After several efforts, Yang Muyu has no way to dare to seek a shortcut to the South and practice his spiritual power, but spiritual power is no better than anything else. It is only after a few days that Yang Muyu feels that the purple house seems to have a warm feeling and should have a little spiritual power

However, every time he runs according to the formula of extinction, he feels exhausted in less than a week, and his meridians are faint and he has to stop.
According to the knowledge that weirdo transferred to his mind, this should be the initial manifestation of the ineffectiveness of meridians. If you don’t stop quickly, you will be possessed, and if you are serious, you will immediately die of meridians.
The weirdo transferred the knowledge of practicing martial arts in his mind. It is true that practicing aura does not depend on how hard you usually practice and how many years you have saved.
It depends on whether your meridians are strong enough to run and how much aura you have. And the toughness of meridians is inseparable from human talent.
Weird metaphor is very interesting. The human meridians are like a pot. Some people have pots as big as buckets, while others are as small as cups. Naturally, a small teacup can’t be compared with a teapot, let alone a water tank.
However, it is natural for a talented person to practice Reiki with half the effort, but if the talent is not successful, even if he is limited in his efforts, it is natural to force him, and the consequences are certainly not ideal.
Yang Muyu can’t help but smile. Is it that he is a talented adult? What "extinction" has been practiced for many days and can’t even run for a week?
Although the spiritual strength has increased significantly these days, it is far from his ideal.
And in these two days, Yang Muyu didn’t say anything watery, but he also tried his best to practice the Xuanji Liuxia dance, probably because he was qualified to take over Tianyahaige in the future and worked hard, not specifically to get rich in the future.
Yang Muyu looked at her so hard and rested so late that she was as tired as a dog, but she was so greedy that she couldn’t bear to tell her, but she couldn’t say anything.
Do you have to work so hard to get rich? Think about it. Two hundred years ago, Tianya Haige was waiting for its peak. Compared with the Guanghan Palace, Qingyao City, Yaochi and Arctic Palace, it is almost equal. But how many people know Tianya Haige now, although its name is still a new martial artist?
Of course, many people don’t know that Guanghan Palace and Sunny Yaocheng are the foundation for the mysterious inheritors of these two places to practice martial arts for thousands of years.
Thought of here, Yang Muyu couldn’t help smiling bitterly at that weirdo. Why did he transfer these things to his mind? It turns out that he is really not interested in practicing martial arts, and it’s nothing good to want to live forever. However, since he was hunted by Huang Lanyu once, although he doesn’t want to step into the fairy road in the future, he has to have a little self-protection ability so that he won’t be slaughtered again.
In spite of himself, he thought of Mr. Mo, who is also a weirdo … a weirdo with a lot of strength. Although he doesn’t know why and why he caught his father, he knows that he has no strength to confront him. Even if he really killed his father, he can watch.
Yang Muyu stared out of the window, and the moonlight poured like water, but it was already deep at night. However, he was sleepy and walked slowly from the bed, from east to west and then from west to east. What can be done to improve his spiritual strength quickly?
Ever since I learned from Shuilingkou that it would take more than ten years to cultivate spiritual strength, he wanted to go crazy on the spot. What joke was it for more than ten years? How many years has life consumed him? If you can’t, you must think of the fastest way to improve your spiritual strength.
In recent days, he has been practicing penance every night, but the progress is really slow. However, his father has recently made a breakthrough in imparting vomiting, and he has been able to penetrate the body with essence. He can clearly feel that there is a thin thing flowing like water in the body, which is the opposite of the purple house heating. Although it is very subtle, it seems to be as thick as a silk, but it also excites him for a long time.
But then think about this breathing method, but it has a little physical fitness effect. Although there are other places, my father has repeatedly told me that you must never do it without authorization. Besides, he Yang Muyu will never make this method of harming others at the expense of himself without breaking his skull.
Just when Yang Muyu was upset, the rabbit uncle suddenly jumped up and gestured with his claws, "You are an idiot!"
Yang Muyu was holding back his stomach and immediately threw it on the bed with his ear. He sneered, "I’m an idiot. I don’t know what an idiot keeps a pet. Don’t you understand human speech, and some birds annoy me, so I’ll roast you and eat you."
Uncle rabbit’s ears suddenly drooped and his mouth shrank for a long time before he gestured with his claws and said, "You can use medicine to improve your aura quickly!" "
"Drugs?" Yang Muyu’s eyes suddenly lit up, but then he gave the rabbit a slap to make the medicine rise. But can ordinary pharmacies buy the medicine?
The rabbit was very wronged, and his three small mouths were all shriveled, and his eyes were red and he almost cried, but he sincerely discussed it and actually got a slap?
"I can find a panacea …" The rabbit didn’t dare to gesticulate. It had to tell Yang Muyu that it could understand human speech when it came out, and there was something else. He was always thinking about eating it.
Chapter 11 Medicine Slave (2)
Yang Muyu misunderstood himself and asked, "Can you find a panacea?"
The rabbit nodded repeatedly, and the two paws behind it stood upright on the bed, while the two paws in front of it threw themselves at Yang Muyu.
"True or false?" Yang Muyu wiped the frown and asked
It’s a little bit that the rabbit has repeatedly assured Yang Muyu that he can find the elixir after barely believing a third.
"I said rabbit, should I give you a name?" Yang Muyu touched Ba Xie and laughed. He was thinking of fattening the rabbit and eating meat. Later, the rabbit actually knows how to chat with people. It’s not bad to have fun, but after all, it didn’t take it seriously. Until now, the rabbit actually said … How can it find a panacea?
Yang Muyu naturally thought of giving it a name when he was happy.
