Why is everything different from what I imagined?

Even if I had some accidents when stabbing the sword just now, it’s true that I was injured.
"Temple" He Jiaolan turned around and shouted and followed two steps forward, but was stopped by the scabbard of the guards commanded by the king of Jin.
"The girl also please come with me to yiguang nearby to dress up and where are your girls? Can it be near here? "
The temple has said that. Can this bodyguard let He Jiaolan go with another bodyguard and take He Jiaolan to yiguang to see a doctor?
"There seems to be an accident in the street in front of the girl."
Tao Zhuo has arrived at Liren Pavilion, and he is sitting in the room on the second floor, waiting for Qiye shopkeeper to trot in. "I heard that it seems that the Golden King Hall was assassinated."
"What? !”
Tao Zhuo was so scared that the gold hairpin in his hand fell off the desktop and suddenly got up. "How?"
In broad daylight, someone actually assassinated the king of Jin in the street?
"Come on, let’s go and have a look." Tao Zhuo picked up his skirt and ran out. Suddenly, he stopped and said, "Cuizhu, you should go there first and see if you need help. Leave me alone!"
Assassination, that’s deadly. Tao’s burning palms are cold. Let the kung fu bamboo go to help, and I pray more in my heart
I hope he’s safe and sound, and he took the dark guards and guards out of the house today.
"Don’t worry, girl," Cui Zhu said, and quickly swept out from the second floor.
Tao Zhuo also ran to the floor outside the house.
Chapter 18 Chapter 18
"Girl, are you ok? Is my mouth came running to tell you … "
"It’s no big deal that I don’t care about you, but my foot may have been twisted and I’ve asked a doctor," Tao Zhuo looked at the frightened face of the old shopkeeper and smiled apologetically. "Feng Shu, don’t worry, you go to work, just let Cuizhu serve here."
"It’s a girl." The old shopkeeper wiped his forehead. It was really thrilling just now. He didn’t expect the girl to react so much. I really regret coming to tell her that the king of Jin was assassinated. Seeing that the king of Jin seemed to be fine, his girl was injured.
Tao Zhuo comforted him by saying, "Feng Shu is my own carelessness, so don’t think about it."
"Don’t think about it, then I’ll go and greet the guests." The shopkeeper found another man to come and wait on him before going upstairs.
Tao burning asked before, "Ye elder brother, how can someone assassinate you? Did you catch the killer? What’s going on? "
"Don’t worry, I’m busy, too," Qi Yexian comforted her before slowly telling what happened in Qianjie.
"He Jiaolan?" Tao Zhuo looked at Qi Ye unexpectedly. "What a coincidence?"
"I also feel too coincidental." Although things happen sometimes, Qi Ye feels strange. "I can see that the sword didn’t scratch He Jiaolan, but her shoulder was injured and bleeding, but it was weird."
Just finished, Jing Er swept in from the window, and Tao Zhuo didn’t respond quickly. He knelt down on one knee in front of Qi Ye and told him that "the temple was incompetent and let the assassination man run away."
Qi Ye motioned for him to get up. "Can you see clearly before that sword was struck by He Jiaolan when you shot it down?"
Scene 2 leng didn’t react. Which is He Jiaolan? But I soon guessed that it was the woman who stood in front of the king of Jin. "I didn’t see the girl when I went back to the temple, and the sword was struck before the girl jumped."
If Qiye saw that the sword didn’t scratch He Jiaolan, maybe he was wrong and even Jinger said so, especially if he wasn’t sure Jinger wouldn’t be so sure, Qiye doubted the assassination.
He told Jing Er, "You should send a letter to the palace to ask your brother to send a doctor to cure too much and Dali Temple Shaoqing to visit He Jiaolan in yiguang to examine her injuries carefully."
If He Jiaolan’s injury is false, it’s worth pondering that she happened to appear by her side and gave her life to block the sword.
