"bang! !”

"bang! ! !”
Three punches in a row are as fast as one punch, and one punch is stronger than the other. The left cheek of Jin Chong is completely trapped, and his teeth are completely vomited.
After three punches, Jin Chong was already half dead, and Xiao Wen casually threw it out like garbage.
Everyone except the old man looked silly. In their eyes, the strength, strength, gold and heavy predecessors turned out to be beaten by Wang Quan!
Partial at this time, Xiao asked again to the roaring out of the golden heavy way "I say for the last time that I need you to hurry up with everything except shorts and socks!" Always robbing you is changing! "
When it comes to the end, Xiao Wen also raised the bottle of medicine in Yang’s hand.
The old man had long wanted to save Jin Chong, but when he wanted to move, Jin Chong had already fallen into Xiao Wen’s hands, and then he was afraid that Xiao Wen’s killer would simply not move.
At this time, the old man who saw Jin Chong had escaped from danger finally breathed a sigh of relief, shook his head and chuckled, then laughed more and more.
"Ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha ha …"
"What are you laughing at, old man?" Xiao asked you’re welcome to smile and asked.
"unbridled! How dare you talk to Mr. Niu like that! Hum, you this guy is very close to death, the cow elder root is not … "Someone has replaced the old man to scold.
Xiao asked immediately face dew "panic se" show is panic nu way "I didn’t expect you to hide so deep are you a fairy? !”
"How can I bring you back if I don’t hide it?" The old man proudly listened to his tone, which was just the same as hiding the realm by bringing Xiao Wen back.
"predecessors! The younger generation is ignorant of Mount Tai, and I hope the older generation will forgive me! "
"pardon? Ha ha … "
"Cow elder don’t let him go …" Gold heavy barely stopped in the distance, spraying blood foam and pointing to Xiao asked.
The old man surnamed Niu shook his head and looked at Xiao Wen. He asked with regret that he hated iron and did not produce samples. "You probably never thought of going to eversleeping here …"
"The predecessors forgive me!" Xiao asked urgent way
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
Laughing and laughing, the old man surnamed Niu suddenly stopped to live fiercely, and people have disappeared from the original place!
Appear again has reached the front of shaw asked single palm toward xiao asked to a face of folded se "show has a dead hand!
Then Xiao Wen disappeared …
Xiao Wen’s place is ten feet above his head. The old man can’t see it naturally, but others can see it clearly!
That wine bottle gourd will also teleport!
Before this was over, Xiao Wendan’s red light in Tanaka suddenly rushed out of the seemingly energy but angular, and no one could see what it was for a while.
When the old man surnamed Niu wanted to run, the angular red light covered him and suddenly became solid!
Seven treasures dazzle the fire tower!
The fire suddenly started!
Then, through the crystal wall of Qibao Xuanhuo Tower, everyone saw that the cow elder was turned to ashes in an instant!
"Hurry up! I have a tuba kung fu. How many times do you want me to say it? "
Chapter three hundred Tawei
The wet and soft beach sent itself to try to drive away the black ants with feet and torches. Welcome to reading. It is still fierce and not afraid of death. It rushed to the surface from different directions and was covered by dense similar bodies. Huge words-"Xiang Yu died quickly"!
Surprised soldiers finally saw that still sitting on horseback, sir, suddenly and violently with a splash of blood like a fountain in the neck. This blood rainbow is like a fire setting sun. This blood rainbow constantly shows the soldiers around. Just now, it was despised by the heroes from the front. Xiang Yu is so horrible!
"shoot!" The sword, which weighs dozens of pounds, trembled with anger along Xiang Yu’s hand and sank into the handle in the wet and soft sand! "What? ! What’s this? !” Xiang Yu clenched his fists in grief and indignation, and his murderous red eyes stared at the sky.
There are over 100 provocative troops in this team, and no one can stop the outmanned overlord Xiang Yu! A flicker of prancing Xiang Yu as easily as into the environment around the crowd rushed towards the flag officer in the team.
With the forced eviction of the dreamland that made him feel uneasy again and again, Xiang Yu’s original strong willpower gradually faded, bowed his head and rubbed his bloodshot eyes, and the irresistible weakness from the depths of his heart came again.
One will be successful and ten thousand bones will dry up! Didn’t you see what God did to yourself? Don’t say it’s a dead blow, but I didn’t even let overlord Xiang Yu see it! "Thief overlord xiang yu never unwilling! Never be reconciled! "
"overlord! Absolutely not! " Before Xiang Yu horizontal sword commit suicide with him for many years, many guards all fell on their knees. At that time, Xiang Yu, a strong man, finally fell into two heroic tears.