"Eldest brother accidentally went out to play for a while!"

Fat boy left such a message to Zhang Xiaotian and then ran away.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and didn’t care. He knew that Fat Boy must have gone out hunting. This little guy was nice to those two cubs. Seeing that they didn’t have enough to eat, they ran out to catch the spirit beast for them. Fat Boy had done this several times before.
Zhang Xiaotian was amused to think that Fat Boy was like a big brother taking care of two little brothers who were not sensible. After thinking for a while, he walked to the two cubs.
After getting along these days, the two little guys are also very familiar with Zhang Xiaotian. Although they can’t communicate with Zhang Xiaotian, they can understand Fat Boy’s words (this is what Fat Boy told Zhang Xiaotian). Fat Boy "educated" them to listen to Zhang Xiaotian’s words.
The cubs of the two flurry bears look very small. No, the big flurry bear is ten times as big as a raccoon. Zhang Xiaotian put a flurry bear neck in one hand and weighed them up.
By Zhang Xiaotian weigh in hand, two flurry bears’ four feet were boarded. Suddenly, the limbs swayed and stretched out two forelimbs to try to turn over and want to reach Zhang Xiaotian to weigh in hand. But how can they turn over with the help of the limbs method?
Zhang Xiaotian put them on the ground and played a palm game with them.
The silly appearance of the two bears made Zhang Xiaotian, who had been very depressed recently, laugh and his troubles drifted away with him.
"The eldest brother is back!"
After playing for a while, Zhang Xiaotian’s mind sounded fat.
"Oh?" Zhang Xiaotian turned away.
See fat boy running towards Zhang Xiaotian and jumping into Zhang Xiaotian’s arms.
"Fat boy, it’s a little late for you to come back this time!" Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.
"I caught a big guy this time, but I was exhausted!" Fat boy jumped from Zhang Xiaotian’s arms to the ground and lifted up his little head and said
"oh? What kind of big guy makes you so tired? Take me to see! " Zhang Xiaotian mirth asked turned and walked to the door.
"hmm!" Fat boy nodded his little head and then yelled at the two bear cubs. When he saw the two bear cubs, they jumped excitedly behind Fat boy and ran to the door.
Zhang Xiaotian saw the spirit beast lying at the door and took a deep breath.
Lying on the ground is a ghost peak level rhinoceros blame Zhang Xiaotian inhaling not because of how high its level is, but it is too big to be bigger than the ordinary buffalo in the secular world. Zhang Xiao is naive and a little skeptical about how Fat Boy got it back with such a small head.
Just now, Zhang Xiaotian was wondering why the fat boy didn’t pull the hunted soul beast into the cave. It turned out that he was stuck here and couldn’t get in.
"Whoops-"Fat boy shouted at Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and his right hand stretched out his mind and moved the magic weapon Blackstone to flash in his hand.
Throw the black stone magic weapon at the rhinoceros monster, and the black stone will stick tightly to the rhinoceros monster, and the falling force will no longer absorb the soul force of the rhinoceros monster.
Two flurry bear cubs and three fat ones, six black eyes, kept a close eye on the piece of black stone stained with the rhinoceros monster.
In a short time, the rhinoceros monster’s body slowly became transparent, and even the green blood that had dripped on it slowly trickled back to it and then flowed down the body to Blackstone.
Finally, the rhino’s strange body and soul were absorbed by Blackstone, and the original green blood disappeared, leaving a white rhino horn and several fangs.
Zhang Xiaotian threw Blackstone into the hole and three little guys immediately ran there.
Rhinoceros horn and fangs are magic weapon materials. Before Zhang Xiaotian didn’t know these things and didn’t have anything to put them in, they threw them away. But now that Zhang Xiaotian has a lock, of course, it is impossible to let them go! You know, these are all money
Zhang Xiaotian was poor in the secular world. At that time, although he had seen a lot of good things in Fangshi shops, he and his brother were reluctant to buy them, which was one of the reasons why Zhang Xiaotian didn’t want to visit Fangshi at that time.
In this way, when Zhang Xiaotian was free, he worked hard to practice and strive for an early breakthrough to the ghost-shaped period. When he was bored, he went out to hunt. The three little guys in Doby had a very moist life
Chapter seventy Revenge
Half a year later
Sitting in the hole, Zhang Xiaotian opened his eyes and closed his eyes. Nai sighed, and the impact on the ghost stage failed again.
Realm breakthrough was not so easy to think of here. Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help feeling a little that when his ghost peak hit the ghost period, Hou Gen had no obstacles and rushed in. But now it has been almost a year since he reached the ghost peak, but there is still no breakthrough.
It seems that this breakthrough can’t be achieved by closing the door. Well, it’s time to go out for a walk, Zhang Xiaotian thought
Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes flashed a malicious Du Hai!
