summer, don’t worry." Xia Yu touched Xia’s hair. "It will always clear up and the nursing home won’t run."
It will clear up naturally, and the buildings will not move, but people are. But when summer arrives at the nursing home in the sunshine at noon on the third day, she finds the nurse waiting for them at the door.
"I’m really sorry. Maybe I made a mistake." The nurse was very sorry. "I don’t think that lady is the one you are looking for because she was taken away by the police yesterday."
"What?" Xia and Xia Teng glanced at Xia Teng and immediately asked, "What will be taken away by the police?"
"It’s unfortunate that the police said she was involved in a transnational information crime case," said the nurse.
"What a coincidence?" Xia Yu bowed his head and said to the nurse, "Can you show me her picture?"
The nurse agreed to bring up an photo from her brain. The woman with a dull look and a bloated figure looked at the camera like a lost soul. Xia Yu carefully identified it for a while and finally confirmed that the photo was taken by Qiao Zhenzhen, Xia’s mother who had been missing for many years.
"How did this happen? How did this happen …" Summer’s eyes were full of tears, and this sentence was repeated over and over again.
"It’s okay, don’t worry." Xia Yu held Xia in her arms. "At least we know that she is still alive and the police station is very easy to find. We can find her now."
The three people went to the town police station non-stop and were told that an had been taken over by the international task force and taken to the lighthouse country for interrogation. another reason was that An was mentally unstable and could receive effective treatment there.
So the three people went to the lighthouse country as quickly as possible, and finally got the most accurate news in the hospital. Coincidentally, an was treated by the old dean. When the attending doctor an was admitted to the hospital with the police, the nursing staff was pushing the old dean to bask in the sun in the courtyard. Witnesses said that an looked as if he had been struck by lightning.
Later, the last mystery was solved in the joint description of neil, the old dean and an.
An is that Qiao Zhenzhen was attacked after the accident in the Fifth Institute. She suspects that the incident in the Fifth Institute was not an accident. After all, foreign spies often steal secrets in both reality and movies. Qiao Zhenzhen dismissed the nanny and cut off the network to prepare for going to B, the capital of Huaxia, to hand over the research results at that time directly to the state machine.
Xia Jin has always been cautious and doesn’t believe that the core technical information of the network is usually put on a USB flash drive or a mobile hard disk. Qiao Zhenzhen left J with the most precious USB flash drive, but in order to ensure Cheyenne, she gave her mother’s friend and the old dean of rosa multiflora Children’s Welfare Institute a temporary care before leaving.
The old dean didn’t expect Qiao Zhenzhen to come back after she left.
One thing Qiao Zhenzhen regrets most is that she didn’t call the police at that time, because at that time, she felt suspicious and that the police wouldn’t believe her. During that hard-hit day, she looked at everyone like a bad guy and wholeheartedly wanted to hand over the USB flash drive to the country.
After arriving in B city, Qiao Zhenzhen met two boys who were traveling to China at an unmonitored intersection. They were twelve or thirteen years old, and Xia was almost crying. The blond boy said that he was separated from his family, but he remembered the phone number. Qiao Zhenzhen didn’t defend the children and helped him make a message to find their family. They took a photo with her and left her for the * * national institution, only to find that the U disk was gone.
In order to ensure that the information will not be leaked, Qiao Zhenzhen destroyed all the backups, but the only USB flash drive was easily stolen by "strangers" foreigners on the day when the rainstorm raged … That moment she seemed to have lost all support in the city of B, which was seriously ill for more than ten years. Later, neil quietly took her to Tong Maiguo and sent her to the nursing home. She can’t remember the specific process.
Although Xia didn’t leave Qiao Zhenzhen’s beauty, she didn’t inherit her weak and fragile character either. Xia Jin was kind, gentle, strong and brave in every aspect. This is the most gratifying thing for Qiao Zhenzhen. No matter whether the case ends up as a verdict, she has no regrets. Looking at the withered trees outside the window, she felt calm for the first time.
Winter comes early and cold in lighthouse countries, but when heavy snow covers everything, when the world returns to pure white, there is always new life waiting for spring.
One year later, she was admitted to Huaxia University, the top university in China, with excellent results in the college entrance examination. She was in charge of vr projects and won several international awards during her school days, making her a goddess of vr.