The rabbit’s two front paws are on his body, and he keeps nodding. Although he is a rabbit, he is not an ordinary rabbit. You can’t be called by others every day, can you?
"What shall I call it?" Yang Muyu tilted his head and thought about it. He touched it with pure white fluff and smiled. "Just call it Xiaobai!"
Rabbit suddenly jumped up and shook his head again and again. Xiaobai? Why do you listen? It’s a little idiot for short. Although it’s a rabbit, it’s smart. It should never be called "Xiaobai"
Looking at the rabbit’s head shaking like a rattle, Yang Muyu smiled and then said, "If you don’t like it, why don’t you change it to white porcelain? Do you think you are more fat than a white porcelain doll? "
White porcelain … Idiot … Rabbit’s drooping ears and shaking his head again are absolutely impossible. Two small paws are holding onto Yang Muyu’s head and burying it in his body. You must never call it such an "idiot" name, otherwise how can it be a man? No-how to make a rabbit?
"This is not satisfactory, and that is not satisfactory. What do you want to call?" Yang Muyu asked with rabbit ears.
The rabbit seized the opportunity and was busy gesticulating with its little paws. Yang Muyu stayed for a while and didn’t make a mistake. Did it want to be called the King of Medicine? He’s the king of drugs. What did he become?
"Go to a rabbit and call it a drug king?" Yang Muyu grumpily hesitated for a moment and looked at the rabbit with a pathetic look. "Call me a drug slave on condition that you can really find me a panacea or I will eat you."
"Drug slave?" How wronged is the rabbit’s small mouth with three petals, and how wronged is it to let Uncle Tangtang be a drug slave?
"Not happy?" Yang Muyu sneered, "Do you choose two names, white porcelain doll or drug slave?"
The rabbit thought and thought, and finally decided to call it a drug slave. Why can’t you always make a white porcelain doll?
"Very good!" Yang Muyu took it from his thigh with one ear and said, "Find me a panacea tomorrow or I’ll eat you!"
"God to find a panacea?" Rabbit … No, now it has become a slave to Yang Muyu’s medicine. He is busy comparing his paws and asking, "You want me to find a panacea in Zhongyuncheng?"
"Yes!" Yang Muyu bold way
Medicine slave jumped up and jumped to his shoulder and stretched out a small claw to feel that Yang Muyu’s head was fine and his temperature was normal without burning.
"What are you doing?" Yang Muyu caught it.
"You asked me to look for an elixir in Zhongyuncheng. Do you know … there are so many people here in big towns?" Medicine slave rabbit pointing claws explained
"Didn’t you say you found a panacea? If I go to the deep forest, will I get you? I can also find the elixir. "Yang Muyu didn’t feel good. This rabbit is playing tricks on me. It says that if you want to find the elixir, you still have to go to the mountains and forests. Otherwise, where will it find the elixir? Give it back to the rabbit and pee in the grass, and the grass will become Ganoderma lucidum.
The grievance of rabbit medicine slave, is it just like ordinary people to walk around the mountains and try their luck to find medicinal materials? You know, its nose is not sensitive to anything else, but it is very sensitive to the smell of medicinal materials, and its innate talent can tell whether there are exotic drugs nearby from the growth of ordinary plants
Moreover, it knows a lot of medicinal materials and is familiar with the growing environment of these drugs, which is definitely not known by ordinary humans
Even if Yang Muyu is proficient in Pharmacopoeia, he can’t know, but now the drug slave rabbit is very wronged. How can it meet such a good master and threaten to eat it at every turn?
It’s a rabbit, but it’s not an ordinary rabbit.
"What’s the matter? Nothing to say?" Yang Muyu looked at the rabbit’s drooping ears and was depressed. He couldn’t help laughing at its ears and asked
Rabbit medicine slave’s three-lipped mouth was so wronged that Kannika nimtragol, who had just been raped, couldn’t say a word.
"Well, I won’t tease you. When we find our father, we will go to Qiangmao Mountain to find some elixir and practice it well. I can’t believe this," said Yang Muyu maliciously.
The drug slave rabbit is busy nodding when he hears the news. Is that like a human sentence?
Of course, Yang Muyu still can’t figure out what is in this rabbit’s eyes. This rabbit is a pet, and he is a little neat when he understands people’s words. He also likes to take a bath secretly …
In any case, it is the only creature that appeared in the ruins of the cottage after his father left. It greatly comforted Yang Muyu in the quality mountain, and he always took it with him.
"It’s dawn …" Yang Muyu stretched himself and looked at the window. There was already a clear light penetrating into it, only to remember that he didn’t sleep all night, but he didn’t know whether it was because of practicing spiritual power or the improvement of breathing method. Even if he didn’t sleep all night, he didn’t feel tired at all, but he was refreshed and wanted to come to this martial arts road. It was really magical.
"Go and wake Huang Lanyu up. I want to have breakfast!" Yang Muyu patted the rabbit head and ordered.
Soon Huang Lanyu and Moist got up one after another. The first thing to do when getting up was to practice Xuanji Liuxia dance, which was almost a sleepless night. However, even if she tried hard, it was urgent and this Xuanji Liuxia dance was really complicated, and she was in a hurry after three days, and she was still half-baked.
Soon after breakfast, Sanpo came as promised. She had to go back to me when things were done in Zhongyun City. People in Tianya Haige have a certain time limit from the island, and she dare not delay.
Chapter 12 Clever (1)
After three days together, I was very attached to Yang Muyu unconsciously. Of course, the main reason was that I was nostalgic for his delicious food. After Yang Muyu gave her some beautiful skirts, she immediately made the little girl laugh. This smelly little girl is one year older than her, and her position in her mind has naturally been greatly upgraded.
Seeing Sang Po in the early morning, she was not only unhappy, but pouting and depressed.