As soon as these four million troops appeared, they quickly went into battle, and there was a fierce battle in Chengtou.

With this new force joining the strength advantages of both sides, a 100-degree turn was immediately made, and the defending side was twice as strong as the attacking side, and the invading side was defeated in an instant.
The invading forces in the fifth district saw the sudden surge of troops in the city and knew that the situation was not good, so they wanted to run away, but the battle had already started. They were all dragged into the fighting state, so that the scroll back to the city could slip away and cross-country on two legs.
Then how could it be possible to escape? I was chased out by the city defenders in one breath and annihilated by more than ten miles.
The invading forces in the fifth district are in full swing in the holy alliance at the front line, and the rear of the invading forces in the fifth district is also lively
Apple personally dispatched 20 million elite troops and divided them into 20 roads, which were led by the president’s brigade of the 20 teams to sneak into the enemy lines to make trouble.
Unlike in reality, the game can be blocked by weather, sea, land and surface with superior military strength. In the game, players can’t carry the blocked land all day long, but the road is blocked by law.
The president’s brigade of the 20 teams led their own troops to walk deep into the occupied areas behind enemy lines and show their disruptive activities one after another.
In the occupied area behind enemy lines, it is now the time when the two sides are at war. Players in the fifth district should focus on guarding the city and not wandering around, which limits them. The only way to make trouble is to attack and occupy the city.
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine Split plum blossom meter
Deep in the forest at the foot of the mountains outside Tiger King’s city in the occupied area behind enemy lines, Big Ear Thief’s first president’s brigade and his troops are hiding in the dark to spy on Tiger King’s city.
Big Ear Thief found an assassin professional player and pointed to the direction of Tiger King City. "Go and explore the city!"
"Yes!" The assassin of the player should rush out while driving the mount beast, and at the same time start the stealth skill to hide with the pet beast.
When they were waiting in situ, the assassin of the player went back to Big Ear Thief and reported that "the defenders of Tiger King City are probably around 100,000! The player level is around seventy! "
"There are hundreds of our side has one million absolutely no problem! Big Ear Thief, fuck him directly! !” A familiar president of Big Ear Thief suggested.
"What a fart!" Big Ear Thief curled his lips and said, "Although there are 100,000 of them, don’t forget that they have a tiger king city to work on!"
"That’s afraid of a hair? Are we afraid that we can’t pick them up with this force and this power? !”
"It’s natural to clean up, but it must be a thousand injuries!" Big Ear Thief buttoned his nose. "We are here to make trouble for Marshal Apple. It’s not easy. Do you think we will be disabled after one battle? !”
"Ahem, that’s reasonable! So what do you say? Don’t you call? !”
"Playing, of course, is to play! But you can’t fight like this! " Big Ear Thief buckle nostril way "we have to think of a plan! You all use your brains to think about so many art of war in ancient China! "
"hmm!" All smell speech frowned and racked their brains to think of it, but after thinking for a long time, they still looked at each other in a mess.
"What are you all staring at there?" Big Ear Thief tong gu side other president asked "what want to come out? !”
"Nothing!" The chairman of the digging nose watched Big Ear Thief "don’t just say we you? !”
"Ah, I want to cough up the horse!" Big Ear Thief’s dry cough continued to brood and suddenly "poof" farted.
"By making you want to plan? You fart top fart? !”
"Yes ~!" Big Ear Thief ignore yan mouth wu nose all some way "do you remember the journey to the west? !”
"I mean, do you remember how Tang Priest met a leopard and Sun Wu in Journey to the West? !”
Everyone is absolutely familiar with the story in Journey to the West. When Big Ear Thief woke up a little, they thought that it was Sun Wuzhong’s "plum blossom plan" that time. "That was a drama of God, so it was played to us." !”
"Hey, hey, the players in these five areas are stupid * forced. Although this little trick is definitely not good for the players in our Huaxia area, it is a bluff to deal with them!" Big Ear Thief has answers.
"Then give it a try!"
"Well, let’s decorate us!" When I came to Big Ear Thief, I muttered to a group of presidents for a long time. After the event, everyone present at the meeting had a share of tens of thousands of small troops and dispersed around.
Players in the South Korean area of Tiger King City were stationed when they suddenly saw a sentry coming towards Tiger King City in the plain outside the city.
"Bad situation! There are troops from Huaxia District to attack the city! !” Some players found this sentry outside the city and immediately shouted.
"Oh, it’s just tens of thousands of people wandering around!" Other players looked out of the city and found that there were tens of thousands of people, otherwise they said, "They are the only ones who dare not attack us!" Unless they can’t think of their own death, then we are happy to be them ~! "
"Ha ha ha ha ~! !” Chengtou burst into laughter.
