Unexpectedly, Wei Shi Qing got up and said, "Since Miss Pei invited Shi Qing, I should be ready."

Leng Mujin saw that her eyes were full of confidence and opened her mouth. Finally, she poured the wine into her mouth. The Emperor sat by and looked at Leng Mujin with a sneer. "Seventh brother, I’m afraid you know very little about poets?"
Leng Mujin looked at Leng Yumian indifferently and said, "Do you understand second brother?"
"I won’t be like you who don’t know how many surprises she has, but worry like a fool. If you just told your father that she can’t ride, wouldn’t you embarrass her in public?"
Leng Yumian said that Leng Mujin was speechless. Yes! It seems that he knows little about her. Just because he hasn’t seen her riding doesn’t mean she can’t!
Leng Yumian saw Leng Mujin listening to his words, which recently evoked a smile. He picked up the glass and drank it all at once. Leng Haozong was Leng Yumian, a mother and brother. Seeing that he was so fascinated by such a woman, he couldn’t help laughing. "Second brother has never seen a woman like you?"
Leng Haozong Leng Yu Ma has a completely different personality. Leng Yu Ma is a smiling tiger, but he never gets angry with people. Leng Haozong is a hot temper, and a little thing will make him adamant. Naturally, this kind of sex will not be a great achievement. He has no intention of fighting for that chair and helping the second emperor seize the office. Wouldn’t it be fun for the second emperor to sit in that position and be an idle report?
Leng Yu-ma is very familiar with his younger brother’s nature. He won’t discuss anything with him and ask him to do a good job of wooing courtiers.
Leng Yumian said with a smile, "Brother, don’t you understand that you haven’t married a princess yet?"
"Why don’t I understand? I already have a maid to accept the house, but that kind of stuff is also rationed for me to accept the house, but … I think this Miss Pei is quite good. "Leng Haozong stared at Pei Linger with great interest."
Horse light dance
"If you want to marry Pei Linger, you have to pull up Hui Fei Empress. Pei Linger is a niece of Hui Fei Empress. Her marriage will naturally be linked to interests, just like you? Do you think you can marry her? " Leng Yu Ma disdained to look at this disappointing younger brother.
Although this younger brother doesn’t live up to expectations, it’s still good for him. If it’s too disappointing, wouldn’t it be more than one person to grab the position of the dragon chair with him? After all, his own brother didn’t want the dragon chair and hurt his brotherhood. Leng Haozong helped him in this way, and his heart was more or less practical.
LengHaoZong squint at LengYuMa way "wait! I will definitely marry Pei Linger. "
The Five Emperors Leng Muyi drank alone and went to the theatre, ignoring the people around him. At this time, someone brought a white horse Pei Linger and performed on horseback.
After Pei Linger rode, the whip whipped the horse to make it run suddenly. From the back of the horse to the belly of the horse, he can still master the speed of the horse. Many princes and grandfathers praised, "Miss Pei is really impossible! A female riding is so exquisite. "
"Yes and yes! Let us men sigh. "
Wei Shi Qing looked at Pei Linger’s performance and really thought she was excellent … It’s not a good thing that someone outside the person is too arrogant.
Just like her Wei Shiqing, even though she has a five-level spiritual power and excellent martial arts, she never recognizes that she is very good. Every day, new people rise in this Jianghu, and one day they will die. Don’t underestimate your enemy. It is a cold-faced brake to teach her.
No matter how powerful you are, you will never underestimate your opponent and treat every opponent as someone who is better than you. Only in this way can you win.
Pei Linger listened to people’s praise for her, and the corners of her mouth rose higher. She returned to the horse’s back and jumped on the horse’s back while the horse slowed down.
The horse is still running. She takes out a flute from her back and dances while playing the flute. Every step follows the horse’s footsteps. Every time, she can step on her back safely. If you look around, no one in Longxiaoguo can stand taller. There are some things.
The flute is melodious, melodious and charming. Pei Linger is dressed in a light blue light shoulder and covered with a white gauze. The breeze gives people a feeling of flying high. Her hair is loose on her shoulders and slightly soft. With her light and graceful dancing, her demeanor is more beautiful. Everyone is so fascinated that they almost forget to breathe. I’m afraid Pei Linger can perform so well alone in this horse dance day.
The flute stops Pei Linger from riding back to his horse again. The horse is clever and goes back to its original place. Pei Linger salutes the horse and says, "Linger is a disgrace."
The emperor clapped his hands and said, "such a wonderful dance is rare in a hundred years!" It’s great to be good. Go back and I’ll be rewarded. "
Pei Linger responded with a smile "Xie Huang"
After seeing Pei Linger’s beautiful horse-riding dance, people didn’t expect much from Wei Shiqing. Pei Linger’s performance has reached a state that people can surpass. If it hadn’t been trained for decades, how could it have achieved today?
Fairy falls into the dust.
When it was Wei Shiqing’s turn, Wei Shiqing smiled at Pei Linger. "Miss Pei’s dancing skill is so superb that Shi Qing can’t compare with it."
