In the process of traveling on the road, the dog egg accidentally found that his brother almost never moved his right hand. In his impression, his brother was not left-handed. Curious dog egg could not help but ask, "What happened to your arm, brother?" How come you have hardly practiced hard with Li Daochang for so long? Don’t lie to me. I am a master now. I felt it when you pulled me just now. "

"Some past events are just not much to say. I’m afraid your brother and master have no fate in this generation." Muqingfeng is very concerned about this matter. After all, with Xuelian, he has nothing to complain about. Even if time goes back and goes back to that cliff, Muqingfeng will still make the same choice.
"Don’t worry, brother, this is not me. When you catch wild animals, you are responsible for arranging the location. I am responsible for contributing three girls to eat. Now that I have grown up, business is still the same. By the way, I heard that you found three girls? How is she doing now? " Dog egg while driving a horse skillfully asked again.
"She’s not bad, but she’s got some injuries while walking in the Jianghu in recent years. My master took her to Wanchun Valley for treatment. It’s no big deal. Her adventures are not less than yours. She’s also a master now." Mu Qingfeng said lightly because he was afraid that the dog would know too much and was worried about avoiding weight.
"That would be interesting. When I see her again, I’m going to have a good competition with her and calculate my childhood accounts. Who let her always bully me with her parents’ ferocity?" The dog egg smiled heartlessly.
Zhu Ceguo looked at the two brothers talking and laughing and felt that their feelings must be very good, and they must have experienced a lot. Things have been the only thing since childhood, and Zhu Ceguo really envied this kind of brotherhood and sisterhood.
Just as they were talking, they unconsciously arrived at the gate of Beiyan Wangfu, and Zhan Yunyi was still so generous that he could hear his loud voice from a distance, not to mention that he must be vomiting-inducing toasts again.
"The war leader hasn’t seen you for many days, but you are getting more and more energetic." Mu Qingfeng smiled and appeared behind the war cloud wing to say a word in heart. He had a good impression on this honest and frank but reckless leader. Speaking of it, this was the first time that Mu Qingfeng saw the prominent figure except his master’s accident.
When I heard someone say hello to me, Zhan Yunyi let go of the big bowl. Looking back, I saw a thin and handsome boy smiling at himself. Although Muqingfeng changed with age, Zhan Yunyi recognized Muqingfeng at a glance, or that resourceful teenager was much taller, handsome and a little weak.
"So small! I said that my precious disciple ran out without taking off his clothes. What was it? It turned out to be you. I wondered what everyone was saying all the way. I still have the same name when I heard your name in the King’s Palace. It’s been a few years. Where’s your old hairy master? Is it here or not? I’m going to drink him to the bottom of the table today. "Said Zhan Yunyi, patting Muqingfeng’s shoulder and Xuanjiamen’s strength. Is that a joke? Shoot Muqingfeng backwards several steps directly. If it weren’t for being held by a dog’s egg, I’m afraid I’ll get a butt on the spot and do it, then there would be nothing left.
"I’m afraid my master will be disappointed if he stays in Wanchun Valley for some mundane things." Mu Qingfeng rubbed his shoulders and watched Zhan Yunyi with bitterness. This lout greeting people is still so unique. It’s a good thing that the dog egg is his brother. It is estimated that he will not live for three days if he worships in his door.
"Old Zamao is not here, that’s really disappointing. Go and play there by yourself. I want to catch up with the White House." Zhan Yunyi waved his hand if he was not interested.
Looking at his eldest brother’s red face, Mu Qingfeng prayed silently in his heart that he would fall into the hands of the war leader … Mu Qingfeng didn’t dare to think about what would happen in an hour.
"Stay! If you don’t come here, I will eat it all! " Saussurea involucrata waved her arm.
Muqingfeng pulled some dull dog eggs away from Zhanyunyi like running for his life. Looking at the burly dog eggs, he didn’t even dare to breathe in front of Zhanyunyi, knowing that this little one was oppressed a lot.
"Lotus son, this is my brother Zhan Yunyi’s nickname dog egg." Muqingfeng pointed to the dog egg and picked up a hoof and a mouth directly to Zhu Ceguo, who had long been called aside by the old princess. After all, he was a little drunk and somewhat frivolous in entertaining guests.
"It’s interesting that you are brothers, and you have one surname and one surname, Mu." Xuelian asked curiously, "Isn’t this your enemy Ling wang xing?" Snow Lotus lowered its voice.
"Hey!" The dog’s egg is much smoother than before, and it is no longer the dull boy. "I always called the dog’s egg to worship the Xuanjiamen door. The master thought the name was not pleasant to listen to, so he gave it the name ZhanYunxiao. By the way, you are so beautiful. Are all grassland girls so beautiful?"
