She sighed when she saw Noah breathe a sigh of relief.

At that time, she stunned Noah and forcibly took him back to Orendo. When he woke up, he recognized his relatives and told him about the situation of Night Feather. Perhaps it was because Orendo and others had diverted his energy from his training. After a while, he was very calm. Noah gave up Roger and obviously underestimated his persistence. Noah even cheated some little dragons with his personal charm, even if he wanted to break the rules, he would go out with him to find Night Feather and almost had a dragon body riot.
Later, things were over. Noah seemed calm and feasible, and his actions were unambiguous.
In the end, I really couldn’t watch it. Roger invited Orlando and them to seal Noah’s memory of the night feather together.
It’s not that she doesn’t want to directly erase Noah’s memory of night feather, but when she does, Noah will have a psychotic spasm and shock symptoms. Maybe Noah subconsciously doesn’t want to forget night feather.
Noah loves Night Feather so much, but it’s a pity that Night Feather doesn’t love him so much, but now Night Feather has lost her memory, which may be a favorable opportunity for Noah.
Since the past has not been accepted, it may or may not be possible to pursue it again from now on.
Think of her face and smile again.
"You loved him very much."
A word opened Noah’s eyes. No wonder I always want to get close to him unconsciously.
"And he …" Roger (turn harsh eyes have to repair.
"It’s your third party."
Night feather and repair looked at each other.
"He is the culprit that caused you and Ye Yu’s emotional breakdown and finally made you lose your memory!"
True or false?
It’s impossible for the first thought to emerge in Ye Yu’s mind!
"If it’s really what you said, I will think that Hugh is familiar with his name when I first see him?"
"Why do you just think Noah is very kind?"
Roger blinked a few times. "I don’t blame you for not remembering."
Then she sarcastically said to Xiu, "Who let some people use despicable means to tamper with your memory?"
For the time being, whether you say it is true or not or tamper with a person’s memory, how can it change a person’s feelings? "
"It’s very simple to replace the memory part of that person’s heart with himself."
Luo Jiete narrowed his eyes and threw a bombshell again. "You know that guy around you, but Mundus, the underworld king of inferno, doesn’t have any strange means? "
Immediately fix the night feather and Noah’s strange eyes.
On this journey, Ye Yu and Xiu Noah helped to make up for the common sense of the world. Naturally, we know what the so-called inferno is, but evil stands for ugliness, meanness and shame, and it is the common enemy of people living in this world!
"No, Hugh is not an inferno."
Night feather suddenly retorted, "He is not ugly and has no horns. How can he be an inferno? ! "
Xiu also immediately dispersed the disguise to show his face.
Roger’s cold hum and Noah said lightly, "Night Feather, I forgot to tell you the most basic characteristics of inferno."
"Only a senior inferno can have a long black hair and the whole underworld has black hair and black eyes, and Mundus is the only one."
Night feather froze.
"But …"
"In the eyes of the world, the senior inferno is not handsome, but they are few in number. The inferno is very ugly."
Night feather words can be right, but staring at Noah moved his line of sight.
"Then … then how do you know all this?"
Roger told the story of how Night Feather met her, such as Orlando and others.
No one noticed that Dana kept wiping her sweaty forehead with a handkerchief in the audience.
Oh, my god It’s really the most cunning hunter. The night elf doesn’t make a draft when he lies, and his face doesn’t jump. It’s really …
That’s amazing!