"Yes, yes!"

"It’s time to go!" They stumbled out of the Xiao sheng pavilion.
It’s really depressing to visit this kiln!
Li Yunhuan left the little princess in a huff and hasn’t left yet. He’s still waiting in the tea shed to see him come out and beckon.
Li Yunhuan was so anxious that he stamped his foot and hurried over to greet her. The carriage ordered the driver.
With a wry smile, "Why haven’t you left my little ancestor’s aunt?"
Little infanta didn’t know what happened there. I don’t know Yang Wenhua’s smelly mouth said those words again. It’s a little puzzling to see a few crazy Li Yunhuan busy way. "What about the girl? How come you came out alone! "
Li Yunhuan is still a girl when he slaps his head!
"I forgot!" Li Yunhuan honest way
"How can you forget!" When the little princess was in a hurry, she ordered the carriage to turn around.
Li Yunhuan hurriedly stopped, "It’s not urgent to leave here first!"
Small infanta also see his strange busy way "what’s the matter? What happened? "
Li Yunhuan vomitted a sigh of relief "hey hey" smile collapsed shoulder way "nothing is called Yang Wenhua those bastards to gas at that time to forget! Don’t worry, it’s a mess there today. Mom Jia won’t pay attention to your girl. I’ll send someone to go again tomorrow! "
Yang Wenhua’s cheap mouth said those cheap words, and Li Yunhuan certainly wouldn’t tell her future sister-in-law
But then again, that hob meat is really difficult!
Hum, if he really dares to talk nonsense outside, I won’t kill the Yang family! I can’t move your hob meat. Look at you, your mother can’t move you!
Li Yunhuan made a determined effort in his heart.
When Sister-in-law was still in the Xiaosheng Pavilion, Li Yunhuan felt something was wrong and thought for a moment. "How did you meet that girl?"
"Huh?" The little princess is a little ignorant. "What’s the matter? It was yesterday when I was drinking tea in the teahouse that I touched it when I went out. Is there anything wrong? "
"It’s not that I think there’s anything wrong," Li Yunhuan shook his head and said, "It’s just that it’s a little coincidence that others are just Yang Wenhua’s broken bones. He rarely goes to a brothel, so to speak, but it’s a little strange that he meets us once in a hundred years."
Li Yunhuan took another look at the little infanta. If it wasn’t for Xiao Ye, I happened to have something to pass through this road. It would be you. Sister-in-law touched that bastard bitch Yang Wenhua. Who knows that dog’s mouth would spit out something!
The little princess felt vaguely as if something was wrong, but she didn’t believe it.
Or unwilling, unwilling to believe.
"Surely this is a coincidence …" The little princess reluctantly smiled and shook her head. "I don’t know what’s wrong with it! Drinking tea yesterday-177 Chapter 177 Growing up 8
The little princess suddenly thought that the teahouse and the private room were set the day before yesterday, and the teahouse they often went to was the private room every time.
But it happened that yesterday the head went in next to it, and so many people said such a topic-
No, it won’t! She must be oversensitive! This is just a coincidence!
"I didn’t go to the teahouse yesterday when I had tea on a whim. I don’t believe anyone calculated it so accurately!" The tone of the little princess is very determined and firm.
"I hope so! Not just! " Li Yunhuan spat out a sigh and laughed. "Sister-in-law, rest assured that the girl will help you get people out later. That dead guy in Yang Wenhua didn’t expect to recognize you like this. If he is chewing his tongue outside, don’t pay attention!"
I don’t want the little princess to know that Yang Wenhua will never have a good word in her mouth. She nodded and smiled. "I’m not stupid enough to take his words seriously!"
However, there are still some words out.
It’s a pity that Zhou Jinyu and Xing Feier are still not satisfied and happy, and soon they are frustrated.
Because if these rumors are left to other girls’ future in-laws, they will definitely break off their marriage and there is no room for the girl’s family to refuse, but the Li family seems to have nothing to do!
Even fangzhou still keeps the princess of the county to go to dinner together, laughing and laughing like sisters, and still loves the little princess, but she doesn’t see any dislike.
If someone else’s family does this, it will definitely be shameful for everyone, and then some rumors will come out, such as shamelessly staying in the county palace, or fearing that staying in the county palace will dare to be angry and dare not speak.
Can Weining Hou Fu potential is not worse than stay in the county palace if say timid guy? Hehe, I’m afraid that dogs in Beijing don’t believe in Weining Houfu. Those two are timid!
If the advocate doesn’t set up a stage, everyone can’t sing if they want to sing, and it will be a laugh.
