She just walked to the door and heard a noise!

"What are you doing here with a seat?"
"Xu, you will know when you go in …"
The dazzling light of the instant door shone on her, and then she saw the butterfly and Nan Haochen in front of her!
Butterfly has a face of consternation, and the expression on her face is how could she …
If the night is like a stranger, it is a rosy lip that outlines a smile!
With a hint of banter in his eyes …
Liu Qing some silver three hundred and twenty hurriedly motioning with his hand here "I … I have nothing to do with him … really nothing …"
"Oh?" The night was as calm as a stranger, but it suddenly shouted "Nan Haochen-"
Damn it!
Liu Qing couldn’t help cursing a hard heart! What’s this night like a stranger? How can it be so hateful! I cann’t believe I have to wake Nan Haochen up!
Isn’t all he wants to do is sneak out unnoticed?
But Nan Haochen heard the sound of the night like a stranger really faint and opened his eyes-
Then he looked at the curtain in a daze, and some terrible pictures in his mind seemed to pass, and his eyes flashed over and over again, which made him feel at a loss!
He didn’t know there were so many people watching around him, and then he vaguely remembered that he seemed to/met Liu Qing last night?
"How is that possible? How could I do that to a man? " He muttered to himself that his head was still in chaos and slowly turned to see a bunch of people waiting for the door, and then there was Liu Qing who was entangled with him yesterday …
They all listened to what he said and stared at him one by one!
At that moment, it seemed that a huge volcano erupted in Nan Haochen’s heart …
Then I got up in a panic and forgot I was naked!
"Ah-"Butterfly screamed and hurriedly turned away …
South Hao Chen hurriedly covered himself "last night … we …"
Liu Qing sipped her lips and her face was not very good-looking. Then she didn’t want to face Nan Haochen, so she turned away coldly!
Then leave the colorful butterfly at night like a stranger and watch the night like a stranger. His face is full of embarrassment. "Don’t tell the moon today!"
The night is like a stranger, as if deliberately torturing him. I don’t know for sure or deny it, so I just walk out …
It’s not that you don’t chase after Nan Haochen!
Because he didn’t wear clothes if he wanted to chase after him!
-dividing line-
Finally, the night was like a stranger, but I told Zhuge Yue about it. Zhuge Yue ate some grapes and couldn’t help laughing.
She is a little in distress situation.
"So … you can let go of South Hao Chen’s guilt …"
"I said …" Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows. "You didn’t arrange this, did you?"
Night is like a stranger with a JiaoChen hidden in his eyes. "How can you recognize 498? Chapter 498 Conspiracy (5)