"Of course, you can come back to the political situation with us and call again!" The police are naturally very happy to hear that sobchak is willing to go back with them, which saves a lot of trouble to the other side. However, the Soviet legal scholars have to be careful when dealing with him. The political police have to be careful in case they are caught, but they will never admit it in person.

"Mr. Police, I have something in my car. I want to call my lawyer here before I go with you. Otherwise, if I lose contact like this, you can’t explain it to the media, can you?" Sobchak is right. The police didn’t stop him too much in this respect. Anyway, it was just a phone call. So sobchak went back to the car and dialed his student Igor. Igor was an associate doctor trained by sobchak. He has a small reputation in the legal field in Moscow. Over the years, the two have maintained a good personal relationship.
Sobchak didn’t wait long before he got through to sobchak and took this opportunity to talk. Igor said, "Igor, go to the court to represent me in the Churbanov case. I’m trapped by someone’s design!"
As soon as sobchak finished speaking, his receiver was robbed, and the words were quickly hung up. sobchak was unceremoniously taken out of the car and taken to the police car with his assistant and driver.
What happened when Igor froze over there? He quickly picked up his coat and briefcase and ran out. Igor drove the car to the court against time, but he didn’t expect that he was stopped by the bailiff outside the court. According to Igor, the bailiff just wouldn’t let him in and watched the trial become more and more urgent. Igor literally tore a page from his notebook and drafted an adjournment application. But when he submitted the application to the court, Igor was not Qiu Chan, and Banov entrusted the lawyer to refuse to accept the application.
When Qiu Banov was brought into court, he found that sobchak, who should have stayed in the defender’s seat, did not even show up, which made Churbanov nervous at once.
The judge first said to Qiu Chan Banov, "The criminal suspect Qiu Chan Banov is absent because you represent the lawyer. To be fair, the court will assign you a lawyer …"
"No, I refuse! Where have you taken sobchak? I refused to change my lawyer … "Qiu Chen Banov refused without thinking.
"Banov, I want to warn you that if you don’t have a lawyer, you can defend yourself!" The judge said in a slightly threatening tone
"I’d rather defend myself than you didn’t arrange a lawyer for me. You are all a group. I demand a fair trial …"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Sailors silence
"In view of the fact that the prosecution accused the criminal suspect Churbanov of clear facts and conclusive evidence, according to the provisions of the Soviet Criminal Law, the defendant Churbanov was convicted of corruption, abuse of duty, and the huge amount of property was not guilty of several crimes, and Churbanov was sentenced to seven years in prison and deprived of political benefits …"
In the absence of a lawyer, Churbanov was quickly led into a trap by the prosecution. Churbanov pleaded that there was no legal support, and he was defeated in the course of the trial. Churbanov originally planned to request an adjournment, but the judge rejected his application on the grounds that his reason for applying for an adjournment was insufficient because although his lawyer was not present, the court would assign him a lawyer’s office. Churbanov could not apply for an adjournment in the name of his lawyer’s absence.
Churbanov didn’t know that sobchak would be absent from today’s trial, but he kept trying to get in outside Igor’s court. Igor finally failed to do so. After the trial, Igor inquired about sobchak. It turned out that sobchak had been taken back to the political residence by the police together with his assistant driver. They were involved in a traffic accident and escape case.
Igor got the news and rushed to the political situation. Finally, he met sobchak from sobchak in the detention center. The first sentence was "How was the case? What was the result?"
"I’m sorry, teacher. I was forbidden to enter the trial site. I didn’t see Churbanov and I couldn’t defend him. He was sentenced to seven years in prison," Igor said with shame.
Sobchak sighed. Now that he thought about it, he was careless. The government promised to try the Churbanov case publicly, so he wouldn’t play tricks. But he didn’t expect to finally get to the road. Now there is a way to sue. So sobchak asked Igor to visit a Churbanov in his own name, and then he tried to calm down the remaining things before Igor left sobchak. He also asked him to inform Xie Liaosha of an incident.
So just one hour after the trial ended, Selyosha and others got the news that Churbanov had lost the case. He would spend seven years in Sailor Silent Prison. Selyosha had heard of Sailor Silent Prison when he was in Lubyanka. It was a special prison for violent crimes in the central part of Moscow, and it was famous in the prisoner world. But Sailor Silent is a prison where many hands are touched with people’s lives. Because the prison tattoo artist is very famous there, it is conceivable what kind of treatment Churbanov would receive if he was punished as the first deputy minister of the former political department in this place.
Selyoshama contacted Hassan and asked him to find a way to protect Churbanov from being harassed by other prisoners when the sailors were silent.
"Boss, the sailors are silent. Most of the guys over there are sent from foreign prisons. Moscow is a few gangs. I’m afraid we can’t talk!" Hassan found it difficult to say
"I don’t care what you do, even if you send yourself into the silence of the marines, you must protect Churbanov!" Xie took said sternly
"Is the boss! I will make sure that Churbanov is safe! " Hassan changed his frivolous attitude and said seriously that he had heard the seriousness of this matter from Xie took’s tone.
Selyosha and Hassan contacted each other after they explained the matter. Boris, who had been staying abroad, told him to return home quickly. Now that the judicial machine has taken Churbanov, they should go to the Mediterranean trading company.
Is Selyosha afraid that Mediterranean Trading Company will fall into the hands of ligachev? Of course, I’m not afraid. Although Mediterranean Trading Company has been acting as Glencore’s interest agent in the Soviet Union in recent years, it controls most of the trade volume of oil, natural gas, coal, aluminum and cotton in the Soviet Union. However, Xie Liaosha’s money laundering background naturally won’t leave any handle in this company’s accounts. Mediterranean Trading Company can only have a good time without Xie Liaosha’s support. Even if it is handed over to ligachev, Mediterranean Trading Company is just a shell.
