"Oh, well, I’ll tell her thank you, grandma."

The forest thought that she must have been a ghost and got up early in the morning. She had been thinking about this question for a night.
The trees hurried back, and the old lady was quite strange and thought she was strange.
In the afternoon, when the trees have nothing to do, they will pick up the gentry.
She also chatted with Shen Manli for a while, and it was almost time for everyone to leave, and no gentry came out. Only then did she feel strange and went into the campus to find gentry.
The nurse said that a handsome boy coaxed him to play. He was here just now.
Just being here doesn’t mean being here now.
"How can you just let people take the children away?" The trees immediately became hairy. This is because these famous brothers came to the aristocratic school to learn security measures. How could such a thing happen?
"I don’t think the man like an outsider? He said he was a child’s relative. I think they really look alike … "
"You see? You can’t be sure of anything by reading it? " The trees are dying, and it is the first time for her to yell at people. She has lived in this class for a long time now, and she has long known that there are too many people eyeing the grandsons. They kidnap children by desperate tactics of outlaws and get high ransom.
Her gentry won’t be treated like this so soon, will they?
"Get the video and notify the security guard". The nurse seems to have been scared silly. Fortunately, she can still keep calm now.
Trees hurriedly take out a cellular phone to make a phone call.
"Mommy" Woods turned around when they heard this familiar sound. Two figures, one big and one small, came this way. What did she know? The nurse said that two people were relatives at first sight.
I don’t know why I feel familiar with Wei Ran.
That’s because they really look alike together, but they don’t look alike in facial expressions, but their verve is very similar.
"Mommy, I’m sorry to have worried you." The gentry and gentry cleverly ran to hug her waist.
Wei Ran came over. "I’m so sorry. I took him there to play. I just want to come back. It’s too late to wash my hands again."
The forest was really anxious to rest assured. It turned out to be a false alarm.
"Why are you here?"
"Of course I should have come. I came to see this little guy." He still didn’t say anything about him, but he knew what the trees meant
"Mommy, let’s go and have dinner with my uncle. My uncle said to invite us to dinner." The trees took a look at Wei Ran after listening to the gentry’s name.
The gentry and gentry fell to the trees’ ears and said mysteriously, "My uncle said he would be a gentry and uncle. The gentry and gentry thought he was very handsome, and my classmates envied me, so I agreed."
Do you want to do the role of uncle as soon as the corners of the mouth of the trees are smoked? I don’t know how the two men talked about the gentry asking Wei Ran to go to their hotel for dinner, and they talked and booked a place, one big and one small, holding hands and walking inside.
The gentry was very excited to ask him a lot of questions, and they talked very much as if she were redundant.
"Shall we take a group photo?"
"Yes, yes, Mommy will take a picture for us."
"Good" Woods took his mobile phone finger and gave it a lecture. This screensaver is his mother, right? It’s very gentle to laugh with him. That face is very young and looks really like her.
Did Wei Ran let her see it on purpose?
She went on taking pictures as if nothing had happened.
"Sit on my shoulder and take some pictures."
Wei Ran holds him like this for a while and torments him like that for a while. Not only is he not bored, but he also feels very fresh and giggling.
From the lens, it’s really my uncle, isn’t it? They really look like relatives together.
When the food came, Wei Ran took good care of him and gave him a good meal. It’s almost time for the gentry to go to the hand washer to take him there.
Lin Mu said, "I asked my grandmother about that. She said that she has research and experience in asthma and can only be treated after seeing the actual situation of the patient."
Wei Ran looked at him dribbling "thank you"
In fact, she is also very concerned about Mommy, otherwise she will help him ask so soon.
"You’re welcome. Am I a doctor? Treating every patient is the same. "The tree can’t bear his eyes. She doesn’t know how to respond and can avoid it first.
Section 394
Wei Ran knew that she was hard-spoken and soft-hearted, and she didn’t reveal her way, "Thank you anyway."
They were eating quietly, and "bang" a door was suddenly pushed by a cold and overbearing force, and she crashed into a strong arms.
But this chest is a little hard, and her head hurts.
"Why are you here? Isn’t it a day to come back? "
He put his arm around her eyes and oppressed her. "I’m here to give you a surprise. Are you scaring me?"? Take my son to dinner with other men. "