"What don’t worry! Go back and find the old glass to deal with it! " Sun Wu is scratching his head at this time!

"Hey hey ….." Lonely natural looking at Sun Wu sample suddenly sinister a smile "your eldest brother, I still have a trick! That monster wants to eat fairy grass? Think of beauty! Our brothers can’t eat others and don’t want to eat them! " Said the solitary born from the pocket three shot size iron ball evil smiled and handed it to Sun Wu!
"Why?" Sun Wu looked left and right with three iron balls and asked strangely, "Brother, you don’t want to call me this thing … to kill that monster, do you?"
"Hey hey ….." Hearing Sun Wu’s words, Lonely naturally burst into laughter and laughed that was quite treacherous!
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Chapter VI Foreign Bodies in the Cloud Earth-shattering, Treasure-destroying and Evil-hating, Fangcun Mountain
Sun Wu’s strength is almost at home, but one thing to say is that Sun Wu’s strength is not as good as his study of Taoism, which is a natural gift! Sun Wu’s quest for immortality on that day was originally aimed at seeking immortality, and Pu also taught Sun Wu seventy-two somersaults and other well-known skills of these people. These things can be traced in the Journey to the West, but not much to say in the text!
I want to say that Sun Wu has not learned magical powers yet, but in terms of strength alone, it is enough to shake the mountains and pull out the mountains! Someone will say that Sun Wu is so powerful now, so why should he be afraid of treasure evil? You don’t know that people who are a little knowledgeable but not strong enough in the three realms of treasure, evil, Dan, fire and poisonous fog are all fearful! As the saying goes, "a famous scholar!" Bao Xie naturally has his magical powers!
Sun Wu fought several times in Huaguo Mountain to smash the demon king, but those demon kings were just ordinary plants and animals. However, it was natural to say that there were some mana in hundreds of years, but it was also Hu said that he wanted to be Nai Sunwu! But how can those little demon kings compare with Bao Xie, a wild and bloody animal?
Some readers have to ask again, is the treasure evil so powerful that it has not retreated from the beast to become human? You know one thing, but you don’t know the other. There are many people who are different in nature and have great magical powers, but they are different in changing human forms! For example, the Four Seas Dragon can naturally change its human form, but if it doesn’t use magic, it will always become human. Second, the Four Seas Dragon King and other magical powers can’t retreat after all! Of course, there are exceptions, but that’s another story. We won’t talk about it here for the time being!
Peter said that Bao Xie looked at the delicate and charming Zibihong grass in front of him, and all his eyes were no longer far away from Xiancao. For 300 years, Bao Xie has been looking forward to this day day and night. Once Zibihong Xiancao becomes a perfect color treasure evil, it can be eaten … Bao Xie thought of a smell that is widely spread in their family …
Once three pairs of arms are born, the Xiangbaoxie clan can recover from the ancient flood. When the time comes, it will be a great god. When the treasure evil is immortal, the broken arm can be regenerated, and the decapitation can grow again. The three pairs of arms have their own wonderful powers. The first pair of arms are poor, and the mountains and rivers can be pulled over. The second arm can be seen for thirty-three days, and the ghosts can be found, especially the last pair of arms is even more powerful. Once the treasure evil gives birth to three arms, it will be difficult for the naked eye to see … Once the treasure evil gives birth to three arms,
"Now … throw it …" Lonely naturally looked at Bao Xie and lost in thought. A little distracted knew that it was now or never and immediately shouted at Sun Wu.
Sun Wu was born to say that he had already thrown three iron balls out! Sun Wu and other strengths? I’m afraid that in terms of pure strength alone, there will be great efforts. Niu Mowang can be taller than him. At this time, the iron ball shot with a whistling wind flew to Baoxie three inches in front of him in the blink of an eye!
Treasure evil has long been known that lonely born two people didn’t go, and it was assumed that they had to calculate themselves. Although the surface was distracted, the iron ball was hit by the wind in their ears. At this time, they didn’t take their time. They just dodged the three iron ball attacks with their heads slightly tilted, and they were still wondering why two people let themselves hide so easily. Suddenly, a loud bang came from their ears …
The tunnel is "not good!" Treasure evil can’t drive up the demon wind, so it just jumps a dozen or twenty feet to one side with its body elasticity of the earth, but obviously … This explosive power doesn’t stop there …
Overwhelming dust mixed with flames spread around, and the tall mushroom cloud stood, which actually made the ten-foot-high treasure evil compare with the little treasure evil. If you look bad, you can say a few words in your mouth, "No thunder in mixed yuan …" Then you drive up the demon wind and want to escape, but … Treasure evil can’t move now? o_o
To say that it’s time to catch the treasure, evil spirits and unlucky orphans were born to copy those spells, so that they can die, and they waved them for o1 seconds at this moment …
It’s nonsense to say that you can draw a spell by looking for a copy at random. No matter how talented he is, he can’t be so talented. But at least you can draw a spell by yourself. It’s also the bodhi old bodhi old zu, cinnabar. At least you can finish painting those spells by yourself. There is no place for a spell, but you can kill an elephant with more than 100 spells! These charms are even wielded for o1 seconds, and they are still powerful at this critical moment!
What are those three iron balls? That was the craziest home of Bodhisattva’s friend in the celestial world. Comrade Yunzhong called the celestial nuclear weapon "mixed yuan and no thunder!" Bodhisattva bodhi old zu and other figures? It’s just that I hid three of them, so I let the orphan steal them! It’s also bodhi old zu who is a little lazy. In the treasure cabinet, these three no-thunder faces have written the words "this thing can explode"! Who knows what this explosion refers to?