Before Li Gonggong left, he asked, "Can a talented poet change into a light suit?"
"No, that’s it!" Wei Shiqing is wearing a purple gauze at this time, although it looks good, but it is more difficult to wear this dress to ride a horse!
Some of them, darling daughter, fawned on Pei Linger and said, "If poets don’t have this ability, don’t make a fool of themselves and lose their lives."
"That’s right! If you fall and lose your manners in front of the emperor, you will lose more than you gain. "
Wei Shiqing ignored what others said. At this time, Wei Shiqing brought another white horse. She straddled the horse and picked up the whip in her hand. Sometimes on the left side of the horse’s belly and sometimes on the right side of the horse’s belly, she suddenly stood on the horse’s back in the running.
Wei Shiqing threw the flute in his hand to Leng Mujin. Leng Mujin’s face was full of smiles and blew the music. Wei Shiqing stood on the running horse’s back with a little red lips. He was also ashamed and beautiful. If the pink peach petals behaved like a fairy, they stood like a fairy. It was like a fairy who dared not stare at a purple dress and let a long hair pour down. The purple dress was as beautiful as a flower, elegant and noble.
A melodious flute is blown up, and Wei Shiqing steps over the pear tree and flies on horseback. Suddenly, the number of delicate petals in the sky is flying gently in the sky, which is refreshing and intoxicating.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
In the rain and flowers all over the sky, at this time, the flute suddenly turned nasty, Wei Shiqing’s right foot shaft relaxed and long-sleeved charming body turned faster and faster as it spun on horseback, and suddenly it hung upside down with one hand on the horse.
Suddenly, a silver needle was inserted into the horse’s ass. The horse seemed to be possessed and ran wildly, and kept raising its front hoof as if to throw Wei Shiqing away.
Wei Shiqing knew that someone was secretly juggling and immediately flew out the long sleeves and wrapped them around the branches in front of him. At this time, Leng Mujin also saw the problem. Xiao came to an abrupt end and quickly caught it from the branches. Wei Shiqing worried, "Is Shi Qing okay?"
After he put Wei Shi Qing on the ground, Wei Shi Qing nodded his head and said "things"
At this time, Wei Shi Qing walked slowly to the lotus step, and the emperor naturally saw that the clue was lost by Wei Shi Qing’s dance. He got up and asked, "Can a poet be injured?" What’s going on? "
Wei Shi Qing shook his head and then glanced at the fallen horse. "That horse seems to be poisoned."
"What is it that people are so bold that they dare to play tricks in front of me?" It is normal for the emperor to be interrupted and angry when he finally appreciates such a beautiful dance.
At this time, Li Gonggong suddenly wrote a few words in the emperor’s ear. The emperor was furious and said, "Get out of here."
Leng Junlan didn’t know what was going on at the moment, but he still knelt down in the square and said, "Father, emperor and son don’t know what’s going on?"
"The so-called thing? Li Decai, you will show the black hawk to Taitai. "
In a short time, Li Gonggong took out the black eagle in the cage, which was already a corpse. The goshawk symbolized that if the king sent a dying goshawk to the emperor, wouldn’t it curse him to death? He is so natural that he can’t wait to ascend to the throne.
Be framed again
Leng Junlan watched in horror as the goshawk with no breath said, "The goshawk sent by my father and son is by no means dying. My father also saw it flying in the sky not long ago. How could it be … Father, someone must have deliberately set me up to get rid of me?"
The emperor cold hum a "deliberately set you up? The Black Hawk is behind me. Who can get close to Li Decai? Deliberately framing you is referring to me? "
"I dare not father … it is obvious that others want to set me up. If I know that this goshawk is dying, how can I dedicate it to my father? Isn’t this a slap in the face? Father, please think about it. This matter is never as simple as it seems. "Leng Junlan was very scared, but he said every word, which proved that he was actually very calm. This superficial panic was just for the emperor to see.
Wei Shi Qing couldn’t help feeling startled when she looked at the messy appearance at this time. Since when did she erect the enemy in the form? It’s still unclear whether she wants her life or not. It seems that all the palace ladies are masters, unlike those aunts and ordinary sisters in Xiangfu, who are easy to fool.
The emperor thought carefully about what Leng Junlan said, but he was still very angry and said, "I’ll settle accounts with you after I return to the palace."
After the emperor left, all the people were scattered. Seven emperors looked at Wei Shi Qing, "Shi Qing, who did you offend?" How can someone want to kill you again and again? "
Wei Shi Qing shook his head. "If I knew, I wouldn’t have to."
After the Seven Emperors sent Wei Shiqing back to the tent, Xiao Ran flew to Wei Shiqing’s arms. Leng Mujin smiled and touched Xiao Ran’s head and said, "This little thing is really a little human!"
"After all, it’s a wolf. Be careful that it will bite you when it grows up." Wei Shiqing said this with her mouth, but her face showed a spoiled look to the little wolf.
Leng Mujin was glad to see that she liked the little wolf very much, and said, "I’m going back to the palace tomorrow. After so many things happened in these two days, I have to be more careful."