"Who is the boss here?" Suzaku threw me to the ground and turned around in everyone.

"I" Xiao Yun came out.
"Well, do you all think that I will come here to eat people every year on the ninth day?"
"That’s how history is recorded. It’s been like this for thousands of years."
"NND, what is your history? Calling us cannibals? Who has seen us eat people? "
"This ….. it seems that I really didn’t remember the fact that Danzhou pays tribute here every year, but it is an eternal fact! Do you dare to deny that you have not killed anyone here? "
"I don’t deny that I have killed people, but those people are by no means in this world! It is absolutely nothing to eat people! "
"By that for thousands of years to send here where have people died? Are we really mistaken? " Sleeping with a sword is a little exciting.
"Hold calm down! Mr. Suzaku, I believe that unless you can prove it to us, what about the four Guardian in the tunnel? "
"I’m white. I’m white. You send people every year and they eat them! Boy, I can tell you, believe it or not, that those four guys are not me, Guardian. They are sent by the underworld to spy on Guardian. When I say that, they made it up. Our people come here to pull their feathers every year on the ninth day, not to eat people! Do you know when I came ten days before the meeting? It is because I want to avoid the bounty hunters in the underworld to come so early! "
"What? The underworld bounty hunter? " Not only I, but everyone was surprised.
"Yes, that’s right, that’s the bounty hunter. The four beasts are the bounty hunters in the underworld. They can’t get out at ordinary times. They can’t get out of the tunnel until the ninth day. According to you, it may be because people eat on the ninth day every year that they don’t make trouble in the human world. By the way, can you tell me the name of your historian?"
"His name is Stark. I hope you can tell us what you know," Xiao Yun said sincerely.
"Stark? How could it be him? You know what? He was a pawn who was guarding the passage of ghosts and gods 5,000 years ago. Because he was dissatisfied with the position arranged for him by heaven, he turned against the gods and joined the underworld. As a result, the underworld was not ashamed of others, and he drove him out of the underworld. For thousands of years, he was able to stay between the gods, demons and people. Unexpectedly, he even wrote a history for mankind. What’s more, he still didn’t give up provoking the three realms and said that it was really disgusting that we ate people! "
"You say all this is true?"
"I cheat you? We want to come to the human world only because we have to go through a thousand years of rebirth before we can become a phoenix. If heaven didn’t recognize the human world, An Tian wouldn’t have put our robbery place here, but no one thought that the human world had always been uneasy about this red man. What should I call you? "
"Call me Xiao Hou whatever you want."
"Well, I’ll call you Mr. Xiao. Mr. Xiao, this year, before I came to the human world, my ancestors gave a divination that there was a lucky person to help me. This lucky person can change my people to feather induction and incarnate my patron saint, which can resist the bounty hunter’s killing this year. I met Mr. Xiao as soon as I came here, and I also asked Mr. Xiao to help me to complete the reincarnation smoothly."
"Do you think I can help you like this?"
"Since the ancestors said that you can help you, you can help you, you know? No one in my family has been able to turn into a phoenix since the war between gods and demons more than 5 thousand years ago. Please help me! "
"I can help you, but you have to do me a favor."
"What’s busy? Please say "
Chapter 153 The hunter appeared
"My favor is actually very simple. Please tell me where you want to go after you turn into a phoenix."
"This ….. I’m really sorry. I don’t know if you don’t worry. Although I don’t know, my ancestors may know that you are willing to help me. When I get back, I will definitely ask my people to tell you the location, Mr. Xiao. We haven’t had people turn into phoenix for a long time. Please help me."
"Forget it, I’ll try, but how can I help you?"
"Mr. Xiao, you are the person in the destiny that my ancestors said. I want you to dress up as one of my people and stay at the altar for the ninth birthday."
"But how can I dress up when you burn all my hair?"
