"Go ahead, what is it?" Without reading the secret letter, Ye Guchen asked him directly. He knew that Aaron must have read it first, otherwise he wouldn’t bother himself.

"Your honor, according to our information, Long Jun, a big fellow in Daqin Black Armor Camp, has sent experts to Jiangnan. Now he has arrived in Liuzhou and is stationed in Liuzhou Feng family. Moreover," Aaron said that he hesitated for a while and didn’t know what to say.
"And what!" Ye Guchen has frowned when he heard this story with the Feng family in Liuzhou. He and the Feng family don’t know many things, but Ye Guchen is still fresh in his memory. He has long wanted to find the Feng family in trouble. It’s just that he didn’t have time. When he heard that the Feng family was involved with the Da Qin Black Armored Battalion master Long Jun, he had already killed his heart. Seeing Aaron’s mother-in-law appearance was even more dissatisfied.
"And it seems that the south king of the town is also involved. According to our investigation, this time their goal is to hide the Sword God. It is also estimated that they also want to write a novel about the strength of our Royal Guards South Camp. You know that the south king of the town has some dissatisfaction with the court and has a great idea of self-reliance for us. It is not a day or two for the Royal Guards to want to eradicate us. It is important to recognize the Sword God’s secret hiding, but it is not worth the blood of the big fellow. Long Jun Daqin Black Armored Camp and the tripartite forces of the south king of the town may jointly recognize them this time. We are their main target to deal with us. They want to take the opportunity to eradicate the strength of the Royal Guards in the south. This time, because we robbed the treasure map, you personally killed more than a dozen innate masters and offended the major forces in the Jianghu. If they join forces at this time, I am afraid that our 3,000 Royal Guards are not enough. Adults have to guard against it! " Aaron said in a low voice that what he is good at is intelligence detection and analysis. His words deserve Ye Guchen’s consideration.
Hearing this, Ye Guchen frowned and slowly sat down to look at Aaron banging on the mahogany table in front of him. After a long time, Ye Guchen got up and said coldly, "No matter what they want to do, this is my territory in Jiangnan. I’m in charge of them. Since Long Jun and the king of Zhennan want to play, we can just accompany them. You should immediately send someone back to Tianmen Mountain to report this matter and command him to invite several elders to go to Jiangnan secretly. I’m going to catch them all this time!"
After hearing this, A Long’s eyes flashed with excitement. He knew that there was going to be a big war, and he was very excited about it, as if his whole body trembled and shouted respectfully "Yes!"
Speak quickly proffering flaming and turn away.
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Chapter sixty-six Fire spirit bead jasper spoon
However, when Ye Guchen was sitting in the Royal Guards Camp outside Liuzhou, he discussed how to deal with the tripartite joint affairs of the town of Nanwang Heijia Camp and Blood Long Jun, and those people in the Feng Family Courtyard in Liuzhou were not idle.
Zhu Xiangyu, the south king of the town in the Feng Family Courtyard in Liuzhou City, is sitting in the center of this hall. There are three people in this hall, besides Zhu Xiangyu, there is also a tall man in black armor, a middle-aged man covered in bloody brocade and holding a folding fan. Three people look at each other and sit quietly without saying a word.
Outside this hall, hundreds of masters armed with weapons left the hall wrapped tightly, and the master Feng’s youngest son smiled bitterly at each other in this courtyard. Although this is Feng’s floor, this is Feng’s mansion, but now their master has turned into a slave’s house, but they can wait in this courtyard.
"Father, what do you mean by this town south king? He actually invited the blood Long Jun and the black armor camp master. If it is known by the Royal Guards, it will be a death sentence. "Feng Qing whispered beside Feng Master Feng Wanshan.
With a wry smile, Feng Qing Feng Wanshan Nai said, "Now the Feng family has been tied to the chariot of Zhennan King. Do you think Zhennan King will promise if we quit? Even if he agrees, will the Royal Guards believe us? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
This made Feng Qing speak for a while, and then he seemed to think of something in his eyes and said in a low voice, "When my father was at the front end, it was said that Ye Guchen of Jiangzhou Ye Family had been promoted to the command of the Royal Guards and became a master. We are not bad with Ye Family, and Ye Guchen was once our son-in-law of Feng Family. Do you think we are?"
