Going to the ancient kingdom, the true statue of the shrine, the road to the snow, Qin Changfeng said seriously.

"I’m in a special situation, and it’s not that you don’t know the true and false fairy seeds alone, not even the twelve-grain fairy seeds."
Qin Changfeng nodded gently and recognized her words, because the original fairyland method must go outside to become immortal, but the first step can be taken to refine the fairy seeds and know the sea fairy, which is equivalent to having the baptism of the fairy foundation, and you can already get some true fairy power from the fairy.
Half a step is not enough for a true fairy, and that mysterious realm should be more suitable for a quasi-fairy, and even a quasi-fairy can definitely be upright and ordinary, let alone a magic emperor or a Taoist emperor, which is not inferior to Qin Changfeng’s Taoist statue.
If we let them refine the fairy Qin Changfeng before, I’m afraid it’s true to compete with them again.
But even so, it is impossible for him to disrupt his own plan because of possible hidden dangers.
Destiny is true and false. Immortality is his minimum requirement. It depends on its laws and Xiao Mo’s, and then you will find an opportunity to slowly figure it out.
Although the vast majority of celestial monks’ chances of becoming immortals come from the original fairyland, it does not mean that there is an original fairyland in the whole celestial world. For example, the elder brother of the heavenly sanctuary Tianzun did not enter the original fairyland, and at the same time, the two laws proved that.
Since there is a first time, there will naturally be a second time. No matter how difficult it is for Qin Changfeng, there is hope.
Therefore, if he wants to refine the fairy, he must have the two laws of destiny and truth and falsehood at the same time
Qin Changfeng suddenly turned round and mused, "Why don’t you … if you find the true and false Taoist flowers, you can take the true fairy species to worship the gods and smelt the sea fairy?"
The snow eyes a bright spin and reserved way "this is not good, after all, I didn’t help when I found this nine-grain fairy seed."
It is the most basic requirement for a female emperor to maintain her dignity and talent, and how can she show her true intentions casually?
"Oh, forget it. I will never force myself or dare to make it difficult for the female emperor."
Toward the snow "…"
At the end of the day, the two of them are very special now, saying that they are separated, but their lives are connected. When necessary, they can do things with each other, but they are not intimate. There is always a layer of window paper that can’t be completely honest with each other.
If it is Zhou Zhiruo, Piao Xu and Elizabeth, there are still so many considerations and disputes.
"Here we are!"
I don’t know how long it took before Qin Changfeng woke up when a huge palace suddenly appeared in the ruins of the current land.
The palace stands more than ten miles away, and the sunlight reflects the clear light, like a crystal palace, and it is dotted with ruins like a pearl of the sea.
This is indeed the ancient and true shrine, and it was also torn apart by war, but some people restored it and recreated part of the grand scene of the kingdom of God in those days.
Outside the shrine, there is breath in heaven and earth, and powerful creatures patrol and guard, and there are signs between the eyebrows. They act neatly, as the army is obviously well-trained, not just stragglers.
"Who dares to intrude into the Temple of the Soul?"
Qin Changfeng and looked at the snow half condescending only a few breathing kung fu was found immediately someone rushed over to give a cold drink.
A group of monks from the original real world shot like arrows, and they were awe-inspiring and didn’t give them a chance to defend themselves. Their bodies shone with a very strange way of waving their hands.
There is a yellow halberd that exudes significant earth force fluctuations, but the breath of the halberd when it is split is not like the suppression of the mountains and mountains, but gives people a sense of choppy waves.
There is a mysterious underworld sword law that fluctuates in the dark Lord, but the strange thing is that the firm but gentle whizzes past. Instead of being cold, it burns at high temperature and plunders for a long time.
There is also a red fire spewing out of the bronze treasure, but the red gold flame swept away and brought it an inch of ice!
All these things are different, and the fluctuation of Weineng Avenue is very different, which is very strange
More than ten soldiers came to the crowd with their masters, and they were cut down with crashing.
Qin Changfeng left-wing exhibition will gently stop more than a dozen Ministry of War and crush it to pieces.
These strange Taoist powers are not difficult. They violate the known laws of heaven and earth. If we deal with them according to fixed ideas, such as light expelling dark water and fire extinguishing, we will not only fail, but also suffer big losses.