"This is easy for you to see!" Suzaku rose and Quillfire fell off neatly in an instant. This is very different from Xiao Yun’s statement that Suzaku changed a feather every year. It seems that the history is unbelievable. The Suzaku feather did not fall off after leaving its body, but stopped at a place about a foot away from its body, but the Suzaku body did not become naked because of this. Where the old feather fell off, it grew a thin red feather and lost it. Suzaku can still fly. It flew towards me and followed by a pile of old feathers.
When those feathers almost flew in front of me, they suddenly accelerated and rushed at me. It only took a short time to stick to me, making me a bird man again. The difference is that this time I also have two long tail feathers.
"Ha, ha, ha, Xiao, if I hadn’t seen you killed, I wouldn’t have recognized you as a person. Ha, ha, ha, ha." Holding the sword, I laughed my head off.
"Have so funny? Do I become a bird now or am I always injured? " Bird feathers have blocked my cold face, and everyone can feel my desolation from my voice.
Without its feathers, Suzaku looks bigger than the swan without its original height, which really makes me feel a little strange. Why is the gap so big?
"Suzaku, maybe I can call you that. Why is this hair change so different from before?"
"I don’t know about this. Anyway, every time we change our hair, we will become very fragile. We have to wait for a day to return to normal, and this day is the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. Of course, this day is also the day when bounty hunters from the underworld go out in large numbers. Every year, our people will die in large numbers on this day, which is why we haven’t had a similar one to turn into a phoenix for thousands of years."
"And what I want to do is to be your patron saint for a day?" I interjected.
"It’s Mr. Xiao. What you have to do is very simple. Just don’t leave the altar. Don’t worry about other things."
"I also want to ask a suzaku gens with phoenix gens whether you have direct connection? Is it the goal of your life to turn into a phoenix? "
"Of course, we Suzaku are Suzaku, which can’t be compared with the sacred phoenix family, just like humans and immortals, but we all want to turn into a phoenix through our own efforts, which is the same as your human cultivation. Mr. Xiao, although I don’t know the specific location of the phoenix, I am sure that they must be in the human world, but now they are controlled by a mysterious force and it is difficult to find."
"Let me ask you one more question. Have you ever seen a real phoenix?"
"Then I’ll show you, Xiaofeng!"
Xiaofeng, who was recovering from a pet, flew out very reluctantly, looking unhappy. He became excited immediately after seeing Suzaku. Poor Xiaofeng couldn’t speak, but he could express his kindness to Suzaku by himself. A sparrow and a phoenix ignored everyone’s embarrassment and made a fuss in public.
"hey! Are you mistaken? It doesn’t seem good to do this here, does it? " Looking at Xiaofeng’s intimacy with Suzaku, I threw a pot of cold water at it.
Although Suzaku is a bird, at this time it can bend its feet and salute Xiaofeng. "Suzaku family annear kowtows to Feng’s adult!"
Xiaofeng actually learned to help Suzaku up like a human being. Xiaofeng is still too young to speak normally, but Suzaku doesn’t know it. He asked in amazement, "Why don’t you speak, Lord Feng?"
Xiaofeng learned to stand up and feather, pointing to himself and pointing to me. After Suzaku understood Xiaofeng’s meaning, he got up and walked up to me and said, "Mr. Xiao, Lord Feng said that you are its owner?"
"That’s right"
"It’s incredible! My ancestors told me that the Phoenix clan has lost its people since the first world war five thousand years ago. It’s really great that there is still one. It looks like an adult Phoenix has been injured. Mr. Xiao, you’d better get the adult back. "
I put Xiaofeng in my pet. Seriously tunnel, "Suzaku Phoenix clan is not without clansmen because their clansmen have been cursed and sealed for thousands of years. Once the curse is lifted, Phoenix clan will be prosperous, and then you Suzaku clan will be more lively after you turn into Phoenix. So what are you going to do next?"
"Mr. Xiao, let your companions hide, or the hunters will know that there are humans here when they come, and it will be even worse when our people come."
"Rosefinch you don’t want to drive us away! A bounty hunter? I am not afraid! " Sleeping with a sword and talking.
"Hold us or hide first!" Xiao Yun dragged him along with Suzaku to find his way to the altar.