However, this incident has set off another discussion storm at home.

14. Get married on the agenda.
It was already nine o’clock in the evening when I was called home. It was definitely not after dinner. I don’t know what’s urgent. When I saw someone sitting in the living room, I had a bad feeling and picked an eyebrow. "What’s the special day today?" Get together so together? "
Even my grandparents are here, and only during the Spring Festival do the two elders sit together.
Master Qing was the first guest to speak, "I heard that we are going to add a new population, so I came to discuss it."
Oh, so it’s time to add a new population. No, it’s a relief for him.
He smiled and looked at the second sister next to him and the opposite elder sister quipped, "Is it the elder sister or the second sister? I’m going to be an uncle again. I’ll definitely prepare a big gift this time, but I’d better have a daughter. "
The elder sister and the second sister said to him, "Give birth to a daughter and give it to yourself."
The second brother-in-law said with a smile, "It seems that Ah Qing doesn’t know yet."
Dajiefu held up his thumb and said, "Awesome! You hit it with one blow."
Everyone gave him a strange smile when he swept his eyes.
"Why do I feel that you are conspiring to sell me?"
Qing Hehe smiled two times. "How can we be willing to sell you?"
Confucianism answered, "If I sell you, your mother and I will have no grandchildren."
"What are you going to say? I have to leave in advance. "I’m very sensitive to Sun’s topic, and I don’t like how my parents always get up this time with a cold face."
"When you make a mistake, you should be a deserter?" Master majesty way
Second sister is busy and pulls him. "Come and sit down. Is this a good thing? Don’t be angry. Have a cup of tea."
Leaning down and taking the tea, I gave her a look. "What’s the matter?"
"Grandma said Lin Mu was pregnant."
I almost threw the cup away. "What a coincidence?" Just once?
"Why don’t you DaJieFu say you are good?" Elder sister said proudly.
"Say you come to forced marriage? Let me marry her? "
The old lady said, "What do you mean by forced marriage? I think the forest boy is quite good. He has a tough and indifferent quality, which is what those noble families lack."
Holding the old lady’s generation of husbands is the most conservative and painful thought. When children hear that everyone is certain and their grandchildren are unwilling, they feel distressed. "But I heard that that girl has been married, and if she goes out, it will affect our reputation. What kind of girl can’t marry the whole city of A? Let’s pick and choose. Besides, it’s not much better for the girl to have sex with someone the day before her marriage. If you don’t want to, grandma will support you to the end."
Section 16
"Grandma didn’t finish her wedding, and she promised to marry Ancelor in order to save her brother Ancelor. Her brother and sister’s feelings forced her to drink ecstasy, and that night didn’t mean anything to her." She remembered that after hearing the groom’s ridicule and guest abuse on the wedding day, she ended up like an ice lotus, as if everything should be supported by great responsibility and belief behind her, so she had the courage to cross the rubicon.
Why does he think that woman makes people look distressed?
Huh? The old lady blinked. Doesn’t the grandson hate that woman very much? She spoke for him. Why did he speak for that woman instead? Not that you don’t want to marry? What exactly does this mean?
Others are also a little stunned. Is this the first time that a person has defended himself or a woman?
Maybe he also has a good impression on others in his heart, but he hasn’t found what he has done yet and is strongly opposed to marriage?
Oh, it’s easy to do with feelings
"Ah, how do you speak for her? Feeling distressed? " Stare at the child with great interest
With a wink, how did he know what was going on? He must be possessed by himself. Damn it, he even spoke for that woman. Will he come now?
"Hum I love dearly? I’m just looking at Chloe’s face. If she is really like that, it’s too sorry that Chloe gave her a pair of eyes. "
Tilt up your legs and pretend you didn’t care
Qing also pretended to be casual. "Well, it seems that my son really has no feelings for that woman. Forget it. God forced her to beat the child, but she needs to find a remote hospital or go out and get pregnant. Her reputation will be ruined."
After that, I stared at the second sister and sighed. "Alas, there is no windtight wall. It will be out sooner or later. Besides, she will get married in the future. If people know that she has had this past, they don’t know if she will divorce her. Then her life will be finished."
The elder sister also sighed, "She was pregnant before marriage, and this generation has long been finished, okay?"
The old lady also sighed, "It’s really a poor child. My brother just died, and his psychological grief has not passed. Now he is hit by such a thunderbolt. I don’t know if he can survive."
"Oh, we won’t commit suicide because of a series of blows, will we?" Holding the old lady’s frightened eyes, she said.
"That our family is not a deliberate murder? How can this work? One corpse and two lives? One of them is our own flesh and blood. "Master smashed the crutches.
Every word is bad for that woman. The more he listens to it, the more agitated he becomes. He tugged at his tie and said, "What are you talking about? That woman wouldn’t commit suicide. She has a hard heart. "
The old lady asked, "No matter how strong a girl is, no one can stand such a series of blows. We are women and have a speech. What do you men know?"
"Hum you these words is to make me feel guilty and then marry her to say? But don’t you know me? When did I feel guilty and compromise? But I am willing to marry her. Anyway, marrying anyone is better than other women. "
Everyone looked at each other. What does that mean? Changed your mind so soon? If I was sure he was delaying tactics, but it looks different today, then the expression is more serious.
The old lady said, "Then I’ll talk to her one day. This child is stubborn and has his own ideas, but his heart is very kind and he won’t kill the child without mercy."
"Grandma, I’d better do my own thing."
"How did you come? This will not directly rob people. "
Of course, I said, "Yes, I will go directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau."
Elder sister said quickly, "Don’t be ridiculous. Although I haven’t seen this tree, I heard that she seems to be a fierce woman. Will it have the opposite effect if you want to rob the marriage? Don’t hurt the child."
"Don’t tell me that this woman is really possible to do it." The woman knows his identity and doesn’t seem to be afraid of him or willing to pay more attention to his cold attitude towards him. It can be said that the first person in history may think she is special because she is different.
Finally, everyone unanimously decided to let him cultivate feelings slowly before getting married.
The master stroked his short hair and concluded, "I’m not worried that a master once calculated his life and said that it would be expensive to stand for the annual meeting, but it will be thirty in the coming year. It seems that the master is right."
Fortune-telling says that a true daughter-in-law may pursue it, but children must have it
Here comes the opportunity.
It happened quite coincidentally. In the middle of the night, my second sister called Qing and said that Mi Le had a fever. She and her husband were going on a business trip in the early morning and gave it to the nanny, but she didn’t trust him to take it to the hospital early the next day.
"Need so much trouble? Why don’t you just call Dr. Hu directly? "Dr. Hu is a master family doctor and a military doctor. He didn’t say anything."
"I this is not your opportunity? So you can see the trees. "
"Is she the president? You have to sacrifice your son to meet her? You are really willing to give up in summer. "
"Oh, he took antipyretic. It’s nothing serious. Lele insisted on seeing her future aunt. I’d like to see it if I weren’t on a business trip. I wouldn’t give you the opportunity."
Pour words to "what aunt? Tell your son not to shout. "
"I know, you should call the trees first. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the hospital. Although it is our home, it should be low-key and not special."
"Okay, okay, I know." I hung up and glanced at my watch. It was only three o’clock in the morning, and I could still sleep, but I couldn’t sleep at all.
Looking through his mobile phone, there were only a few numbers in his personal mobile phone, but there were trees. It was the second time that grandma gave him to accompany her brother when he was ill.
Later, when he went to the United States and came back, she took her home and went back to her hometown. Speaking of which, she hasn’t seen each other since breakfast was delivered last time.