Wait until after Liu Feng finished the incense, Luo Ding also made three wick incense and then plausibly said

Say that finish Luo Ding directly in the table a scroll picked it up and handed it to Liu Feng and said, "Xiao Feng, this is the last few tricks of Jeet Kune Do. This trick can only be learned by Jeet Kune Do owners."
"Ah what?"
"I’m not sure about the specific reason. It seems that something happened in Jeet Kune Do during the Kuomintang period, which had a great influence. Since then, this rule has been made and it has been stipulated that the selection of the head is very strict and must go through a series of assessments."
"That’s right. I asked Roger to compete with you today. Actually, I’m assessing you. I haven’t talked so much, or I’ve assessed you since the first day I accepted you as an apprentice."
"… well, let’s talk about these things later. Now you have a good look at this scroll. If you don’t understand anything, ask me to remember these tricks. Once you learn them, don’t make them easily. Because these tricks are all killing people, you will see the blood at first hand. It’s not extremely dangerous!"
"I know master!"
"well, let’s go first. I’ll let you fly back to newblane training base by special plane later. You haven’t gone back yet. Are your little lovers worried?"
"Master …"
"No kidding, you’d better go home quickly. Just take care of this scroll and don’t watch it here."
"What should I do if I don’t understand?"
"Do you often play games and be silly? Call me directly if you can’t talk, or video with me. I don’t know what time it is now …"
"…" Liu Feng just had a little bit of that feeling that seemed to be disturbed as soon as he saw it, and now he feels that his thinking is very chaotic.
"Well, you go first. I have something to do here. You can directly tell the driver where you are going outside and he will arrange it for you. I have already explained it."
"Ok, I know, master, you should also take care of yourself. You can go to my game in the second stage of si and cheer me up!"
"Yes, I will go sometimes!"
"Then goodbye, master!" Liu Feng waved directly to the car and roared off. Luo Ding saw the car gradually go away. Just now, smiling in the face slowly disappeared …
"Xiao Feng doesn’t know if I’m doing this right. It’s time for the horse to compete for ten years …"
Chapter 276 The first stage of the game is over!
Liu Feng sat in Luoding, and he prepared a special plane to come to the newblane base. They all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Liu Feng’s illness.
Because Tan Yuan fainted in the process and then woke up, she was already on the plane. She didn’t know what happened, which made Zhou Rebing and them very worried.
It’s Tan Yuan’s time to come out and analyze the situation, so that everyone can wait for a day and then go to the police.
Because Tan Yuan now looks back on the accident, it is obvious that it is a human being, but it is actually merciful for Tan Yuan to think about it now. Although I don’t know anything, it is not dangerous for Tan Yuan to anticipate Liu Feng in his heart.
But just in case, Tan Yuan decided to wait for one day. If there is still no news from Liu Feng after one day, they will call the police.
Although he has been here for a short time, Tan Yuan’s unique calm has successfully established an image in everyone’s mind. Lu Yixuan heard Tan Yuan’s consideration and agreed with Tan Yuan’s idea.
Although Zhou Rebing is in a panic, he still forces himself to calm down because if Liu Fengzhen comes back in one day, Zhou Rebing doesn’t want Liu Fengzhen to see himself anxious, which will make Liu Feng feel guilty.
Sure enough, Liu Feng came back in less than a day, and everyone was very happy, especially Zhou Rebing, whose eyebrows were no longer sad.
"I’m sorry to worry you, but it’s not time to relax. We still have the last two team games. I hope everyone can stay at the end of the first stage. Don’t relax and try to bring the next two games to our opponent’s department to draw a perfect ending."
"Okay, no problem!" Lu Yixuan is still rushing to be the first speaker. He will never be idle.
"Well, let’s practice according to the established plan. I’ll tell you about the new analyst in our team tomorrow!"
"Yes!" Gb Everyone was relieved to see that there was nothing in Liu Feng’s heart. They directly found their own custom tables and chairs and practiced on the same day.
Liu Feng waited until everyone was in place. He called Tan Yuan and windy to the conference room and sat down. After that, Liu Feng came straight to the point and said, "Sister, I thought about it carefully on my way back. I think your situation is very suitable for our team analyst!"
"analyst?" After Tan Yuan arrived at newblane training base, she probably got to know about the division of labor of a team. Now she also probably knows what analysts do.
Tan Yuan carefully thought about it and nodded his head to show that he had no objection because Liu Feng’s arrangement was really suitable for her situation.