Henaan listened to Huangfu Zhantian and nodded, "I have no problem. Don’t worry, after your success, the second one is me and I won’t fall behind you."

"It’s better to hit the sun today than another day. When I enter the Leigu of purgatory, I won’t go too far. Just watch it outside the valley." Huangfu Zhantian took a deep breath and said that although he was very confident in his heart, he was still a little nervous. After all, when the snow eagle was promoted, he watched it as a routine. Of course, the danger here was white. Although his cultivation method was different from theirs, the difficulties he must have encountered were definitely not theirs.
Then everyone watched Huangfu Zhantian slowly step into the Leigu of purgatory, but A Dai didn’t go in with Huangfu Zhantian and left the valley with Henaan and them.
After entering Leigu in purgatory, Huangfu Zhantian did not rush to refine the broken elixir early, but ran the body Raytheon Qi. After running for several times, Huangfu Zhantian adjusted his state to the best, then took a deep breath and picked up the jade box in front of him with one hand, and squeezed out the golden circular elixir inside and threw it directly into his mouth.
After the golden broken Dan entered the mouth, it directly turned into a warm current that flowed into the stomach along his mouth. After the golden warm current entered the body, it was directly wrapped by the body’s Raytheon qi, and then his abdomen and meridians circulated back and forth.
As the golden yellow warm current circulates around the body, the true qi of the celestial body Raytheon seems to be boiling, but the original white skin of Huangfu Zhantian also presents a golden yellow sample, while the influence of the golden yellow warm current at Huangfu Zhantian Dantian rotates wildly and gradually forms a small whirlpool.
And with this small vortex, a strong suction force broke out from the suspection.i war celestial body, and the original very violent ray attribute energy in Leigu was like a very obedient child at this time, rushing in towards the suspection.i war celestial body.
One is the peripheral energy. As the small vortex in the abdomen of Huangfu Zhantian gradually becomes larger, the suction force also becomes larger. The ray attribute energy in Leigu in purgatory is also absorbed by Huangfu Zhantian. At this time, Huangfu Zhantian is like a very big magnet, which emits strong magnetism and absorbs all the energy close to him into section 933: the fourth one.
Looking at those more and more energy poured into the hands of all the people outside the valley of Huangfu War Celestial Bodies, they all squeezed a cold sweat for Huangfu War Day.
Henaan turned a little pale and asked the snow eagle, "Brother Snow Eagle, with so much energy entering Xiaotian, what will happen? Did this happen when you broke through?" At this time, Henaan can ask the snow vulture, because the snow vulture is the sword god.
The snow vulture heard Henaan’s words and suddenly burst into a wry smile. "I don’t know that when I first broke through, it was different from him. I was quiet when I broke through, but later in Du Jie, the movement was a little big, and it was really very human. Even when I broke through, the movement was stronger than others."
"Hey, hey, eldest sister-in-law can rest assured that the boss will be absolutely fine. I have a hunch that the boss will definitely break through and succeed, so you can rest assured." Fang Jinyu said with a smile that he is very confident in Huangfu Zhantian. The boss is a miracle worker, and anything impossible will become possible in his hands.
Henaan although know what they talk and can’t change, but the in the mind feel better some eyes or a turn all don’t turn to looking at any suspection.i Zhantian [
At this time, Huangfu Zhantian is a fan at all, so his body is like a bottom hole, the small vortex. Oh, it should be called a whirlpool instead of a small vortex. The whirlpool is like a bottom hole, absorbing so much foreign energy, but still not saturating it. I really don’t know if this is good or bad.
But to the delight of Huangfu Zhantian, it seems that violent energy in these days is transformed into very pure energy after it enters the whirlpool. This pure energy does not contain any impurities, which has to make Huangfu Zhantian doubt whether this whirlpool is pure. If so, it will be twice the result with half the effort for self-cultivation.
As for Huangfu Zhantian’s thought, when it turns, the energy of the original thunder-free property at the periphery of Leigu in purgatory disappears in this crazy absorption of Huangfu Zhantian at this time, and at this time, the energy comes directly from the depths of Leigu in purgatory at the need of Huangfu Zhantian celestial bodies.