Feng Qing’s words made Feng Wanshan’s eyes shine, and then he was a little lost and wry. "If Yuqing didn’t die, there is still room for discussion. After all, at the beginning, we were good with him and Ye Gujia, but now Yuqing’s physical death has not even found the body. Even if it is clear, I am afraid that Ye Guchen will not pay attention to our Feng family. Alas, this matter can go one step at a time."
"Father, this matter is important. Anyway, we always have to try, don’t we? I think people will tell the news to Ye Guchen Ye Guchen, and I have seen things in those years. Although it is inevitable that they have some resentment towards my Feng family, I think he should be able to understand that Yu Qing died because of his body, and he wouldn’t make such a decision. Even if he can’t change his mind and help us Feng family, you know that the forces of the Royal Guards are not ours to compete with. Even though the South King of Zhennan has found a black armor camp and a master of blood Long Jun this time, the outcome is still unpredictable. A camp and blood Long Jun are one in Daqin and one in the big fellow, but they can still clap their asses and leave. Then it will be our Feng family who will suffer. We have to prepare early. "Feng Qingshen said that he is nearly fifty years old, and his thoughts are very mature. It is called foresight. He naturally sees these things clearly, and he knows what is strong and weak.
"Alas, I can do this. Blame me Feng’s family for being a scum like Feng Lan, who has harmed my Feng family in this way. Don’t say that I have to be controlled by the king of Zhennan. It’s really a pity." Feng Wanshan said that things have come to this point and he doesn’t know what to say.
Here Feng Qing nodded and turned away from the other side of the hall. Nanwang has spoken. "Two of us don’t do shady things. Did I make it clear in the letter that you brought something?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Of course, we have brought the Jasper spoon from Black Armor Camp. I wonder if you have brought the Blood Dragon Ammunition Lingzhu?" The black armor big fellow hey hey smile to look at the distance the hand-held folding fan bloodstained garment.
Black armor camp blood Long Jun Royal Guards are not harmonious, and it is often difficult to fight with each other. This black armor man always speaks unconsciously when he sees blood dragon soldiers, with a hint of provocation.
"This matter is very important. My blood Long Jun naturally brought something, and besides, I also brought two hundred blood Long Jun masters to ensure that this matter is lost in one thousand." The middle-aged man with a folding fan smiled and shook his hand with a folding fan.
"oh? That being the case, I’m going to apply again. This time, the three parties will jointly get what they need. If you help me completely eradicate the forces of the Royal Guards in the south, his hand is even more important. Those Royal Guards are stuck in my throat like a fishbone in the south, which makes me very uncomfortable. I hope you can help me understand that he is talking about other things. I don’t need the sword god to hide it and share it with you both. "King Zhennan sat there and said this with a high voice. When he said this, his eyes looked deeper than deep. No one could guess what was going on his mind.
"Hey, hey, this nature, we will naturally help the report to say that Ye Guchen is there. If you don’t say that we will also solve the ridiculous problem, it is not enough for the Royal Guards to hide the treasure map in vain. Even if he is a broken virtual master, he will never hit the sword god Xie Feng. What he hides is far from being as simple as what is said outside." The bloody clothes student said slowly with a hey hey smile and shook the folding fan.
Xie Feng, the sword god, is a secret. Although many people know about this matter, they really know the value of it. These two forces, Heijiaying and Long Jun, fought in secret a hundred years ago. They won the Fire Pearl and Jasper spoon respectively, and the treasure map was also lost in that war. If the war had not caused heavy losses to both sides, they would not have fallen behind the Royal Guards.
However, all this is worth it. What the Sword God Xie Feng keeps in secret is absolutely qualified for them to sacrifice everything. It is definitely worth their sacrifice.