"The city is stupid * forced to stick!" Players in Chengtou South Korea laugh at the fact that this sentry has come to the front of the city, and they swear at the city, swearing at what is ugly and swearing at what is colorful and tongue-bursting lotus "%# *! !”
Players in South Korea often have to deal with players in China because they are in China. All the players outside the city swear by translators, and they can understand them through translators.
"Don’t fucking run!" When the players in the South Korean area of the city heard the news, they immediately flew into a rage. More than 100,000 people rushed to Chengtou. "Kill them! !”
Outside the city, this sentry saw people coming, and the leader, with a wave of his arm, "Brothers, don’t scold, don’t scold! The wind is tight! !” Then a group of people ran away.
"Can’t let them chase! !” Rushing out of the city, 100,000 players in South Korea refused to stop there, and they chased him with their heads in the crowd.
The front foot of the 100,000 Korean players just chased out, and the back foot appeared on the other side of Tiger King City. Before they came to the city, they also swore.
It’s so ugly to scold. The players in Chengtou South Korea were so angry that 100,000 people immediately poured out of the city to kill this sentry.
This sentry ran headless when he saw the bad situation. They ran in South Korea, and the players were chasing after you, chasing me and running away from Tiger King City unconsciously.
Later, several troops appeared one after another, all of whom were in the tens of thousands, and they scolded them if they didn’t come. As a result, they succeeded in snatching away several defenders of Tiger King City.
After four or five consecutive calls to Tiger King City, the original 100,000 defenders are now less than 300,000.
These guys are still talking about whether the players in Huaxia area are sick just now. At the same time, a wave of people came out in all directions of Tiger City. This time, unexpectedly, they didn’t blame the street, but sat outside the city and stared at each other with the city people.
City people’s attention was attracted by these people outside the city. In the past, they wondered why they didn’t scold, but they didn’t notice that there was a shady landing above Tiger King City.
It was not until this shady scene completely enveloped the whole Tiger King City that the players finally realized that something was wrong, but it was too late.
"Brothers are dumped for me to kill! !” Big Ear Thief led 500,000 troops to fly down the Tiger King City like a heavenly soldier, and instantly submerged the defenders in South Korea with less than 300,000 Chengtou.
Big Ear Thief was defending the city in this border town and fighting outside the square, and the sunbathing troops also took action to jump into the city head, but instead of joining the city head battle, they went straight to the resurrection point of the central square of the tiger king city.
The four horses rushed to the central square. At this time, there was a city head hanging in the resurrection point. Just after the resurrection, the four horses in South Korea were surrounded without saying that they were killed in an instant.
In less than ten minutes, the players in Sifang Chengtou South Korea have all been killed and gathered in the resurrection point of the central square. The Big Ear Thief Round four-way team showed a cruel massacre to less than 300,000 South Korean players!
The city war locked Big Ear Thief’s voice communication and connected it to the outside to contain the enemy’s troops and lead the team. "This side has already controlled you to start work!"
Chapter three hundred and fifty Smoke everywhere
"I know! You’re also ready to hold the line. They’ve learned that Tiger King City has been attacked, and a large number of people have sent back the scroll to reinforce it! "
"Then don’t say how many people you can stall quickly and come back at once. Our previous plan will be white!"
"Wow! Okay, stop it. It’s already been called! Where to run me! " Howling, luring the enemy, several sentries hung up their voice communication one after another, relying on the terrain to pester the tiger king city to pursue troops and hinder their speed of returning to the city for help. Tiger king city Big Ear Thief won time.
Big Ear Thief just hung up the voice communication here, and saw that the light of the square was like a golden lotus, and it was led away by several sentries. The defenders of Tiger King City were gradually Huiyuan.
As a result, as soon as Huiyuan players came out of the array, they were blocked by allied players who had already been guarding the array. They slashed and killed them in an instant, and 200,000 players were killed without realizing what was going on. They moved from the array to the resurrection point and came to the defenders in the city to accept more cruel slaughter together.
After that, the players came out of Tiger King City and returned to Tiger King City one after another, and the number of people finally returned to its heyday, but it was a different time.
In the past, 100,000 South Korean players in Tiger King City held their heads high and their fighting spirit was high. At that time, Big Ear Thief led millions of troops, and if they fought head-on, they would definitely not get half a penny cheaper. Maybe they might capsize in the gutter.
But now the situation is completely different. Although the number of defenders in Tiger King City is still 100,000 in its heyday, at this moment, these 100,000 defenders have experienced a series of brutal massacres led by Big Ear Thief before the troops reached their peak. After the troops returned to their peak, their morale has fallen to freezing point.
The morale of an army directly affects the combat effectiveness of this army. Now, the 100,000 defenders in Tiger King City have been killed by Big Ear Thief, and their morale has been exhausted. The fighting spirit has changed from a tiger and wolf division to a group of Sangguquan, which poses no threat to all people in Big Ear Thief.