Selyosha’s real worry is that ligachev and Mediterranean Trading Company put their hands into the Soviet Foreign Trade Bank and even the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. This is why Selyosha tried to stop ligachev.
Since ligachev wants to play dirty tricks, Liao Sha is absolutely ready to accompany the Soviet Union. Now he can’t do without Glencore, but he can’t do without Xie Liao Sha. Since ligachev wants to see it, let him see who is the most indispensable person in this country.
Selyosha thought calmly-he thought it was too dangerous for Churbanov to be controlled by ligachev, and it was best to solve this problem once and for all, so Selyosha reconnected with Hassan and said to him, "Hassan, help me think about how to get Churbanov out of prison!"
"Boss, do you mean to help Churbanov escape from prison?" Hassan asked doubtfully.
"Is Churbanov helped me a lot in the past, I owe him! Try to get him out of the silence of the sailors and send him to Switzerland! " Xie took confessed in the words
"Don’t worry, boss, I will handle it properly!" Hassan assured Xie took way
Hasan, who accepted Xie Liao Sha, immediately reported this matter to Petrov’s father. In recent years, Dad has been out of control of the gang’s affairs. Money laundering is too skillful. It is not Petrov, an old-fashioned figure who is used to talking with fists. He is now occasionally asking about Valentin’s arms business. By the way, the Gorky Brotherhood maintains political friendship, and most of the rest of the time he spends his energy on his favorite restaurant business.
Hassan was at a loss about the escape plan. He felt that he had no idea at all and could come to Petrov to discuss it.
"Sailors are silent! It’s really not easy? " Petrov Torre said with emotion
Sailor silence is a prison that everyone in Moscow has heard of. Its official name is N3-44. Sailor silence is the name of the street in front of this prison. This prison was originally established in 195 to detain political prisoners in Stalin’s later years. However, after Stalin’s death, many political prisoners were released or moved to a prison near Siberia, so it became a place for holding heavy criminals in Moscow. The original design capacity was 25 people. Now, I am afraid that four or five thousand people have been detained in it. Violent conflicts often occur because of the crowded environment, but so far this is the first prison for heavy criminals in the Soviet Union.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Provocations
Sobchak stayed in the political situation for half a day before coming out. As soon as he left the political situation, he contacted Xie took.
"Xie took I won’t swallow this tone. I want to tell these shameless scum to see if I am defending legal dignity …" sobchak said excitedly in his words.
"The teacher wronged you. I’m still in Gorky Moscow, so please!" Xie took lightly said that now Xie took has a new plan, and he is no longer counting on sobchak.
Selyosha asked Hassan to think about prison break, and Hassan was very confused, but it didn’t take long for Hassan to find a way to break into the silence of sailors.
Sailor Silent Prison has to go out to buy a lot of food every week because of holding a large number of prisoners. Japanese prison managers regard this as a way to make a fortune. Generally speaking, they will buy poor quality, cheap and inferior merchants on the black market and sell them to prisoners at high prices, such as some spoiled meat, moldy cigarettes, expired food and so on. Most of these things have to be bought from gangs specializing in this business in Moscow. Now some gangs around Moscow are running what they want. When Moscow comes to do business, it is more or less necessary to deal with the Gorky Brotherhood. Naturally, the Gorky Brotherhood also knows something about the silent prison of sailors
Hassan found pavlyuchenko, the "fish director" who had a deep relationship with the police, to settle this matter. In pavlyuchenko, Hassan arranged for him to choose a few good and clever younger brothers from his hands, found a header and was arrested by the police, and then was arranged to be sent to the sailor silence.
Hassan can finally plan one step after the successful placement of the application. At this time, Selyosha has returned to Moscow without putting too much pressure on Hassan. He did not ask about the progress of this matter. Then the judicial camera personnel came to the office of Mediterranean Trading Company in Moscow according to the result of Churbanov’s judgment. They took away some accounts and materials and took away some workers. Selyosha asked to cooperate with each other in the investigation. He knew in his heart that ligachev was in Moscow, but he could not find out that the real core of Mediterranean Trading Company had been in Naples for so many years.
Ligachev finally broke through the obstacles set by Selyosha, and the information brought back from Mediterranean Trading Company showed the unusual features of this company, which handled many large transactions of Soviet state-owned enterprises, which made Legachev more eager to completely control this company.
Hasan people spent a week in the silence of sailors and contacted Churbanov and Churbanov. They were also sent by KGB until Selyosha concealed Churbanov through sobchak. He would arrange someone to take care of Churbanov in the silence of sailors, which made Churbanov wary. After all, Churbanov was a ministerial cadre and didn’t dare to neglect his prison management. If it wasn’t too much, the prison management would meet him.
In this case, Hassan can take care of Churbanov by the prison management to facilitate the implementation of his own plan. For Hassan, nearly 5,000 prisoners were detained in the Sailor Silence Prison. For Hassan, these 5,000 prisoners were the key to help Churbanov escape. Hassan decided to plan a prison riot to cover Churbanov’s escape. Hassan soon found a suitable fuse in the prison to ignite the gunpowder barrel of sailors’ silence, an old law thief who was highly respected and prestigious in Slavic gangs.
Hassan’s plan is simple. Find a chance to kill this guy. Because of his prestige and status, his disciples will never stop. Then there will be conflicts in prison. This is the best time for Churbanov to escape from prison