After this explanation, everyone continued to give gifts to each other, and the real master guided them to book their seats in the square.

The sun is warm and radiant.
When the sun reaches the zenith.
The panlong lesson-clearing bell in Zhenjiao Bell Tower rang nine times in a row.
Fang Yunhan Chunyang Road stepped out of the main hall.
The leader of Chunyang first introduced the previous situation to many fellow Jianghu people.
White old ape saw Fang Yunhan’s eyes fell on their side and nodded his head, hurriedly pulling General Lu’s escort head to pay tribute to them.
In the second half hour, it is the ceremony of teaching the position.
Until Fang Yunhan took a seat and was worshipped by all the true masters, the ceremony finally came to an end.
Unexpectedly, there were three youth stations later.
Fang Yunhan just boarded the position of the True Sect today, and he actually accepted three brothers to announce it to the public.
Moreover, the origins of these three brothers are also different, which can be discussed by everyone.
Mu Guiying is a former Star Sect hunting target, and he still carries that treasure with him.
She became the new brother of the True Sect, which means that this treasure has fallen into the true Sect, and the real Chongyang took the initiative to take this trouble.
And A Zi is a traitor of the Stars Sect, and it is a beautiful talk to turn over a new leaf and worship the truth.
In the end, Yu Xuzhu took the responsibility of Shaolin, and if his martial arts became great in the future, whether it was to integrate Shaolin into the truth or really support the re-establishment of Shaoshi Mountain.
You can talk about it for generations
When people around were discussing these important events, the white old ape suddenly patted the good leg and said to General Manager Lu, "I really taught to accept female disciples!"
General manager Lu’s escort said, "I haven’t heard of it before, but after Chongyang’s three brothers have two female crowns, they will probably put down the rules in this respect."
"Then let’s send the late smile to you when we get back."
White old ape, this discussion is a big move for General Manager Lu.
His granddaughter, Lin Wan, has a brilliant smile and is full of reading poems. She is even more courageous than ordinary women.
At the beginning, when she made friends with Long Changyin, she pointed out that this person had ulterior motives. Unfortunately, at that time, the two old people didn’t believe her that Long Changyin was angry because of the trouble of his legacy.
Manager Lu’s escort thought that the man was still in a bad mood. "At that time, the dog thief actually thought about laughing late. If she was allowed to learn some martial arts to protect herself, she was born with delicate meridians and was an adult …"
"It’s not a big problem that the authentic meridians are delicate."
White old ape didn’t care "if it weren’t for not accepting the rules of female brother, laughing late and being smart enough to make up for the physical qualification defects"
Manager Lu’s escort nodded deeply.
When he nodded, he always felt that many eyes had just fallen on his side when he flashed out of the corner of his eye
When he looked back, his eyes were fixed on some people who didn’t come and took their eyes back.
There is no one in the field who is not knowledgeable and alert.
The conversation between the two old men has long been heard by them.
Chongyang really belongs to Taoism, but even monks and evil traitors have their own homes. Isn’t there a younger generation to see?
When I go back, I’ll think about it. Once I have learned something, my gang will naturally rise with it. Isn’t it beautiful?
Everyone’s mind turned, and this ceremony was finally over. The real master asked everyone to leave the square and go to the mountain hall to get drunk.
When all the people were already leaving the square with rows of seats.
A Huang Yun suddenly floated to the distant hill.
At this time, the sky is high and the sky is light, and the Shan Ye is green and long and blue. Suddenly, such a cloud shows that people unconsciously stop and look intently.
The cloud was about a thousand feet away from here, and the crowd was immediately surprised at this.
Then where is the cloud? There are hundreds of beautiful women holding pholiota adiposa and wearing silk.
The big umbrella in their hands seems to be in a fog in the wind.
When the wind comes, they can change their posture by the resistance of their umbrellas, so that the whole queue of hundreds of people generally maintains its original height in the alternation of ups and downs.
By this means, these hundreds of people actually have the ability to fly over thousands of feet in one fell swoop
"That’s a hundred Griffin messengers, Tianshan Tongmu Wu Xingyun!"
The dim clouds came from the distant mountains and clouds, and they were all wrapped together and fell on this square.
Many seats were slightly detached from each other and arranged in all directions.