It’s not that Zhang Xiaotian’s fat mother was kicked to death by Du Hai, and she was chased by them. Now she is hiding in this restricted area and living a fearful life. This hatred is big, but she is not absolutely sure that Zhang Xiaotian will not take the initiative.
According to Zhang Xiaotian’s idea, it is going to break through the ghost stage and then bother them. Zhang Xiaotian will be quick, but it’s been half a year now, but his ghost peak repair or ghost peak repair always looks almost the same every time, but it can’t be achieved.
We can’t wait any longer to break through the ghost stage, and we don’t know when we want revenge or when we can report it.
Although it’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years, Zhang Xiaotian is a little worried that his limit is the ghost peak. Although he has a high qualification, who knows if there are any other restrictions? This is an idea that he has been unable to get rid of his bad feelings in his heart. It is also an idea in the secular world. When he rose from the initial stage of ghost to the peak stage of ghost, this idea had already disappeared. However, in the past six months, he has been unable to break through to the ghost stage, so this idea has disappeared again from Zhang Tianxin.
Revenge now is Zhang Xiaotian’s only idea.
"Boss, are you awake?" Fat surprise sounds in Zhang Xiaotian’s mind.
Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to see "sou" a white shadow shot to his arms, followed by two small flurry bears.
In the past six months, Zhang Xiaotian just played with them, but later, because he couldn’t break through to the ghost period for a long time, Zhang Xiaotian became more and more depressed, and the number of times of impacting the ghost period became longer and longer. It has been half a month since he closed the ghost period.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and patted the fat boy’s little head and said, "How about this time? Did you bully the big bear or the little bear? " Big Bear and Little Bear were named by Zhang Xiaotian.
"No, I take them out to play every day and give them food. Ask them if you don’t believe me!" Fat boy waved his little head like a drum, and then he yelled at the two high-flying bears.
Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look at the two little flurry bears. When the two flurry bears heard the fat boy roar, they looked at Zhang Xiaotian. They couldn’t help two big heads burning hard at Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian looked funny for a while. He knew that these three little guys were very good. Fat people naturally could not bully them.
The juvenile period of flurry bear is five years, and it will take five years before it can grow to adulthood. However, flurry bear has the initial level of ghost form just as it has grown up. This is a spirit beast talent, and it takes much less time than ordinary ghost practice to reach the ghost form. However, this has advantages and disadvantages. They can reach the limit of their life, that is, the ghost form can reach the late stage, even if it is the elite among flurry bears, it will reach the peak level of ghost form.
It’s like Zhang Xiaotian’s encounter with the group of Thunderhawks and Tiger Beasts. Their limit is also a ghost-shaped period, but I don’t know that they even reached the level of ghost king. I think they also had an adventure. When Zhang Xiaotian thought of this, he couldn’t help but think of the "king" in the mouth of the two king-level Thunderhawks and Tiger Beasts. Listening to their tone, they obviously respected them. Maybe they were able to reach the level of ghost king because of their "king".
Bear cubs are still in their infancy, and they haven’t grown much, but their strength is not as good as that of ordinary bear cubs. How can they be ordinary when they absorb black liquor?
Generally, the strength of the cubs of flurry bears is at most the peak of ghosts, but they can only become ghost-shaped beasts after metamorphosis in their adulthood. But now, there are only two or three-year-old (looking at the head) bears and cubs who have the initial level of ghosts. Plus, their natural grace can drive Zhang Xiaotian to display half of his lightness skill, and Zhang Xiaotian can’t do it without displaying his lightness skill roots.
The degree of ghost cultivation in the ghost period is almost the same unless you have a special skill, just like Zhang Xiaotian has the "lightness skill" in the secular world. When you reach the ghost period, you can control the surrounding energy, and the degree of ghost cultivation will rise sharply. The higher the realm, the more energy you control, and the faster your proficiency.
Zhang Xiaotian’s depressed mood will be better every time he sees these three little guys. What would Zhang Xiaotian be depressed without these three little guys?
"Fat boy, shall we go out hunting together later?" Zhang Xiaotian patted fat little head and said with a smile.
"Good good! Let’s go together, "said Fat Boy, shaking his tail behind him excitedly.
"Bear and bear go together?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned. Fat boy’s strength was not low after several transformations. Now, after half a year’s growth, Fat boy’s claws become sharper and faster. You can help yourself by taking him, but it’s nothing to take Bear Bear Bear to meet the ghost period, but if you meet the ghost period, it will be a little troublesome.
Fat boy yelled at two small flurry bears. After a while, after listening to Fat Boy’s call, the two little guys looked at Zhang Xiaotian excitedly.
"All right, all right, wait a minute. You can stay close to me, but don’t run first." Zhang Xiaotian saw that the three little guys were all excited and smiled and agreed, and finally told them.