Then what escape is not equal to?

Fortunately, the outsiders didn’t seem to notice that the horses roared past, and they let the horse go straight ahead.
After all the noise, the night slowly fell silent.
"They’re gone."
Night away from the hand "hua" a push away the coffin was about to get up and suddenly a force to wrap her up for her to react, she has changed places with men.
She is in the face, and the man is in the face.
First, it will be later than the second. After about eleven o’clock, children’s papers can look at the sky. Today, it will be more than ten thousand. Please have a monthly ticket for children’s papers and scatter a reward ~
Thank you [LZY 138] [14747897888] Dear Flower ~ ~ Thank you [uaeng] [Baby Duoduo 111] [I have an appointment with Autumn] [You Yuran] [13567555] [Zheng-Jing] [wangshuai 98] [fydh 911] [736] (the second more than never put off till tomorrow what you can for a monthly ticket)
Night away from the hand "hua" a push away the coffin was about to get up and suddenly a force to wrap her up for her to react, she has changed places with men.
She’s in front of a man, but she’s in front of him.
The centrifugal tip shakes at night.
The man stretched out his hand and pulled the cloth on his face and took her off.
"Just want to go together? Ao "
I don’t know whether it’s a hurry or the night is too wet and cold. The man’s voice is slightly hoarse
The lantern in the corridor beside the courtyard is on, although the light is not particularly bright, it is not dark.
She saw the man’s eyes staring at her.
"Because …" The light from the eyes flashed at night. "Because I’m not good at flying, I’m afraid you’ll lose me and I can’t run away."
"Really?" A man obviously doesn’t believe in his lip angle, but suddenly says, "You lost me at the beginning."
A shock at night
I didn’t know what he said or Hugh’s affair at the moment.
Fortunately, the man quickly changed the topic, "What medicine do you want the centipede to take?"
"Can you let me get up and ask again?"
She feels terrible when she presses her like this.
And they’re still lying in coffins.
The man returned simply, as always, overbearing and strong, without any negotiation.
"I won’t tell you until you let me get up!"
She really argued with him today.
How can I ask her questions and restrict her freedom?
Seeing her as a mighty and unyielding man, Nai sighed and finally compromised. She grabbed her waist with her big hand and picked her up from the coffin.
It is to let her change from lying to sitting, and then lean over again to approach "Speak"
That’s it?
Okay, I left the language at night
This is the so-called "let me get up"?
I didn’t pester him any more because I had something to say.
"I saw that I was entangled in ice and fire and turned into another poison with red snake venom, and then I got rid of it, thinking that if there is no other way, you can try this way."
On second thought, she decided to tell the truth, because there were still many practical problems to be discussed.
The man looked at her without saying anything, and there were many emotions flowing in her eyes that she couldn’t understand.
She went on to say, "But at that time, the red snake was dead, so I thought that since the method was Zhong Jia’s method and I heard that Mrs. Zhong raised a lot of poison houses at the same time, I decided to find out if I could find something, and then it wasn’t Zhong Fu’s day to be demolished." So I will go tonight. "
At night, I simply said that seeing a man is still staring at her without saying anything. He doesn’t believe it. "What? Think I’m lying to you? "
"Have you been studying ice and fire entanglement all this time?" The man suddenly opened his mouth and answered irrelevant questions.
Night away from can nod, she has been studying, but after nodding, she found something wrong and shook her head. "I haven’t been thinking about it for the last two days."
She responded that men naturally had a panoramic view.
An oblique lip angle evoked a micro-arc, and he asked, "So you came to get the centipede tonight to give me medicine?"
"Well" this night from betting to nod.
"What? We have been living or dying with you, haven’t we? "
The night is close to the eyebrows. This man’s problems are really one after another.
She really wants to answer him, since there are no men and women to give and receive, what is he doing so close to her?
"I hope I can help you because you saved my eldest brother several times to repay your kindness."
After that, she didn’t even dare to look him in the eye, fearing that the man who was watching the fire would see that she was guilty
Just don’t face a moment ago, he was forcibly straightened by his big hand.
"Look at me!"
He sank ordered
The arrogance is getting more and more arrogant.
"Feng Ying Mo, dare you treat me as a prisoner in Taiwan? If you want me to face east, I have to face east. If you want me to face west, I have to face west."
Night away from the aggrieved way
The man who was angry with her suddenly laughed in a low voice.
Laugh till the night is at a loss.
"Well, call me by my name. I hear it better."
Leave Zheng at night
Remembering that after the divorce, she called him back to "Lord Feng" and just blurted out his first name at the moment.
I didn’t expect him to care about this.
I don’t know what to say at the moment.
Remembering that the business was not finished yet, I sat up slightly straight and leaned against a wooden board at one end of the coffin. I asked him seriously, "By the way, did you say that the method I just said was feasible?"