The shock wave is getting stronger and stronger, and the purple mansion suddenly gives birth to a terrible breath. The shock wave is getting stronger and stronger.

"Huh?" In the distance, vitreous and others look surprised and stare at Lin Yuan’s eyes. The central part is full of surprise. This guy is actually changing at this moment. Let him instantly immerse himself in the spirit of heavenly sword.
"It takes less than ten days and a half months to see through the quality just now, but I didn’t expect it to take a day to wipe the moment of youth." Tianyun smiled.
Generally speaking, it is easy to break the island owner after the disaster of demons. Generally, fighters can complete it, but the completion is not the same.
"The lack of beads of hope can appear in your body, so that your progress can be stronger and immortal." Tianyun secretly said in his heart that his hand flashed with a touch of purple and gold.
Far away, many people want to understand the shock wave when they see the forest edge rushing out, but they find that the root is unrealistic, and the shock wave of the sword is too strong, which affects them, so that they can observe and understand the forest edge from a distance.
"What happened to his body will have such a strong smell." Tianyun had no idea about the condition of the forest edge, even when he broke Daozhu, such a thing did not happen.
On the bank of the forest edge, his mind was silent, and the number of runes on the Taoist beads occurred. The sword mark on the surface of the Taoist beads rose to the sky and seemed to crack. It seemed that many patterns were alive, as if someone were dancing with a sword.
Plus the big sword in my mind, at this time, Lin Yuan’s body, heart and mind are all swords and shadows, as if they had become messy at the moment.
The trace surface exudes firm but gentle, and that ray of firm but gentle dominates the war. The sword is stronger than firm but gentle, like a raging sea of wild waves, slapping the coastal storm at random, and the whole piece seems to crack.
"before, before ….." method day firm but gentle is more and more powerful to destroy all heavenly sword meaning occupied all kinds of kendo dominant click a ring out that firm but gentle like a broken split-second fly away in it.
Firm but gentle, with the will of the day, even Dao Zhucheng dares to destroy it.
"Breakthrough" vitreous and others felt a quiver. What happened to this guy’s body? Kendo will break through again this time, and the strength will be even more terrible.
The whole piece of firm but gentle is twisted, and the body of the forest edge automatically floats in the middle of the body, and the sword shadow emerges, and a dry firm but gentle is scattered and the sky is to fall.
"My beads are extremely inflated, which is a sign of breaking." Lin Yuan’s mind always noticed the situation of the government at this time
"No, it’s not a breakthrough yet, Daozhu. Although it breeds powerful energy, it far exceeds that of ordinary fighters, but it hasn’t reached my limit." Lin Yuan is stable in his heart.
"Compress it". In the heart of the forest edge, all the energy departments of Zifu gather in it, and then expand the bead to compress instantaneously.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-one-crushing heaven and earth (subscription)
The sword marks of Daozhu are diffused, and the firm but gentle is reduced and compressed. On the other side, Daozhu is surrounded by a purple-gold mist outside the nebula vortex universe wonder.
This is the place where the forest edge has never been white. Even such a strong sword mark can’t get close to a point.
For the second time, I can peep at a little by the unity of heaven and man, and the secret has changed again at this time, which makes Lin Yuan puzzled.
At this time, the purple-gold runes bloom again in the forest edge bones, and the inexplicable breath is accompanied by the purple-gold runes.
This is precisely the function of runes in the Taiyuan Sutra, which was compiled by Lin Yuan, and there is no bottleneck until now.
Outside this mist, there is a purple and golden mist wrapped around it and twisted desperately as if to get into this purple mist.
Although Taiyuan sutra has a bag of energy, the mysterious atmosphere represented by this purple-gold fog is also irritating, so it is so tempting that the purple-gold atmosphere can’t be melted away for a while.
At this time, Lin Yuan had his own prediction in his heart, and the purple and gold runes flashed in his heart. Suddenly, the blessing of the mind was transported to Taiyuan Sutra, which was to double the size of the world.
If the body and the world can shrink their control again, it will naturally be stronger, and it will be easier to refine several purple and golden spiritual forces.
