Of course the queen mother can compromise …

"Mosquito, this is the first time I lied to my mother. I’m a little scared …" Nan Lichuan held his chest, but he was resourceful and highly praised Mosquito. "Mosquito, you can take whatever you want in this palace … it’s a reward for you!"
"Little mosquitoes don’t want anything. It’s the greatest honor to be with the emperor!" Flattery is enough!
Zhuge Yue’s modesty with a small mosquito really kills him!
If it weren’t for his or her freedom, how could this talkative unlucky child have disappeared?
The eyes really jumped from one pit to another and became a queen. She still seemed to escape!
"Month you promised to be my queen! I finally did it … "Looking at Nan Lichuan, I was so happy that I danced like a child. Zhuge Yue really couldn’t laugh at all …
I lied to him, a white lie, but I didn’t expect to be cheated by myself!
It’s really a wave of unrest …
"The queen mother came …"
Zhuge Yue has just woken up and her bones are empty, but it’s one thing to be free when she hears these words, but she doesn’t want to die yet!
Leave a green hill without worrying about firewood.
If the queen mother finds out that she cheated her, she will never lie to her with her own knife. If one of them dies, it will be bad luck for her!
With a hurried footsteps followed by the queen mother came in …
A well-maintained, calculating face can still see the beauty and publicity of youth.
The gas field is strong and can be felt as far as ten meters!
Li Gonggong is full of servility beside her!
As soon as she entered the door, she saw Zhuge Yue at first sight!
The sharp eyes shot Zhuge Yue all over like a machine gun. If it’s a machine gun, Zhuge Yue is now in the shape of a honeycomb briquet …
"See the Empress Dowager Empress in the wind and blue moon …" Since you don’t want to die, you still have to have a palace, but you can’t be a man with a heart than a palace!
The queen mother’s cold eyes swept Zhuge Yue without saying anything, so she knelt down and squatted half-squat, which was worse than squatting!
It seems that if you want to give her a Mawei!
Zhuge Yue is recovering from a serious illness. After a while, his face will sweat and fall off directly!
But … fortunately, there is …
South Lichuan went to her side. "You’d better get up first every month. Chuaner pays his respects to his mother …"
Zhuge Yue heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this pardon from South Lichuan, but … Everything is obviously not that easy!
"Wait …" The queen mother gave birth to the cold sound, which caused the surrounding gas to plummet several degrees!
The north wind blows like ice skates, Zhuge Yue blows!
"I heard that you and Chuaner met on a private visit. Where was it?" The queen mother will throw bombs as soon as she comes. All kinds of threats. Chapter 88 One or two?
"I heard that you and Chuaner met on a private visit. Where was it?" As soon as the queen mother came, she threw bombs and forced questions!
But it’s okay … Little mosquito told her the details just now!