When you look intently, it turns out to be a child who just became a vampire a few days ago.

After becoming a vampire, he really grew at an amazing speed. Before he became a ghost, he was still a baby who couldn’t even walk, but in just a few days, he actually grew into a kid who could run and jump, just like a human child of four or five years old.
At the moment, he is hiding behind the door with a small head, and his curious eyes are looking at the feather.
Feather pastor grumpily stared at the kid and said grumpily, "What are you looking at? Dead kid! "
The thought of this kid killing several human children in a row after his rebirth and sucking their blood makes him get goose bumps and have an exhausted aversion to this kid. I really wish I could kill him with a sword.
The little vampire looked at the feather, stared at the big round eyes, and seemed a little scared. After a long time, he bravely jumped in front of the feather, his little head held high and looked as innocent as a human child.
Looking at shota, a vampire, with this lovely feather and cold face, I can’t stretch my face any longer. After all, this ghost child used to be a human child. He didn’t choose to become a vampire. She gently sighed and had a gentle attitude. She held out a thin hand and gently stroked the head of the little boy in front of her.
He looks as cute as other human children and distressing except for his small sharp horns and cute little fangs.
Vampire shota grinned at Feather Beard and pulled over Feather Beard and put a bright red fruit in it.
As soon as I saw the fruit, I was immediately attracted by it. The fruit was not as big as a pigeon’s egg. The color was bright red and tender, and the faint light looked very attractive, which made people want to swallow it.
"What is this?" Feathery asked strangely, "It looks delicious and familiar. Where do you think you have seen it?" And in modern society, American cherry looks like.
Shota, a delicate vampire, said, "This is what I picked up in the back hill!"
Feather handles are playing with small red fruits like rubies, but they are also full of childlike interest. I wonder if they are as delicious as cherries.
Really want to have a taste.
It won’t be toxic, will it?
Feather eyes turn to calculate, if toxic poison yourself, you have to be a prisoner of The Hunger Fengluo order.
She looked up and threw the fruit into her mouth.
Shota, a vampire, was stunned to see the feather swallow the fruit and couldn’t help worrying. He screamed, "Me, me!" "
His little hand clutched the feather sleeve tightly. "Give it back!"
Feather grass chewed the fruit carefully and felt a sweet juice slide from the throat into the belly with a faint sour taste.
Don’t say it’s delicious!
At the same time, the feather felt a hot air rising slowly from the abdomen, getting hotter and hotter, burning the feather almost out of breath.
This fruit is really poisonous. The feather and beard cover their chest with their hands, and they can’t support themselves. Their bodies have slipped from the bed to the ground.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Teasing
———please keep it.
It’s like being suddenly thrown into a flame for a barbecue. Feathers curl and roll like earthworms, and it’s painful.
When I was still sober, I secretly regretted it. I didn’t expect it to be a poisonous fruit. God, help me. I don’t want to die like this!
Vampires in shota have long been scared to death when they saw Feather’s pain. He stared blankly for a few seconds, and his small body darted out of the door like an arrow.
Go and find The Hunger Fengluo at once.
Vampire shota just rushed to the lobby of the snake cave and happened to bump into the snake lady Manlu.
Manlu’s hands tightly covered her plump breasts and made a frightened look. "The dead kid scared me and rushed to reincarnate?"
Vampire shota quickly said anxiously, "Aunt Manlu’s sister fainted! Help her!" He threw his hands and hurriedly pulled Manlu back.
What happened to that dead girl again?
Reluctantly, Manlu was pulled by vampire shota and hurried to the feather room.
When I saw the feather, Manlu was also surprised. Feather curled up and fell to the ground, dying.
Manlu hurriedly put her hand on a feather, and her eyebrows screwed up. The pulse was very disordered and there was no regularity. Look at the feather’s face as white as paper.
Dial the feather eyelid again, and now her pupils are scattered.
Shota Manlu, a vampire, kept stamping her feet and rubbing her little hands and pleading, "Aunt Manlu, help her!" Shota has a gentle and lovely sister in her eyes.
Manlu turned to ask shota, "How did this happen?"
Shota, a vampire, rolled his eyes in the novel "I picked some lovely red fruits in the back of the mountain for this sister to see and eat." He nervously put his hands and forefingers together and lowered his head.
"What? She ate the red fruit? " Manlu was taken aback. "Little fool, that’s poisonous snake venom. How can you eat it?"