Chapter two hundred and seventy-one At stake

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"Is there any other exit for the little thing?" Ye Qianlong knew that if he didn’t leave Xanthium as soon as possible, he would find her soon.
The tree thought for a moment and said, "Xanthium sibiricum will definitely send someone to help us, so we will follow that person."
Ye Qianlong smell speech can’t help but say this, of course she knows, but who knows if Xanthium sibiricum will let people follow? If it is attacked by her from the dark, it will be difficult.
"I have an idea." Ye Qianlong suddenly smiled at the rose and said, "Take me to the exit."
Rose can’t help but froze. Dad is now asleep after drinking the potion. Mother, it is almost impossible if she wants to go out alone without revealing her identity. "Mother, you can’t take risks. How can I tell Dad if something happens to you?"
"Stupid rose left wounds they attack the enchantment outside. I want to help them break this enchantment. Does Xanthium still care about me? Will he run or not? "Ye Qianlong has already understood that she will run when the water rushes in and chaos occurs.
"Good Mother" Rose finally felt relieved when she heard Ye Qianlong say this. By the time they got to the door, the enchantment was crumbling.
Before Ye Qianlong’s hand, Ling has flown out to the enchantment, which is a palm. The already crumbling enchantment has been hit hard and shattered.
The dragon is fighting with the left wound. It never occurred to me that the enchantment suddenly broke behind him.
In a second, the Ministry of Water flooded in, and at this time, Xanthium sibiricum had reached the door. He saw a figure rushing out quickly and still couldn’t see it clearly, but the man had disappeared.
He thought of all kinds of uneasiness that happened today, and his heart was filled with feelings that he could not let Ang leave.
Xanthium sibiricum hand moved the small white dragonfly out and then Xanthium sibiricum chased it.
After Ye Qianlong came out, he took out a bottle of medicine and drenched himself. The fragrance quickly spread, and the rose and the fox were suddenly choked and coughed violently. The rose was dizzy and said, "Mother, what are you doing?"
"Rose, do you remember the little white dragon in Xanthium sibiricum?" Ye Qianlong sink a way
"Remember, we were discovered by Xanthium sibiricum several times that it was that guy." Rose was really choked and got into the rose ring.
"That guy can’t build high, but his sense of smell is very sensitive, so it’s easy to find us." Ye Qianlong ran with a strong wind, and the fragrance was instantly blown away.
The little white dragon was chasing Ye Qianlong, but after chasing him, he asked for a pungent smell, and then he couldn’t smell it. His sense of smell failed!
It panicked and searched in the same place, and soon Xanthium was chasing after it. Xanthium was not stupid, but he remained rational despite his anger, and the smell in the air was poisonous.
"So you can dump me? Dream "Xanthium words say that finish before the little white dragon suddenly turned into a big dragon towards the dense forest is fire.
The wind roared with the fire, and Ye Qianlong was trapped in the Woods by the fire before she ran out, which made her feel broken and could not fight again.
Gan Kun’s fan fell from the middle, but fortunately, the rose didn’t enter. She quickly stretched out several vines and dropped Ye Qianlong in the middle and then slowly put it away.
"What’s the magic of mother Xanthium? What’s the action of Gankun fan?" Rose and Ye Qianlong are hiding in a huge stone face. Ye Qianlong hears the water vaguely. She quickly leans over there and passes through a bush. A big river appears in her sight. This river is very fast and the fire is getting bigger and bigger. If we don’t leave, it will soon be burned.
Ye Qianlong shook his head once, but she didn’t understand why.
Looking at the raging river in front of her, a long whip was thrown, and then a thick trunk landed on the river. She flew along the raging river and quickly disappeared into the sea of fire.
Ye Qianlong rushed out of the disaster and was on the verge of landing, but she saw a familiar figure not far away. She plunged into the river with a jerk, and Xanthium was sure that she would come out from here, but he forgot that he could think of Ye Qianlong and he could think of it.
Seeing the trees floating not far away, he flew to the trunk, but found that there was no one except some dead branches
"Come!" Xanthium sibiricum shouted for a while, and then several men in black flew around. "Searching along the river can’t let her land."
"Yes," the man in black flew away, and his face was livid. He just deliberately waited here for someone to come out. He didn’t believe me and just took off.
At this time, Ye Qianlong was almost unable to hold back, but she found that there was a lot of water. Fortunately, Ye Qianlong took out a black robe and put it on himself.
When she passed a man in black, she obviously felt the inferno from that man in black, and when she looked back at the man in black, the man in black also found that he was wrong.
Ye Qianlong tried his best to pick up the dagger in his hand and stabbed it in the chest of the black dress person. The man had no breath before he reacted.
The smell of blood quickly spread to Ye Qianlong and swam quickly into the depths.
Looking at Ye Qianlong’s rose is very painful, but now that the magic statue has appeared, say that the magic statue has come. Once it is sold, the magic statue will certainly feel that her spiritual power fluctuates, and everything she did before Ye Qianlong will be completely understood.
Ye Qianlong, a person from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, knows that she is legally retired today.
But no matter what, she has to send Junyan out, otherwise she will be trapped in the park and never get out again.
"Rose, you take your dad with you." Ye Qianlong’s words were just spoken when he was caught by something. Rose was surprised and flew out, but she saw a pair of familiar eyes "Yiyi" in an instant.
"Don’t be afraid I’m coming." Night Lan Yi grabbed Ye Qianlong’s body, and then they were invisible and they were about to leave the crowd. But at this moment, a figure fell from the sky, and night Lan Yi looked up and saw a familiar face, and then her breath was disordered.