Jing Er was still worried that there was no dark guard around the king of Jin to follow him, but he said, "I’m not worried that the king won’t go out and bamboo will be there."
"Yes" Jinger leaves quickly.
Before Tao Zhuo said anything, He Yue arrived with the card shark.
"It’s a slight sprain. Apply some ointment and you will be cured after a few days’ rest." The doctor found a bottle of sprain medicine from the medicine box.
The wound medicine is naturally prepared by him before he heard He Yue say that he fell from the stairs and left yiguang. The doctor also knew Tao Zhuo and knew that she was the owner of Yuhua County, a girl from Bofu, and the king of Jin next to her also knew it and said with a look, "It would be best if the county owner had a better sprain medicine."
Jin Wangfu naturally has a good ointment, but how painful it will be to get Tao Zhuo again at this moment. He will take the ointment and ask, "Is it feasible to apply this ointment once and then change it?"
"Just clean the original ointment before applying it again." The doctor is a very helpful person. "My ointment is mild."
Qiye nodded. "Leave this ointment for the lunar new year. Let people go back to Wangfu to get a bottle of sprain medicine."
Tao Zhuo felt that there was no need to be so busy to stop "Brother Ye is not so troublesome. The doctor said that this medicine is mild and good, just this bottle."
However, Qiye felt that her ankle was getting better quickly with good medicine, and she still asked the Lunar New Year to order someone to get it. By the way, she sent the card shark out and gave the consultation fee and the house call together.
It’s not that Tao Zhuo cares about these consultations, but he thinks it’s unnecessary to switch, but seeing that he insists on letting it go, he is also doing his own good.
Looking at the ointment in his hand, Tao Zhuo said to Cuizhu, "Cuizhu, please give me medicine."
She can also use her own medicine, but she has to wait on Cuizhu to wash her hands after applying ointment. It is better to let Cuizhu come.
Qiye glanced at her ankle and handed the ointment to Cuizhu.
This sprained position should be rubbed with some strength to prevent swelling, and it hurts a little. Tao Zhuo endured it and didn’t come out
Well, the ointment has to be less active. Two people plan to go out for dinner at noon, or they can cancel their plan to order food at noon.
And the palace Jinglong emperor heard that someone assassinated the king of Jin in this street, which was naturally furious and was scrutinized by people.
Soon He Jiaolan’s shoulder injury was also reported to the King of Jin. It was only when he cut his flesh that he bled. He came to report to the guards that "Dali Temple people suspected that He Jiaolan had a problem with his wound, which was scratched from left to right, but the direction in which the sword came at that time would not cause such a long mouth" because it was shot down, even if it was scratched, it would not be so long.
In addition, Jin Wang and Jing Er both saw that the sword did not touch He Jiaolan’s clothes, so how did this wound appear?
She happened to appear at the scene to save the king of Jin, which made the king of Jin wonder, "Is it because she directed and acted?" Let people check people around her. "
Tao Zhuo looked at Qi Ye in surprise. "Did she direct it herself?" This is ridiculous. "What does she want?" But after asking, I found that it was really profitable. "Do you want to attract his attention or save his life?"
Follow Qiye’s words and guess that’s it.
Although these were said by Tao Zhuo, Qi Yejue felt that something was wrong, but he did not deny that "if you have doubts, you will know."
But He Jiaolan never imagined that she would find her head covering her shoulders and crying to the bodyguard who interrogated her afterwards. "I want to save the temple, even if I have no credit, but I mean well. How can you misunderstand me like this? I want to see the temple. "
"This is the meaning of the temple" asked her guards unceremoniously tunnel
He Guerlain stare big tears "no, it’s impossible …"
Nothing is impossible. When the maids around her are brought to Dali Temple one by one, she will follow the past for questioning. He Jiaolan is completely dumbfounded.
Dali Temple people soon found that several people around He Jiaolan were all practitioners and their skills should be good, which surprised Dali Temple people.