"Right now," Yan Shaoqing said coldly, "shouldn’t your parents see that they have raised a troubled daughter?"

Jiang Jiang noticed that he suppressed his anger and stopped talking.
Heart Warm
It seems that it’s the first time something has happened, and she doesn’t need to make her own plans.
She didn’t do anything, even without saying a word, and someone took over to help her handle it properly.
Still in this aboveboard way.
Everyone has to look at his face. His opinion comes first.
And he she first
I’ve never felt this way before
Jiang Jiang looked out of the window and breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t speak.
In this way, even if her face is still hurt, she feels more secure than before.
Section 146
Late autumn nights are quiet.
The city is still neon-lit, but there are few people on the road.
There are also few cars.
Two people arrived at Jiang’s house at two o’clock in the morning.
Yan Shaoqing called Jiang Yu directly when he stopped, waking him and Chu Yuying.
When he and Jiang Shao go in, Jiang Yu and Chu Yuying have already gone upstairs.
The hall looks spacious.
The lights are dazzling
Looking up, I saw Yan Shaoqing coming in with Jiang Jiang, and Chu Yuying’s eyes were straight.
Look happy about surprise.
Where is there any drowsiness?
I don’t think about what it means for these two people to come back in the middle of the night. I smiled and made tea.
Jiang Yu was as usual, and there was no displeasure in his heart. He invited Yan Shaoqing to sit on the sofa.
Look up and take a look at Jiang Jiang’s face. "How did you hurt your face?"
"She was bullied at school," Yan Shaoqing said lightly. "Three social gangsters tried to round J, and she was unfortunately discovered by two students."
"what!" Jiang Yu was shocked.
Chuyuying didn’t spill his hand when he brought tea.
Yan Shaoqing lifted her eyes and took a look at the two men’s lips. With a sneer, she slowly said, "Uncle Jiang’s upbringing of his daughter is really eye-opening."
"…" Jiang Yu’s face sank. "What do you mean, Shao Qing?"
"Where is Jiang Qing?" Yan Shaoqing (turn)
"Sunny is sleeping upstairs" ChuYuYing consciousness mouth.
"Oh?" Yan Shaoqing crossed his legs and looked at Jiang Yu. In his doubts, he swallowed his eyes and laughed and sneered, "How can she sleep peacefully by looking for someone to humiliate her sister? It’s really forgiving. "
Chapter 9 Rebellion from relatives and friends
His voice export Jiang Yu mercilessly leng one.
For a long time, I still felt unbelievable and hesitated. "… What do you mean? The thing is …"
Chuyuying also silly reluctantly end good cup "pa" a pour on the tea table hot tea poured a piece directly, but she didn’t have time to tidy up lift eyes looked at YanShaoQing equally shocked in the past.
"Yes" YanShaoQing look cold nods.
"How is that possible?" ChuYuYing rubbed hands and laughed "sunny sunny didn’t go to school at home today? We agreed to buy a plane ticket for a trip to country H on a good day. "
YanShaoQing look at her too lazy to talk.
Eyes rested on Jiang Yu.
Jiang Yu knows others well, and he has believed for seven points.
Be furious
Take a deep breath and confirm again, "Are you sure it’s her?"
"The three men who bought it have admitted that they have been temporarily taken into custody at the police station, and the students in the school have also been taken. There are witnesses and fingerprint evidence. Do you think it is uncertain that I will come to Jiang’s house in the middle of the night?" Yan Shaoqing said coldly, "The school has promised to call Jiang Qing in addition to the student status punishment. Since I called the police, I will make decision for Jiang Jia if she doesn’t want this family."
Jiang Yu’s face could not be darker.
A long time flustered got up and took two steps back and forth toward the nanny room and said, "Somebody! Come! "
As early as he and ChuYuYing came, someone woke up in the nanny’s room.
At this moment-
The older Wu Ma hurried out and replied, "Say it, sir."
"Go upstairs," Jiang Yu ordered with trembling fingers and two fingers. "Go upstairs and bring me Jiang Qing."
Wu Ma rushed upstairs.
In the hall—
Suddenly no one spoke again.
Yan Shaoqing glanced at the side of his head, and Jiang Yan came out later. Xiaoli said, "Do you have an ice pack?"
"This ….." Small li sip lip "no"
"Cold drinks?"
"This one has"