Chapter sixty-seven Feng family tidings
In the middle of the night, tens of thousands of people outside the Royal Guards Liuzhou Camp are wearing armor and holding soldiers. Under the banner of the king of the south of the town, they slowly enter from all directions, and the packages of the Royal Guards Liuzhou Camp outside the city are coming in from all directions.
The 3,000 Royal Guards led by Ye Guchen are stationed in the mountain stream outside Liuzhou to avoid causing panic. These tens of thousands of troops are surrounded by all directions, which naturally blocked the retreat of the Royal Guards. You know, behind them is the continuous Minshan Mountain Range, which is blocked by a Minjiang River that spans dozens of miles. The only exit is the rugged path in front of them. It is naturally hidden here on weekdays, but it is very passive once it is besieged.
At this moment, Ye Guchen is sitting in this big camp and closing his eyes to practice. Although he has reached the innate state, Ye Guchen still hasn’t given up his practice. When he reaches this state, he feels the beauty of practice. Every time he absorbs the aura of heaven and earth into his body, the light and refreshing feeling makes people fascinated, and a sense of satisfaction fills his whole heart.
Nowadays, Ye Guchen’s acquired strength has transformed the innate qi. Compared with the acquired strength, the innate qi is more powerful and more solid, but the number is relatively reduced. Many Ye Guchen meridians are not as full as before. After being washed by a new energy, Ye Guchen meridians become more tenacious, but the total energy is reduced.
The process of constantly absorbing the aura of heaven and earth and transforming the innate qi is not complicated, but the feeling is not full. Yuzryha Gu Chen knows that he has a long way to go, and he wants to keep climbing, so he never stops practicing by himself, even in the busiest time, he always takes some time to practice.
"My Lord, there are people outside who claim to be the Feng family in Liuzhou, saying that they have a hundred urgent things to tell you!" Just at this time, suddenly a long sound came in outside the tent.
Aaron’s words: Yuzryha Gu Chen stopped practicing, and then frowned when he opened his eyes. He didn’t know that the Feng family in Liuzhou came to find something for himself. After the marriage, he seemed to have nothing to do with the Feng family. What’s worse, now they seem to belong to the king of Zhennan, right?
"Let him in" thought for a moment. Ye Guchen gave such an answer. He decided to meet the Feng family first to see what they were looking for.
Soon the Feng family followed Aaron’s footsteps and quickly came in. It was a 60-year-old man with white hair and an old face. The whole person wore a gray robe and followed Aaron into the account. After that, he quickly knelt down and saluted Ye Guchen and said, "Old slave Feng sees adults."
Looking straight at Feng Ye Gu Chen Xiu’s nature, it is not difficult to see that this Feng belongs to the top ten ranks and differs from this Aaron by a few. It seems that this person is not in a low position in the leaves’ home. He glanced at Ye Gu Chen before him and nodded lightly and then said, "Feng, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network. What can I do for you? "
"My Lord, I was ordered by my master to come and tell you. Hundreds of superior soldiers from the Black Armor Battalion and Blood Dragon jointly dispatched 50,000 troops to encircle you. Our master just got the news and sent me to tell you this matter quickly." Feng quickly knelt there and said that he was quite serious about Ye Guchen’s question and dared not be careless.
If he were to face others, he might still have the pride of the ten masters, but when facing Ye Guchen, who has the innate master strength and is extremely powerful, he has no pride at all, and when he speaks, he is a slave.
"Well, I know about this matter, but forget it. Go back." Ye Guchen said with a frown. When he said this, two most important questions popped up in his heart. First, what should the Feng family do to help him tell himself the news? Aren’t they on the same line as Zhennan Wang? And I seem to have nothing to do with them. The second question is what? The King of Town South mobilized 50,000 troops, but he didn’t have any news at all. According to the truth, the detection ability of the Royal Guards is a double blood. Hundreds of experts in Long Jun Black Armor Camp can be investigated. There is no reason for 50,000 troops to mobilize themselves, but I don’t know. You know, this is a 50,000-strong army, and it has to stretch for more than ten miles. If it weren’t for blindness, you could see that the Royal Guards intelligence system is all over the sky.