But for others, it’s just watching, but it’s not a trivial matter. For Xing Fei’s mother and daughter, it’s anger and disappointment.
Originally full of hope, this time, the name of the small princess can be completely ruined, so that even Fangzhou hates her and keeps the princess of the county so temperamentally. Where can she endure the injustice of her daughter? It is possible that the friendship between the two people for more than ten years will lead to bad blood and unhappiness!
In this way, she can take advantage of the opportunity to show her attention several times in front of Lian Fangzhou, and then things will naturally follow.
I didn’t think it was just her hope!
Nothing that she thought would happen happened!
What’s more, at a British public banquet, my mother took the opportunity to pretend to ask Mrs. Weining Hou casually. Is it inappropriate to leave the little princess in the county palace as the daughter-in-law of the Li family after all this fuss?
Mother naturally won’t ask directly, but Mrs. Weininghou must have understood that meaning
At that time, she was beside her, so nervous that the embroidered handkerchief was pinched so tightly that she almost jumped out of her throat.
But I didn’t expect Mrs. Weining Hou to smile lazily. Do you mind laughing? "I heard that there were Yang family members present that day. Hehe, where did this rumor come from?" Can you believe the words of the Yang family? Conversely, the letter is almost the same! "
I heard all the ladies around me laughing, and my mother reluctantly accompanied her to laugh, but her heart was secretly
Yes, who in Beijing doesn’t know that Yang’s family has a grudge against Li’s family and Liujun Wangfu? Yang’s population say things naturally is not credible!
After all, everyone understands this truth, but not everyone can think of it and it is inappropriate.
But Mrs Weining Hou is not.
It is not impossible for onlookers to feel whether a person’s words and actions are sincere, superficial or contrary.
Xing Fei’s heart was sour and astringent at that time, and the needle seemed uncomfortable.
Zhou Jinxi, can she really be so lucky all the time?
"Mom, I am really unwilling!" Xing Fei son bit his lip and twisted the embroidered handkerchief into a twist. "I really hate Zhou Jinxi more and more! We have done so much and it has become a joke! "
Mrs. Xing was also very unhappy and sneered slightly. "Then Mrs. Weining Hou said that, but who knows what she thinks in her heart! How can she care nothing about such a thing as her pain? Mostly because of the inconvenience of staying in the county, the princess turned her face! But once this bad blood is planted, it will take root, sprout and bear fruit one day! Well, wait and see! Besides, just because Mrs. Weininghou doesn’t care doesn’t mean that Li Shi doesn’t care! No man has a bad face and no man can do such a thing! "
Xing Fei son eyes a bright can’t help but hate regret "it’s a pity that Li Shi happened not in the capital at the moment! By the time he comes back, it will be over long ago, even if he knows that the effect is not as good as it is now! It’s long gone! Mom, I don’t want to wait! This opportunity is hard to miss! "
Mrs. Xing is both distressed by her daughter and a little unwilling.
It’s hard to make a good layout and wait for a wonderful effect, but it’s like a mud cow entering the sea without even splashing a little water. No one would feel good in their hearts!
"I think this matter has to be settled in Yang Wenhua." Mrs. Xing finally hooked her lips and laughed
Xing Fei’s eyes lit up and she shook Mrs. Xing’s arm. "Mom, do you have an idea?"
Mrs. Xing gave her daughter a "ha ha" smile and said something unhurriedly.
Xing Fei’ er hesitated a little. "Is this really manageable?"
"Silly girl!" Mrs. Xing burst out laughing and laughed. "A girl’s family name, etc., must not be careless. It’s necessary to make a noise. The Li family can still have bad blood and dislike it. The Li family is either generous or stupid! Silly girl, wait and see! "
These things Mrs. Xing naturally knows more about girls’ names than her daughter. It’s all someone else’s fault. Whether you have a fault or not, it’s always a woman’s fault!
There is no other way to stand up than to admit that you are unlucky!
Besides, Yang Wenhua also made a fuss with Weining Houfu and Liujun Wangfu, and deliberately made the Yang family nervous.
In particular, Mrs. Yang even openly said that if anything happened to the Yang family, it must be the Houfu in Weining or the Wangfu in Liujun, and they must be asked to make decisions!
If people live their own lives on both sides of the house, they don’t pick up their quarrel at all, but let them jump up and down and ask others to watch a laugh for no reason. Chapter 178 Growth 9
This is not what Xing’s mother and daughter want, and certainly not what Yang Wenhua wants.
He didn’t see it either if he wanted to see it!