Later, he admitted that after saying this sentence, Huangfu Zhantian should be grateful, but he didn’t expect Huangfu Zhantian to move like he didn’t hear him. He immediately felt that he felt like a clown and laughed at his eyes. "What are you looking at? Don’t break their hands and throw them out for me."

"Hum, don’t forget the rules of Tang Gong’s Moon Tower, right? You are a Buddhist, so I dare not make trouble with you. Even if you are a relative, you have to weigh the point." Seeing that the shopkeeper bowed to Huangfu Zhantian at the door just now, it was like a different person, and he broke out in an imposing manner. Seeing that Tang Gong’s face was pale like thinking of something, he immediately fled with everyone. When he left, he saw Huangfu Zhantian Section 1: Enemy 1.
Just now, when the shopkeeper broke into an amazing momentum, the celestial qi of Huangfu Zhantian was almost triggered. Fortunately, Huangfu Zhantian quickly suppressed it and didn’t break out, but just that Huangfu Zhantian saw that the shopkeeper had a profound look at himself.
"Don’t he see it? Afraid of what you can see, you can see your realistic power. If you don’t meet absolute power, you still have a fight. "Think of this suspection.i Zhantian and look at the shopkeeper indifferently.
"I’m really sorry that the old man neglected to disturb the dinner." The shopkeeper apologized to Huangfu Zhantian.
"Nothing is to spoil the mood. By the way, the shopkeeper, who was that man just now?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"Tang Zhener, a Buddhist of the Sunset Empire, is just an academic dude, but I don’t think people should be careful." The shopkeeper replied [
After that, he said to the little fish, "Are you finished?" See the little fish nod suspection.i Zhantian to the shopkeeper and say, "The shopkeeper will settle the bill."
"Even if the restaurant apologizes to the public for this meal, I hope that the public can come to the restaurant more often!" The shopkeeper fights heaven against suspection.i.
"Then respect is better than do it. Thank you, shopkeeper." Say that finish and go out with the small fish.
I found an inn with a small fish. A 10-year-old child rashly brought a younger child to appear in front of everyone. It is difficult to avoid some troubles. Huangfu Zhantian still found an inn for him
Huangfu Zhantian asked Xiaoyu to take a bath and change his clothes. Although it is a little big, it is not a lot, and it will be much better to wear less than before.
Fish who has bathed and changed clothes looks totally different from just now.
"Well, you can’t see that you are more handsome than me." Huangfu Zhantian muttered to himself.
Real suspection.i Zhantian looks good, but suspection.i Zhantian looks strong and masculine because of practicing Raytheon. Although he is still a little immature at the age of ten, I can see that he must be masculine.
The small fish looks more delicate, but he looks pale because he can’t get nutrition all the year round, but he is still very handsome, which is why Huangfu Zhantian said that he looks more handsome than himself.
Huangfu Zhantian thought that since he decided to train the little fish into a confidant, he had to strengthen his strength so as to better help himself. "Thor definitely" is definitely not possible. This is his biggest secret. You can’t say to anyone that he should cultivate his own quarrelling. This can give the younger brother at home, but it seems that he can go to the mage guild and the fighter guild to test his physique first, whether he is suitable for practicing magic or quarrelling, and then find the right achievement method
Let Xiaoyu Inn wait for Huangfu Zhantian to find a bank, take out 5,000 gold coins, and then buy something for Xiaoyu.
"It’s time to go back after coming out for such a long time, otherwise the dean and the teacher should be worried." I thought of this suspection.i Zhantian and gave the things and money to Xiaoyu to wait for him at Xiaoyu Inn. He got up and went back after explaining some things. I felt that suspection.i Zhantian did not keep the letter. Xiaoyu’s eyes were covered with a thin layer of water mist, and someone would believe in himself. Although he didn’t understand this sentence, he was good to whoever was good to him.
Li Ang, the dean of the back yard, has come back. When Li Ang came back, he didn’t tell Li Ling to let Huangfu Zhantian go to see him immediately after he came back.
Any suspection.i Zhantian just got back and didn’t catch my breath when he was stopped by Li Ling.
"What are you running around alone? What if something happened to a stranger? Do you know that everyone is worried about you? "Li Ling shouted at me, holding Huangfu Zhantian. The angry sample not only did not destroy her aesthetic feeling, but also made her look more pitiful.
