In this world, it is impossible for a person to come even in Nan Yunqing to "lead a secluded life" when Xiao asked this realm, but Xiao asked it as if it could be done!

Once he felt the extra help, he immediately controlled it and transferred those ghosts to the outside!
There is no place for Xiao Wen to be afraid of the strength of the big fellow’s embroidery. It is that force that can’t catch the ghost gas without thinking about it. He actually sensed the ghost gas through the force!
The ghost gas seems to be under control!
An embarrassing scene appeared, and a mass of ghost gas immediately moved in the dark red Se claustrophobia. They were indeed dragged, but they flew back and forth in that movie instead of to the outside world …
How can we make them fly to the outside world?
Go over the formula quickly …
After a closer look, Xiao Wen will know that it is more difficult to let the ghost gas break through the boundary, and some people can’t help but feel nervous.
How can we not try when we have reached this point?
Come again! !
Outside, Nan Yunqing has been carefully observing Yang Rong and doing his duty. He flies wherever Nan Yunqing tells him to fly …
There are many people whose eyes are fixed on them, because they decide the next step of everyone’s action.
The gate of Zhongfu City is closed, even if it is outside the city, it is difficult to break through. Now Nan Yunqing is obviously trying to break the supply idea of the main city from the five peripheral towns.
Yes, she knows that she could have entered the small floating city in front of her long ago, and she is still observing from outside. First, she wants to take the opportunity to recuperate for a while. She knows better than anyone how much she is hurt …
I’ve seen enough. With a detailed plan in my heart, Nan Yunqing is ready to let Yang Rong go around the floating city for the last time to see if there are any omissions, and then announce her plan to everyone.
"Fly slowly around the city again," said Nan Yunqing.
"Good" Yang Rong immediately responded.
Lei Yun once again circled the floating city, and three people were quieter than one.
Seeing that it was going to fly for half a circle, Yang Rong suddenly moved a step sideways with a sense of horror. Nan Yunqing also suddenly turned to look at Xiao Wen’s direction, and Xiao Wen’s shoulder was ninety thousand, but he had already exclaimed and flew out in fear and looked at Lei Yun Xiao Wen anxiously!
"Xiao teacher younger brother? ! !” Yang Rong exclaimed, I could hardly believe my eyes. At this time, Xiao asked that his skin was black and he was sending out a dense chill, just like a demon!
Nan Yunqing also looked surprised and didn’t see what Xiao asked. Almost at the same time, Yang Rong whispered "Xiao asked!"
For a moment, I saw Xiao Wen’s thick Se, which was so thick that it melted and drifted out, but it didn’t disappear, but it just froze in the air!
Soon Xiao Wen’s appearance reappeared, but the black gas also spread big enough that several strands of horses were about to meet Yang Rong.
Yang Rong immediately took a step back in Lei Yun and also heard Nan Yunqing’s low voice "How is it possible to reach a secluded spot?" ! !”
Since I met Nan Yunqing, Yang Rong is definitely the first time to hear Nan Yunqing speak in this tone, which shows how surprised she is.
"Miss Nan, didn’t you say that seclusion is a high-level luck of seclusion? How could Xiao Shi?"
"But he is" Nan Yunqing betting tunnel at this time.
"This ….. isn’t Xiao Shidi a wizard who learns the ghost?" Yang Rong some uncertain tunnel
"I asked him about his progress before. Although his qualifications are good, it is impossible to be that good." Nan Yunqing truthfully said.
"It’s good to ask him later if he’s all right …" Yang Rong asked Xiao in a dying tunnel, but they sang the sword clan, which was possessed by him or injured, and he must be scolded.
At the same time, Xiao asked the body that the black gas had completely spread to Yang Rong in Lei Yun, knowing that it was seclusion, and he didn’t hide again. Indeed, there was nothing different after being shrouded in the black gas.
Xiao Wen, on the other hand, can actually vaguely feel the changes outside, but he still doesn’t stop trying to transfer all those ghosts out. Of course, he doesn’t practice, but wants Nan Yunqing to rest and let him fly to those floating cities with everyone.
But it’s not until the claustrophobia is a little bit, and the black gas seems to cover more than ten feet, so how many people can we take?
Before going out, he thought about the reason first and said it was inconvenient to tell …
Now he knows more and more about Nan Yunqing. If he doesn’t want to say that she won’t ask the wise men, will Yang Rongyang bother to ask …
Xiao asked whether or not he knew that the ghost gas from his body had covered more than ten feet and merged with this world. He immediately asked, "Miss Nan, do you think I can take people in this state?"
"It should be, but how can you have such control over your source?"
"It’s not convenient to talk about it now. I’ll tell you later when the time is ripe." Xiao asked directly and honestly.
Nan Yunqing looked at Xiao’s eyes and then nodded, "All right."
"Brother Yang, don’t tell anyone." Xiao asked quickly to Yang Rongdao.
"Good" Yang Rong laughed.