Four years later, after graduating from summer university, it is logical to enter the national mechanic in charge of vr industry to continue to study and improve vr technology. At the same time, he also does some small "part-time jobs" in the information world, such as cooperating with police and discipline to catch criminals and crack down on "information drugs". He is busy and full every day and is committed to building a more rigorous and perfect information world.
It’s another Christmas. A tall Christmas tree stands in the middle of the road in the pedestrian street of J City, the world of information. Several golden bells are hung on the tree, and small colored lights are flashing tirelessly. Many people draw a picture frame on the tree and take selfies without other people’s help or selfie sticks.
Black velvet falling from the sky, gentle light snow wearing a big red cloak, looking up at the tree in summer, simulating white air like an ordinary girl waiting for a date.
Xia Xia!’ Tao Yaoyao wears exactly the same clothes as in summer. In summer, she successfully grew to 165m and lost her weight to 99 kg. Being with Tao Yaoyao is like a pair of twins. Two beautiful girls who haven’t seen each other for a long time are walking around in the virtual world, trying on new clothes and trying on delicious food.
"Hey, Xia Xia, you have graduated from college for half a year and nothing has happened …" Tao Yaoyao trembles.
Xia Guatou "Nothing yet?"
"Not … with him …" Tao Yaoyao said.
"Ah, well … let nature take its course …" Xia answered.
When the truth came out, Tao Yaoyao once apologized to Xia. She said that in fact, she found out very early that Xia liked Li’s flaws because she pretended not to know that after those things, she solved her own problems and sincerely hoped that they would all be happy.
In fact, in Tao Yaoyao’s mind, Ji Jie is more suitable for Xia than Li Xian, but her position is not easy to say directly. However, Xia told Tao Yaoyao that none of them would "puppy love".
Tao Yaoyao doesn’t know what happened to them. It’s been almost six years now. How late does she want?
A flash of blue light appeared in front of the two men in police discipline, grabbing one in one hand and saying excitedly, "The thunder will wake up soon!" "
Both of them were taken by Ji Jie to the Xi ‘an Hospital for treatment. Both of them were people with brain wave injuries. One of the founders of this hospital was Li Xiao. Since vr technology was widely transported to the clinic and successfully cured a patient, Li Xiao "received" Thunder here and persistently treated him.
In the summer, they were familiar with this place and went straight to the Thunder Ward to push the door and talk in the ward. They stopped wearing the patient. Thunder sat on the bed and smiled at them for a long time. Chen Niluo and Li Xiaoxiao flashed blue light at the bedside. Li Xiong and Fu did not teleport. More people were coming.
When the Christmas bell rings, everyone is reveling in a white suit. Dr. Li Xian is at the window, and his eyes gently cross the people’s community. At this moment of summer, it seems that summer has returned to the original afterlife. The lake is like snow, and the fishing rod is like a white jade. He said that he would like to know each other, drink wine and ride the horse. Now it can finally be realized.
Time flies, friends and relatives are all in this life and happiness in this life, and there is never any afterlife.
Extravagant afterlife afterlife.
"Hi, dear babies. Long time no see. How are you? I’m your dear NPC Luo Xi and NPCLuPC Lucy … The translation is always different. "
NPC Luo Xi is in a peach tree, quietly elegant and Chinese, smiling skillfully. In the real world and the information world, several viewers are watching this live program, both players and non-players.
It has been seven years since the "afterlife Online" stopped. In these seven years, VR games have sprung up one after another, but "afterlife Online" is still hot because of the vigorous transnational crime that year.
Today, seven years later, when international fugitives Carlos and Grey Crow were both arrested, and those who witnessed the incident were happy, this rectified classic VR game finally ushered in its own "afterlife". Now the "afterlife" is taken over by Zhuoyi Technology, a top technology company in China, and VR practitioners and VR enthusiasts work together to rebuild the new World. It also has a new name "Rebirth Online".
The top artificial intelligence "Luo Xi" hosted a live broadcast in the "Novice Village" of Rebirth Online, while the guests of peach trees were once contracted by the dense barrage after the live broadcast of those people.
-The front row professes the goddess Luo Xi!
-The goddess seeks a spoiler game career!
-is this really a robot live broadcast or is it manipulated?
-that one in front is of course the goddess of truth and the artificial intelligence with the highest IQ, okay?
-Do you believe it or not? anyway, i believed