"After all, he is old and has contempt for you. If he is careful at that time, it will be you, not him."

For Hou Tiger, Hou Dasheng nodded and agreed. Indeed, if this guy had been cautious at that time, it would have been Hou Dasheng who died, not him. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance to come back, so his medal is now in Hou Dasheng’s hand.
The wedding was arranged as scheduled. On the third day before Hou Dasheng’s wedding, three red-flag cars slowly arrived at the entrance of the village. The archway was running. Hou Dasheng saw Yan Jian ‘an’s face in awe and brought people from behind. He was surrounded by strange and capable people.
These Han people are wearing headphones and sunglasses, and their brow is bulging with a sense of Shaqi. At a glance, Hou Dacheng will know that this group of people should be almost the same as himself. Oh, it is coming from the battlefield. Han’s face is awe-inspiring and surrounded by one and a half circles.
Not long after, one of the red flag doors hit an old man who looked about 70 years old and had two eyebrows. He slowly came from the car. He should be a secret around him and tried to help him everywhere, but he pushed him.
The old man looks a little thin, but his spirit is excellent. He has a Chinese character. His face is covered with patches of age spots, but his eyes are so bright that he glanced at him. Hou Dacheng suddenly felt as if he had been glanced at by his uncle.
But I saw the old man walking towards Hou Dacheng with his hands behind his back, and the Han people around him soon dispersed. The old man just went straight to Hou Dacheng and looked at him and asked, "Who wants to marry the French daughter-in-law?"
A word asked Hou Dasheng suddenly felt that it was like an uncle asking his tone, but Hou Dasheng was not suppressed by the old man’s momentum. Although he was very respectful, he was neither humble nor humble. "He wanted to marry a French daughter-in-law Hou Jiaxiao."
"Yes, it’s tiger-like. It’s the same virtue as when the boy first met me." The old man patted Hou Dacheng on the shoulder. "Where’s your uncle?"
Hou Dacheng heaved a sigh of relief and gently responded, "Uncle said that there were guests coming to the place and went into the mountains to find some game last night. At this time, the wild boar should come back at noon without any accident."
But see the old man smiled that kind of smile Hou Dacheng don’t know how to shape with a hearty with a hint of relief "this tiger stubborn temper don’t come to me, I know I’m coming, willing to work hard to entertain also didn’t lose my daughter was willing to follow him"
After that, the old man walked to the village with his hand behind his back. "Don’t be careful. This is Houjia Village."
It’s a faint sentence, but others don’t relax with the old people. There is nothing that can make them more vigilant in this village. Even the old farmers in the fields have thick calluses. What do you say? There is no good quarrel in this village.
Walking in such a village, how dare they not keep up their spirits? If any brain comes to do it, it will be unclear. Don’t say that Yan Jianan, a member of this group, is also in a state of readiness.
Before the old man walked in front, they arranged directly in front of him. The old man frowned and wanted to say something, but he saw him whispering to the old man, "This is something that everyone can’t do."
After all, the old man sighed when he heard the news. "I don’t like coming out. That’s the same thing. Every time you come out, you have to make a fuss. It’s not necessary. Just keep it simple."
The secret gave a wry smile but didn’t speak. The old man carried Hou Dacheng to lead the way. It didn’t take long for the Hou family’s old house. Lisa was at home watching just Yan Jian ‘an. They had come to tell Lisa about the situation. At this time, Lisa had changed her clothes and ourtenant was waiting for them at the door.
"You’re the child who wants to marry." The old man glanced at Lisa and nodded. "Yes, I’m from the Silex family. Lisa welcomes you to my home."
The old man looked at Lisa and was even more satisfied. "It’s good, humble and has such a smell. I still know about your family. It’s good and has character."
After saying this, the old man went in with his hands behind his back. Looking at the house, the old man’s eyes actually showed a trace of memory. He walked to the front chair of the hall and said, "Do you know? I booked your uncle’s marriage with your grandfather in this chair, but I didn’t expect my daughter to give your family a wife’s life."
Hou Dacheng is an idiot if he doesn’t know that this old man is the father of the mysterious girl named "Wei Wei" in Wang Zongguang’s mouth at this time. Hou Dacheng was silent for a while before saying to the old man, "Uncle never told me about aunt things. I heard from Zong Guangshu that aunt seems to be called Wei Wei."
