Mu Qianqian grew up with the night as a stranger, which is a childhood friend. He still regarded her as his younger sister, Nanyue Obsidian ruined her, and she didn’t know whether she was dead or alive or let her in. You can know a little about Mu Qianqian!

Soon the butterfly was rescued, but she was in rags and her face was dirty, and only a pair of eyes were still clear!
As soon as she saw the night like a stranger, she suddenly called out "Xu …"
Because she suddenly called Zhuge Yue, she couldn’t help but frown. Does this mean that Mu Qianqian has become a couple with the night?
She walked very close, and suddenly when her knees were soft, she would fall into the night like a stranger in her arms, and the night was like a stranger. This was not a pick-up or a non-pick-up, nor was it the last expert to hold her arm …
Her pale face overflowed with a bleak smile!
"Xu … I can see you. I …" She suddenly fainted with her eyelids!
Zhuge Yuelai felt a little bad about her sudden address, but later I saw that she was so weak and fainted that I had to think about everything!
Then she was carried by his soldiers and sent to the pharmacist!
Night is like a stranger and Zhuge Yue will continue to train night is like a stranger. The thought of Zhuge Hou will suffer a great disaster, and life and death will be harsh on her. After all, it is better for him to suffer a little than to have his life in danger!
"Come again …" Zhuge Yue and the night are like strangers, and there is no residue left after being abused!
Although she is sweating all over, the night is like a stranger, and she can always solve her in three strokes!
She shook her head, but her heart was a little proud besides despair …
Her man is awesome …
But just then Nanhao Chenliu Qing came along, and the two of them talked and laughed side by side, which seemed to abandon some of the original bad feelings!
Nan Haochen was so angry at the sight of the night like a stranger training Zhuge Yue immediately …
"What are you doing at night? How can you be so right about the moon? " South Hao Chen a walk over and hurriedly will fall to the ground ZhuGeYue to help up 489. 489 Love is easy to stay together (6)
"I didn’t give her to you to torture her like this. Now you are not only her master but also someone she likes. How can you do this to her!" Nan Hao Chen said angrily!
Night like stranger looked at Zhuge Yue’s eyes, but he didn’t want night like stranger to tell Nan Haochen everything. He knew in his heart that Nan Haochen had a deep temper for Zhuge Yue. If he really knew Zhuge Yue was going to die, he must know exactly what Zhuge Yue was hurt by!
Therefore, he had to slightly lift the bar and say to Nan Haochen, "Nan Haochen is a strange woman at night, and I can do whatever I want!"
South Hao Chen’s eyes are clustered with two clusters of flames at any time, and Zhuge Yue has been holding him tightly, which made him fail to rush forward!
Nan Haochen pointed to Zhuge Yue’s hatred of iron and cuteness, but he couldn’t say a word of blame!
I have to swallow all the words silently and look at Zhuge Yue’s last sentence, "I wish you were happy!"
Then he turned away from … Liu Qing’s face was very ugly. Seeing Nan Haochen go, he followed him closely!
After walking all the way, he shouted all the way, and his words were disdainful of Nan Haochen!
"Nan Hao Chen, I said that you are a dog in front of Zhuge Yue, and you still don’t believe it!"
"South Hao Chen before you and me down a peg or two before Zhuge Yue? How? Become a loser who can’t breathe in? "
All kinds of bad words keep popping up from Liu Qing’s mouth!
Nan Hao Chen was angry and difficult to level, and now his stomach is full of fire!
He is full of thoughts about how to stop his hateful mouth as soon as possible!
As a result, he suddenly turned around and Liu Qing’s mouth kept talking. He stared at Liu Qing’s lips and suddenly his eyes tightened and he kissed him decisively!
Bite hard and tear like a beast, but Liu Qing is dull and forgets the pain!
Negative pressure on his lips. What’s that?
Nan Haochen, he is really cruel! Just now, he just chewed a corner of Nan Haochen’s lips, but he actually came to chew his lips directly!
Nan Haochen suddenly looked up and left Liu Qing’s lips. The taste of Liu Qing’s lips was simply too much, which was like a man’s lips!
He didn’t expect that he did this on impulse and kissed Liu Qing!
He rubbed his hair and was always calm. How could he do that? He kissed a man and his smooth hair was messed up!
See Liu Qing still stunned, he hurriedly said a sentence "You didn’t see anything …"
Then turn around and run!
Liu Qing finally came to his senses when he heard this sentence. "Nanhaochen, you live for me!"
But Nan Haochen has already run away …
Liu Qing stamped her feet in situ with shallow tears in her eyes. "How did this happen? How did this happen? "
He lost his soul talking to himself!
Nan Haochen has gone far, and her heart is still beating violently. She has not recovered!
He couldn’t help mumbling, "Why do I feel this way about a man? Is it because I used to like too many women and wanted to change my taste? Chapter 49 Love is easier than staying together (7)
Zhuge Yue’s side is being trained by night as a stranger, and he will be meticulous. He will train Zhuge Yue just like training his dharma protectors, leaving no mercy!
Zhuge Yue finally achieved some results. Seeing that the night is like a stranger to deal with her, there are also four more tricks to push her away!
She came at once. I hope it’s a trick, but it’s already very valuable to her!
One day is a trick, two days are two tricks, and every day she makes a little progress, and soon she will be evenly matched with the night!