Huangfu Zhantian bowed his head in shame and quickly admitted, "I’m sorry to make you worry, but I won’t let you worry anymore. The main thing is not to let you worry."
"Hum, I’ll spare you this time. If you dare to run away without saying hello again, I’ll spare you." Li Ling threatened waving her show fist and then thought of Li Ang. "By the way, my father asked you to go there. He said he had something to tell you."
"Okay, I’ll go over there. Hey, hey, sister Li Ling will invite you to dinner later to apologize." Say that finish and suspection.i Zhantian started to run to the dean.
"This small …" Li Ling smile way [
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Recommend it! Collection! The recommendation and collection of small fish is too pitiful! Brothers should give strength to Section 5: Secret Training
When I came to the front of the courtyard, I was about to knock at the door when I heard Li Angyin come in.
Push the door and go in. "Grandpa Li, did you want to see me?" Any suspection.i war day respect for Li Ang way for this with his grandfather a level old man or heart respect.
"Well, come and sit down." Li Ang said and paused for a moment, then asked, "Son, what do you think of your strength?
I don’t know why Li Ang asked this question and didn’t dare to return.
Li Ang also didn’t let Huangfu Zhantian answer the meaning and then said, "God, you are already very strong among the younger generation, but do you know what you lack?" [
"I don’t know if I still hope Grandpa Li pointed out that" Huangfu Zhantian knew that Grandpa Li was interested in guiding himself. He quickly replied that it is very valuable to know that a blade master guidance is better than practicing it by himself.
"Tianer, you have always been practicing alone. Although you practice fast, it also relatively causes that you don’t have enough mastery of your own strength. That is to say, you are now a bronze fighter level, but you can play the role of a senior fighter. A battle-hardened senior warrior can easily defeat you. This is caused by your lack of actual combat experience, lack of mastery of your own strength and lack of skill proficiency. It is also impossible to work behind closed doors. You are the card of our college. I am going to do it for you before this period. Training is mainly to improve your actual combat ability and refine your own strength and skills. "Li Ang hesitated one after another." But it’s not that I trained you. It’s an old friend of mine. He’s the sunset empire. After blade master, you will stay with him for a few days until the game. Come and I’ll take you there when you go back and pack your things. "
Huangfu Zhantian is a little strange. Why doesn’t Grandpa Li train himself? Don’t think if you don’t understand something. This is a habit of Huangfu Zhantian.
There’s nothing to clean up, just go back and get your luggage. Nothing has moved, just take it and leave.
Lu Li Ang said to Huangfu Zhantian, "Just a few days of forbearance will pass the honor of the college!"
Leon came to an antique courtyard with Huangfu Zhantian. At first glance, it was a very ordinary courtyard, but when you look closely, it was different. The door was made of good gold nanmu. In the courtyard, there was a fire empire, a unique obsidian tree. This tree grew in a place with strong fire properties like a fire empire. I don’t know how this fire blade master got it, but it actually made this tree grow so luxuriantly.
Li Ang walked to the door and knocked on the two doors, and he saw a man in his thirties coming out of the door.
Han said to Li Ang after knocking on the door, "Senior Li is waiting for you inside."
"Well, lead the way ahead." Say that finish with suspection.i Zhantian came in.
When I came in, I found that there was a stone table in Obsidian Tree, which was actually polished by molten rock unique to the fire empire, and there was an old man sitting next to the stone table. The old man had red hair and the whole person showed a burst of breath, which made people know that it was a bad temper at first glance. This must be "blade master in Fire". Zhan Section 6: Secret Training 1.
"Old fire, I brought my students here. This is what I told you about Huangfu’s old man, Sun Huangfu Zhantian." Say that finish and face Huangfu Zhantian, "Tianer came to visit Grandpa Zhan Sen."
Any suspection.i Zhantian took a few steps to respectfully salute Zhan Sen, the "Fire blade master".
"Get up. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Huangfuye for more than ten years. Is your grandfather okay?" Zhan Sen recalled his face.
"Back to Zhan Sen Grandpa, my grandpa is fine. He always misses you old friends. He always says that he is too busy to wait until he gives his position to my father, so he will go and get together with you old friends." Huangfu Zhantian respectfully replied.