These two questions have puzzled Ye Guchen and Yuzryha Guchen. The second question is to think about it. There are two possibilities: one is that the intelligence system of the Royal Guards was devastated by the other party, and the other is that someone betrayed the Royal Guards. There is no way to explain this except these two points.
But the first question is Yuzryha Gu Chen is very confused. According to the truth, the Feng family has a grudge against themselves. They should be the people who don’t want to live the most. Once they are alive, it is a threat to the Feng family, especially because they are now extremely powerful. The Feng family has the slightest resistance in front of themselves. They should want to die the most. How can they come over and tip them off?
It seems that Ye Guchen’s mind knelt there, but Feng hesitated for a while and said in a low voice, "My Lord, I can’t walk today, and hundreds of masters with 50,000 troops are coming out of the mountain. There is a way that I can’t walk. Feng is ready to die today, but I know that it should not be a problem for adults to repair if they want to leave, so I don’t want to say something today. Please allow the old slave to say it."
This Yuzryha lone Chen leng leng glanced at next to Aaron low said, "you go out to decorate the rule against all people preparing for the fire at the same time to launch fireworks signals to the surrounding dark piles for help! I still have some things to wait for! "
"It’s an adult". People like Aaron will naturally not stay here. Even if Ye Guchen doesn’t command him, he will find a reason to leave what he has heard. After hearing this command, he quickly fuels his life and then turns away.
Chapter 60 The Beauty Died
Looking at a burly figure wearing a bloody robe, Aaron sat in the center of this tent, dressed in a bloody robe, embroidered with splendid Kirin long hair hanging from the back of his head and chest-high leaves. He quietly looked at Feng and said slowly after a long time, "What can I do for you?"
"My Lord, do you know what my gentleman was ordered to break off an engagement at the beginning? What is the three-year contract? Ye Jia and Feng Jia have been friends for generations. Ye Jia helped Feng Jia in the most critical time. Feng Jia is not an ungrateful person. How can a person do such treacherous things? All this is really for a reason, "Feng knelt there and sighed.
However, Ye Guchen’s face is not very good. It’s no big deal that the Feng family broke off their engagement. A person who came through has no special feelings for the little girl in Miss Feng’s impression, and there is no life-and-death lover. He is not sad that this matter was humiliated by Ye’s laughingstock near Jiangzhou, and at that time it was the most dangerous time for Ye’s family. This matter has always been a heart disease in Ye Guchen’s heart. His face is naturally ugly.
"The purpose of your coming here is to make a special trip to the Feng family as lobbyists? It was the Feng family who arranged for you to say so, right? Wrong novel network many words "Ye Guchen sneer at a said murderous look in the eyes a flash.
"No, it’s not that the master arranged it. I say it’s really an old slave who doesn’t spit. The old slave is also going to die. This time, I will get away with it. Even if it’s an adult, you want to kill me. I will tell it. It’s not that Feng’s kindness is really a matter of course. Feng’s doing this not only for Feng’s family, but also for you and Ye’s family." Feng excitedly said that when he spoke, his body trembled a little.
"Hum me leaves home? Then tell me about it! " Leaf solitary Chen heard this cold hum a immediately said.
"This is actually the case." Feng saw Ye Guchen willing to listen to himself and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, showing a lot of relief, and then slowly said what had happened.
Feelings: Miss Feng Yuqing, although she was fourteen years old at that time, was already well-known as the first beauty in the south of the Yangtze River. Many people adore Miss Feng. It is no secret, but sometimes things are like this. Sometimes it is not a good thing for women to be too beautiful.
Miss Feng Yuqing, a beautiful and moving town, was greatly moved when she saw Wang Shi in the south, so she took the initiative to come to the Feng family. The Feng family refused, but I didn’t expect Wang Shi in the south of the town to refuse to give up and threatened to destroy Feng family and Ye family. This made the Feng family afraid and had to compromise on this matter.