Snow lotus son heard her brother-in-law praise a little shy and secretly glanced at her eating Haisai Muqingfeng. She couldn’t help but be short of breath. She didn’t understand the amorous feelings!
Although Mu Qingfeng is constantly eating and drinking, but his mind is agile, he still finds the wrong place. He should stay close to Mu Chongshan, who is not here. What else will make him leave himself? Of course, after getting along for so long, Mu Qingfeng denied that he would do something sorry for himself.
At this time, Mu Chongshan is wandering around Yecheng, and Mu Qingfeng is right. He can avoid this occasion. Specifically, he should avoid the battle cloud wing. After all, the battle cloud wing is the younger brother of Ling Wang, and the two of them are old friends. If they appear in front of the battle cloud wing now, many unexpected situations will happen.
In fact, Mu Qingfeng, Mu Chongshan, thinks that there are still many things to hide from him because he thinks it is not yet time to expose everything, but looking at Mu Qingfeng, there is a reckless teenager who has mixed up now and is eager to tell the king Mu Chongshan whether to tell him the truth before things can be redeemed.
"Good command!"
Mu Chongshan hasn’t heard this name for a long time. Looking back, it turned out to be Zhan Yu and his party. Although Mu Chongshan has been away from Ling Wangfu for a long time, many guards of Ling Wangfu are still excited to see him, except for Zhan Yu. Of course, he almost wanted to pounce on Mu Chongshan when he saw it. It was because Mu Chongshan’s poor guards that he lost his important right hand.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am no longer the leader of the mausoleum palace guards, so please stop calling me that." Mu Chongshan waved his hand at the excited guards.
"I’m sorry that you asked me to change my name to the imperial palace. You have to give me an explanation today!" Zhan Yu still couldn’t help it.
"Everyone in the temple has his own ideas, but you must insist. It would be nice if you stayed in the palace honestly. Why should you step into this muddy water three times and five times?" The reputation of war is not polite to the former Lord. Now, in his eyes, the reputation of war is not even comparable to that of Muqingfeng’s little finger, but for some unspeakable reasons, Muchongshan still intends to give this mausoleum Wang some respect.
The reputation of war is not my brother’s very cultured people. When he says it, some words are too radical, that is, Mu Chongshan knows that his temper might have been done by ordinary people, but even if he knows it, he can’t stand it. It’s so fucking ugly.
Mu Chongshan continued to kill himself for many years, and he felt cold when he put a little reputation outside. He seemed to be stared at by the tiger, and he didn’t expect that the gentle guards in the past had such a murderous side.
Seeing the silence and the reputation of the war, Mu Chongshan’s evaluation of him was a little lower because he heard the reputation of the war when he left.
"Mu and I want to ask you one last question. You’ve been with my father for so many years. Can you tell me that he doesn’t value me at all and won’t let me participate in major events? Is it true that old people like you don’t like waste like me? " In fact, Zhan Yu has been wanting to ask this question for a long time, and he has never had a chance. He knows that if he misses today, there may be no other chance in his life.
Mu Chongshan certainly knows something, but he can’t say that he hesitated for a long time before he gently said, "Your report is a good house for you."
Mu Chongshan left him after simply saying that he had won the war. He was waiting until Zhan Yunyi returned to his house. Although it was getting late, Mu Qingfeng was a little drunk today and it was difficult to meet his brother. He was a little excited about the fact that Mu Chongshan didn’t show up one day.
Mu Chongshan asked a Wangfu people where Zhan Yunyi was. On the other hand, they have known each other for a long time. This is a matter of great importance. Mu Chongshan hasn’t decided how to talk yet.
"This friend outside the window, you are pacing back and forth outside my room. You can consider that disturbing people’s dreams will make them fight. Today, I drink a little too much. If I die, I will not be responsible." Zhan Yunyi came over with a breath of alcohol.
"Sir Zhong is still so generous. I don’t know if I’m drunk and Sir Zhong can stop me from taking a few knives. "Mu Chongshan said with a smile that since it was discovered, it would be good to be Joseph.
"Bang!" As soon as the window of Zhanyun Wing House was smashed, a bruiser rushed out like a Owlman and faced Muzhong Mountain. It was a trick to "Rise the Lutai". Although he didn’t have his own well-known Wujinjian shield in his hand, he had been practicing Cangshan for a long time, and he still had the power to crack mountains and stone.