There’s a reason why Tiger Head didn’t tell you, but I saw the old man sitting in a chair like Zhong Lisa. The old man quickly served tea and squinted and snorted, but he didn’t get married for so many years, and he was a little ashamed of the old Hou family.
Hou Dacheng didn’t dare to interrupt the uncle’s business. He giggled for a moment, only to see that the old man took a sip of tea and narrowed his eyes and continued, "It’s not like going to the imperial city once or twice. Is it so difficult to get into my house without looking for me once? Or is it that I have to invite this tiger head to go?"
Hou Dacheng was even more afraid to cheep. At this time, there was a voice outside the door. "Your situation is different. Wang Zongguang, they are the soldiers I brought out to eat and drink. No one can say anything. If I am near your door, others should say that you have benefited me."
"When you come back, I can go to your house to kowtow to you and have wine with you. You are still at the door, so I won’t take a step." But I saw a Han shoulder carrying a big black boar that looked about 100 kilograms and stepped into the hall step by step.
"Burst" A wild boar was thrown to the ground and screamed that the wild boar was still alive, only to see this man waving his hand at Hou Dacheng. "This pig will be treated for a while to eat."
Chapter four hundred and ten The old man came to ask about the roots.
The old man squinted at Hou Tiger and walked into the hall step by step. Hou Dacheng had a good look and pulled Lisa away. He could see that his uncle wanted to talk to the old man because he was not good at listening.
"After so many years, you really haven’t been in my house at a time, and I’ve entrusted you several times to let you pass. As a result, your little bones are quite hard, but you won’t go anywhere." The old man squinted at Hou Tiger and said, "I don’t like the old man Song."
Hou Tiger leaned slightly to the old man and made a ceremony. "I will admit it if I want to fight or punish you, but I won’t go to the old Hou family until you retire. This temperament can’t make people say that I am not as good as squatting at home."
"A few gossips make you afraid of being like this. Are you still the tiger?" The old man was obviously dissatisfied, but Hou Tiger’s face remained the same. It was a light way. "You have seen more cases like this than me. If you talk too much, it will become true."
Hou Tiger kept the old man silent for a long time before he hoarse and said, "Wei Wei’s mother always said that she would come with me before you. Later, she felt that crowding round was not like visiting, so she wouldn’t come. She asked me to bring you something."
When I said this, I saw the old man secretly coming and handed him a small bamboo and rattan box. This box looks very old. The bamboo and rattan have turned yellow. The old man hit the bamboo and rattan box and put it on the coffee table. "Wei Wei came home to see me wearing that Chinese tunic suit and said that it would look good on you, but her hand allowance was saved for half a year and she finally bought it."
"But that time she went back in such a hurry that she didn’t take us, and it was only later that she found out." But I saw the old man rubbing his dark blue Chinese tunic suit, and his eyes were full of tenderness. "The child had a good eye, but she didn’t have this blessing. I always thought that if she hadn’t sacrificed at that time."
At this time, Hou Tiger’s eyes were a little red, and his nose was fanning and twitching, but he saw that even though he was covered with blood and faced with bullets, his hands were not shaking, and he gently pressed the suit with a slight shake.
The old man surnamed Song didn’t say anything, and his eyes were red. He got up and didn’t look away from his eyes.
"That’s why I didn’t want to go to see you and my aunt all these years." Hou Tiger’s hoarse eyes showed a little tenderness. He looked at this navy blue Chinese tunic suit and his lips trembled slightly. "I thought of her when I saw you. I know you will think of her when you see me."
I don’t know when I left the hall. When the tiger gently moved the bamboo and rattan box, it was like holding a fragile tofu.
"I dare not see your aunt’s bones. In fact, I really want to take care of your parents for her, but with Zheheng here, I think he will take care of your parents very well." Hou Tiger wiped his eyes and put the box away. "Zheheng later, we saw a lot.
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He also calculate promise "
The old man surnamed Song couldn’t help smiling from the heart when he heard Hou Tiger himself. "I didn’t know who I was when I learned two things from you, but I packed up a few Vietnamese ghosts who wanted to jump over. This made me face up in front of my old comrades, or I would have interrupted his dog legs a long time ago."
Hou Laohu smiled and held the old man to make tea for the old man. "Zheheng is not bad. This time I went to the imperial city and ran into a few people who didn’t know who did small things and didn’t bully, but they were good at calling Zongguang that little one to pick up and then get out of here honestly."