The beast’s face appeared to think, and after a half-ring, he said with some uncertainty, "This is not the control of man, it is the law of heaven in the whole martial arts world, and something will threaten the whole world before it appears!" To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter five hundred and twenty-three Of course, you don’t kill each other.

The words of the holy beast really shocked Gao Chen. Only when the world is threatened will it appear. That’s not to say that this skill crystal has actually threatened the whole martial arts world. What kind of destructive power is this? Is this still the thing that can issue the eleventh-order skill at the beginning? At that time, Gao Chen was a little surprised. "Can this skill crystal threaten the whole world? Is it really that powerful!"
It’s different for this sacred beast. Seeing him feels like a general answer, "Yes, this skill crystal really shouldn’t appear in this world, but I don’t know how you got it!"
Gao Chen was shocked and looked at the holy beast. Because of this, the holy beast actually knew the skill crystal or saw another skill crystal. But think about it. When Gao Chen scooped out the skill crystal, his expression turned white. Is it Gao Chen or some uncertainty? "You said that he should not appear in this world, which means that this thing is another higher world!"
When he said this, Gao Chen looked up at this time. The word "higher level" appeared in his mind. In the past life, there were three-dimensional world surfaces and four dimensions. Even in the fortieth century, this was still speculation or an imaginary root, which was not confirmed. But at this time, the sacred beast did tell him that all this was true. Just think about all kinds of Gao Chen in the martial arts world and don’t think it is strange.
"The higher world? It can also be said that this thing is very common in my former owner’s world, but he really shouldn’t appear in this world! " Holy beast first one leng and then said!
This gave Gao Chen another message, that is, although the former owner of the sacred beast always knew that there should be a powerful master in front of the sacred beast, now that the sacred beast has said it, this is not the case. There is also the fact that the world of skill crystals is actually very common, which makes Gao Chen yearn for it. What kind of world is this? Gao Chen said, "Can you tell me about your former master?"
Gao Chen was very nervous when he asked this. He didn’t know what kind of mentality he was asking this sentence. Perhaps he was afraid of losing the sacred beast. After all, the sacred beast’s former owner was very strong. The sacred beast took a look at Gao Chen and smiled and said, "You are not realistic enough. When you are strong enough, you will naturally know my former owner!"
Yes, that’s the answer again, but it made Gao Chen breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that this answer made Gao Chen less nervous, and Gao Chen didn’t continue to ask what kind of strength this sufficient strength should be and what kind of strength his former owner was. Because Gao Chen wanted to come, even if he asked the sacred beast, he wouldn’t tell him what was worse. In his heart, Gao Chen didn’t want to know his former owner’s strength so much. After half a ring, Gao Chen asked again, "Well, I won’t ask. So what’s the result now?"
Gao Chen refers to the stalemate between the skill crystal and the punishment eye at this time. This scene is more bizarre than that in which two huge eyes stare at one eye. Of course, they will not stare like this. Even Gao Chen can feel that they compete with the skill crystal and the punishment eye. From time to time, there will be one or two energy aftereffects, and sometimes even some fragments. These are all fragments of the law.
If it can be put away, it will be of great help to practice, but not everyone can accept it, even the sacred animals dare not say to accept these fragments, because even if the sacred animals really dare to touch them, these things will be instantly killed. The force of the law is beyond everything, and the world must be bound by these laws, unless it can be beyond the law, such an attack will be completely damaged. Even if the sacred animals can’t accept these fragments, they are even more afraid of being hurt, so their gods will not say anything. If they really dare to get close, then complete death is the only scene …
The sacred beast kills the gods in an understatement, which makes them all terrified. Of course, it is awesome for Gao Chen. This experience value is a skyrocketing. He calculated that if he keeps going like this, he will be able to rise to the twelfth order in one day.
It’s a pity that this is Gao Chen’s imagination, and the fact will definitely not be so perfect. After being killed again, Hu Jingsheng said, "We can’t go like this. Even our territory will be destroyed if we attack like this!"
These gods can indeed limit their resurrection, but their territory has suffered. This battle intentionally extends to the outside, and everywhere they go, of course, they will be attacked into a waste area. There are still creatures there. At this time, a huge deep ditch can appear with a blow from the holy beast. This deep ditch looks bottomless. Gao Chen really wants to attack the world with such intensity. Will it be split in half with a blow from the holy beast? After Gao Chen asked this question out, the sacred beast said, "It is impossible to break the world before heaven is destroyed. It is just that the laws of heaven will slowly mend him and change the terrain."
