Now, laughter is everywhere in Tongbo. After all, this siege is literally the fiercest siege in this month. The toughness of the Xuanjia master is deeply impressed in the hearts of the people of Tongbo. Every warrior who took off his armor has gathered a lot of ordinary people around the daughters of those generous fishermen and almost robbed people.

In contrast, Takeda Hararo was actually partly responsible for the defeat of the Japanese camp. After all, he underestimated the fighting capacity of the Xuanjia master. Although he had heard the soldiers who fled back say that they were the "Tianbao Army", Takeda Hararo recognized that this was an excuse and didn’t take it to heart. I didn’t expect to pay the price for his mistake today. Takeda Hararo knew very well that if he didn’t have reinforcements who had just arrived, Tongbo people would definitely hunt them down and come out. Then the loss would not be so much.
It pains me to think that my brother’s body is still left in the city wall. Master’s body is still parked in the barracks behind, but my brother may not have a chance to return to his hometown.
"Takeda heard that you received a blow today? It’s not like you. It’s just a summer city. How can you be called’ Asura’? " Accompanied by a burst of laughter, a Japanese man picked out a big curtain and leaned in. Judging from his dress, he is also a commander no less than Takeda Hararo. After all, not everyone in some barren countries has good armor and excellent Japanese knives.
"You’re here? Thanks to you this time, if it weren’t for your ten thousand troops, I’m afraid my loss will be more than that this time. "Although the words of the opposite person are full of banter, Takeda Hararo doesn’t care at all, so the two of them are not extraordinary
"I didn’t expect you to lose so much this time, even Mr. Watanabe is here. The emperor has been loyal to me, and I’m going to worship his old man’s house to learn a knife flow." The Japanese people across the street said regretfully
"Come on, Weaving tian teacher said that you are like a monkey who has not grown up. We have the heaviest mentality. You can’t learn anything like this." Takeda Hararo smiled and then his voice was low. "Not only the teacher just fought this battle, but my brother Song Xinxiong was also killed by an unknown summer man!"
"Those black summer people exactly is what position? I have just seen the war situation. Your team has attacked Chengtou several times, and these black armor people gave it to the summer wall. When did you train such an army in summer? " The man known as Zhitian is also serious. He knows that Tongbo City is not so easy to get.
"Although it is supplemented by your army now, it is still very difficult to directly conquer this Tongbo City and turn it into our offensive frontier base. I hope teachers and brothers will bless me in heaven."
"Ha ha, teacher Watanabe will definitely smash your ass with a bamboo knife when she sees you like this." Oda laughed. "I’m here to help. It’s definitely not a problem to rely on your strength. Now it’s just time to save me a trip in vain." Oda said a few words to her hands.
"Weaving Tian Zhen Village, do you really have a way to break this iron drum-like city?" Takeda Hararo’s eyes shone again.
"Those military men, like Tongbo City, don’t just rely on having a hard tortoise shell. Speaking of it, people in the summer really know like a tortoise that it’s not a good thing to keep them away from the tortoise shell being destroyed by us?" Oda Shinmura is still that cynical.
"Do you have any way to let them leave Tongbo City and fight with us in the wild?" Takeda Hararo is very interested.
Just as they were talking, two Japanese men dragged a soldier from the East Coast covered in blood into the camp.
Seeing the blood, the Xia people know the character of weaving Tian Zhen Village. Takeda Hararo frowned. This seemingly human and animal harm weaves Tian Zhen Village, which is the most cruel than the most like to kill others. It is obvious that the Xia people’s limbs are interrupted at a glance and it is cruel. The sledgehammer smashed this Xia people a little bit, but it seems that it is not an ordinary soldier.
"What are you doing here with a summer soldier? Don’t say that’s why you came all the way here. "Takeda Hararo hid from the soldier and spit out one mouthful blood sputum.
"You don’t know this. This is not an ordinary soldier. I heard that it is called’ Flying Lei Jun’. It is the personal guard of the owner of the Hokuriku. Don’t say that he is really strong. I even had the strength to scold me for his limbs. I saved him a lot of fun before he died, didn’t you think so?" Speaking and weaving Tian Zhen Village stepped on the soldier’s severed limb and crushed it. It was a moment of severe pain that made the soldier faint.
"If you let me watch your abnormal hobby, forget it. It won’t help the battlefield. Are you going to make the people of Tongbo surrender by torturing this soldier?" Takeda Hararo turned his back and didn’t want to see this scene again.