The so-called "no thunder, no way out!" Bao Xie, if he has reached the goal of six arms, is naturally not afraid of this small ban on thunder. But now Bao Xie is also a bully who is born to be ok. Where can he withstand the indiscriminate bombing of the ban on thunder? Or three!
Lonely was born stupid. He never expected this thing to be so powerful! Treasure evil instantaneous was swallowed up without any resistance. At this time, I saw that the explosive power had spread to my side, but I didn’t stop. I was born alone and sighed in Sun Wu’s heart. I closed my eyes together and prepared to die …
"Why aren’t you dead?" It’s been a long time since I was born alone and Sun Wuxian’s forbidden thunder didn’t touch myself. I couldn’t help wondering and opened my eyes!
"Old Bo … that … master?" Lonely born horse now he is not in that forest but in bodhi old zu … room! Lonely natural looking at one side still didn’t wake up Sun Wu immediately white their situation …
Regardless of his weak body, he ran to the corner with rolling and crawling, and a pair of watery big eyes looked at a face of crafty smile and bodhi old zu trembled and said softly, "Don’t … I’m still young … Don’t …"
"hmm!" Bodhi bodhi old zu brimming with a silent breath in his chest almost called solitary natural performance gas one mouthful blood gush out! Forced to stabilize an emotion, bodhi old zu finally kept his sanctimonious image, and a fairy standard tone slowly said, "Enlightenment! You also get up! Don’t pretend to sleep! "
The voice just fell and he was still lying motionless on the ground, like a dead man. Sun Wu actually rolled over one by one, and Ma said with a smile on his face, "Master is really a profound Taoist! Thank you, Master, for saving his life … "Said Sun Wu, kneeling on the ground directly, and the ringing of his head was one after another …
Lonely natural language is shameless enough for him. I didn’t expect there to be more than ten times more shameless people than myself … Well … Although it’s not a person! However, when I want to return to my hometown, I also know that bodhi old zu saved my two brothers, and it seems that I didn’t mean to bite my teeth maliciously. Lonely born looked back at his ass and finally made up my mind to think, "It’s a big deal to throw caution to the wind once and for all!"
Thought of here, I’m born alone and I’ll never be a mother-in-law, so I knelt on my knees and cried while I threw myself at the bodhi old zu’s foot and hugged the bodhi old zu’s calf and cried, "Master … If you hadn’t made moves today, I would have died … That monster Te is not something … It called Master you a king’s egg, an old glass, and a shameless death (omitting one thousand words) …"
Solitary born breath through this opportunity to wash pants for ten years to accumulate hatred, this just continued, "The disciples just heard it actually scold the master that you are a king’s egg (not enough to repeat) … only then did it angrily … Who knew that he actually wanted to kill people, thanks to the help of the master … Blare …" Solitary born said, while remembering his hard years in the past ten years, he actually cried!
"Hum!" At this time, where there is a little B-cold hum, a master’s majesty suddenly makes you cry and cry, and the horse is like a tide. Sun Wu is shocked and stands on the spot!
"You things such as from the teacher? I don’t know how to sneak up on Bao Xie! That treasure evil was originally a wild alien who never killed creatures, and that purple grass was also instructed by the teacher to eat. It was fate that you killed him, and it was his fate to blame others for this disaster! That’s all! But … "Bodhisattva bodhi old zu tone here suddenly a tight appear extremely angry" you and I bodhi younger brother incredibly third-rate means to deal with a mere treasure evil? Integrity? I’m ashamed to go out? " Ok! After all this trouble, this old glass started the fire!
Who are Gu Tiansheng and Sun Wu? It’s all because the people with seven minds immediately reflected what the bodhi old zu said. Where is this to blame themselves for justifying a fault? And listen to this tone …
"The teacher said yes! Miss Master, even the jade emperor’s old son will let your old man be a little bit from the third world! Aren’t we brothers a disgrace to your old man? Master ….. I’ve lived up to my legacy … "Lonely born this is called a sensational, much more than Ni Ping!
"Brother, this is bad!" Sun Wu immediately jumped to Gu Tiansheng with a face of righteously and pointed to Gu Tiansheng’s head and said, "Brother, there are two big mistakes in this statement! First of all, the jade emperor’s old son didn’t give the master a few points! Master and other identities? It should be the master who let the jade emperor be a little bit old! Second, when Master is in the prime of life and has great power, how can the word’ old man’ form a master? "
Lonely born with a dull face looked at Sun Wu and almost didn’t bump into the ground and thought, "Damn it! After watching Journey to the West for so many years, why didn’t I show you such a shameless monkey? "
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Chapter VII Bodhisattva’s One Heart, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Buddha, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind, One Mind
"Ha ha ….. you two small will hu said! Who am I, your master? How did I fall for your two flattery tricks? Ha ha ….. "Pu said in his mouth, but what do you think also don’t like without the sample! Sometimes I know it’s flattery, but someone is willing to listen!
Solitary born and Sun Wu two people just want to continue to tout Pu but a wave of his hand shook his head and said, "Stop it! Don’t you two just want to learn the Tao? Just teach you! "
"ah? Master, you promised? " Gu Tiansheng and Sun Wuqi looked at the bodhi old zu and jumped out with a sentence that made the bodhi laugh and cry. "What are your intentions?"
Wry smile a bodhi face upwards sighed, "I have a brother of 1947 people! But one person can get my orthodoxy. Do you know anything? "