For this, Gao Chen said that he couldn’t understand it well and asked, "Will this heaven really be destroyed before it is destroyed? What is he like!"
The word heaven is no stranger. On the contrary, every practitioner knows that he is, as if he can usually be sure of him, but it is impossible to show the foundation. But now the sacred beast actually says that heaven will be destroyed, which makes Gao Chen curious. Heaven may also be destroyed. Is he still a creature or tangible? Chapter 524 What a big tree.
From this, we can hear that Fox Ling Ru is not completely unfeeling to the nine-tailed fox family, which is also very understandable. Anyway, they are all the same race. This is a theory that no one can change. Now she is a pet of Gao Chen, and she has signed a master-servant contract, which makes her not only unable to be enemies of Gao Chen, but also unable to do something that violates her consciousness. After all, Gao Chen wants her to know what she thinks. Her life and death are not in control of Gao Chen’s hands, but she is completely damaged. How can she let Fox Ling Ru be completely damaged at any time?
After watching a battle for half an hour, Fox Xiangyu said, "Do we really have no advantage at all? I don’t think this may be your opponent, but all our gods and races!"
"Hum, even if the enemy in the whole world can do anything, don’t lie to yourself again. I’ve already said it. Since you don’t listen, I didn’t have any choice." Fox Ling Ru seemed very angry with a cold hum.
Fox Ling Ru knows that even if these roots are nothing, she always feels that there are still many secrets she doesn’t know. Although Gao Chen can’t completely control the Longteng Temple now, even the Longteng Temple can’t be moved at will. This is why Gao Chen left the Longteng Temple on the edge of the world, but one thing Fox Ling Ru can’t deny is that this Longteng Temple can only be completely controlled if Gao Chen controls the whole Longteng Temple one day. Even if all the gods together are as powerful as sacred beasts, it is still difficult to destroy them.
For these foxes, she doesn’t want to say it because even if she says it, she doesn’t necessarily believe it. After all, it’s just her calculation. No one knows when Gao Chen will finish controlling the Longteng Temple. It’s very likely that the root will not appear that day. It’s also very likely that because of foxes, she doesn’t know what it takes to control the Longteng Temple. After all, she really knows that this time she lost the fight against them. The sacred beast can defeat foxXiangyu without a large number. "Otherwise, my predecessor, the nine-tailed fox thought a mouthful."
Fox Xiangyu’s words were just heard by Gao Chen, who smiled and said, "It’s a little naive for you nine-tailed foxes to quit!"
Gao Chen’s words made Fox Xiangyu’s face cold and his eyes frosty. Although Gao Chen’s level is now 11th-order nine planets, there is no denying that it is this time that Gao Chen really has the strength to talk to them at the same height. However, whatever the reason, Fox Xiangyu is unhappy when he sees Gao Chen. This may be because Gao Chen’s level has that reason, or it may be because Fox Ling Ru called his master. Anyway, Fox Xiangyu just doesn’t like Gao Chen at all!
Fox Xiangyu looked at Gao Chen coldly and said contemptuously, "Can I quit? Is it up to you or do you think everyone is your first!"
Gao Chen didn’t feel anything strange about Hu Xiangyu’s attitude. He didn’t feel a little surprised at this. He just smiled and said, "You really know this question, don’t you? You must ask it, and now I have an absolute advantage. You don’t deny it!"
Gao Chen is definitely dominant now, especially compared with the fox breeze, nine-tailed fox clan. Let alone the powerful beast, even the fox feather shavings, which she can’t overcome. Besides, if it’s Gao Chen’s first side, there’s nothing wrong with it. The strongest beast is Gao Chen’s summoning beast, fox feather shavings, and it’s called Gao Chen’s master. Can he make decisions? …
Although this is the truth, Fox Xiangyu is still very angry. She really can’t imagine how Bai Gaochen got so lucky. She stopped talking with a cold hum, but from her appearance, she can see that she is angry but has recognized the fact!
Gao Chen continued to say, "In this case, you can quit if you want to!"
Fox Xiangyu looked at Gao Chen with a cold face and said, "Why don’t you agree even if I quit?"