"Somebody bring me water to wake him up and apply some medicine to his wound. Don’t let him die." Woda Zhencun doesn’t mind Takeda’s expression. Anyway, I won’t mind knowing him since I was a child
"I said Takeda, why are you in a hurry? I didn’t come to the summer. How do you say that sentence is right or not to entertain you? Do you know what this’ flying Lei Jun’ will appear in my hand? You certainly can’t believe that they are surrounded by Liu Wang Zhu Jie in a remote town. This is to ask for help and blame his bad life for hiding in a fishing boat. You know that my fleet is just looking for the sea. He fell into my hand, but this man is also burdened. Seeing my foot soldiers playing with the fishing boat owner’s daughter, I can’t help it. It’s really no military conduct
"Dog … grandpa dog day … will live sooner or later … and tear you alive!" The soldier who just woke up couldn’t help but glower and say these words intermittently when he heard the words of Oda Shinmura. He thought that he had brought trouble to the father and daughter, and he felt very regretful at that time. At that time, the father knew that he was carrying a heavy burden and told himself not to come out, but it was hard for him to hold back when he heard that several Japanese people had done things worse than animals to that woman. Lei Jun elite killed all these Japanese people, but he was captured by the Japanese army who came later.
"Oh, there’s spirit. Your physical fitness is so good that I can’t bear to kill you. After all, you have never brought me happiness!" Weaving Tian Zhen village looked at the soldiers and said.
"Woven field stop that now. What are you going to do? !” Takeda original lang some couldn’t help it.
"It’s very simple. Isn’t he going to deliver letters? I’ll just let him deliver letters." Weaving Tian Zhen Village laughed cruelly.
heroic man
"What do you mean? Let him go to town to deliver letters. Then why did you catch him? " Takeda Hararo doesn’t understand his friend’s practice, but he knows the significance of his practice after a little thinking by battlefield veterans. Lu Wang Zhu Jie is not an ordinary person. He is the core of the whole Donglu and wants him to be besieged. So, is there any helplessness in Tongbo, an important town in Donglu? No matter how anxious they are to fight with themselves, it is estimated that there are few places left in Donglu. Moreover, through several battles, Takeda Hararo has also got a message that there are reinforcements in Tongbo, and there are Donglu Wang Shi Zhu Ceguo’s father who is in danger.
"Brother is really my lucky star. Since you are so generous, you should choose all the advantages after the city is broken, especially the women there. I know how you are, so I won’t rob you of this bite." Takeda Hararo laughed and was able to drive Tongbo city dwellers into a dilemma. Don’t be so happy.
"Despicable Japanese, you don’t die a natural death!" Lei Jun prisoners naturally heard their vicious plans, but just like Takeda Hara thought, even knowing their vicious plans would not help Liu Wangdian’s situation. Even knowing that they are up to no good, the news must be sent to Tongbo City, so that the soldiers themselves don’t know whether they should tell the world this matter or not.
"Ha ha, or do you understand me? That’s settled. I’ll find some people to take him to Tongbo to see if those Xia people can stay in the wall so stably when they see their report trapped." Oda Shinmura’s smile is full of cruel taste.
"Dog thief! You have harmed the people in our land, and sooner or later you will be rewarded. King Lu and the world will surely wipe you out! " Fei Leijun’s wounded soldier vomited a bloody mouthful at Weaving Tian Zhen Village, and stared at him mercilessly as if he wanted to bite a piece of meat to relieve his hatred.
Weaving Tian Zhen Village has just been busy laughing. This mouthful of blood sputum didn’t hide in the past. Seeing the red mark on the hem of his trousers, he was a little neat. He flew into a rage. This half-dead thing unexpectedly dared to provoke himself. Suddenly, a sneer floated around his mouth.
"Asura, what do you say is enough to send letters?" Weaving Tian Zhen village asked with a smile.
"Of course, relying on your tongue is enough. I wonder if you are rusty?" Takeda Hararo naturally knows what he wants to do, not only without stopping, but also with great interest.
Flying Leijun prisoners naturally saw their expressions, although they knew that it was definitely not a good thing, but the most elite soldiers in the East must not reveal a trace of fear.
Suddenly, the soldiers who flew Lei Jun felt a flash of light in front of them, and then they were black at the moment, and the pain that followed almost made them faint on the spot.
Weaving Tian Zhen Village was so heartless that the knife stabbed him blind. Seeing Lei Jun’s face bleeding, he didn’t say a word, which made him ready to listen to the screams. So Weaving Tianzhen Village became angry from embarrassment and kicked his feet hard at the soldiers’ limbs, which was never allowed to happen in Weaving Tian Zhen Village, especially in front of his good friend, Takeda Hararo.
"Well, well, he died when he called, so we wouldn’t have a chance to believe it. Let’s hurry to send him to Tongbo City while he has breath." Takeda Hararo stopped his rage and weaved Tian Zhen Village.
Oda Shinmura seems to have thought of something. He leaned over to stop the soldier’s bleeding eyes, then leaned over and whispered in his ear, "This is the best medicine in our country. Don’t die. Wait for us to break through Tongbo City. You are listening to your summer screams with your own eyes. I think you will regret that I didn’t stab your ears."
When everything was arranged, two Japanese people carried Lei Jun, who had been seriously injured, to the outside of Tongbo City. It was almost within the range of bow and arrow attack. They both put a stretcher and ran away. There was no other reason. Xuelian, a silver-faced death, was scared to death. No one wanted to joke in his right eye.