For a moment, he pulled his head with a blood bandage and smoothed his forehead hair and laughed. "To tell the truth, Yuan Qing was very angry about this today. I am very angry. I am a servant of etiquette. These young people are all saints’ brothers. How can they make such reckless, insulting saints’ teachings and simply widespread indignation and discontent? I can’t imagine the consequences if this matter comes to my ears. "

"plop plop"
Tian Hongyu here the words sound just fell and Fan Ergong and Maharaja have knelt down and kowtowed desperately.
"Ye Guo is a big fellow who knows nothing about Mount Tai. It’s really a sin to say this plainly to hurt Ye Guo."
"The grandfathers are really wrong. Please don’t forget the villains and give them a chance."
"Ye …"
By this time, Tian Hongyou had already anticipated everything and couldn’t help but look at Li Yuanqing here with a smile.
Li Yuanqing smiled and sniffed the delicate fragrance in the depths of Bai Ernian’s hair. "If God knows … Alas, this temper almost beat me the day before yesterday, but all the people in Ye Fan Xian’s nephew and Wang Xian’s nephew are also the pillars of my elite future country. If this matter is stabbed in the ears of the day, it will make the day angry. On the one hand, if it is naive, it will be my big loss."
Fan Ergong, Maharaja and others have just been scared to pee by Tian Hong’s words. At this time, they suddenly heard Li Yuanqing’s words, which are just like sounds of nature.
One by one quickly watched Li Yuanqing and looked at Tian Hong.
Tian Hong can hardly say how to enjoy this feeling at this time.
Not only young talents such as Fan Ergong and Maharaja are kneeling at his feet begging for his mercy like dogs, but also beautiful girls such as Yan Xi accompany them.
Even if he can’t do something for Yan Xi girl at this time, but ~ it’s looking at Yan Xi girl with some frightened eyes and a slightly attractive mouth. Tian Hongyou’s heart is sweeter than eating honey.
Isn’t this the true power of Xungui?
At the fingertips of ten thousand people, everything is under control!
For a moment, Tian Hong couldn’t help but smile lightly. "Yuan Qing’s words are good. I Tian Mou is actually not stubborn and rigid, and I am willing to give these young players a chance, but this tone in my heart is really hard to swallow at the moment."
Chapter 119 A moonlit night on the riverside!
As the old saying goes,’ money is a man’s bravery, and the vertex of a man’s face is the fastest to update’
Although Tian Hong had the status of Lord of the Nation before he met, he suffered from the fact that his practice could not be wasted, and his added advantage could not be integrated into the mainstream.
But at this time ~ with Li Yuanqing’s strong support, Tian Hongyu is like a tiger, like a duck to water, like a’ virgin’. Even if his performance is still a little immature, he has already gone on track
For a moment, Li Yuanqing laughed. "Tian Ye is actually human nature, but this thing …"
Said Li Yuanqing saw Fang Fan two male and maharaja one eye frowned slightly lost in thought.
Fan Ergong and Maharaja have been keeping a firm eye on everyone in Li Yuanqing. At this point, how can they not understand Li Yuanqing’s words?
For a moment, Fan Ergong was busy saying, "I’m willing to ask you to give me another chance to punish you."
The maharaja is also busy kowtowing desperately. "Lord Guo has long heard that your generosity and kindness are my great examples and begged Lord Guo to give the younger generation another chance."
Qu Yuanji several people are also busy kowtowing, such as Dao garlic, repeatedly asking for help.
Although the overall situation is under control, at this time, Tian Hong was hesitant and busy and looked at Li Yuanqing’s side.
Li Yuanqing, of course, Bai Tianhong met with profound meaning
Although the profit is high, it is a pity that there is no complete concept of Tian Hongyu’s "degree"
For a moment, Li Yuanqing slowly ordered a cigar and said, "Fan Xian’ s nephew Wang Xian’ s nephew Tian Ye’ s medicine here. Well, why don’ t you get together and make it a whole thing?"
How can Fan Ergong and Maharaja not understand Li Yuanqing’s profound meaning?
At that time, I was busy and kowtowed desperately. "Uncle Xie’s adult carries uncle Xie’s adult."
Watching them kowtow like garlic, Li Yuanqing couldn’t help but think of the classic middle school scene of later generations, Uncle Shan and Fan Wei, "Do you think he still thanks?"
Tian Hongyue also understood Li Yuanqing’s meaning at this time, but he was more and more impressed by Li Yuanqing.
For example, Fan Ergong and Wang Gong seem glamorous on the surface, but in fact they don’t have much initiative in the family.
In other words, they don’t have too much silver in their hands
But if you want 12 thousand, it’s obvious that it’s too worthless for him to meet his uncle Tian Hong in this country
However, it would not be too beautiful for Tian Hong to meet here if it were to be 3.5 million and 2,000 yuan, which is beyond the tolerance of these male buddies.
And one hundred and twenty-six people are just right.
It can not only make Fan Ergong and Wang Gong feel the pain in the flesh, but also show and match his status as a field Lord to some extent.
The most important thing is that both sides can accept this result.
And this 100 thousand taels of silver secretly flowed into his and Li Yuanqing’s pockets in the dark.
The whole situation has finished and entered the channel. Li Yuanqing laughed. "Now that things are over, my dear, let’s not be stiff. Let’s all get up. It’s already late today. Let’s get together and have a good drink. At this time, let’s listen to the Yan Xi girl’s fiddle first."
"Uncle Xie’s adult"
"Thank uncle’s adult …"
Fan Ergong and Maharaja cried and fell to their knees.
Yan Xi girl then secretly took a white look at Li Yuanqing.
That means I didn’t remember her until now.
Li Yuanqing smile is force sniffed the bosom Bai Ernian hair deep.
Miss Yan Xi’s pretty face is not slightly red, and she hangs her head respectfully and laughs. "Two ye Yan Xi are going to fiddle. It’s Yan Xi who is feeling a little sick today, and it’s a little late. If you are out of tune, please don’t take it personally."
Tian Hong laughed when he was busy. "It’s very kind of Yan Xi girl. It’s an honor for Tian to smell Yan Xi girl’s fiddle tonight."
At this moment, Fan Ergong was busy handing respectfully, saying, "Two uncles, adults and little nephews suddenly remembered that there are still some trivial things in the little nephew’s home that need to be dealt with … little nephew excused himself first."
Maharaja cried also to react busy and respectful way "two uncles adult little nephew here also have some things …"
Qu Yuanji, several people also reacted and were busy looking for reasons to leave.
Tian Hongyue’s heart is not more comfortable.