But everyone in the government heard it. Isn’t this young man? Master Xiao also didn’t know what to do at the moment

Shura Shenjun smiled and said to Master Xiao, "I want to know what’s going on, old man, and you must have understood that it’s not me who made Miss Hu become this kind of land."
Xiaoxi was also proud at this time. He shouted, "It is also illegal to frame good people at random!"
Master Xiao sat down in a plush chair and quickly ordered his family to carry Xiao Yanyan back to the backyard room for a doctor to make a diagnosis and treat. He himself sat there holding his head and crying as if he were aging for more than ten years.
Poor parents’ heart, Shura Shenjun feels uncomfortable in his heart. Seeing this flower-like girl being tortured like this, he can’t help but be angry and curious. Who or what demon has harmed Miss Xiao to this extent? Ling Mo said softly, "Now that I have come to your place and encountered this matter, I can’t stand by and watch. According to my observation, Miss is probably haunted by monsters, which leads to the fact that she has learned some demon-catching fur from her master since childhood. I want to try whether Miss Xiao can report this humiliation."
Master Xiao turns to sorrow and joy. It would be great if you could catch the monster. Anyway, you should give your baby daughter an explanation. Besides, in just a few days, not only her daughter has been victimized, but several girls have also been humiliated.
"Dare to ask what’s your name? What a offense just now. What can we do to help you? " Master Xiao hurriedly asked
Fix the emperor smiled. "My name is Ling. How can you help me? Well, the old man tries to spread it out. A distant relative is a stunning beauty, so the more people know, the better. "
Master Xiao nodded. "Thank you, Ling Gong. I will tell my family to do as you say."
So soon a stunning beauty came to Xiao Yuan’s home, and the news soon spread all over North County.
Lingmo Pupil, Xiaoxi, Qinxin, Zili and Fanxuan were sitting around in the Xiao Fu wing.
Van Gogh Xuan was obviously very angry with this demon catching plan. He said coldly, "When did you become interested in catching monsters? Are we exorcists? I’m too busy to do my own thing! I ran here to help people catch goblins. Hey, you’re not really attracted to that Miss Xiao, are you? "
Ling mo pupil ignored him and gently sipped a cup of green tea thoughtfully.
Xiaoxi was very excited. He raised his little face and said, "I think the same as Brother Mo Pupil. The young lady still has a very strong need. It should be a place for goblins with strong spiritual power. I’ve always wondered who else in the three realms has the same silver length as us." And I’m going to pull him out of the field one by one after doing this shady business. "
Ling Mo Pupil still sat there firmly. His beautiful and handsome face had an expression that was difficult to describe. Gherardini was like joy. "The name Mo Yan is so familiar. It seems that I have heard it before, but I can’t remember it …"
Xiaoxi curled his mouth. "I haven’t heard of it, but Brother Mo, how can we catch this monster?"
Ling Mo smiled. "Trapping, of course!"
"Trap? Who will be the bait? " Vatican porch surprised to call him consciously grasp his beloved purple from hand.
Ling Mo glanced at his nervous appearance and couldn’t help but feel a little funny. How could he let his seven-night sister take the risk? He simply said, "This monster is interested in beautiful women, of course, beautiful women are the bait."
Qin Xin gently approached him. "Then I’ll be the bait." Ling Mo Pupil is willing to do things, but it doesn’t matter how big the risk is.
Shura Shenjun smiled and patted Qin Xinyu’s hand gently. "I won’t let you take the risk. If I didn’t guess wrong, Miss Xiao said that Mo Yan was probably the fox who was sealed by the goddess Jing Xuan three thousand years ago. The fox has a very evil power. Mo Yan"
Fox Mo Yan? The shuras remembered that they had heard this name from their predecessors in the underworld. It was an evil name that once made the Three Realms despised and feared, but the name was still very strange to them.
Small west tightened his shoulder "ink pupil elder brother you don’t want me to become a beautiful girl as bait? I-I-I’m still young! And I’m not interested in men! "He’s nervous at the finger.
Shura Shenjun said coldly, "Yes, you will soon become a beautiful girl for me to see." His words revealed inviolable majesty.
Xiaoxi pursed her mouth and twisted her body reluctantly. "I, I don’t want to become a woman, I might as well kill me."
Shura could not hold back. He laughed. He got up and patted Xiaoxi on the shoulder. Lang said, "Don’t worry, I won’t let you be the bait. Even if you are the bait, your spiritual strength is too strong. I am worried that the monster will sniff out all of you. One of the suitable candidates is me."
"You?" Everyone stared at each other and stared at each other.
It’s as strange as the sun rising in the west if the shura deity wants magic to change into a beautiful person.
Everyone was surprised that there was a little voice in my heart saying, "Change quickly, let me see what it’s like to turn Shura into a beautiful girl?"
Ling Mo Tong read from everyone’s eager eyes that everyone was looking forward to it for a while and couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed. "Everyone seems to be looking forward to my becoming a woman."
Van Gogh Xuan hurriedly gave a hand, "Brother Mo Pupil, I just thought about the fact that you are indeed the most suitable candidate. You have half of your spiritual strength and half of your spiritual strength is easy to hide; Second, you are thoughtful, scheming and calm enough to deal with the monster. "
Ling Mo snorted coldly. When did your Fanxuan mouth become so sweet?
Qin Xin is still worried. "But will it work? I am really responsible for you.
Shura emperor shook his head. "It’s okay. I’ll improvise and you’ll be like this …"
After the plan was agreed, Shura took a deep breath and hummed that 50% strength was enough for him. His dark green eyes gave off extraordinary light, and his head turned silver and his shoulders became slender and tall, and his figure gradually became slim.
Over the years, I have grown a pair of beauty that makes women envy. I want to make a slight change. I want to show my daughter’s soft and romantic charm. In a moment, a beautiful woman in absolute beauty has appeared in front of everyone.
Seeing "her" eyebrows in the distant mountains, her eyes are like eyes, her skin is as bright as moonlight, her head is as black as a waterfall, her hips are too long, her white clothes are covered with ice and snow, and her skin is so beautiful.