Want to know the town south king is the biggest captaincy mercenary millions stationed in the southern border to resist the invasion of barbarians. The strength of the well-trained division is amazing. Even the famous emperor has to comity three points, not to mention a small Feng family. Although the town south king is not a river’s lake middleman, there is no such organization as a royal guard, but it still has a large number of experts on the network, including five innate experts. Needless to say, how dare this Feng family offend the town south king? It is also a very tactful way to refuse Wang Shi in Zhennan.
However, I didn’t expect that Wang Shi of Zhennan was furious and invited Wang Xin of Zhennan, which made the Feng family have no way to wait for concessions. However, the Feng family did not immediately promise to say an agreement that Feng Yuqing had an engagement and was still young, and made an agreement that Ye Guchen could reach the innate state in three years, so the engagement would still count. If Feng Yuqing could not be reached, he would marry Wang Shi of Zhennan.
In fact, this is an appropriate plan, and everyone knows it. There is no doubt that three years ago, everyone knew what level Ye Guchen was, so it was not enough to worry about the impassability of meridians. It was impossible for people to reach the innate state root in three years. First, the Feng family also left a glimmer of hope for Ye’s family, although this hope was slim. Second, Wang Shi, who was in the south of the town, made him think that the Feng family was face-saving and had to make such a rule. In fact, all this was because the Feng family was delaying, hoping to find a solution, although they themselves were white.
"Are you? So that is it? Well, in that case, I don’t blame you. There was nothing anyone could do about it at that time, but now that this matter has come out, Ye Guhe Feng’s hatred may not be friendship, but the engagement matter is still forgotten. Ye Guchen doesn’t need such an engagement. "Ye Guchen breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this and immediately said so. Although he said that he could understand the situation of the Feng family at that time, they were forced to make a choice and would do the same for themselves, but he still couldn’t forgive this matter. However, his engagement with Miss Feng naturally ceased to count.
"This old slave has long known that you would say this, but even if you don’t mind this matter, your engagement with my young lady is afraid of being fulfilled." Feng sighed and her eyes were a little moist.
Ye Guchen didn’t speak, but looked at Feng Feng with a sigh and continued, "My lady, alas, although I don’t know what you think, has been loyal to you since I got engaged to you, and I have never been sorry for you. Even when the Feng family was in the most crisis, my lady never wavered. She is virtuous and gentle, but she had a big fight with her master and several young masters several times and was never shaken in the room for half a year. Unfortunately, my lady is a beauty." Half a year ago, Wang Shi of Zhennan was drunk and watched my young lady lead the servant girl into the mountains with the intention of molesting my young lady. My young lady refused to fight to the death and jumped off the cliff on the spot. Now it is already a bone. "
"bones?" Ye guchen’s eyes moved when he heard this, and he felt so sad that he didn’t know what to say at the moment. Frankly speaking, this theory of Feng Guru, Feng Yuqing, was loyal to herself. If she had another chance, Ye guchen felt that she would forgive her. No, she didn’t do it. Ye guchen felt that she would accept her.
Well, the Feng family searched for dozens of days and sent thousands of people into the mountains to search for the remains of the young lady. Finally, a cenotaph was built to show comfort to your honor. Before she died, my young lady told her to tell you that she was "sorry for not serving you in this life, but I will repay you if you have the opportunity in the next life."
Feng has choked up when he said this. It seems that his feelings for this young lady Feng are not shallow, but Feng’s words are a little uncomfortable for Yuzryha.
It’s not love, it’s naked touch. For such a person, Ye Guchen really knows that he should cherish it. He is not an inexperienced person. He has traveled through many people, but he has never seen such a spoony and loyal woman. He doesn’t know what to say at the moment. He knows that if Feng Yuqing is still alive, he will definitely marry her.
After a long time, Ye Guchen looked at Feng with a sigh of relief and said slowly, "I know. Go ahead. Don’t worry, your lady’s business is my business. I won’t let go!"
Feng Yuqing naturally has plans. Yes, it’s a shame to ask for tickets. Thank you brothers and sisters for your support. The gods are grateful.