It’s also a pair of rings

The man’s deep and beautiful voice spread all over the hall. "It’s not easy for my wife and I to walk all the way. She wants a wedding or not, but after all, it is the most important part of a person’s life. Although we are not young, we should make up for it now."
"But we saved a lot of trouble and stuck to exchanging rings." Xiao Jing glanced at Anyan at this time and smiled. "When I went out for a walk with Mrs. Xiao that evening, her finger ring suddenly fell off. You know, this ring was deliberately taken from her."
"Some people may say that this is an ominous sign, but I don’t think so, because I know very well that nothing can separate us except death nowadays."
An Yan noticed that her palm was slightly scratched by him, and she smiled slowly at him with her side head. This scene was well captured by the camera.
And the snow outside the huge glass cover behind them is as big as cotton extending out from the hall. The tall ginkgo tree is covered with thick snow outside the glass.
When the crowd was very quiet, Xiao Jing went on to say, "Death can’t separate us."
Because he will follow her forever.
Taiwan’s melancholy and cold sneered, "melodramatic and naive."
Zhao-yang fu was moved by a mess, and his tears and nose were wiped on Zheng Xi.
Zheng Xi pick up can’t stand Zhao-yang Fu a face of abandon rage "Fu Chaohua how do you want dad? Don’t you fucking know how to wipe your tears with a tissue? Why are you rubbing my body? "
Fu Chaoyang gave him a pathetic look and sipped his lips. "It’s so touching."
It was even quieter when it was Anyan’s turn to speak.
She just said a word, "Mr. Xiao is as beautiful as a flower, and the years are as fleeting as water."
This is when she looked at Xiao Jing and said that a thunderous clap broke out.
This statement was later expressed by many people.
They don’t have any elders in Qin family … Xiao Jing didn’t even send an invitation. Qin family seems to have called back, but Xiao Jing ignored it.
Before chatting with Lu Qingshallow and his party, Anyan kept asking Xiao Jing whether Bai Qiao was here.
But Xiao Jing just didn’t answer her.
After asking several times, he still didn’t answer her
An Yan was almost angry with him, and the sentence "If I had known, I wouldn’t have promised to marry you" was stuck in my throat, but I found it lightly and abruptly suppressed it for her.
The road is light and shallow. Today, for the first time, I wore a water pink gift with a fishtail design. Although it is very different from her usual Leng Yan, she still looks young and beautiful.
When she saw An Yan’s face was a little wrong, she walked over and said, "No way. Are you still angry at this time?"
"Shallow" Ann called her a.
Xiao Jing looked at the light road with a smile. "The light road is shallow. What if you barge in without saying anything?"
The road is light and shallow, and the face of Yan Yan is hooked. "I think she ate shit and even regretted marrying you."
Then she took Anyan’s wrist. "Don’t waste it here. Even if you really want to make out, you can make out slowly after today. Let’s go. Everyone is waiting for you to drink. It’s been a long time."
As early as when I came in, Yan Yan had already changed my clothes. Today, people are actually not particularly extra. Everyone knows what Xiao Jing is toasting, and this link is also directly omitted.
Ann closed her eyes and nodded and left the lounge with the light road.
When Anyan appeared at their table, a bunch of people booed.
First, Fu Chaoyang, like a little fan, saw Anyan coming towards them. Get up quickly. "Sister Anyan, you are finally here. You look great today."
Zheng Xi picked up and blew a whistle, "Yo, here comes the bride."
An Yan swept the crowd and then sat beside the light road. "Zheng Xi picked you up and you still owe me so much."
Lu chuckled and "understood in place"
"Xiao Jing? Didn’t he come out to show off when the husband and wife just got together? " The person who said this was Ye Shu.
Anyan suddenly took a sip of the wine on the table and his face was a little heavy. "Who cares what he does? Aren’t you hungry? I’m hungry. "