I’m really angry with Gao Chen’s fox breeze, but she never thought that she didn’t look down on a guy at the beginning. Now she has grown into a guy who can threaten her. To be precise, it can threaten the whole martial arts community. I can’t help thinking that I should have put out Gao Chen today. Of course, this idea is definitely not her fox breeze. A Gao Chen smiled and said, "How can I not promise you to quit with a fox feather shavings? Even if I promise you to quit, do they all agree?"
Gao Chen said, of course, it was the tiger, the sage and other gods who spoke Gao Chen’s words. As soon as Fox Xiangyu’s face changed, there was no horse to answer for half a ring before he said, "Yes, they won’t let me quit, but I can’t really betray them!"
Fox Xiangyu’s words also show the realization of her attitude. She didn’t choose Gao Chen to smile and said, "You should know that Terran was the most powerful race in the whole martial arts world a billion years ago. Of course, this is a modest statement. I said that Terran was the master of the whole martial arts world at that time. This is true!"
Fox Xiangyu obviously didn’t know what Gao Chen meant when she said this, but she didn’t guess that because of this, Fox Xiangyugen wouldn’t believe that Terran or martial arts dominated it. It seems that the root is a joke to her, but at this time, she can’t refute Gao Chen. She chose cold hum and didn’t speak, which made Gao Chen know how she thought Gao Chen said this sentence.
I’m not surprised by this Gao Chen. It would be a strange thing if Fox Xiang Yu Ma believed it. He continued, "I don’t blame you if you don’t believe that Terran can dominate the martial arts world, but did you know that the most powerful god of Terran was that he deterred all races in the martial arts world? You don’t know him, but you should know that Longteng Temple is his refining palace. Do you think it’s incredible that Terran dominated the martial arts world at that time?"
Gao Chen’s words surprised Deputy Fox Xiangyu. Isn’t Longteng Temple the temple they buried in their mouth? Is this really refined by Terran gods? Actually, I have believed in this fox fragrance jade. If not, why can Gao Chen control the Longteng Temple with a small eleventh order? If the reason is to be said, then the only reason is that the Terran is full of doubts. Fox fragrance jade Gao Chen continued, "His strength is not what I can compare with you. You said that if he can start the battle at any time, what kind of field will you gods be!"
As soon as she said this, Fox Xiangyu’s face showed a frightened expression. Obviously, she thought about what it would be like to assume success. This is what these gods are afraid of. I really want to summon these gods into the Longteng Temple at any time. Isn’t that just to control their life and death? This is also the main reason why they must hand over the Longteng Temple to Gao Chen. Fox Xiangyu snorted coldly, "It’s a pity that you don’t have that chance!"
What she said means that Gao Chen will never be a god, and he will never be able to control the Longteng Temple. They have a god in their hearts, and he is the most powerful. Even if he is in the twelfth order, he can be a waste. Gao Chen smiled and shook his head and said, "You are wrong. Look at my summoner. What level is he now!" …
When Gao Chen’s words came out, she felt that the sacred beast was a little too strong before she was shocked. But at that time, Gen didn’t notice that the sacred beast level was to recognize him as a powerful god. But after Gao Chen said this, she suddenly surprised the gods. How could it be so strong that it shouldn’t be a god? It should have strength!
Fox Xiangyu was horrified and said, "Isn’t he a god?"
At this time, the sacred beast is fighting. Fox Xiangyu, if you look at the powerful sacred beast in the past, where can you see it? At this time, the sacred beast ranks high and Chen Cai said, "Do you think he may be a god? Do you want me to control the dragon temple one day? What do you think will happen!"
Gao Chen’s words are definitely not as simple as threatening a fox and fragrant jade, because it will be a fact, but after Gao Chen’s words, a voice angrily said, "You will never have a chance to control the Dragon Temple!"
And saying this is actually a huge tree. At first glance, it is a mountain. No, there are so many mountains in this world. Even if those gods with a height of 10,000 meters become thin at this moment, he is a big tree anyway. Gao Chen silently thought, "What a big tree."
This is definitely a tree god. Tell Gao Chen that he guessed it was a surprise to the tree god and said, "Ancestor, you are here!"
This immediately shocked everyone. Everyone knows that he is the longest god in the martial arts world, but he wants to call this guy ancestor. So when did this guy stay?