With the increase of the celestial vortex of Huangfu War, the original speed of the vortex is very fast, but the speed of the vortex is slowly slowing down, but the absorption capacity is not reduced. After the vortex speed is slow to a point, the vortex is slowly getting smaller and smaller, but the vortex is getting smaller, but the energy absorption speed is increasing instead of decreasing, and the golden vortex is slowly getting a little solidified from light golden yellow and the color is getting deeper.
The vortex volume decreases, which speeds up the rotation speed again, and then the vortex becomes larger again, and then it becomes smaller after reaching a point, and so on and so on. I don’t know how many times, finally, the vortex volume remains about the size of an egg, and it stops shrinking and increasing, and the rotation speed also maintains a relatively stable speed.
Looking at himself in the small whirlpool in the abdomen, Huangfu Zhantian felt a personal disappointment. It seemed that the impact was unsuccessful. What went wrong? When the physical condition stabilized, Huangfu Zhantian thought about it.
Is it not enough to break the efficacy of Shen Dan? Yes, it must be so. What is it that the snow vulture won a promotion without a mature golden fruit, but he is more advanced than the golden fruit, but he has not succeeded?
He doesn’t want to think about people’s snow vultures, but how many years have they accumulated? The poor snow vultures are just an opportunity for promotion, and he himself has just been promoted to the peak of blade master, which is of course much more expensive than snow vultures.
Thought of here, suspection.i Zhantian once again took out a broken God Dan from the small world. This time, a total of seven broken God Dan were refined, which was just sent at this time.
Without the slightest hesitation, suspection.i Zhantian directly threw the broken God Dan into his mouth, and then this cycle once again proved to be ineffective. I don’t know if this second one can promote myself to the sword god.
After swallowing the broken God Dan, Huangfu Zhantian’s look changed again and again.
"Xiaotian’s breakthrough took so long. It’s been three days and nothing has happened. I have eaten three broken gods. I really don’t know what it will be like after Xiaotian broke through this time." Henaan was worried and happy.
"Don’t worry, this is a good thing. You know, when I was brewing before the breakthrough, the length of brewing for two days determined the success rate of the breakthrough." The snow vulture words lifted Henaan’s concerns, but Henaan didn’t relax because she knew that there was the most difficult disaster after the breakthrough. This is the real breakthrough to the sword god’s territory.
At this time, Huangfu Zhantian’s body vortex has turned into a brilliant golden ball, which seems to be stationary but rotates at a very fast speed because the ball is round, but Huangfu Zhantian is very clear that the rotation speed of this golden ball drives the energy outside to flood in. It takes a process to be pure, but when the ball becomes more solid, this process is shortened to an extreme, almost violent energy, and when it enters, it brings out more pure energy from the ball.
However, after the third broken God Dan is consumed, the afterbody will return to normal operation again. The weather wants to curse women. Three broken God Dan can also create a sword god, but now three can’t let themselves break through to the sword god’s point of view. You still need another one, because if you don’t want to give up this fourth one now, the first three effects will be blind.
When Huangfu Zhantian no longer hesitated to reach out and take out a broken Dan from the small world again, he swallowed it in his mouth, and then Huangfu Zhantian thought that if this one could not break through, he would scold God.
People outside the valley are worried when they see that Huangfu Zhantian has eaten another broken God Dan. It’s not that they are reluctant to break the God Dan. They are afraid that Huangfu Zhantian will fail. If so, it will be a great blow to them and will also affect them to break through Section 934: Du Jie.
With the fourth broken God Dan entering the Huangfu Zhantian celestial body, the original has been restored to a calm state and immediately broken again. At this time, the original very regular spinning ball has changed, and thick pure energy has come out of the ball. These golden light-emitting energies swim along the major acupoints of Huangfu Zhantian meridians to set off Huangfu Zhantian. The whole person is like a golden god of war.
"Well, it finally worked!"