Craftsmen are an important part of Mozi Village. The food in Mozi Village comes from farmers, and the economic source is mainly to sell craftsmen to make machinery to support the daily transportation of Mozi Village. After becoming a craftsman, it is equivalent to being a member of this organization, although it is not a Mohist, but it is also quite a share.

People who become ink, artisans, farmers and children all live in the dormitory, and once they pass the test, the village will allocate a house, although it is a small home, which is already a great gift for just adults.
Chapter 19 Awards
Chapter 19 Award Medal
Mo Lin’s roommate asked Bailiji and Luo Sandy to receive ink training together and hasn’t come back to the dormitory yet
Molin sat on the bed and excitedly took out a call from Zhongtian Gongwu.
The first page is the catalogue label, which is divided into five parts, which are about the casting and smelting of metal objects; Talking about the structure system of ships and vehicles and the passage of ships and vehicles; Talking about hammer forging of iron and bronze; Talking about ore mining and smelting hardware; There is also an article about ore processing and quenching
The five parts are illustrated from the simple to the profound, and the words are concise and easy to understand. The pictures are also very intuitive. At first, Mo Lin swallowed the dates and found that many of them were unheard of.
Molin has a small talent in engineering and just won the first place in the test, but his mind is quite complacent. However, the natural work in front of him is like opening a treasure door for him, which makes him feel sorry for his knowledge and skills.
Seeing such a rich treasure in Mo Lin, I realized how ashamed he was. After accepting this fact, Mo Lin became cheerful again. He was like a greedy worm and wanted to swallow every word and every picture was an inspiration to him.
Seeing the heavenly things in the book made Mo Lin feel puzzled and puzzled. This joy of seeking knowledge filled his heart all afternoon, making him dance and dance while reading and pondering.
It was not until I remembered that I had to go to Sandy’s home in the evening that I was reluctant to wrap my bag and go out.
Mo Lin, who went to Sandy’s home in Los Angeles, bought two bottles of rice wine as usual. This time, he won the first place. He had a justified reason to drink with Uncle Luo, and his face was slightly red. Aunt Luo also cooked some good dishes and added Luo Sandy to tell the story of Mo Lin’s popularity. The dinner atmosphere has been very high.
After dinner, Mo Lin was thinking about practicing things with Zhu Pingman in the evening, but Luo Sandy insisted that he accompany him for a walk, and Mo Lin had to wander around the nearby road side by side with Luo Sandy.
"Molin, you won the first prize this time, but you can build your own machinery. You must remember your promise to me." Sandy said.
"Don’t worry, I won’t forget that I will redouble my efforts from now on, and I will soon create the best magic weapon for you." Although Molin felt that extensive and profound engineering could not be achieved overnight, he was optimistic by nature and firmly believed that he would be able to fulfill his promise if he was willing to work hard.
"That’s very kind of you," Sandy heart constantly grabbed the ink Lin hand hee hee with a smile.
Ink Lin Zheng felt palm to Sandy palm temperature girl skin unique delicate feeling haunts his heart like a deer.
"Oh, my God, I won’t die, will I?" Mo Lin felt that his heart was beating faster and faster and he had jumped into his throat. He doubted whether his heart would jump out now.
"I’m going home, you must remember your promise." Luo Sandy didn’t realize that Mo Lin was wrong. She took Mo Lin around the house and let Mo Lin hand.
"Well … you go to bed early." Mo Lin reluctantly said that he was thirsty and trembling, and his heart was beating fast and his forehead was sweating as if he had a serious illness, but he just felt that carefree ratio was really contradictory.
Seeing Luo Sandy walk into the house, Molin felt a sense of loss. He raised his hand and sniffed before putting the tip of his nose. He smelled a fragrance belonging to the girl.
"Sandy, don’t worry, I will work hard." Molin clenched his fist and waved his hand to make a promise to the moonlight.
"Do you want to bribe me?" Seeing that Molin brought two bottles of rice wine, Zhu Ping narrowed his eyes as if he were taking a nap with the cat.
"I won the first prize in the craftsman’s graduation test. I want to celebrate it. If you don’t drink it, forget it." Molin pie pie said.
"Being the first craftsman is nothing to celebrate. Even if you are a great craftsman, you can be so-so." Zhu Pingman didn’t give Mo Lin a bite, which is contempt for craftsmen.
This contact for more than a month has made Mo Lin understand Zhu Ping’s diffuse personality. Although the old man’s words are hateful, his heart is still good. It is precisely because he has seen through this that Mo Lin does not care about him.
Molin brought some side dishes, and then he shoved a bottle of rice wine into Zhu Pingman’s hand. "Thank you for your teaching for more than a month. If I can’t meet your requirements tonight, I’m afraid it will be difficult to meet you in the future. This first sip of wine is Molin’s gratitude." Said Molin and took a long sip of wine first.
Zhu Ping looked at Mo Lin with a smile. "I didn’t expect you to have such heroism and heart in this doll, so I’ll have a drink with you." He unequivocally raised the bottle and drank it, then sipped his lips and muttered, "Mohist wine is really hard to drink."
Molin Nai said, "This wine is really a little weaker than your monkey wine, but you can make do with it when you have this kind of wine in Mohe Village."
Zhu Pingman lifted the bottle up and drank a bottle of rice wine in one gulp. He shouted at Mo Lin, "I can make it today if you can’t catch up with my rhythm."
Not to be outdone, Mo Lin poured all the rice wine into her throat, enjoying the fragrance and moisture of rice wine, and then rose up to comment on Zhu. "If I can’t tell you that I don’t live up to expectations, it’s not worth grandpa’s teaching. I will never complain."