At this time, the forest edge is another world, that is, the purple mansion. After all, the creation of the purple mansion coincided with the geography of the sky. At this time, it gave off a horrible smell.
"Terrible momentum" several fighters marveled that they were watching the forest edge budo. At this time, it has gone through many days, and no fighters left because they were deeply shocked by it.
The edge of the forest is divided into two sides, compressing the small world and refining the purple and golden spiritual power.
Haotian Tower reveals several spiritual forces, which make the forest edge have to be distracted. Secondly, the forest edge body is undergoing inexplicable changes when it is absorbed into the expansion part of Daozhu.
Fortunately, his compression method was very successful, but it didn’t take long to compress the small world to a third size.
In this way, the body of heaven and earth is more concise and compact, and the purple-gold spiritual force turns out to be unable to rush into it, and it is gradually refined after it has broken its soul and dispersed.
Taiyuan Jing Miao is really amazing.
After the compressed body of heaven and earth, several purple and golden spiritual forces actually matched the pattern of the Milky Way on the bead surface, which turned out to be the shape of the Milky Way. The edge of the forest felt that suddenly the mind was clear and the whole body was under pressure.
Heaven and earth are me, and I am heaven and earth.
This feeling of harmony between man and nature has never been so clear.
"Is it because of compressing the world?"
The edge of the forest flashed a flash of light when it didn’t happen. Starting from the Taiyuan Sutra, the body is compressed again.
With the compression of other beads, they also compress and expand here, and at this time, the beads on the edge of the forest almost reach the headwind, and every place contains the power of conan the destroyer.
Sure enough, he was slightly dint that little world was compressed by his Huo Ran by half.
"what kind of situation will it be if it is compressed again?"
Lin Yuan’s heart suddenly felt that he had caught a glimpse of it.
The small world was originally filled in the forest edge of human body, which was once a kind of harmony between man and nature.
But now that I think about it, it seems to be a little general
Wait until this Xiaotian has shrunk by half, and the forest edge is suddenly a little white, and after this little world has shrunk by half, the forest edge is even more open-minded.
Compressing heaven and earth can rise stronger and more pure power, just as it is powerful. Another heart is beating vigorously, and it is already so powerful just by compressing three quarters of the world.
"So that’s it, so is Daozhu. At this time, my purple mansion was compressed because of the purple-gold spiritual power, which changed my conceit. The Heaven Tower of Science suppressed it here, and my strength was strong enough to compete." Lin Yuan’s heart was white
"It turns out that it can reach the limit."
"Half-step Tao Soul Realm has successfully formed a body heaven and earth, that is, Tao Zhu Heaven and Earth once broken can become a broken virtual realm, and then broken Tao Zhu can truly reach dzogchen in conan the destroyer."
"-but if the body of heaven and earth is more solid and broken, the greater the power will be …"
"If you can put the body into mustard, if it breaks up in the future …"
Lin Yuan’s heart suddenly turned white with a sense of remembering Sumeru.
It turns out that this is not a metaphor except Sumina mustard stone.
What’s more, this is an extremely important practice.
Broken beads must be absorbed in mustard
It’s like a pool of water. Once it’s full of other things, it’s accumulated for a while and several forces surge and erupt, so this force is enough for conan the destroyer.
Not only will the spirit of heaven and earth be pure and pure, but even the speed of absorbing the spirit of heaven and earth will be much faster.
More importantly, when it’s like a mustard world once it’s broken, it’s not just as simple as crushing it and returning it to me.
Lin Yuan entered the Milky Way when heaven and man were in harmony, and realized the mystery of heaven and earth, and even more insights were born in it.
The birth and death of the universe is exactly from one point.
If you are content with a little bit of heaven and earth breaking, you can release great power and create a new world.
This new world is not comparable to the old one.
This is simply its own creation. A glimpse of the forest edge seems to have turned out to be an understanding of the realm after the soul.
It’s a pity that this kind of state can be left for later now.
But even now, the feeling is enough to make him thoroughly remould himself
Although it is easy to understand that Mr. Soul died after death, they will never call life death in vain.
With the help of Taiyuan, when his small world was finally compressed to a little size, the forest edge suddenly became clear.
The realm of true Tao and soul