Because the quality exudes the law of the earth, the fluctuation is not the law of darkness, nor is it darkness …
However, before absolute strength, weirdness is crushed, just as if you are proficient in all ten martial arts, and a bullet is knocked down in the past.
More than a dozen jingu monks felt trembling and looked at the people in front of them, not showing deep fear.
They know that their own strength cultivation is the original fairyland, the right path, the demise of the ancient kingdom, and the great change of heaven. After a long period of exploration, the creatures born in the new era have created a path of practice.
This road is different from the ancient fairy road, which is different from the celestial fairy road. It is derived from the original fairyland from the beginning to the end, and the spiritual path was born.
When this road comes to an end, it is generally unknown whether there will be a fairy emperor at the top of the celestial kingdom, the true fairy road, but it is rare to see that the original fairyland has been born, surpassing all the heavenly powers. They have not mastered the law, and it is not a fairy, but it has comparable power!
They learned from the mouth of the monks who entered the original fairyland that Xianzun was an extraordinary immortal, so they also called themselves Xianjun because they were different.
The original fairyland is not a secret, and not all creatures are qualified to practice in the monastery. You can imagine how arrogant these monks who have cultivated the orthodox avenue and guarded the shrine are.
It is precisely because of this that even though it was known a long time ago that the world was about to be beaten, there would be a predator coming every thousand years, but they were arrogant, but they didn’t pay much attention to the fact that the original fairyland would be plundered again and again in the past years, but they tried to stop it, but the people in the past were too weak
Nowadays, their spiritual practice has reached a very perfect level, and the number of strong people is increasing. It is reasonable to believe that suppressing all marauders and letting the original creatures take control of their own destiny will complete their generation.
As a result, the reality is cruel. They are not bad in the original fairyland. The strong people are still as weak as ants in front of the outside world.
And Qin Changfeng here unexpectedly also eyebrows slightly wrinkled face surprised color.
What surprised him was not the strength of these people, but their strength was very strange.
Those soldiers who have condensed the road force are all contrary to common sense
The earth’s force condensed Zhan Ji, and finally the torrent of rocks flowed like water, flooding everything in a small scale.
Dark road sword crack generate high temperature close to the star, if it weren’t for Qin Changfeng, the Buddha wouldn’t dare to say that he could bear it
Besides, the cauldron is like an extremely frozen source, which freezes everything nearby, and it is even more frightening than the normal extremely frozen cold. It is necessary that the place where the Dan fire in the cauldron shines will be shrouded in extremely cold immediately, and it is not necessary to contact and broadcast through gas and other media like normal frozen gas.
Although it is very small that every kind of Taoist soldier can reach a range of less than one foot after the outbreak, it is incredible for practitioners that all fighters can reach such an attack distance.
But it’s scary. It’s moving towards the snow!
Not a dozen soldiers are normal. The water, hot darkness and cold fire are similar to subverting the meaning of the known avenue law.
This normal situation is that the root can’t happen, because the celestial monks say that how to practice is to master the meaning of the eternal avenue, which is different from the way of transportation, but it is impossible to change the law!
This strange change is by no means a force born from the confluence of two laws.
Because the normal combination of roads, such as the combination of water and soil, must have both water and soil forces at the same time, which will be sublimated, but the Zhan Ji just had a great force in vain, which turned into a torrent!
It seems that the soil there should be a flood of liquid, which can drown everything, not the thick earth and mountains.
Chapter nine hundred and fifty The original law!
Such a paradoxical situation is unprecedented in Qin Changfeng’s heart, but his surprise is even more important. For the time being, he will put his curiosity on the road "Let your master come out. My female emperor has a deal to talk with him."
That more than a dozen jingu monks have been intimidated by Qin Changfeng’s blow to suppress all their strength, but once they are involved in their master, they show their disdainful colors. The first person is even more cold-grunted. "Xianjun and other distinguished people have served in the jingu for hundreds of years, but you can’t get it. Is it that you can see it if you want to see it?" !”
Qin Changfeng was furious. "My female emperor and other figures were born when the orthodox emperor was born, and the sky was abnormal and purple. Three Wan Li sun, moon and birds sang in nine days, and the dragon’s blood and phoenix’s marrow were too expensive to say. Jin Huiyu’s peerless willingness to condescend to see your master in person was already a chance that he could not repair it in ten thousand years. You slaves don’t know how to speak wildly?"