Mu Chongshan didn’t dare to lift Mu’s villa’s unique flying skill directly, flying directly over the top of Zhanyunyi’s head, and let him hit the rockery with a strong palm. A faint palm print actually appeared in the rockery. If this trick was hit on people, I’m afraid the dirt was not intact. Mu Chongshan also didn’t want to let himself fall. When he fell, he directly pulled out his treasure knife, "Snow flooded Baqiao" and split it against Zhanyunyi. Zhanyunyi felt sharp knife and wind tunnel was not good. An iron bridge escaped this trick.
"Sir Zhong, I haven’t seen you for days, and you’ve made progress. If you’ve just laid a solid foundation, I’m afraid I don’t have a good bone all over." Mu Chongshan smiled and put his knife in its sheath.
"You’re small and not bad. Just now, you weren’t thinking about unloading me? I also abandoned your martial arts when you were away from Ling Wangfu. "Zhan Yunyi is a bear hug. To be honest, this martial arts high-strength bodyguard around him who is busy with military eldest brother all day is more suitable for his appetite.
Zhan Yunyi was pleasantly surprised to find Mu Chongshan here, but he was not stupid. If there were no important things, Mu Chongshan wouldn’t meet him in this way. To be honest, because he is located in the North Yanling Wangfu, there are many things that Zhan Yunyi didn’t note. He also longed for the mountains and came here under the orders of Ling Wang.
"A lot of things I can’t elaborate with Sir Zhong, and I will want to give Mr Zhong an account when I come here in a hurry tonight. This matter is because Mu Qingfeng hopes that Mr Zhong can help me get an idea." After that, Mu Chongshan slowly spoke out that he found the secret, and when he finished, Zhan Yunyi’s face disappeared slightly drunk. It seems that even in Beiyan’s own sphere of influence, Zhan Yunyi did not relax at all.
"How sure are you about this?" Zhan Yunyi’s hands seem to want to crush something. It seems that the impact of Mu Chongshan’s news is really extraordinary
"Sir Zhong, I’m absolutely sure about this matter, otherwise, Sir Zhong will recognize what I will leave Ling Wangfu. In fact, Ling Wang also knows that I left it because of his instructions." Mu Chongshan must have answered the question of Zhan Yunyi.
"This matter must not be known to Muqingfeng at present. Although I am sorry for him, keeping my mouth shut is your best choice now. If the whole court knows about it, I’m afraid it will get out of hand." Zhan Yunyi’s suggestion is not surprising to Muqingfeng at all. It seems cruel to Muqingfeng in his opinion.
"This matter from public to private has to be kept secret. Tell you what, I’ll write a letter to my eldest brother to see what his attitude is, and then we’ll make plans. Remember that before," said Zhan Yunyi.
"Sir Zhong, rest assured that heaven knows earth knows you, I know the report knows that no one will know it again." Mu Chongshan promised to the Zen Cloud Wing that in fact they didn’t know that another person had discovered the secret. Of course, this is another story.
Mu Qingfeng appeared in front of Zhu Ceguo early the next morning. In his opinion, he couldn’t delay for a quarter of an hour, but he couldn’t start at Xuanjiamen because they were all focused on armor and didn’t move so fast. Mu Qingfeng had to find another way.
Finally, after discussion, Mu Qingfeng and Gou Dan rode some elite Xuanjiamen on fast horses to the head of the battlefield. Zhan Yunyi followed with the follow-up troops and the trench. Mu Qingfeng believed that the most important thing now was to boost the morale of the East China Sea. After being repeatedly attacked by the Japanese for so long, the morale of the people and the army had already fallen to a limit. Now even a small victory will bring great encouragement to people. Zhu Ceguo did not oppose Mu Qingfeng’s tactical adjustment. Unfortunately, he also saw that Xuanjiamen’s powerful fighting capacity was heavy. The strong fighting capacity of infantry will inevitably make them less mobile, but in recent days, Zhu Ceguo has learned that Mu Qingfeng is pinning his hopes on him in the battlefield myth.
Just as they were hurrying along, Zhu Jie, the king of the East China Sea, was reposing on a big rock. This urgent March exhausted his little physical strength, but he was still a little late. The Japanese had just finished the disaster in this village and left a pile of ruins and people who kept crying.
"General Liu of the Temple of the King of Lu is coming." Captain Zhu Jie of the King of Lu gently called out a little sleepy, and the sovereign was in charge of the guards. He knew that his sovereign had not slept for several days.
"Oh, let him come here. Have the casualties been counted?" Zhu Jie opened his dissatisfied bloodshot eyes and rubbed his temples. He was still old, and he had to March for a few days to make himself exhausted.
"Report back that the report has now found out that the Japanese killed 132 villagers and stole 63 women. All the houses were burned and …" General Liu’s voice became smaller and smaller.